A-LIST MUSICを最新から表示 (46アルバム)
UNIVERSAK UKのレーベル。映画、トレイラーに適したレーベル。 Custom Scores and Sonic Soundscapes. Evocative motifs, epic themes, sound design, pulse-pounding intensity: A world-class catalog designed to deliver picture-perfect cinematic sounds and underscores. A-LIST MUSIC catalog was envisioned by a team of film,T https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-hk/discover/labels/250/AList-Music
A-LIST MUSIC AL_047 Hopeful - Positive Orchestral Themes Jairo Duarte Lopez, Michaela Eremiasova Uplifting, inspirational orchestral human drama themes featuring live piano, strings, solo cello, soprano female vocalise
A-LIST MUSIC AL_046 Fun Town Trailers Oxy Prophet Fast, fun and infectious indie pop rock featuring big drums, fat guitar riffs, synths, keys and exciting female and male gang vocal hooks
A-LIST MUSIC AL_045 On Edge - Hip-Hop Hybrid Trailers Royd Erik Haston Epic hybrid orchestra, massive trap and hip-hop beats featuring multisectional cues for trailers and video games with strings, brass, braaams, sound design, synths and backend buildups
A-LIST MUSIC AL_044 Angel Of War Kurt Oldman Epic, thrilling hybrid orchestra featuring dramatic soundscapes, electronic sound design, synths, fx, big drums, trailer percussion, massive choir and backends
A-LIST MUSIC AL_043 Dark Forces Kurt Oldman Exciting epic hybrid orchestra, dark soundscapes, electronic sound design, synth fx, big drums, trailer percussion, massive choirs and backend build ups
A-LIST MUSIC AL_042 Scary Strings - Horror Thriller Action Kurt Oldman Thrilling, action-packed live strings and percussion cues featuring eerie string FX, ostinatos, hits, rips, synths and tense sound design
A-LIST MUSIC AL_041 Luminary - Futuristic Sci-Fi Action Roman Kovalik Futuristic, sci-fi hybrid action drama cues featuring synths, strings, brass, percussion and sound design
A-LIST MUSIC AL_040 Cybernetic Apocalypse - Futuristic Dystopian Action Josef Peters A futuristic battleground of action hybrid buildups featuring driving drums, distorted synths, hits, FX and pulses designed for gaming and trailers
A-LIST MUSIC AL_039 Taiko Glorious Joey Peters A sonic assault of taiko drums, percussion and sound design featuring massive impacts, gongs, tribal drums, fx, cymbals, scrapes, drones and synth pulses.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_038 RELOADED - Epic Metal Chase Culp, Michael Wilton Hard-driving epic and ambient metal rock performed by guitarist Michael Wilton of Queensryche
A-LIST MUSIC AL_037 Cinematic Piano Stories Robert E Irving,Robert E. Irving Inspirational and melancholy piano and string themes featuring solo female voice, solo cello, string quartet, percussion and orchestra
A-LIST MUSIC AL_036 Inspirational Family Adventure Garry M. Schyman Epic adventure, inspiration and wonderment abound with an array of family action and adventure themes featuring the Vienna Studio Orchestra
A-LIST MUSIC AL_035 Ghost Particle - Electronic Hybrid Thriller Ariel Mann, Randy Miller Thrilling orchestral electronic hybrid cues with huge hits, synth pulses, strings, braaams, brass, sound design and industrial elements with massive percussive action backends
A-LIST MUSIC AL_033 Emotional Guitar and String Quartet John Carlo Dwyer, Mordechai Ferber Inspirational and emotional dramatic story telling cues featuring world class string quartet and classical nylon string guitar
A-LIST MUSIC AL_032 Force Of Nature Steve R Davis Epic action thriller cues featuring hybrid orchestra with live strings, low brass, horns and solo female vocal with analog synths, sound design and massive percussion build-ups
A-LIST MUSIC AL_031 Signature Rises Steve E Williams Unique signature risers featuring innovative sound design with alarms, stutters, hybrid orchestra and sci-fi electronica, each cue in three tempi variations for easy editing
A-LIST MUSIC AL_030 Trailer Bumpers And Opens Caleb Raphael Hannan Dramatic opens and bumpers ranging from action to horror and drama, featuring orchestral elements, massive percussive hits, drones, pads, piano pings, stutters and rises
