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ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB325 Songs About: Home Axel Stone, A.C McKnight,Paul Cartledge, Philip Jewson, Jamie Norton,Jason Tarver, Hugo Russo, Andrea Obeid,Jack Frank,Ashley Clark, Matthew Simon Clark,A.C McKnight,Indie Elliott, Craig Williamson,Mark Revell,Karina Tammy Byrne, William Sellers,Kye Sones A sync gold collection of songs with a theme about the place we call Home - Lockdown got us thinking about our own four walls!
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB324 Bedroom Pop Conor Simpkins, Oliver Green, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Rob Irving,Lonely Rivers, William Blackaby,Karina Tammy Byrne, William Sellers,Catch Harrington, Jed Jay Joseph, Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Aneta Wrzos,Benny Jay, Katt Tansy Bing, Victor Stanwi Dreamy, introspective, intimate and embodied by lo-fi sounds, Bedroom Pop is a collection of tracks that are synonymous with Gen Z's
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB323 Our Neighbourhood Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood A rambunctious fun-loving collection of kids TV-friendly pop cues with bouncy hip-hop, retro Motown and funky Latin influences
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB322 Indie Daydream Michael Barkley Green, Joshua Lopez,Axel Stone, Joseph Hesse,Michael Thomas Jones,Lonely Rivers, William Blackaby,Alistair Chant A sun-bleached trip through contemporary indie rock and dream pop moods, from fuzzed out to blissed out
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB321 Retro Jukebox 3 Matthew Simon Clark,Ashley Clark,Ric Levy,Benedic Lamdin, Riaan Vosloo,Jessica Greenfield, Gavin Conder, Holley Gray,Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Stuart Anning, Lee Burnett,Gavin Conder, Holley Gray 1950s and 60s soul, Motown, 12 bar blues and rock & roll from the heyday of rhythm & blues
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB320 Guitar Waves Anthony Edwin Phillips, James Collins A collection of electric guitar-led cues and beds, ranging from ethereal and ambient to dramatic and tense
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB319 Northern Soul Jason Tarver,Jessica Greenfield, Gavin Conder, Holley Gray,Gavin Holligan,Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Benedic Lamdin, Riaan Vosloo,Stuart Anning, Lee Burnett,Mark Anderson, Alicia Anderson, Anthony Edward Cannam, Nikolaj Bje Capturing the authentic energy and spirit of this uplifting, soulful, age defying genre which inspired a specific dance and lifestyle in the mid '60s. Born in Northern England from the original mod scene, but with its roots firmly in soul
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB318 High Crimes & Ransom Notes Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Polkemusic, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Lucas August Mendes,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Polkemusic,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides,Phil Joannides, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard Featuring live vocals from a female opera singer and organic elements combined with electronic, this album encompasses trailer music, underscores and links between electronic & classical tonalities. Perfect for modern dramas and documentaries, with politi
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB317 Global Beats Dom Howard,Liam Iliffe,Robert Martland,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Jamie Wilder,Kully B, Gussy G,Charles Eston, Michael Lesirge, Kadija Kamara,Joseph Munday Bright, dynamic world electronica with an international feel
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB316 Vocal Underscores Ashley Clark,Sophy Purnell,Nick Harvey Light but grown up beds and underscores in a range of moods, built almost entirely from vocals, beatbox and body percussion
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB315 Fight To Win 2 Dom Howard,Freddie Prest,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Catch Harrington,Kully B, Gussy G,Jamie Wilder,Ringo Mutate, John Paul George Mutate Heavy, intense, motivational electronic music with plenty of energy
