BAM LIBRARYを最新から表示 (100アルバム)
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX111 Anthemic Emotive Pop Bjorn Nilsson, Devon Hill,Jennifer June, James George,Mic Burns,Conor Manning, Jeremy Stack, Gabriella Chloe Feldman,Sacha Collisson, Adam Martin,Matt Tamsedge,Susie Wilkins, Jimmy Green Collection of anthemic, emotive pop songs - ranging from powerful synth pop to heartfelt pop ballads
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX106 Xmas Indie & Pop James Oliver, Tara Chinn,Stuart Winters, Jack Wolfskin,Benjamin Joe Hayden, Quentin Lachapele,Mic Burns,Barnaby Taylor,Tara Chinn, Cat Chinn, Tim Boyce,Stuart Winters, Jamie Nelson,Tara Chinn, Tim Boyce,Tara Chinn, Cat Chinn,Stuart Winters, Tiger Gates Collection of indie and pop tracks with a Christmas edge
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX102 Intimate Acoustic Folk Sam Clunie,Robbie Albery,Iain Mahanty,Alexander Carson Warm, organic acoustic folk with beautiful guitar lines, light orchestral elements and a pastoral feel
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX101 Tropical Beats Conor Blake Manning,Peter Carr,Paul Carr,Christopher Lewis,Josh Powell,Tam Cooper Cool, sun-soaked beats with catchy hooks, dreamy synths and tropical elements
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX100 Timeless Guitar Tales Philippe Hervouet,Pierre Jaconelli Strings of folk guitars are stroked, exulted, arpeggiated to give incredible images of recklessness, freedom, emotions and inspiration.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX099 Openings And Events Christophe La Pinta,Pierre Jaconelli A soundtrack and epic album of opening orchestral music that leaves no room for doubt by its power, conviction and the huge inspiration it provides.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX098 Classic Movie Cliches Sam Clunie,Ian Livingstone,James Copperthwaite,Crispin Merrell,Oliver Lyu,Joseph Heath Classic Movie Themes
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX097 Reality TV Tension Beds: Double Trouble Nicolas Deroo,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes, Lucas Napoleone Orchestral trailer music, very engaged and furious, often stressful, tense, right in the middle of the action.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX096 Electronic Energy Chris Dececio, Lotif,James Peter Wilson,DFR XL,Jamie Wilder,Amy Mcknight,Oliver Slack, Samuel Heath, Theo Krish, Joseph Connor,Jason Julian, Marc Williams Electronic Energy
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX094 Guitar Journeys Jan Pham Huu Tri,Pierre Jaconelli This album of pure songs guitars, folk, roots or acoustic wich to illustrate reactions that one can have in amazement about the world.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX093 Epic Cinematic Trailers: Light and Dark Nicolas Neidhardt, Joshua Ruben Grandiose and outstanding orchestral music, characterized by inspiring rises in power, two major and minor ambiances for each piece.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX092 Light Science And Investigation Beds Jean-François Berger Destructured, playful, many sonorities collide and complement each other in an science electro ambient universe.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX090 Toys and Drum Machines Bertrand Allagnat, Thomas Didier A sweet, carefree album, carried by a lot of twists and turns, crazy sounds and an overexcited children's universe.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX089 Pizzless Dramedy Laurent Couson A set of narrative playful and crazy pieces, where extravagant instruments with a wide range of sounds has fun with a fantastic string ensemble.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX088 Chilled Strings and Beats Chris Dececio,James Peter Wilson,Sacha Collisson, Owen Parker,Sacha Collisson,Peter Peters,Stefan Jon Fletcher,Adam Scrimshire Positive, luxurious tracks with soaring strings and grooving beats.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX087 Small Nature Scores Sam Clunie,Matt Norman,Dave Carr,Barnaby Allan Taylor,Giovanni Tria,Stefano Caiazzo Small and charming cues with light woodwind and airy strings
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX086 Vintage Moments: 1920s + 30s Sam Wedgwood,Josh Powell,Jack Phillips,Stefano Caiazzo Sophisticated and playful vintage jazz, ranging from Dixieland to Swing
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX085 Haunting Drama Ade Fenton, Tim Slade Creeping, unsettling underscores with atmospheric synths and chilling piano
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX084 Big Beat Stuart Winters,James Peter Wilson,Lawrence Curran,Jeremy Stack,Tim Paris Confident, cool Big Beat with driving breaks an booming basslines
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX083 Piano: Positive and Beautiful Chris Roe,Joseph Heath,Sam Clunie,Glyn Owen,Josh Powell Piano: Positive and Beautiful
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX082 Piano: Emotive and Dark Sam Clunie,Joseph Heath,Chris Roe,Glyn Owen,James Wilson Piano: Emotive and Dark
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX081 3 Moods Per Track Anthony Giordano Varied moods for this set of music for image : contemplative, natural, alarming, informative...
