AND THEN SOMEを最新から表示 (30アルバム)
WEST ONEのボーカルメインのレーベル。
AND THEN SOME ATS030 Hip Hop Drive Dexter D. M. Turner, Sahil Verma,Adam Relf, Kimba H. Bush,Amy C. McKnight Defiant, swaggering Hip Hop and Trap featuring bold male and female rap, percussive beats and deep bass.
AND THEN SOME ATS029 Alt R&B Jordan Louis, Anthonykills, OTWO,Jordan Louis, Mayowa,Jordan Louis, Yasmeen G. Shuler, Andrew R. Beckner,Jordan Louis, Yasmeen G. Shuler,Jordan Louis, Charles A. Johnson Jr.,Jordan Louis, OTWO, Mayowa,Jordan Louis, Mayowa, Yasmeen G. Shuler,Jerry Torres, Soulful and eclectic Alternative R&B and Hip Hop, featuring smooth male and female vocals, percussive beats and atmospheric synths.
AND THEN SOME ATS028 Shimmer Pop Juliette T. Reilly, Patrick Kiloran,Victoria F. Beaumont,Stevie Gold, Stine M. Kinck,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove Uplifting Synth Pop featuring female vocals, contemporary beats and euphoric choruses.
AND THEN SOME ATS027 Gospel Pop Cheyenne J. Melton, Theodore N. Seidmon,Theodore N. Seidmon Uplifting Gospel inspired pop with soulful female vocals, strutting brass, organ and driving beats.
AND THEN SOME ATS026 Savage Hip Hop Cheyenne J. Melton, Tomas Ramirez Altamirano,Mia J. Mormino, Karapet R. Moralyan,Tomas Ramirez Altamirano Badass hip hop with female vocals
AND THEN SOME ATS025 Holiday Country Pop Danielle Rosner, Kenneth E. Belcher,Kenneth E. Belcher Heart-warming Holiday Country Pop songs featuring female vocals
AND THEN SOME ATS024 Power Hip Hop Dexter D. M. Turner, Sahil Verma Powerful and propulsive Hip Hop with confident male rap vocals and driving beats
AND THEN SOME ATS023 Holiday Pop Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove,Abby L. Bernstein, Matthew J. Mariano,Ryan T. Short,Stevie Gold,Simon Tellier Uplifting Christmas Holiday Pop songs filled with joy and festive spirit
AND THEN SOME ATS022 Holiday Hip Hop Amy C. McKnight,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove,Jerry Torres,Stevie Gold Festive Holiday Hip Hop songs perfect for seasonal, lifestyle and reality programming.
AND THEN SOME ATS021 R&B Soul Sydney R. Robertson,Cheyenne J. Melton, Tomas Ramirez Altamirano Empowering R&B songs with thought-provoking messages, led by inspiring female artists.
AND THEN SOME ATS020 R&B Pop Jordan Louis, Mia J. Mormino,Jordan Louis, Charles A. Johnson Jr.,Jordan Louis, Andrew R. Beckner, Mia J. Mormino,Andrew R. Beckner,Jordan Louis Infectious and empowering R&B Pop with groove led beats. Featuring male and female vocals, electric guitar licks and catchy synth motifs
AND THEN SOME ATS019 Power Pop Robert W. Lamond, Cheyenne J. Melton,Richard P. Craker, Pamela Wood Energetic, feel-good pop with a summertime feel, featuring sassy female vocals, funk-infused basslines, brass hooks and driving beats
AND THEN SOME ATS018 Minimal Beat Pop Moa L. M. Munoz, Ryan T. Short,Moa L. M. Munoz, Dario Comuzzi Swaggering minimal beat pop featuring confident yet intimate female vocals, deep diving basslines, infectious melodies and defiant lyrics.