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB314 Songs About: Movement 2 Axel Stone, Richard Mead,Aidan Mark Laverty, Andrew Eric Halford,Richard Lewis, Tom Swindells,Axel Stone, Joseph Hesse,Matthew Simon Clark, James David Pickering,Ashley Clark,Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Jack Lyrical themed collection of songs spanning all genres. More movement this time including forwards, backwards, circling, rolling, faster, slower, moving on, moving up, turning, spinning, cycling, reaching higher, lower…
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB313 Urban Crime Richard Mead,Catch Harrington,Paul Howard Darren Emanuel,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Andrew Beaton,Catch Harrington, Samuel Pegg, Manveer Dheensa Investigative cues and beds with an urban twist - from dark and pensive to light tension
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB312 80S Chart Pop Joseph Connor, Samuel Heath, Oliver Slack, Rebecca Hitch, Theo Krish,Jason Tarver, Hugo Russo,Jake Shillingford, Nick Evans,Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Richard Alexander Levy,Richard Lewis, Tom Swindells,Paul Cartledge, Phil Capturing the energy and spirit of well-known 1980's Chart Pop hits
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB311 Club Charts 3 Jason Tarver, Chris Dececio, Andrea Obeid,Sam Ritchie, Steve Jacques, Kayleigh King,Richard Lewis, Tom Swindells,Jason Tarver, Chris Dececio,Harry Valentine,Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,David Noakes, Mick Lee, Cat McTigue,Ala Capturing the energy and spirit of chart topping club bangers and dance music hits
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB310 Serious Scenes 2 Jonathan Waller,Samuel Karl Bohn Perfect mood setters for any scene, with piano and strings, ambient, moody, atmospheric and bright
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB309 Keep It Simple: No Strings Attached Samuel Pegg,Nicholas John Harvey, MCPS,Justin Wilk,Claire Leona Batchelor,Samuel Pegg, Robert Ashbridge Light, playful cues with woodwind instrumentation, warm in tone, perfect for a range of TV programming
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB308 Songs About: Numbers Kyu Riz, Jean-Michel Blanc, Milo Erik Winter,Matthew Simon Clark, James David Pickering,Kye Sones, Paul Stanborough,Jack Frank,Jamie Norton, Paul Cartledge, Philip Jewson,Jason Tarver,Oliver Price, Lewis Fieldhouse, Ciaran Jeremiah, Sabrina Altan,Levi Sta A lyrical themed album of songs about numbers and counting, crossing all genres including indie, folk, dance, pop, grime and ballads
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB307 Big Beats & Breaks Jamie Wilder, Benedic Lamdin,Victoria Graham, Benedic Lamdin,Steve Jacques, Sam Ritchie,Oliver James Johnson,Sparky Buddha, Benedic Lamdin Bringing the energy with cut-n-paste samples, heavy beats sampled from our own private collection, and classic sounds from dance / hip hop crossover from throughout the years
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB306 G 2 R R L Kelly McCollough, Aaron John Shapiro, Miranda Siegersma,Rose Lonergan, Jasmine Rose,Sophie Ackroyd, Corey Lee Barker, Charlotte Louise Brimner,ECHØES, Simone Brown,Diana Haydee Frangi, Kate Daisy Grant, Tom New More fiesty female pop - 100% written, produced and performed by women
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB305 Indie Rising Levi Stark,Jason Tarver, Lucy Underhill, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Peter Darling, William Featherby, Kamal Kamruddin,Nick Evans, Jake Shillingford,Mark Peter Revell,Matthew Simon Clark, James David Pickering,Ashley Clark,Kye Sones, Paul Stanborough,Paula C Instant indie gems of unique styles and sounds, taking inspiration from some of the best new rising talent and undiscovered artists
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB304 Organic Electronica 3 Dom Howard,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Alex Barron, Darius Behdad,Michel Thomas von Arx,Jamie Wilder,Jonathan Waller,Jonathan Pilcher,George Georgia A fusion of cutting-edge electronica and rich organic elements - live strings, acoustic instrumentation and vocal textures
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB303 Emotional Electronica Francis Cosgrave, Rhys Buckley, Luke Hayes,Jamie Wilder,Jean-Michel Blanc,Jackson Hamish Almond,Jonathan Waller,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Michel Thomas von Arx Pop-inflected electronica with warmth, reflection and tenderness, creating a sentimental digital embrace