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX080 All You Can Beat Jok'a'Face,Patrick Krouchian,Gabriel Marini,Leo Eli,David Krajic,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Extremely positive electro groove album, lively and rhythmic, with panache, funk and energy inside.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX079 Sneaky Pizzi Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue,Lucas Napoleone,Romain Paillot Full of dynamism, orchestral, very rhythmic and lively, these compositions embody human characters : surprise, curiosity, suspense...
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX078 Happy Pop Soul Matthew Clark,Gabriel Marini, Lucas Napoleone,Ryan Egan Dancing and luminous soul blues including drums and brass instruments. Color and groove.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX077 Sunny Pop James T Crawford, Thomas Coffey,Dan Tovey,Robbie Albery,Stephen Collins, Dave Clynick,Andy Powell,Cat Chinn,Chris Lewis A collection of feel-good, uplifting acoustic pop.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX076 Tender Tales Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue,Bertrand Allagnat,Lucas Napoleone Instrumental and orchestral, this interactive and cinematic album is an invitation to wonder, to be amazed, to be changed.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX075 Contemplative and Warm Underscores Robin Leclair,Pascal Lengagne,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Very pure, this airy, relaxing music surrounds us and takes us away from time and cares.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX074 Inspring Orchestral Moments Stefano Pallotti, Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey Luminous, positive and sometimes epic, this string, percussion and piano album brings confidence and inspiration.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX073 Dramedy Comedy Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue,Romain Paillot,Lucas Napoleone Playful and comic, a narrative album, very expressive. Lots of rhythmic ideas and nuances on the sounds of the orchestra's instruments.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX072 City Rock Matthew Clark,Gabriel Marini,Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey, Andrea Moscianese,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Rock trip with distortion guitar, drums and bass, very wild, going from garage to bluesy and groovy rock
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX071 Uplifting Chart Pop Bastien Deshayes, Jok'a'Face,Ty Frankel,Nicola Ormiston,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Liberating collection, with a dynamic and intense atmosphere, mixing modern electro dance and new-wave synthpop.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX070 Africa Drones Sam Clunie,James Wilson,John Fenton Stevens,Peter Carr,Matthew Tamsedge African inspired soundscapes and drones.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX069 Positive and Neutral Drones Mathew Tamsedge,John Fenton-Stevens,Samir Alikhanizadeh,Andy Powell,Simon Porter Neutral and Positive Soundscapes and Drones.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX068 Spain Modern and Traditional Jonny Jones,Tristan Williams, William Harper Mediterranean style, Spanish scene setters.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX067 Cinematic Western Joseph Alexander,Paul Miro,Jonny Jones,Ian Livingstone,Jasper Wilkinson,Finn Vine For the adventure seeking cowboy: scene setters, blues songs and heroic scores.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX066 Investigation and Espionage Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey, Andrea Moscianese Investigation and detective atmospheres. Suspense and mystery.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX065 Americana Jonny Jones, Buddy Thompson,Jasper Wilkinson, John Myers,Ben Please, Bethany Rosanna Porter,Jonny Jones Bluegrass, Delta Blues and Country Folk and Rock.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX064 Warm Acoustic Folk Robin Leclair, Jean Gros,Lucas Napoleone, Gabriel Marini,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Warmth, sharing, large space, freedom : the heart of folk in this smooth and melodic album.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX063 Drama Piano Robin Leclair,Thomas Didier,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue In a celestial and contemplative universe, the sensitive and intimate piano plays with time and emotions.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX062 Inner Calm Carl Harms Minimal, spacious ambiences for moments of tranquility and reflection.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX061 New Frontiers Carl Harms Quest for knowledge. Thirst for new discoveries. Curiosity, wonderment, awe.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX060 Heartfelt Piano Carl Harms Emotion, grace & beauty.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX059 Curious Electronica: Science and Discovery Carl Harms Peculiarly interesting, synth underscores from the thought provoking to the absurd.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX058 Future Neo Classic Beats Thomas Sidebottom Classical refinement, modern beats & production techniques.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX057 Family Movie, Light Orchestral Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey, Stefano Pallotti, Mattia Feliciani Adventures with personality, full of surprises, to illustrate daily life and adventures, led by a rich and lively orchestra.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX056 Beautiful Planet Lucas Napoleone, Gabriel Marini,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue A mix of traditional world music with modern rhythms and arrangements. Very contemplative, inspiring, encouraging to travel and discover.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX055 Vintage Fun Peter Jones, Steven Matthew Porter,Christopher James Dececio, Jason Tarver,Simon Porter,Lawrence Oakley,Jamie Wright,Sam Clunie Retro fun and frolics
