ALPHASONICを最新から表示 (59アルバム)
イギリスのライブラリーミュージック。旧SOUND DESIGNSがALPHASONICとしてリニューアル。 Alphasonic is a collection of music for film, television and advertising applications, specializing in World, Jazz and Classical music with a particular focus on documentaries. Our material is sourced from the UK, USA and Latin America, featuring sounds and textures not found in other catalogues, and is updated regularly to ensure that we can always offer something new and original to producers, directors and music supervisors. Additionally we offer a bespoke service to provide either remixes of existing tracks, or original material to your requirements
ALPHASONIC ALPHA059 Cuban Percussion João Sorriso An collection of authentic Afro-Cuban percussion grooves covering a variety of traditional popular folkloric dance styles
ALPHASONIC ALPHA058 Contemporary Acoustics Chris Wells Modern & sophisticated jazz influenced chamber music.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA057 Romantic Classical Guitar Chris Wells Romantic & Impressionistic classical guitar duets
ALPHASONIC ALPHA056 Guitar Atmospheres 2 Mike Eaves Acoustic country, folk & blues influenced atmospheric electric guitar tracks featuring assorted textures and sounds on the guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
ALPHASONIC ALPHA055 Guitar Atmospheres Mike Eaves Acoustic folk & blues influenced atmospheric guitar tracks featuring slide guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
ALPHASONIC ALPHA054 Modal Atmospheres Michael Richards Minimalist underscores & vignettes, each based around a single tonality. Referencing a range of Western & Eastern, traditional and contemporary modes, this collection is ideal for drama and documentary where subtlety is key.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA053 Global Percussion Michael Richards,Marcus Oliveira Large percussion ensembles from across the globe. Vibrant, energetic & colourful.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA052 East to West Marcus Oliveira,Lucia Viola Traditional sounds from Japan and beyond given a contemporary twist. Includes modern arrangements of 2 traditional folksongs
ALPHASONIC ALPHA051 Destination Japan Michael Richards Traditional Japanese Taiko percussion ensemble meets 808 drum machine beats. Powerful & energetic
ALPHASONIC ALPHA050 Indigo Sessions 3 Michael Richards Blues, Gospel & RnB instrumental underscores, mixing traditional and contemporary elements
ALPHASONIC ALPHA049 Sequential Acoustics Michael Richards Sparse, atmospheric & enigmatic underscores for drama & documentaries. Minimalist sequences textures combined with sound design elements
ALPHASONIC ALPHA048 Bossas & Ballads Michael Richards,Chris Wells,Marcus Oliveira A romantic and laid back collection of Bossa Novas, jazz ballads, plus a touch of Portuguese fado
ALPHASONIC ALPHA047 Minimalist Concepts Michael Richards A mix of minimalist textures and solo piano interludes portraying space, structure and expansiveness
ALPHASONIC ALPHA046 Rhythmic Sound Designs Michael Richards A unique suite of acoustic sound designs tracks, based on improvised conversations between jazz drums and piano
ALPHASONIC ALPHA045 West Coast Jazz Chris Wells A set of authentic tracks inspired by classic West Coast jazz albums of the 1950's & 60's. Performed on vintage instruments and recorded using techniques of the period
ALPHASONIC ALPHA044 Modern Retro Chris Wells Jazz and blues based melodic tracks combining the essence of traditional and contemporary styles, blending acoustic sonorities with a touch of electronics.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA043 Kinetic Drones Michael Richards A suite of modular minimalist structures, performed on mallet percussion. An alternative to the ubiquitous static drone...
ALPHASONIC ALPHA042 Vibraphone & Piano Duets Chris Wells A set of duets for vibraphone & piano, referencing modern jazz, impressionism and minimalism
ALPHASONIC ALPHA041 Ensemble Works Paulo Augusto Lucena A unique collection of woodwinds and mallets exploring minimal structures, colourful musicscapes with jazz solos and hints of world music. Composed and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
ALPHASONIC ALPHA040 Simplified Vol 2 Chris Wells Simplified sounds for complex times.... Meditative and peaceful instrumental tracks... with a touch of jazz. Solos, duets and small chamber ensembles
ALPHASONIC ALPHA039 Simplified Vol 1 Chris Wells Simplified sounds for complex times.... Melodic, calming and tranquil tracks featuring voices, acoustic guitars and piano. Meditative and peaceful.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA038 Piano Ostinatos Michael Richards Atmospheric ostinato based tracks, performed on acoustic, electric and prepared pianos, with additional mallet percussion. Sparce & minimalist
ALPHASONIC ALPHA037 Ambient Underscores 2 Chris Wells,Michael Richards Companion volume to SD034, comprising alternative versions of cinematic sound design tracks