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB302 Cavendish Archive Natalie Barowitz,Mark Peter Revell,James Thomas Oxborrow,Natalie Barowitz,Timothy William Oliver,Jonathan Pilcher,Natalie Barowitz,Natalie Barowitz,Lucy Parnell A collection of wistful downtempo acoustic and ambient indie
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB301 Boom Bap Benedic Lamdin,Jamie Wilder,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Nicholas Michael Hill,Benedic Lamdin,Virginia Reeves,Han Cassius,Josh Powell,Benedic Lamdin,Alistair Chant,Glenn Herweijer,Benedic Lamdin,Ben Sumner,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Benedic Lamdin,Chris Read,Ben A collection of hip hop and big beat tracks ranging from cheerful and high-energy to mellow and moody
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB300 Wanderlust Benjamin Townsend,Oktoba,Laura Greaves A tale of love and wanderlust we follow the journey of 2 young lovers getting lost and found, through beautiful electronic infused folk songs, with real strings, solo male and female vocals and duets, lyrics about travel and love
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB299 Songs About: Movement Jason Tarver,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Jack Hawitt,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Henry William David Wrigley,Harry Valentine,Sabrina Altan,Mark Peter Revell,Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Oliv Songs in a range of styles with lyrical themes covering energy, motivation, inspiration, dancing and more
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB298 Songs About: Love Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Kye Sones,Paul Stanborough,Mark Peter Revell,Gavin Holligan,Harry Valentine,Sabrina Altan,Jason Tarver,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Craig Brown,Alicia Anderson,Rosie Doonan,Jonny Firth,Jonathan Kelly,Andrew Morris Songs for falling in love to: from energetic pop to schmaltzy retro ballads and from the hopeful to the nostalgic, the lyrical themes in these songs cover love past, present and future
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB297 Songs About: Friendship/togetherness Ashley Clark,Catch Harrington,Samuel Pegg,Indie Elliott,Paul Stanborough,Andrew Morris,Daniel Griffiths,Bloem De Wilde De Ligny,Sam Ritchie,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Nicholas J Peill,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Lewis F A lyrical themed album of songs about friendship and togetherness, with a variety of genres featuring folk, tropical pop, rock, soul, drum n bass and retro pop
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB296 Songs About: Family Jack Hawitt,Oliver Price,Iain MacKenzie,Vincent Webb,Lewis Fieldhouse,Jason Tarver,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Gavin Holligan,Andrew Morris,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,Catch Harrington,Maximillian Dunne,Milo Erik Winter,Suzanne Martin,Scott McMahon,M A lyrical themed album of songs about family bonds, with a variety of genres featuring ballads, disco, folk, gospel soul, indie, pop, country and acoustic rock
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB295 Pizz, Pace & Punch Harry Lightfoot,Samuel Pegg,Nick Harvey,Claire Leona Batchelor,Arun Sethi,Samuel Pegg TV-friendly pizzicato-driven tracks with more pace and energy than your standard pizzicato cue Friendly and warm with movement and drive
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB294 Dark Places Benjamin Townsend,Christopher Phillip Athorne,Benjamin Townsend,Sean Liam Hennessy,Declan John Liddy,Richard Mead,Lucy Jane,Jack Hawitt,Indie Elliott,Paul Stanborough,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,Richard Mead,Mark Revell,Marius De La Mer,Ron Foley, Tales from the crypt Dark, creepy, macabre and sinister This chilling collection of tracks are perfect for crime, thriller and horror promos
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB293 Drums: Breaks & Solos James Alexander Allix,Benedic Lamdin,Benedic Lamdin,Jon1st A collection of drum performances ranging from dynamic solos to dusty grooves Split by style, one half explosive solos across a range of styles, and the other half breaks drawing from classic funk, soul and disco
