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Trending African Pop, EDM, Trditional, Rock, Folk, House, Orchestral, Retro, Funk, Swing, Bongo, flavour and so much from the musical motherland. Expore and enjoy !
AFROSONIC AFRS019 Afro House Ecstasy - Tribal Rhythms Anthony Mugambwa Kasirivu Powerful hypnotic Afro House packed with exotic percussion, tribal vocals, swirling synths and an exciting edgy feel. Great for entertainment, sports, fashion, youth and lifestyle productions and much more.
AFROSONIC AFRS018 Island Grooves - Sensual Bongo Flava Kassim Omar Mohamed, Lorenz Hermann Romantic, sensual and groovalicious. Island grooves is filled with traditional East African styles such as Taarab and Dansi, with additional influences from Reggae, R&B & Afrobeats. The perfect beach party starter.
AFROSONIC AFRS017 Atmospheric Africa - Harps, Bows and a Handpan Gideon Murray, Hendrik van der Merwe, Lenga Luyolo,Craig McGahey, Gideon Murray, Hendrik van der Merwe, Lenga Luyolo,Lenga Luyolo,Gideon Murray, Hendrik van der Merwe,Gideon Murray, Lenga Luyolo,Hendrik van der Merwe Atmospheric, evocative, dramatic and sometimes tribal moods from three instruments - Ngoni, Uhadi and Handpan. The West African Ngoni Harp sounds similar to a Kora. The Uhadi is a deeply tribal African mouth bow from the Xhosa tradition and lastly the et
AFROSONIC AFRS016 Africa Rising - Epic Orchestral Ryan Grogan Epic African orchestral tracks like you've never heard before! Packed with lush arrangements, powerful vocals and sweeping cinematic strings these grand, rousing, emotive and inspiring tracks are perfect for everything from epic films and trailers to insp
AFROSONIC AFRS015 80’s Afro Disco, Pop, Jazz & Jive Selwyn Shandel Turning back the clock to those feel-good beats from 80s South Africa. The sound of a hopeful generation – from Shangaan Disco to Jivey Afro pop, Mbaqanga and Gospel, African Jazz to juicy Bubblegum!""
AFROSONIC AFRS014 Uplifting Gqom - Authentic African EDM Leo Netzband,Leo Netzband, Malvern Sibanda Gqom like you've never heard it before! It's uplifting, aspirational, confident and very cool. Big beats packed with plenty of youthful energy and swagger. Great for advertising, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and youth productions.
AFROSONIC AFRS013 Super Happy! African Guitar Pop Christian Bakalanga, Gideon Murray, Josh Hawks,Gideon Murray, Josh Hawks,Christian Bakalanga, Gideon Murray A truly happy, uplifting, catchy and massively feelgood album of upbeat African Guitar Pop complete with funky brass and dynamic vocals. Featuring styles such as Kwassa Kwassa, SA Jive and Soukous this album is 100% pure Pan African guitar pop perfection!
AFROSONIC AFRS012 Africa Rising - Cinematic Mystery Ryan Grogan Beautiful, spacious cinematic African infused orchestral tracks with a mysterious and slightly tense feel. Perfect for doccies, dramas, wildlife, nature and film productions.
AFROSONIC AFRS011 Sensational South Africa - Celebration Time! A.G Magwaza,A.G Magwaza, Khethokuhle Solam Gcina Iman Jali Celebrate South Africa and its vast beauty with this album full of upbeat, happy and catchy tracks guaranteed to get your feet moving. Featuring styles such as Maskandi, Mbaqanga, Kwela and Mqashiyo, A joyful tribute to our rich musical and cultural herit
AFROSONIC AFRS010 Afrobeats Bliss - Pan African Pop Leo Netzband,Leo Netzband, Malvern Sibanda Dynamic and vibrant Afrobeats straight from the top of the Pan African Pop Charts. From Nigeria to Kenya this is the sound of an energised and exciting Africa. A must for youth, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, sports and advertising productions.
AFROSONIC AFRS009 Stampede - Super-charged African Rhythms Josh Wynter An exciting mix of African percussion, Synths, Electric Guitars and traditional African Instruments that instantly add energy to any production. From sports promos to reality shows, action films to retail sales, this is the album you need.
AFROSONIC AFRS008 Jou Ma Se African Guitar - Good Vibes A.G Magwaza, Billy Monama A captivating collection of South African flavoured acoustic guitar tracks. Beautifully played and recorded with moods ranging from upbeat and positive to emotive and heartfelt. A must for all production types!
AFROSONIC AFRS007 African String Quartet - High Society A.G Magwaza, Alexander Waldo An elegant, sophisticated and stylish collection of African String Quartet pieces perfect for all programming that needs a touch of class and style. Joyful, elegant and celebratory!
AFROSONIC AFRS006 Deep African Roots – Xhosa Traditional Dizu Plaatjies, Gideon Murray Authentic African roots music performed on bows, mbiras, medicine drums, kundi harps and other traditional African instruments by SA music legend Dizu Plaatjies. A world class album we're very proud of.
AFROSONIC AFRS005 Afro Swing - 50's Jazz & Jive Mapumba Cilombo,A.G Magwaza,Ben Amato A feel good feast of upbeat Swing Jazz with an African flavour. Nostalgic, quirky and super fun retro vibes with modern production. Let the good times roll!
AFROSONIC AFRS004 African Rock, Punk & Metal Dave Waugh An energetic, exciting, full-on mosh pit of African infused hard rock, punk and metal. Head bang your Afro - It's hardcore or not at all!
AFROSONIC AFRS003 Afro Coustic - Gentle Inspiration Matthew Nicholson,Dugald McDonald, Matthew Nicholson African folk galore with beautiful female vocals, acoustic guitars, marimbas and percussion. Moods from laidback and tender to feel good and fun.
AFROSONIC AFRS002 Sensational Afro Portuguese (Angola to Cape Verde) A.G Magwaza, Ben Amato This album is truly beautiful, often seductive and often not shy to put on its dancing shoes! Styles vary from 70’s style melancholic Cape Verdean, to pacey Angolan Semba and romantic Kizomba. A very memorable album that you’ll probably download to play a
AFROSONIC AFRS001 Afro Funk - Lagos to Luanda Jorge Arrigone Big, Bad assed, High energy African funk with vibrant uplifting brass sections and sexy bass grooves. Jorge Arrigone captures the frenetic intensity & positive vibes of Africa's big cities with this retro/modern Afrobeat album that takes you on a wild roa