A-LIST MUSIC AL_029 THRILL - Dark Epic Action Caleb Raphael Hannan Evolving, suspenseful and emotional epic hybrid cues blending sound design with powerful build-ups featuring orchestra, piano, solo voice, choir, electronic textures and cinematic percussion
A-LIST MUSIC AL_028 Future Frozen - Epic Electronic Action Two Headed Hound Modern electronic and organic textures with action build-ups, massive drones, pulses, fat synth drops, lush pads, atmospheres, risers and epic drums.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_027 Fun Comedy Grooves - Action Comedy Styles Robert E Irving Super fun, funky, rockin' and jazzy comedy grooves featuring live horns, rhythm section, vocal hooks and sound design, specially designed for trailers and advertising
A-LIST MUSIC AL_026 Hybrid Intelligence - Orchestral EDM Creatura Epic electronic and orchestral hybrid cues from heroic and impactful to ethereal and suspenseful, featuring strings, massive backend percussion and electronic sound design
A-LIST MUSIC AL_025 Laments And Lullabies - Light And Dark Vocals Sunna E Wehrmeijer Light and dark songs and lullabies featuring solo female voice and soprano choir with light orchestra, acoustic guitars, dulcimers, mandolins, bouzouki, Irish whistle and sound design
A-LIST MUSIC AL_024 Horror Thriller - Intros And Textures Kurt Oldman Haunting, mysterious and frightening sound design cues featuring orchestra, piano and percussion
A-LIST MUSIC AL_023 Horror Thriller - Stingers And Setups Kurt Oldman Thrilling supernatural, shadowy and nightmarish sound design featuring hits, setups, crescendos and risers
A-LIST MUSIC AL_022 Strange Strings - Sound Design Strings Peter David Bateman,Eric Jason Lutz Ambient, gritty and shrilling sound design strings featuring rises, stingers and crescendos
A-LIST MUSIC AL_021 Crash,Bash,And Thrash3-Percussion And Sound Design Hits Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Jeffrey N Carruthers An amazing variety of unique, custom-made percussion and sound design hits, recorded with live percussion ensemble
A-LIST MUSIC AL_020 Crash, Bash, And Thrash 2 - Percussion And Sound Design Backends Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Jeffrey N Carruthers Bombastic, loud and exciting percussion and sound design cues, recorded with li ve percussion ensemble
A-LIST MUSIC AL_019 Crash, Bash, And Thrash 1 - Percussion And Sound Design Cues Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Jeffrey N Carruthers Fierce, aggressive, over-the-top percussion and sound design cues, recorded with live percussion ensemble
A-LIST MUSIC AL_018 Aleatoric Sound Design 4 - Orchestral Phrases, Build-Ups, And Mayhem Garry M Schyman A chaotic, unsettling, avant-garde palette of unique horror and thriller phrases and build-ups featuring organic sound design, live orchestra and choir
A-LIST MUSIC AL_017 Aleatoric Sound Design 3 - Orchestral Stabs, Hits, And Effects Garry M Schyman An abrupt, mysterious, head-turning palette of unique horror and thriller stabs and effects, featuring organic sound design, live orchestra and choir
A-LIST MUSIC AL_016 Aleatoric Sound Design 2 - Orchestral Stingers, Rises, And Dark Textures Garry M Schyman A sinister, eerie, otherworldly palette of unique horror and thriller textures featuring organic sound design, live orchestra and choir
A-LIST MUSIC AL_015 Aleatoric Sound Design 1 - Orchestral Thriller, Horror, And Tension Cues Garry M Schyman A creepy, twisted, spine-tingling palette of unique horror and thriller cues featuring organic sound design, live orchestra and choir
A-LIST MUSIC AL_014 Chromatic Series 1: Stabs Hits Reverses Steve E Williams Chromatic stabs, hits, accelerators, braams and reverse fx in orchestral, industrial, science fiction and electronic styles in all keys for quick and easy editing