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB292 Funk Soul Disco Pop 2 Peter Yelland-Brown,Ashley Clark,Dan Reid,Matthew Paul Saunders,Philip Brian Evans,Jon Steele,Peter Darling,William Featherby,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Darling,Peter Yelland-Brown,David Fuller,Peter Weitz,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Dar Positive contemporary pop and dance influenced by boogie, italo disco, funk and classic soul
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB291 Get Hyped Brian McGregor Packed full of punch this 6 track EP from Flying Colour Audio features galactic drum n bass, French touch and drum step beats to the max
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB290 Emotional Pop Ii: Light Peter Darling,Benjamin McAvoy,Peter Yelland-Brown,Aidan Mark Laverty,Andrew Eric Halford,Marius De La Mer,Indie Elliott,Matthew De Kersaint Giraudeau,Katy Pickles,Alessandro Gigante,Roberto Gigante,Michael Robert Irving,James Fox,Ea Akilat,Aneta Wrzos,Har Shimmering, uplifting contemporary pop Organic & electronic sounds with emotive vocals to awaken the heart and soul
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB289 Emotional Pop I: Shade James Warburton,Jade Pybus,Jack Hawitt,Benjamin Townsend,Gary Stuart O'Brien,Ea Akilat,Aneta Wrzos,Jason Tarver,Hugo Russo,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,James Fox,Marius De La Mer,Ron Foley,James Warburton,David Anderson,Alessandro Gigante,Roberto G A darker shade of contemporary pop Organic & electronic sounds with stirring, emotive vocals to awaken the heart and soul
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB288 Immersions: Strings & Atmospheres Oliver Knowles,Peter Lambrou,Matthew Huxley Rich contemporary classical soundscapes and textures with haunting, emotive strings
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB287 Us Drama 3 Matthew Nicholson,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Sparky Buddha,Richard Lewis,Tom Swindells Tense electronic synth-led beds and cues, inspired by contemporary American television
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB286 Us Drama 2 Jamie Salisbury,Matthew Nicholson,Richard Lewis,Tom Swindells,Sparky Buddha,Jamie Salisbury,Ian Arber Dramatic orchestral-led themes, inspired by big-budget contemporary American television
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB285 80's Movie Pop Alessandro Gigante,Roberto Gigante,Michael Robert Irving,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Richard Salmon,Aidan Mark Laverty,Andrew Eric Halford,Max Kristian Jonatan Larsen,Jean-Michel Blanc,Duke Rogers,Joseph Connor,Oliver Slack,Samuel Heath,Theo Kirsh,Kamal A nostalgic homage to some of the greatest big screen hits from 1980's cinema
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB284 Serious Scenes Theodore Richard Vidgen,Carmen Bradford,Mark Allaway,Jeff Lardner,James Michael Burrell Organic beds for documentary and reality programming with piano, woodwind and strings
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB283 Psychedelic Rock Alessandro Gigante,Roberto Gigante,Michael Robert Irving,Joe Mesch,Hugo Russo,Joe Mesch,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Knowhere,Carl Carlson,Lonely Rivers,Mayfield Jackson,Dominic Thomas A vibrant collection of 60s and 70s psychedelia
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB282 Simple Moods Guitar 2 Alexis Smith,Joe Henson,Michael Georgiades,Bruce Maginnis,Daniel Weltlinger,Mark Revell,Bruce Maginnis Gently developing acoustic guitar moods touching on a range of emotions
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB281 Dirty Soul Rock Ashley Clark,Matthew Clark,Ashley Clark Gritty rock and guitar-oriented pop with raw vocals and soul and R&B influences
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB280 Piano Reflections Harry Lightfoot Beautiful emotive piano-led pieces with string accompaniment
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB279 World Pop Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Yelland-Brown,William Featherby,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Nicholas Hill,Kully B,Gussy G,Kamal Kamruddin,William Featherby,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Craig Andrew James,Douglas Ramsey McAvoy,Guo Yi,Catch Harrington Fun, contemporary chart pop with ethnic flavours, vocals and instrumentation