ALPHASONIC ALPHA036 Indigo Sessions 2 Chris Wells A further collection of contemporary groove based underscores exploring jazz & blues sonorities & structures, with hints of R&B, trap, and more
ALPHASONIC ALPHA035 Indigo Sessions Chris Wells Contemporary groove based underscores exploring jazz & blues sonorities & structures, with hints of R&B, trap, and gospel
ALPHASONIC ALPHA034 SD034:Ambient Underscores Chris Wells,Michael Richards Dark, ethereal, cinematic textures with elements of sound design, jazz & percussive underscoring
ALPHASONIC ALPHA033 SD033: World Cinematica 2 Chris Wells, Lucia Viola,Chris Wells A series of cinematic European and Latin American influenced tracks feating accordian, flute and Spanish guitars
ALPHASONIC ALPHA032 Minimalist Beats Chris Wells,Michael Richards Minimalist instrumentation & techniques meet RnB, trap, hip hop beats and basslines
ALPHASONIC ALPHA031 Contemporary Strings Chris Wells,Michael Richards Contemporary string ensembles, with minimalist colours & textures
ALPHASONIC ALPHA030 Cello Works Chris Wells,Michael Richards A collection of works for cello, in solo and ensemble formats
ALPHASONIC ALPHA029 Rhythmic Modulations Michael Richards A selection of minimalist tracks, referencing the styles and techniques employed by American experimentalists in the 1960's, with a modern twist
ALPHASONIC ALPHA028 World Cinematica Chris John Wells Atmospheric World Music soundtracks for film and documentaries
ALPHASONIC ALPHA027 Reactive Beats Chris John Wells A unique mix of ambient beats & percussive underscores
ALPHASONIC ALPHA026 Modern Jazz Guitar Michael Richards Contemporary jazz tracks, featuring electric & acoustic guitars
ALPHASONIC ALPHA025 Postcard From Brazil Marcus Oliveira Laid back samba & bossa nova from Rio & beyond
ALPHASONIC ALPHA024 Sonic Architecture Michael Richards Percussive sound design landscapes & underscores, ideal for documentaries, trailers & futuristic drama
ALPHASONIC ALPHA023 Piano Ambiences Chris Wells,Michael Richards Contemporary atmospheric solo piano works suitable for documentaries and drama
ALPHASONIC ALPHA022 Late Night Marcus Oliveira,Chris Wells,Michael Richards Late night sounds of the city, and beyond Atmospheric, moody, enigmatic & romantic
ALPHASONIC ALPHA021 Pure Elements Michael Richards,Chris Wells Hauntingly delicate and gentle underscores performed on a specially engineered piano with discreet guitar accompaniament
ALPHASONIC ALPHA020 Basslines Michael Richards Riffs, grooves and driving basslines featuring acoustic, electric and synth bass
ALPHASONIC ALPHA019 Rhythmic Underscores Michael Richards Rhythmically dynamic guitar-based underscores mixing Blues, Rock and African music
ALPHASONIC ALPHA018 Marimba Works Michael Richards Set of minimalist works for predominantly marimba, with a touch of vibraphone adding metallic colour Based around the principles employed by groundbreaking American minimalist composers in the 1960's
ALPHASONIC ALPHA017 Journeys & Panoramas Michael Richards,Chris Wells Laid back and melodic folk based tracks from the Americas
ALPHASONIC ALPHA016 Natural Selection Michael Richards
ALPHASONIC ALPHA015 Acoustic Guitars Luiz De Almeida,Michael Richards Atmospheric acoustic guitars, solo and combinations
ALPHASONIC ALPHA014 Drums (Solos & Grooves) Michael Richards,Joao Sorriso A set of drumscores solos and grooves covering jazz, rock, New Orleans, inspired by recent Hollywood film soundtracks
ALPHASONIC ALPHA013 Blues Charlie Wood,Chris Wells,Charlie Wood,Chris Wells A mix of traditional and modern blues and R&B styles
ALPHASONIC ALPHA012 Jazz Works Marcus Oliveria,Chris Wells,Michael Richards Contemporary jazz, predominantly acoustic, covering a range of tempos and moods, from delicate piano ballads to uptempo high energy swing tracks featuring saxes, Hammond organ & rhythm section
ALPHASONIC ALPHA011 Acoustic Ambiences Michael Richards Atmospheric contemporary chamber music with global & minimalist flavours Small ensembles & solo instruments
ALPHASONIC ALPHA010 Brazilian Beats Marcus Oliveria,Joao Sorriso,Marcus Oliveria,Joao Sorriso Traditional & contemporary percussion underscores from Brazil, encompassing folkloric & urban styles & instruments, specifically designed for sports and documentary applications
ALPHASONIC ALPHA009 Brazil Marcus Oliveira,Webster Santos,Webster Santos,Marcus Oliveira A collection of contemporary & traditional music from Brazil with a sporting bias Recorded in Rio, Sテ」o Paulo & Salvador
ALPHASONIC ALPHA008 Flute Works Chris Wells,Lucia Viola A selection of tracks for solo flute, inspired by the late 19th,early 20th Century French & Spanish impressionist composers & artists
ALPHASONIC ALPHA007 Vol.7 Minimalist Strcutres Michael Richards,Chris Wells An eclectic mix of minimalist inspired tracks performed on esoteric acoustic instruments, ideal for documentaries
ALPHASONIC ALPHA006 Vol 6: Acoustic Lounge Michael Richards,Chris Wells A Collection of atmopsheric lounge style tracks featuring acoustic piano & double bass, With discreet electronic loops
ALPHASONIC ALPHA005 BRASIL AZUL : Bossa, Blues & R&B Marcus Oliveira,Chris Wells BRASIL AZUL : Bossa, Blues & R&B