ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO009 Perfect Feeling: K-Pop Disco Hyung J. Joe,JiYoung Yoon, Hyung J. Joe Vibrant, funky K- Pop from Seoul artists Nakwon & MRCH, featuring funk guitars, retro synths and infectious energy.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO008 India in Motion Sarang Vechalekar, Javier Fourcade, Dnyaneshwar Popalghat Recorded in the heart of Mumbai, India in Motion brings the traditional Hindustani music influences together with Western rhythms, capturing the soul and colours of the country, with a metropolitan touch.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO007 China: Festivals & Celebration Kok Jun Phang,Richard A. Harvey Bright and jubilant cues featuring traditional Chinese instrumentation, suitable for Chinese New Year celebrations and other important cultural festivals.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO006 Scenes of China Richard A. Harvey,Kok Jun Phang Evocative pastoral scenesetters with traditional Chinese instrumentation blended with a Western string section.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO005 A Thai Love Story Ploypaworawan Praison,Ploypaworawan Praison, Ekanai Vorachattarn Prong & Earth present their album of emotive Thai pop ballads telling stories of love, nostalgia and heartbreak. Moving piano themes and heartwarming strings accompany passionate vocals.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO004 Japan Traditions Keiko Kitamura, Hibiki Ichikawa, Yuko Harris An inspiring journey of Japan through its traditional music. Includes historic Japanese folk music with classic instrumentation such as shamisen, koto and shakuhachi flutes.
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO003 Taiko Power Takuya Taniguchi Powerful, exhilarating taiko drum rhythms composed and performed by Japanese taiko master Takuya Taniguchi. Featuring a wide range of taiko drums, including shime daiko, okedo daiko and odaiko; accompanied by a variety of percussive effects and Takuya's e
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO002 Scenes of Iran Parham Bahadoran Traditional Persian music captures the spirit of Iran. Featuring a range of moods and emotions, authentically recorded in Tehran
ASIA RECORD COLLECTIVE ACO001 Japan Action & Inspiration Yumi Mashiki, Victor H. Fumagalli The journey of a Japanese hero. Inspiring action cues featuring a hybrid of modern electronic sounds fused with traditional Japanese instrumentation, including taiko drums, shamisen, koto and shakuhachi flutes.