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB278 Steel Band Mark Cherrie Traditional Caribbean classics and more played on steel pans and rhythm section
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB277 The Only Way Is House Ludvick B,Michel Thomas von Arx,Robert Thorpe,Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Jackson Hamish Almond Bright, euphoric and glamourous deep house
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB276 Keep It Simple 6: Spooky/Light Tension/Halloween Claire Leona Batchelor,Nicholas John Harvey,Robert James Manning,Theodore Richard Vidgen Light, simple cues with acoustic instrumentation and a subtle eerie twist
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB275 Keep It Simple 5: Christmas / Winter / Magical Nicholas John Harvey,Robert James Manning,Theodore Richard Vidgen,Claire Leona Batchelor Light, simple cues with acoustic instrumentation and a subtle wintery flavour
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB274 Le Cool Tom Hillock,Nicolas Boscovic,Jennifer Krutten,Ashley Clark,Nicolas Boscovic,Jennifer Jordan,Julien Glabs,Ashley Clark,Nicolas Boscovic,David Krutten,Ashley Clark,Tom Hillock,Nicolas Boscovic,Nicolas Boscovic,Tom Hillock,Tom Hillock,David Krutten,Julien Gl Stylish, high-end indie, pop, electronica and modern classical from a top team of French writers and vocalists, all with that certain je ne sais quoi
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB273 G R R R L Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Darling,Diana Frangi,Running Man,Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Peter Darling,William Featherby,Ludvick B,Joe Mesch,Hugo Russo,Tom New,Diana Frangi,Kate Daisy Grant,Ludvick B,Eska Gillian Mtungwazi,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Darling,Will Punchy pop, R&B and hip hop that delivers fight and attitude like only ladies know how
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB272 Retro Jukebox 2 Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo Authentic sounding 1950s rock n roll and rhythm & blues
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB271 Dark Quirky Orchestral Samuel Pegg,Jacques Mathias Oliveira,Jamie Salisbury,Thomas Kelly Playful but macabre, dark but inviting; a collection of orchestral cues influenced by contemporary independent cinema
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB270 Wipe Out JF Whitney,Paul Cuddeford,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo A roller coaster ride through the landscape of surf rock and rockabilly.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB269 Close Harmony Capers Theodore Richard Vidgen,Oliver Price,Vincent Webb,John Griggs,Philip Michael,Thomas William Moss,Alex Germains,Edward Saklatvala,Steve Porter,Pete Jones,Oliver Price,Rosalie Bevan,Oliver Price,Vincent Webb,Gael Casado Barreno Uplifting close harmony ditties from modern pop and swing to traditional 1930s barbershop quartets
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB268 Organic Electronica 2 David Baluteau,Michel Thomas von Arx,George Keane,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Dan Electro,Catch Harrington A fusion of cutting-edge electronica and rich organic elements - live strings, acoustic instrumentation and vocal textures
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB267 Offensive Dance Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Glenn Herweijer,Nicholas Hill,Soho Jo,Catch Harrington,Plug Modular From the silly to the aggressive, these trance, techno and Euro pop tunes will stick in your head like the throb of a hangover
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB266 Dirty 70s Rock Fernando Perdomo,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Bjerre,Mark Batey,Tom Hill,Daniel Burrows,Daniel Mallender A 70's rock collection containing a wealth of progressive, glam and driving rock tracks
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB265 Keep It Simple 4: Neutral / Serious / Warm Rob Manning,Nick Harvey,Claire Leona Batchelor,Philip Michael Light, simple beds with acoustic instrumentation and a warm, neutral tone perfect for a variety of situations
