BIG SHORTSを最新から表示 (31アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKの1分30秒プロモのレーベル。 Musical shorts made to fit Specially crafted for promos, featuring a 30 second first section. From raucous and rowdy to light hearted and lively
BIG SHORTS BIGS031 Rockers Revenge Jeff Knowler,Craig David Joiner,Jules Bromley,Gresby Race Nash,Russell McNamara,Steve Everitt,Tom Linden,Harry Valentine,Timothy Elliott Larcombe,Wayne Anthony Murray,Paul Cuddeford,Richard Mark Salmon,Adam Salkeld,Neil Pollard,Richard James Neale,Martin Energising, edgy, punchy and youthful rock tracks An injection of guitars, drums and bass lines
BIG SHORTS BIGS030 Around The World Steve Everitt,Adam Salkeld,Neil Pollard,Daniel Peppe,Jon Collyer,Gresby Race Nash,Jeevan Anandasivam,Jules Bromley Fun, light hearted tracks with splashes of world flavours to take you on a journey
BIG SHORTS BIGS029 Groove Seekers Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Jules Bromley,Paul Joseph Smith,Theo Golding,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Gary Crockett,Dominic Glover,Jason Glover,Alan Gold,Alexey Protasov,Simon Painter,Ian Clarke Great grooves and breaks to energise any production
BIG SHORTS BIGS028 Funk Anthems Gary Crockett,Dominic Glover,Jason Glover,Alan Gold,Ray Flowers,Marcelo Andrade,Jules Bromley,Paul Joseph Smith,Simon Painter,Ian Clarke Bold brass, cool beats and and huge amounts of character in each track
BIG SHORTS BIGS027 Raise The Roof Dominic Glynn,Martin Smith,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,David Goldsmith,Andrew Britton,Stephen Loveday,Darren B Loveday,Craig Joiner,Jeff Knowler,Steve Everitt,Ronnie Stone,Wayne Murray,Tim Fleet,Max Ringham,Benjamin Ringham The big stage, the big amps and big rock If you want extreme power then look no further
BIG SHORTS BIGS026 Little Ditties David Goldsmith,Andrew Britton,Chris White,Alex De Menthon,Louise Dowd,Ben Hauptmann,Jason Tarver,Louise Dowd,Tom Howe,Chris White A colourful musical ride of creative soundworlds
BIG SHORTS BIGS025 Funky Little Shorts George Apsion,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Ian Clarke,Simon Painter,Dave Holland,Rob Sell,TomLinden,Russell McNamara,Dave Holland,TomLinden,TomLinden A Blend Of Fun & Funky Tunes!
BIG SHORTS BIGS024 Dramedy Chris White,Andrew Blaney,Michael Holborn,William Henries,Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins,Jason Tarver,Louise Dowd,Andrew Britton Perfect music for all those suburb shenanigans!
BIG SHORTS BIGS023 Vocal Hooks Russell McNamara,Gregory Fitzgerald,Mat Andasun,Louise Dowd,RichardSalmon,Bruce Aisher,RichardSalmon,Sarah Louise Barnes,Tammie McAllister,Michael Holborn,William Henries,Stephen Millington,Paul Joseph Smith Different genres of vocals that stick
BIG SHORTS BIGS022 Christmas Chris White,Dominic Glover,Gary Crockett,Jason Glover,Michael Holborn,William Henries,Darren Loveday,Stephen Loveday,Gresby Nash,Mike Reed,Tom Howe,Christopher Branch,Tom Haines,Dominic Glynn,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Andrew Blaney,Stephen Rees,Jenny Rees,S It's never too early for Christmas!