AND THEN SOME ATS017 Reality Hip Hop Adam Steele A quirky and comedic collection of lighthearted hip hop instrumentals. Featuring marimba, pizzicato strings, piano, quirky percussion and punchy, modern beats
AND THEN SOME ATS016 Country Pop Kenneth E. Belcher, Danielle Rosner,Kenneth E. Belcher Feelgood country pop with female vocals, hip hop beats, banjos, mandolins and guitars
AND THEN SOME ATS015 Driving Pop Robert W. Lamond,Jonathan B. Buchanan,Alkalein,Alkalein, Sashi Graham Upbeat and empowering electro pop, featuring driving guitars, synths and beats
AND THEN SOME ATS014 Quirky Country Kenneth E. Belcher Quirky, mischievous and feelgood, comedy country tracks with hip hop beats. Featuring banjos, mandolins, slide guitar, pizzicato strings, marimba, piano and quirky percussion
AND THEN SOME ATS013 Synth Pop Robert W. Lamond,Jonathan B. Buchanan,Alkalein,Alkalein, Sashi Graham Feel-good, synth pop nostalgia, featuring female vocals, hooky synth and guitar riffs, and driving 808 beats
AND THEN SOME ATS012 Propulsive Tension Dimitris Mann,Jonathan B. Buchanan,Robert W. Lamond Tense and suspenseful underscores, featuring driving strings and pulsing synths with ticking percussion and trailer drums
AND THEN SOME ATS011 Dark Hip Hop Robert W. Lamond,Jordan Louis, Andrew R. Beckner,Jerry Torres, David D. Dubourg,Jerry Torres,Jordan Louis Dark and tense hip hop, featuring male rap vocals, dirty synths, deep bass and driving beats
AND THEN SOME ATS010 Summer Pop Robert William Lamond,Richard P. Craker, Christopher C. Porter,Sandor Jozsa Upbeat, funky pop with an old school feel. Featuring male and female vocals, wah wah guitars, hooky brass riffs and funk bass.
AND THEN SOME ATS009 Funk & Soul James P. Wilson,James P. Wilson, Jason K. Joseph Classic funk and soul inspired by the Soul Train era.
AND THEN SOME ATS008 Latin Pop Dahlia M. Lagos,Arturo Tomas Medina,Juan José Covarrubias Contemporary and commercial reggeaton and Latin Pop featuring male and female vocals
AND THEN SOME ATS007 Inspiring Promos Christopher Deighton, Jonathan B. Buchanan Inspiring orchestral hybrids for promos and trailers, featuring dramatic builds with epic synths and driving beats
AND THEN SOME ATS006 Upbeat Pop Robert William Lamond,Richard Phillip Craker, Christopher Charles Porter,Adam Relf, Cristina Fallavollita Mainstream, upbeat electro pop with male and female vocals
AND THEN SOME ATS005 Southern Swagger Danny Grace,Ben Goldstein, Itay Steinberg, Harel Tsemah,Ziggy Sullivin,Itay Steinberg, Harel Tsemah Stomping rock and blues hybrids with a healthy dose of Southern Swagger. Featuring gritty guitars, foot-stomps, hand-claps and driving drums
AND THEN SOME ATS004 Anthemic Pop Cristina Fallavollita, Adam Relf,Jonathan Buchanan,Sarah deCourcy,Victoria Beaumont Powerful and inspiring Pop with themes of empowerment and overcoming adversity. Featuring female vocals and driving anthemic choruses.
AND THEN SOME ATS003 Epic Hip Hop Alexander Bachell,Alexander Bachell, Samuel Sutton,Jerry Torres,Jerry Torres, David Dubourg,Jerry Torres, David Dubourg, Sabine Andre,Kimba Bush, Adam Relf,Sam Sowerby, Samuel Sutton,Samuel Sutton, Charlie Tenku Epic, promo-friendly Hip Hop and Trap with vocals.
AND THEN SOME ATS002 Commercial Pop Justin Black,Dallas Ramirez,Rashied Hisham Arekat,Yasmeen,David Lynn Moody,Charles Scott Dorman,Jonathan B Buchanan,Harry Angstrom,Jonathan B Buchanan,Jerry Torres,David Delcy Dubourg,Maximus,Rashied Hisham Arekat,Yasmeen,Charles Scott Dorman,Timothy Maid Mainstream electro pop, featuring a collection of vocal and instrumental tracks
AND THEN SOME ATS001 Chilled Hip Hop Jordan Louis,Mayowa Arogundade,Omeed Navabi,Jordan Louis,Omeed Navabi,Jordan Louis,Omeed Navabi,Levi Anthony Richardson III,Jordan Louis,Jordan Louis,Chris Rishard,Jordan Louis,Chris Rishard,Jannes Guttchen,Maximus Laid-back, commercial Hip Hop, with male vocals