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB264 Keep It Simple 3: Light Tension / Suspense Nick Harvey,Philip Michael,Rob Manning,Claire Leona Batchelor,Alex Ball,Claire Leona Batchelor Light, simple beds with acoustic instrumentation, designed for moments of light tension and suspense
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB263 Funk Soul Disco Pop Ashley Clark,James Nisbet,James Graydon,Lee Henry,Tom Hillock,Jamie Salisbury,Alex Reeves,Dan Reid,Matthew Paul Saunders,Philip Brian Evans,Sarah Carpenter,Oliver Price,Tom Howe,Mike Reed,Mike Reed,Tom Wilson,Oliver Price,Kirstenanna Symonds Bright horns, wiki-wah rhythm guitar and boogie bass collide in this album of fun, energetic contemporary pop with a heavy disco, funk and soul influence
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB262 World Street 2 Kully B,Gussy G,Krantz,Sandor M Jozsa Contemporary hip hop, trap and house beats meet the sounds of India, the Far East, Brazil and the Balkans
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB261 Retro Christmas arrBenedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo,Gustav Holst arrBenedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo Vintage soul arrangements of Christmas classics and original Christmas tunes; recorded with live band, brass and strings, in vocal and instrumental versions
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB260 Big Folk 4 Tom Whitehorse,David Sim,Iain Sim,John Musgrave,Bart Warshaw,Sophie Galpin,Tom Whitehorse,Richard Salmon,Anders Sodergren,Andrew Morris Contemporary indie folk and folk pop tracks with that extra something; from stomping drums to soaring brass
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB259 Dirty Indie Rock Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Bjerre,Denny Starr,Sparky Buddha,Patrick Murdoch,Mayfield Jackson,Mark Batey,Sparky Buddha,Dale Jackson,Sparky Buddha,Bert Lindar Balls-to-the-wall, dirty indie rock with edgy guitar riffs, driving bass lines and heavy drums
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB258 Urban Crime Sparky Buddha,Bert Lindar,Mark Batey,Matthew Norman Investigative cues and beds with an urban twist - from dark and pensive to light tension
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB257 Fight To Win: Aggressive Motivation Si Begg,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Nicholas Hill,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Catch Harrington,Laura Rossi,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond,Manveer Dheensa,Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Sam Asefi,Dead Astronaut,Catch Harrington,Glenn Herweije Completely unhinged motivational electronic music with distorted percussion and plenty of energy
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB256 Big Screen Remixes 2 Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Blake Robinson,Paul Henson,Zelig Sound,Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Blake Robinson,Paul Henson,Benji Fox,Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,George Keane,Blake Robinson,Paul Henson,Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Paul Thomson,De We've remixed and reimagined the epic orchestral cues from Big Screen Scores 2, exploring new ground to create a diverse range of alternative tracks from electronica to breakbeat
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB255 Big Screen Promos 2 Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Blake Robinson,Oliver Weder,Paul Henson,Christian Henson,Jochen Flach,Andrew Blaney,Blake Robinson,Paul Henson,Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Jacques Mathias Oliveira,Blake Robinson,Paul Henson,Christian Henson,Sparky Buddha We've re-arranged, trailer-ised and honed each track from Big Screen Scores 2 into an epic masterpiece suitable for promos and trailers
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB254 I Heart Hipsters 3 Oliver Price,Stephen William Hodd,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Jason Kleinberg,Oliver Price,Bart Warshaw,Oliver Price,Fiona Mackay Barclay Bevan,D M Ecks,Bart Warshaw,Tom Lown Roll up your jeans, pull on your ironic sweater and oil your beard, the coolest kids are back in town with their guitars, a stack of vintage synths and oodles of pop rock fun