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX054 Moments in life, Tuned Percussions Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue,Romain Paillot Light and delicate acoustic scoring sketches.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX053 Raw Rock II Paul Miro,Ben Mclusky, Matthew Graham Reburn,Stephen Collins, David John Clynick,Christopher Lewis,Ben Mclusky,Douglas Briton A collection of earth shattering riffs and fist pumping attitude laden swaggering, driving, rock.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX052 Positive Acoustic Guitar Jonny Jones Charming acoustic storytelling guitar beds.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX051 Emotional Piano Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Tell stories and emotions through emblematic piano sequences, accentuated by deep strings and some drums.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX049 Italian Retro Comedy Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey, Mattia Feliciani Traditional Italian comedy moods, from romantic Venice to Roma dolce vita and circus themes.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX048 Middle East Drama Sam Clunie,James Wilson A set of deaf, oppressive atmospheres, where percussion try to fight against distant instruments full of states of mind.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX047 Tension : Percussion Bed Sam Clunie,James Wilson,Jordan Rees,Richard Weeden,Jonathan Weeden,Anthony Weeden A collection of tension beds for reality TV and documentary featuring percussion.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX046 Quirky Discovery Nicolas Clergue, Bastien Deshayes Modern, narrative and playful instrumentals, encouraging games, reflection, discovery, research.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX045 Time Pressure Nicolas Clergue, Bastien Deshayes A clock, a countdown and a repetitive pulse. Time pressure is a light tension and minimal album that works for quiz shows. With loopable alternative versions
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX044 Epic Action Percussions Robin Leclair,Nicolas Deroo Set of narrative, impacting, frenetic and deep percussions driving action and storyline.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX043 Timeless Hip Hop Underscores Lucas Napoleone,Bastien Deshayes Hip hop instrumental tracks from East to West Coast.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX042 A Quirky Funny Comedy Francois-Elie Roulin Acoustic comedy moods : vintage, quirky, dramedy and cartoon.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX041 Serious Stories : Small String Ensemble Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Stefano Pallotti,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Adriana Moscianese This string ensemble brilliantly mixes inflexible ostinato with wide and imaginative themes
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX040 Darkness Fall : Mysterious Beds Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Stefano Pallotti,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Michel Gouty,Victor Galey,Michel Gouty,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey Mysterious and anxious illustrative music, animated by high-pitched melodies and breathtaking basses
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX039 Day Dawning : Contemplative Beds Matteo Locasciulli,Paul Reyre,Victor Galey,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Michel Gouty,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey Inspiring and reassuring atmosphere, narrative with bright and aerial instruments
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX038 Dramedy Stories 4 : Funny Things & Comic Stuff Erine Safrani,Gary Edelstein,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes Funny dramedy from stealthy theme to cartoon chase
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX037 Dramedy Stories 3 : Mystery & Trickery Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Lucas Napoleone Suspenseful and mischievous comedy tracks playing by famous pizzicato strings and small orchestra ensemble
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX035 Dramedy Stories 2 : Light Intrigue Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Lucas Napoleone Light and quirky comedy tracks playing by famous pizzicato strings and small orchestra ensemble
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX034 Epic & Motivational Score Damien Deshayes,Lucas Napoleone,Samuel Leloup,Loic Ouaret Orchestral long rising and motivational epic tracks
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX033 Dark Beds & Drones Jack Slater,Simon Franklin Instruments screaming like monsters, textures of infinite and solitary atmosphere for this black and strong album
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX032 Reflective Indie-Folk Victor Galey,Andrea Moscianese,Matteo Locasiulli,Victor Galey,Andrea Moscianese,Matteo Locasiulli,Mikael Bozo,Ugo Macci,Vadim Ka,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Mikael Bozo,Ugo Macci,Vadim Ka,Stefano Pallotti,Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Mikael Bozo,Va Between darkness and inspiration, enjoy the power of this indie-folk guitar instrumental collection
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX031 Magical World Lucas Napoleone,Erine Safrani,Gary Edelstein,Romain Paillot Magical orchestration for traveling in wonderland or magic world
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX030 Round-The-World Trip MathieuA Vanasse,Jean-BaptisteLaya,David Chateauvert,Jonathan Menard,Brice Davoli,Matthieu Le Berre,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel Collection of colored songs for a trip over the world
