ESSENTIAL AFRICAを最新から表示 (17アルバム)
伝統的な地域のサウンドだけでなく、ポップ、ダンス、エレクトロニックミュージックを取り入れたスタイリッシュなアフリカンレーベル。 A stylish African label coering traditional and regional sounds as well as homegrown pop, dance and electronic music-all with a strong mood and cinematic sensibility.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE017 West African Jazz - Authentic Africa Dele Gbisu, Joseph Kunnuji,Joseph Kunnuji,Adebayo Adebeshin Authentic West African Jazz with Afrobeat and Afro-Fusion flavours recorded live in Benin and Nigeria. Packed with infectious rhythms, dynamic brass, lively vocals and perfect for a wide range of African and International productions.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE016 Big Screen Africa - Spirit of the Land Nic Paton,Dizu Plaatjies, Gideon Murray, Nic Paton,Nic Paton, Ronan Skillen A heart-stirring, rousing and richly cinematic collection of African infused orchestral tracks expertly created for the big screen. It's epic, majestic, grand and emotive and perfect for films, doccies, wildlife, advertising, corporate productions, NGO's
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE015 AFROdrama - Mystery A.G Magwaza African themed drama underscores expertly created for scenes focusing on mystery, intrigue, light tension and reflection. Great for daily dramas, reality TV, soaps, documentaries, crime & investigation shows and much more.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE014 African Playground - Afro Acoustic Pop Andreas Potgieter, Simon Orrey A wondrous mix of African flavoured acoustic guitars, xylophones and percussion all with a dreamy, light-hearted, positive and playful mood. A perfect match for advertising, lifestyle productions, children's shows, doccies, corporate programming and much
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE013 SA House Flava - Amapiano Craig McGahey, Dale Blignaut, Jeff Moffatt,Wiseman Mbedu,Melvyn Riberts Super stylish, groovy, exciting, glamorous and very hip Amapiano (African House) tracks guaranteed to light up any production. Packed with plenty more infectious SA House flavoured grooves and the freshest sounds around these trend setting tracks are a mu
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE012 Heartfelt African Jazz Piano Hilton Schilder,Ramon Hector Alexander A warm, nostalgic and sophisticated collection of proudly South African solo piano pieces by legendary Cape Jazz maestro Hilton Schilder and the critically acclaimed Ramon Alexander. This collection was beautifully recorded live on a vintage Bluthner pian
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE011 Authentic Zulu Folk - Maskandi Dibansile Tutsu, Joel Assaizky Rich, rootsy Zulu folk songs featuring acoustic guitar and vocals. Great for adding a touch of original Kwazulu vibes to any production.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE010 West African Drums – Authentic Rhythm! Gideon Murray, Solomon Manan Ajimah Immerse yourself in the rhythms of West Africa with this dynamic collection of African solo drum tracks commonly played across the West African region. Featuring traditional percussive instruments such as the DumDum, Talking Drum, Kpalago and the Agogo Be
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE009 Africa Rising - Upbeat & Dramatic Ryan Grogan A cinematic safari across the African continent with a sprinkling of Asian, Indian and South American influences here and there. The album varies between upbeat and fun tracks to tense and dramatic ones.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE008 East African Roots - Msafiri Zawose Msafiri Zawose Authentic East African music performed on a variety of traditional instruments such as the Zither, Zeze, Ilimba, Gogo, Ngoma and Kalimba by Tanzanian music legend Msafiri Zawose. Perfect for doccies, films, wildlife productions and much more.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE007 West African Odysseys & Atmospheres Nic Paton Meander down the Niger River, traverse the slopes of Mount Bintumani, feel the sand beneath your toes on Bojo Beach or float in the pink water of Lake Retba. An atmospheric and evocative musical journey through West Africa!
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE006 Inspiring African Voices Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan,Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan, Lungile Jacobs,Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan, Jaco Maria A beautiful selection of lush African vocal orientated tracks with positive, uplifting, warm and inspiring moods. Energy levels are gentle right through to fast tempo and high energy.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE005 Slamming African Drums - For Sports & Action Trailers A.G Magwaza A collection of powerful African percussive tracks designed for battle on the sports field, action trailers or tense dramatic scenes. Including Zulu war drums, Nigerian talking drums through to Latin flavoured stadium slammers this album hits plenty of h
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE004 Sensational South Africa - Love the Music! A.G Magwaza Travel South Africa's sensational landscape and culture in 13 tracks from Lesotho to Zululand, historic Sophiatown to dusty rural villages this album is filled with beautiful quality Zulu Maskandi, Kwela, Mbaqanga, Mqashiyo and Sotho sounds. Magwaza, a l
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE003 North Africa - Arabic Inflections Chris Tokalon, Nic Paton,Nic Paton A timeless cinematic album of great variety and emotional depth encompassing Arabic Africa, North Africa and the Middle East – the old and new world order. It speaks of conflict, love, urgency and peace. It evokes the desert, the oasis, the busy market,
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE002 Beautiful African Folk - Warm & Friendly Matthew Gair,Daniela Frances Smith, Matthew Gair Extraordinarily beautiful acoustic melodies played on Guitar, Ukulele, Mbira and Marimba covering moods from light-hearted and quirky to peaceful and heart-warming. Also good for kiddies vibes. A ‘Must-Listen’ album!
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE001 Kwela - Penny Whistle Jive Ben Amato,Balungile Gumede, Ben Amato,Daniel Eppel,Ben Amato, Daniel Eppel,Aveline Twala, Ben Amato Kwela is the happy Marabi influenced jazzy street music from the 1950’s that made South African music world famous. Infectious skiffle-like beats, Vocals ala Miriam Makeba, Penny whistles, Classic Sax, Trumpets and Double Bass.