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB253 Metal Joe Mesch,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Sparky Buddha,Dale Jackson,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Dalby,Sparky Buddha,Bert Lindar,Denny Starr,Sparky Buddha A diverse metal album that spans multiple decades from classic 70's/80's metal rock through to present day.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB252 Big Screen Atmospheres 2 Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Paul Thomson,Blake Robinson,Oliver Weder Epic drones and atmospheric textures spun from the Big Screen Scores 2 album as a base
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB251 Big Screen Scores 2 Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Blake Robinson,Christian Henson,Andrew Blaney,Paul Thomson,Blake Robinson Dramatic orchestral scene-setters, full of tense moments, massive builds and epic conclusions with a high-end Hollywood feel
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB250 Keep It Simple 2 : Thoughtful / Reflective / Mot Robert James Manning,Nicholas John Harvey,Jamie Salisbury,James Michael Burrell Light, simple, cues made with piano, tuned percussion, strings and woodwind to create natural space
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB249 Keep It Simple 1 : Innocent / Quirky / Playful Nicholas John Harvey,Robert James Manning,James Michael Burrell Light, simple, cues made with piano, tuned percussion, strings and woodwind to create natural space
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB248 Club Charts Vol. 2 Chris Dececio,Joe Mesch,Joe Mesch,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Chris Dececio,Ethan Galloway,Chris Dececio,Glenn Herweijer,Elizabeth Mott,Ethan Galloway,Ben Sumner,Sam Asefi Bringing you the latest in chart busting contemporary dance tracks
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB247 Mystery And Magic Kevin Roy Kerrigan,Jamie Salisbury,Thomas William Moss,Samuel Pegg An album of fantastical orchestral arrangements inspired by fairy tales, sorcery and enchanted forests
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB246 Natural History Isobel Noeline Waller-Bridge,James Nathan Jeremy Jones,Tom Howe,Alex Adam Baranowski,Anne Nikitin An album of rich orchestral cues taking us on an extraordinary journey through the wonders of the natural world -- --
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB245 Acoustic Pop 3 Smudge Mason,Marius De La Mer,Richard Kent,Marius De La Mer,Richard Kent,Smudge Mason,Marius De La Mer Contemporary, upbeat acoustic pop songs and instrumentals
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB244 British Isles - Hymns & Airs William Henry Monk,James Nathan Jeremy Jones arrHenry Francis Lyte,Gustav Holst arrJames Nathan Jeremy Jones,Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice,Hubert Parry arrJames Nathan Jeremy Jones,William Blake,Traditional arrJames Nathan Jeremy Jones,Traditional arrJames Evocative, stripped-down arrangements of well-known hymns and folk melodies from around the British Isles
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB243 Retro Jukebox Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo 1950s soul and rock & roll from the heyday of rhythm & blues
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB242 Dark Country Matt White,Sara Dowling,Dominic Marsh,Dominic Marsh,Jonny Jones,Kara Marie Lippett,Dolly Wright,Chris Lewis,Dominic Marsh,Paul Miro,Dominic Marsh,Jack C Arnold,Dominic Marsh,Evan Jenkins,Anthony Dominic,Pat West,Dominic Marsh An album of alternative country tracks oozing with dark lyrical content, dusty atmospheres and sinister moods. From country folk to laid-back bluesey rock
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB241 Drive Time Rock 2 Adam Wakeman,Denny Starr,Sparky Buddha,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Dalby,Sparky Buddha,Sparky Buddha,Cody Martin,Mark Batey Classic to contemporary rock, this album is packed full of driving rock styles
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB240 Tango Angel Villoldo arrRhian Porter,Angel Villoldo arrCaradog Williams,Astor Piazzolla,Astor Piazzolla,Mario Gonzalez,Georges Bizet arrRhian Porter,Caradog Williams,Rhys Taylor,Eduardo Arolas arrRhian Porter,Eduardo Arolas arrCaradog Williams,Ludwig Van Beetho Classic tango, tango nuevo and new arrangements of other well-known themes in the style of the 20th century's most sensual genre