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX029 Investigation Report Francois-Elie Roulin Journey of an investigation with modern and expressive mix of orchestral and electronic work
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX028 Happy Sunny Days Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey Light and happy summery tracks
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX027 Sentimental Pop Tunes Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey Heartfelt and emotional Pop rock, perfect for romance and teenage drama
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX026 Mystery Stories Erine Safrani,Gary Edelstein,Doumengeux Mahira,Lucas Napoleone Dramedy & Light Tension
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX025 Emotional Touch Doumengeux Mahira,Damien Deshayes,Nicolas Deroo Music for emotions from sad to happy,romantic to melancholy
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX024 Dramedy Stories Lucas Napoleone,Romain Paillot,Erine Safrani,Gary Edelstein,Samuel Leloup Light Comedy & dramedies Themes featuring Pizzicati Strings
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX023 Time-lapse Underscores Thomas Didier Minimal,brooding,suspense-filled,cutting-edge tension
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX022 On The Edge Thomas Didier Underscores for Drama, Action, Tension and Suspense
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX021 Classical Influence JeromeLanglois Contemporary Classical,Eccentric
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX020 Native Mystery Bertrand Chenier Ambient,World,Native American
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX019 Rock 60's M A Vanasse,Matthieu Le Berre,Claude Membrard,Jean-Louis Bianchina,Jason Kent,Renaud Buffoni Retro,Rock,Funny
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX018 Military Tensions Matthieu Le Berre,James Slainmann,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Nicolas Deroo,Nicolas Clergue,Jean-Luc Daniel Military Drum,Suspense
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX017 Tension Underscores V3 Brice Davoli,Matthieu Le Berre,Gregory Chabasse,Bruno Epron-Mahmoudi,Stephane Bellity Tension Investigation
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX016 Tension Underscores V2 Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Matthieu Le Berre,Nicolas Deroo,Bruno Epron-Mahmoudi,Brice Davoli Tension Investigation
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX015 Happy Swing M A Vanasse,Jean-Michel Coutu Jazz,Swing,Carefree,Retro
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX014 Pianorama Matthieu Le Berre,Christophe Dal Sasso,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,M A Vanasse,Thibaut Javoy Piano,Solo,Contemplative
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX013 Dark Breaks Bastien Deshayes,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Gregory Chabasse,Matthieu Le Berre,Julien Manaud,Didier Boulad Electro,Trip-Hop,Dark
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX012 Kids Time Nicolas Clergue,Jean-Luc Daniel,M A Vanasse,Nicolas Clergue,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Matthieu Le Berre,Jean-Michel Coutu,Felix-Antoine Coutu,JeromeLanglois,Olivier Sales,TomCahn,Brice Davoli,Bruno Epron-Mahmoudi Children,Naive,Joyful,Comedy
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX011 Suspenseful Orchestra James Slainmann,Nicolas Deroo,Thomas Didier,Nicolas Clergue,Brice Davoli,Michel Korb,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel Score Orchestral,Suspense,Disturbing
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX010 Contemplative Pictures Jean-Luc Daniel,Matthieu Le Berre,Martin Lavallee,Serge-Andre Amin,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,James Slainmann Panorama,Beautiful,Ambient
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX009 Electrorama Bastien Deshayes,Nicolas Clergue,Arnault Esteve,François-Raphael Boisclair,Thomas Didier,Osvaldo Aguirre,Patrick Krouchian Club,Fashion,EDM
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX008 Raw Rock Matthieu Le Berre,Gregory Chabasse,Renaud Buffoni,Thibaut Javoy,Jason Kent,Mathieu Dandurand,David Chateauvert,Mikael Tobias Rock,Hard Rock,Aggressive
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX007 Funny Percs Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Jean-Luc Daniel Percussions,Children,Light
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX006 Cocktail And Chill Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Simon Bellefleur,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Matthieu Le Berre,Jean-Claude Monaca Cocktail,Lounge,Kitsch
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX005 Tv Drama Pop Brice Davoli,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Benjamin Raffaelli,Martin Lavallee,Serge-Andre Amin,Ludovic Morillon,Benjamin Le Jean,Matthieu Le Berre,François-Raphael Boisclair,Gregory Chabasse Pop,Emotional,Drama
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX004 Tv Shiny Pop Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Jean-Luc Daniel,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Benjamin Raffaelli,Simon Bellefleur,M A Vanasse Pop,Joyful,Naive
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX003 Groove It ! Nicolas Clergue,Jean-Luc Daniel,Jean-Luc Daniel,Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Nicolas Clergue,David Krajic,Mikael Tobias Funk,Catchy,Happy
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX002 Urban Underscores Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Thomas Didier,Alexandre Vialle,Patrice Marian,Yannick Marian,Nicolas Clergue,Jean-Luc Daniel Hip-Hop,Urban,Attitude
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX001 Tension Underscores V1 Nicolas Clergue,Bastien Deshayes,Jean-Luc Daniel,Matthieu Le Berre Tension Investigation