Premium production music with an empasis on live, organic instrumenation and instant, recognizable emotions in a variety of popular styles. Our mission is authenticity, functionality and gold-standard procudion in every cue.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM017 DNB Takeover Steven John Xavier Baysted, Count Zero,Count Zero,Rohan Robert Stevenson, Count Zero These edgy, unhinged drum & bass grooves pulse with frenetic energy and radiate an ?ber-suave, high-life sheen of processed vocals, intricate break and trap beats, pumping synth leads and high-speed bass.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM016 Indie Pop Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz Radiating a youthful optimism, this diverse set of contemporary rock grooves ranges from driving and grungy to sunny and celebratory with alt rock drums, buzzy synths, infectious guitar riffs and a free ticket to dance the night away.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM015 Reflective Piano Daniel Elias Brenner Tender, poignant melodies float atop delicate, minimalist accompaniment flowing at a gentle, thoughtful pace in these wistful, contemplative solo piano cues.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM014 Singer Songwriter Male Jonathan Baily Fischer, Dan Thiessen,Jonathan Baily Fischer, Child, Dan Thiessen Intimate and expressive, this heartfelt singer songwriter collection gently curls its way around angsty topics like alienation, loneliness and longing with a vulnerable male falsetto, sparse acoustic guitar, warm synth atmospheres, gentle rhythms and a de
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM013 Positive Drones Thomas Louis James White, Jordan Kareem Rees These glistening, wondrous ambient drones beam warm positivity and quiet assurance through delicate, atmospheric synth pads and subdued textures.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM012 Dark Drones Thomas Louis James White, Jordan Kareem Rees This collection of eerie, atmospheric drones builds tension and a sense of impending doom with nuanced ghostly effects and eerie, tortured pads building a sinister dread.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM011 Inspire - Epic Uplifting Orchestral Alexandre Noel Dominique Guiraud Epic drama, undefeatable hope and uplifting majesty shine bright in these monumental orchestral cues built on powerful brass themes, racing strings, robust percussive hits and nuanced chorale that convey the passion of grand adventures and looming horizon
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM010 Cuisine International Hanjo Gaebler From romantic accordion melodies inspired by French bistros to the laid-back southern rock of an Alabama bbq, these pleasing instrumentals were inspired by beloved dining experiences from around the world and the musical heritage that accompanies them.? D
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM009 American Cowboy Michel Yves Kochmann Wholesome charm abounds in these rootsy, country instrumentals shaped by guitar, banjo and mandolin.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM007 Casino Royale Ruben Sonnoli, Dario Ferrante Confident, bravado filled cues with a funky edge. Perfect for casino heists and playful, swaggering mischief.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM006 Heavy Rock Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz Edgy, aggression-filled guitars and massive metal beats create propulsive, swaggering cues filled with bravado and energy.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM005 Cyber Crime Steven Andrew McDonald Menacing, sinister and tension-filled pieces with gritty synths and intense percussion. Perfect for edgy cyber-crime scenes.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM004 Crime and Justice Jarkko Samuel Hietanen Mysterious, intriguing and shadowy pieces, perfect for crime and investigation scenes.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM003 Ambient Guitars Michel Yves Kochmann Atmospheric and evocative guitars in a variety of moods. From wistful and serene to mysterious and suspenseful.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM002 Reflections Of Light Joni Amelia Fuller Tenderness, fragility and hope conjured by heartfelt strings and piano. Filled with intimacy and heartfelt emotion.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM001 Neo - Modern Classical Cello Themes Deryn Leigh Cullen Intimate, emotional cello pieces with mysterious, melancholic and suspicious themes.