3 MONKEYSを最新から表示 (21アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。 No Business Like Monkey Business! Created by Swedish composers Henrik Wikström, Anders Niska, Klas Wahl, Anders Lewén. Music for Daytime TV, documentaries and advertisements. From street to djungle; glamour to dirt; from serious to bananas! https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-row/discover/labels/301/3Monkeys
3 MONKEYS 3M021 Emotional Drama Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl Romance, drama, drones and plenty of tears. Find a lots of emotions here whether it's for life or death, birth or funeral or happiness or sadness. Piano is the main instrument throughout the album, often accompanied with a string quartet or just a solo c
3 MONKEYS 3M020 Latin Mashups Jonas Pomo A variety of authentic Latin music has been spiced up and blended with up-to-date beats! Cumbia, salsa, tango etc in a new costume. It's street, it's hip and it's definitely very cool! Perfect for pretty much what ever connected to the world of Latin - fo
3 MONKEYS 3M019 Epic Sports Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl,Henrik Lars Wikstrom, Niklas Rolf Edberger,Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Jonas Pomo, Klas Johan Wahl Epic, dramatic and full of action! All moods that come with sports are covered here, and whether you're an athlete, a gambler or the noisy neighbor dedicated to sports on TV, you'll find your anthem here. The winner takes it all!
3 MONKEYS 3M018 Trap Treasures Andreas Andreas Bolldén,Marcel Tiggemann,Fredrik Lewen,Jonas Pomo Trap beats with loads of breaks and heavy stabs, perfect for those blood, sweat and tears moments. A more moody selection is also hidden in the treasure chest. Let those dogs out and let the game begin!
3 MONKEYS 3M017 Dramedy Deluxe Anders Paul Niska,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska Classic dramedy tracks divided into three sections: Fun & Fast, Sneaking & Peeping and Exotic & Quirky. Bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones in the lead with big band and orchestras in the back. Comical to serious, slow to fast and vintage to modern. Perfe
3 MONKEYS 3M016 Funked Up Hip Hop Niklas Rolf Edberger,Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska Accelerated and frantic Hip Hop, spiced up with horns and scratches and loaded with smart, funny breaks - why holding it back!? Feelgood beats perfect for cool kids, childish grown ups and everyone in between! Please check alternative versions and undersc
3 MONKEYS 3M015 POP: Synthwave Klas Johan Wahl, Olivia Barley,Klas Johan Wahl, Niara Scarlette,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska,Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Elin Porsinger, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Jarkko Heiniö, Klas Johan Wahl,Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall, Olivia Barley,Elin Pors We´re bringing you back to the 80´s with a contemporary touch! Synth pop with vocals. Gated snares, cheezy hooks and sounds that will make you think of neon, hairspray and Walkmans!
3 MONKEYS 3M014 Heroic Adventures Johan us Johansson,Oliver Jensen Epic and adventurous tracks. Music for big nature scenes, Battles and fights. Heroic themes for the big or small adventure.
3 MONKEYS 3M013 Drumedy Joakim Lundgren,Anders Paul Niska, Joakim Lundgren Dramedy based on percussion instruments from all over the world. Tablas, congas, bongos, shakers, toubeleki, claves and dulcimer to name a few. All combined with melodical elements and motifs played by woodwinds, pianos, strings and mallets. Music for adv
3 MONKEYS 3M012 80エs Things Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Per-Anders Nilsson,Klas Johan Wahl,Henrik Mårtensson Almegård Synthesized eighties vibes with inspiration from the Netflix success ""STRANGER THINGS"". Loaded with arpeggios, mystic themes and retro synth sounds. Direct from our cassette player to your tv and radio productions!
3 MONKEYS 3M011 POP: Motivational Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Amir Aly, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Henrik Lars Wikstrom, Niklas Rolf Edberger,Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Paul Niska, Niklas Rolf Edberger Positive and uplifting pop tracks with vocals. Great for advertisements, daytime tv and all those feelgood moments that life is full of!
3 MONKEYS 3M010 Secrets & Mysteries Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl Mysterious pulses and secret pads. Haunting strings and inscrutable pianos and guitars. Music for drama, documentaries and film scores. Don't miss all included stingers to help cutting in and out from the tracks.
3 MONKEYS 3M009 Ambient Dystopia Henrik Mårtensson Almegård,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl Analog synths and dark atmospheres from the 80's. Nasty basses, distorted synth leads and dystopic pads. Music for documentaries, disaster movies and drama.
3 MONKEYS 3M008 Emotional Solo Piano Evan Rosseau A superb, old grand piano recorded at a great sounding studio. Solo piano with an emotional touch; perfect for drama, documentaries and ""real life stories"". Composed and performed by Evan Rosseau.
3 MONKEYS 3M007 Relaxed Acoustic Guitars Stefan Netsman Guitar played with a happy and positive feel. Optimistic and gentle songs with real instruments. Guitar, mandolin, wurlitzer, bass and percussion.
3 MONKEYS 3M006 Pranked! Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska,Andreas Andreas Bolldén,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Sven Tore Erik Berglund The perfect album for pranks, good laughs, jokes, tricks & fix! Hilarious tracks suitable for all ages. Pizzicato, bassoons, banjos, ragtime piano and saxophones in a funny mix.
3 MONKEYS 3M005 Small Wonders of Nature Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Paul Niska Small curiuos orchestral palettes from cold to warm, melancholic to cheerful and quiet to loud. All describing the fascinating world we live in.
3 MONKEYS 3M004 Whistled Cute Tales Anders Johan Greger Lewen Happy and bright acoustic tracks suitable for kids TV, pet programs and advertisements. They´ve all got one thing in common - whistling!
3 MONKEYS 3M003 911: Pulses Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl,Oliver Jensen Volume 2 of 911 with minimal tracks perfect as underscores or under dialogue. High, low and medium pulses sometimes on they own and sometimes layered over drones. Minimalistic, repeating, threatening, exciting, tense and mysterious!
3 MONKEYS 3M002 911: At the Scene Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl,Oliver Jensen Pulsing beats, airy strings, deep basses and rhythmical synths. Perfect for drama, documentaries and films. Lots of useful underscores included and don't forget to check out the related album 3M003 911: Underlying Pulses.
3 MONKEYS 3M001 Food Trucks Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Klas Johan Wahl,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Henrik Lars Wikstrom Street smart beats with ethnic flavours from all around the world. Feel the smell of spices from Bombay to Brooklyn!