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB239 Aggressive Promos Alex Shellard,Are Legion We,Steve Buick Heavy beats, processed orchestral hooks and sound design loaded with multiple builds, drops and edit points for maximum impact
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB238 Big Folk 3: Themes And Beds Tom Howe,Mike Reed,Paul James,Richard Salmon,Christopher J Dodd,Andrew Morris Contemporary folk rock and folk pop instrumentals with that extra something; from sweeping strings to boisterous brass
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB237 Big Folk 2: Songs And Ditties Bart Warshaw,Anthony Mode,Pat Stone,Adam O'Neill,Anthony Mode,Pat Stone,Jennifer Dalby,Beatrix Benedict,Zachary Schaffer,Scott Seiver Contemporary vocal folk rock and folk pop tracks with that extra something; from sweeping strings to close vocal harmonies to boisterous brass
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB236 American Hymnal Traditional arrKen Miller,Ken Miller,Stephen Foster,Ken Miller,Arthur Sullivan Piano re-arrangements of American Gospel and Hymnal standards
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB235 Acapella Gospel Traditional arrMs Cheryl Renee Lynch,Reginald Heber arrMs Cheryl Renee Lynch,Augustus Montague Toplady arrMs Cheryl Renee Lynch,Arthur Sullivan,Sabine Baring-Gould arrMs Cheryl Renee Lynch Timeless standards sung by a Gospel choir
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB234 Inspired Indie Ramzel Devaney Inspiring and uplifting indie-rock with a mixture of anthemic, soaring and playful tracks.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB233 I Heart Hipsters 2 Oliver Price,Chris Banner,Lee Graves,Michael Stone,Olly Rigden,Dan Leavers,Jed Jay Joseph,Jack Gordon-Brownz,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Lee Graves,Olly Rigden,Amelia Sear,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Luke Roberts,Keith Tenniswood,Lee Graves,Matther Carter,Olive Wearing thrift-store inspired fashions and thick-rimmed spectacles, they're back with slightly different facial hair and lower v-necks than ever before.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB232 Dirty Blues Rock Oliver Price,Stephen William Hodd,Chris Banner,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Bjerre,John Ferrers,Bill Leonard,Joe Mesch,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Oliver Price,Stephen William Hodd,Joe Mesch,Lucy Underhill,Simon Edwards,Paul Cuddeford,Richard Marc A Raw guitars played on cracked-out amps, big bluesy bass riffs and dirty, heavy drums come together in this collection of bare-bones, rootsy, dirty blues rock
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB231 Us Drama David Clynick,Joe Mesch,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Jamie Salisbury,Paul Fletcher,Patrick Sturrock,William D Livsey,Finn Vine,Zeben Jameson Tense atmospheric beds, quirky percussion and Americana, inspired by big-budget contemporary American television
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB230 Uprising Makis Mouratoglou,Goetz Botzenhardt A heady mix of east and west, traditional and contemporary, combined to create a powerful set of cues for documentary, biography and historical programming
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB229 Beautiful Beats Alexis Smith,Joe Henson,Henry Jay Archer,Henry Jay Archer,Steven Casey,Peter Weitz,Henry Jay Archer Laidback, glossy tracks with a boutique hotel feel, infused with warm pads and sparkling synths. Now you're on holiday
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB228 Changing Moods : Film Tom Howe,Anne Nikitin Evocative themes recorded with live orchestra, and presented in a revolutionary way : Each theme has been recorded as a dark and light version, and versions that transition seamlessly from dark to light and light to dark.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB227 Changing Moods : Tv Tom Howe,Anne Nikitin Evocative themes recorded with live orchestra, and presented in a revolutionary way : Each theme has been recorded as a dark and light version, and versions that transition seamlessly from dark to light and light to dark.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB226 Retro Soul Riaan Vosloo,Benedic Lamdin,Stuart Anning Classic and contemporary soul, from 60s Motown and Northern soul through to noughties retro pop
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