A-LIST MUSIC AL_013 Cinematic Steampunk-Eclectic, Neoclassical, Punk John Massari,Margaret-Maria Tobola An eclectic and unique ensemble of celli, piano,bass, electric guitar and drums in neoclassical, punk, rock, and goth styles
A-LIST MUSIC AL_012 Nemesis Rising-Thriller, Action, Sound Design Steve E Williams Apocalyptic and dramatic evolving cues with sound design, massive impacts, synthesis, dirty bass, hits, risers and massive backends
A-LIST MUSIC AL_011 Evolving Builds-Trailer Intros, Endings, Crescendos And Sound Design Steve E Williams Trailer cues that build and crescendo with massive climactic endings, featuring ambient and aggressive sound design, strings, unique vocals, EDM influences and ambient spatial textures that reflect moods from intense action and suspense to mystery and pas
A-LIST MUSIC AL_010 Impact Evolution-High Impact Percussion And Sound Design Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Jeffrey N Carruthers Massive impacts, percussion, ambient pads, cinematic guitars, world drums and electronica plus hits, risers, pulses, stop downs, sound design, backends and stems
A-LIST MUSIC AL_009 Annihilator Tools Steve E Williams Companion album to Annihilator, featuring sound design tool-kits for each cue title, including hits, risers, build-ups, whooshes, drones, throbs and drum patterns
A-LIST MUSIC AL_008 Annihilator-Crushing, Epic, Edgy Steve E Williams Take an extreme musical journey into a sonic world created from decimating and pounding impacts, pulsing electronics, heavy swagger rock, orchestral hybrids, ethereal vocals, raging build-ups, edgy risers and sound design Warning: Use of these tracks crea
A-LIST MUSIC AL_007 Out For Blood 2-Tension, Horror, Action Mark David Denis,Mark David Denis,Ryan Huntley Andrews,Mark David Denis,Randy Gist,Mark David Denis,Yoshihiro Hayata Building hybrid tension, horror and action cues featuring musical sound design with stopdowns, backends and stems plus a full sound design toolkit for each title
A-LIST MUSIC AL_006 Ruination-Cinematic Hybrid Metal Mitchell Marlow,Edward Wohl,Derek Allen Jones With over 6 million heavy metal and hard rock albums sold, the members of Sonoros know how to make killer metal albums For their A-List debut, they forged Heavy Metal and Hard Rock foundations together with live orchestral instruments and sound design ele
A-LIST MUSIC AL_005 Rage Machine-Sound Design Elements Mark Dennis,Ryan Huntley Andrews,Mark Dennis,Randy Gist,Mark Dennis Massive sound design elements featuring blasts, risers, drops, downers, hits, impacts, stutters, accelerators and drones
A-LIST MUSIC AL_004 Out for Blood-Tension, Horror, Action Mark David Denis,Randy Gist,Mark David Denis,Ryan Huntley Andrews,Mark David Denis Building hybrid tension, horror and action cues featuring musical sound design with stopdowns, backends and stems
A-LIST MUSIC AL_003 Pandemonium-Musical Percussion And Sound Design Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Jeffrey N Carruthers Huge building percussion cues, drums from all corners of the planet, electronics, risers, massive impacts, hits, metal percussion, cinematic guitars and ambient pads, plus stopdowns, sound design, backends and stems
A-LIST MUSIC AL_002 Legends Of Tomorrow-Epic Action And Adventure James Michael Dooley,Benoit Pierre Grey,Jesper Kyd Jacobsen,Jeffrey S Atmajian,Todd Haberman,Gerard K Marino,Bruce H Broughton,Craig Garfinkle,Garry M Schyman,Robert Allaire,Zain Effendi Larger-than-life epic action and dramatic themes featuring a 300-piece hybrid studio orchestra with sound design, stopdowns and stems
A-LIST MUSIC AL_001 Heroes And Villains-Epic Action And Adventure Nathan Reed Whitehead,Peter David Bateman,James Michael Dooley,John Wall,Sergio Jimenez Lacima,Steve E Williams,Benoit Pierre Grey,Jesper Kyd Jacobsen,Peter David Bateman,Sunna E Wehrmeijer,Bruce H Broughton,Garry M Schyman,Todd Haberman,Todd Haberman,Ser Good vs evil featuring a 300-piece hybrid studio orchestra with modern heroic and epic action adventure themes plus unique sound design, stopdowns and stems