BIG SHORTS BIGS021 Sports 2 Craig Joiner,Jeff Knowler,Jez Poole,Ray Flowers,Steve Everitt,Ian Clarke,Simon Painter,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Neil Griffiths,Ronnie Stone,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Ray Flowers,Paul Joseph Smith,Ronnie Stone The emotions of sporting triumphs and failures
BIG SHORTS BIGS020 Jazzy Shorts Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins,Chris White,Andrew Britton,David Goldsmith,Dominic Glynn,Esben Tjalve,Jez Poole,Ray Flowers,Ben Cocks,Dominic Glover,Gary Crockett,Jason Glover,John Ashton Thomas,Pete Thomas,Andrew Blythe,Marten Joustra,Mike Farmer,Mike Farmer, The biggest, jazziest shorts around
BIG SHORTS BIGS019 Little Pictures, Big Ideas Ian Clarke,Simon Painter,Colin Baldry,Tom Haines,Andrew Blythe,Marten Joustra,Peter Beckmann,Tom Poole,Michael Holborn,William Henries,Anthony Phillips,Chris White,Dominic Glynn,Andrew Skeet,Luke Gordon,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Ben Cocks,Esben Tjalve,TomLi A whole new imaginative musical world
BIG SHORTS BIGS018 Film Trailers M Russell,M Price,Inon Zur,A Blaney,S Loveday,D Loveday,T Poole,P Beckmann,B Lord,R Datta,L Groves,P Marett,S Everitt,R Christie,M Cousins,A Saunders,D Pemberton,D Pmeberton,A Britton,D Goldsmith,John A Thomas,J Ashton Thomas Dramatic,Heroic, Thrilling
BIG SHORTS BIGS017 Kids Gresby Nash,Dominic Glynn,Mike Farmer,Tom Silvester,Mike Farmer,T Livingston,T Kane,C Baldry,J Poole,R Flowers,M Corbett,M Wilkie,Jeff Knowler,Richard Neale,Chris White,Andrew Blaney,Steve Everitt,Mark Russell,Jules Bromley,M Farmer,N Tribe,P Joseph Smith Indoor and Outdoor Fun
BIG SHORTS BIGS016 Pop Shorts Paul Joseph Smith,T Poole,P Beckmann,B Lord,R Datta,Tom Linden,Tom Silverster,B Ringham,M Ringham,Adam Salkeld,Russell Mcnamara,T Linden,C Mocdonald,J Christian Persson,Jeff Knowler,Tom Silvester,L Groves,P Marett,T Poole,P Beckmann,B Lord,R Data,R Salmon Fun Promo To Jump Start Your Day
BIG SHORTS BIGS015 Rock Ravage DLoveday,SLoveday,CJoiner,MGoldsworthy,AWelsford,Martin Price,Lee Pomeroy,Jeff Knower,ABritton,DGoldsmith,Ronnie Stone,Neil Griffiths,Jeff Knowler,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Mike Farmer,Martin Smith Straight Simple Rock tailored for Promos
BIG SHORTS BIGS014 Rock Overload The Cherry Colas,Ronnie Stone,Gresby Nash,Phil Brown,Nick Graham,Bill Burke,Richard Newman,Pete Parsons,Neil Pollard,Adam Salkeld,Michael Rivis,Hank Bartram,Robert Ing,Mark Staton,Adam Salkeld,Martyn Swain,Ray Flowers,Les Vegas,Ronnie Stone,Neil Griffiths XL Promo Cuts
BIG SHORTS BIGS013 Madcap Jazz Dominic Glynn,Andy Clythe,Marten Joustra,Pete Dyson,John Winfield,Keith Osborne,Jeff Knowler,Steve Sidwell,Jeff Knowler,Pete Thomas,Tom Blades,Geraint Watkins,Pete Thomas,Evan Jolly,John Ashton Thomas,Andy Blythe,Marten Joustra XL Promo Cuts
BIG SHORTS BIGS012 Real Life Drama Dominic Glynn,Martin Smith,Pete Voyager,Steve Proctor,Jay Stapley,Steve Pearce,Jay Glover,Gray Crockett,Richard Neale,Ray Flowers,Jay Glover,Jay Glover,Gray Crockett,Jay Glover,Dominic Glynn,Gray Crockett,Derek Austin,Tarquin Boysen,Alastair Gavin,Sebasti XL Promo Cuts
BIG SHORTS BIGS011 Sports 2 Martin Ford,Jeff Rose,The Cherry Colas,Phil Brown,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Gresby Nash,Steve Proctor,Adam Salkeld,Martin Ford,Eff Rose XL Promo Cuts
BIG SHORTS BIGS010 Movie Mania 2 Bryan New,Tom Kane,Colin Baldry,Andy Britton,David Goldsmith,Steve Isles,Jamie Cullum,Andrew Blaney,Adam Saunders,Johan A Thomas,Mark Cousins,Ian Anderson,Adam Saunders,Nick Parr The complete soundtrack to every action movie sequence and tough movie scene!
BIG SHORTS BIGS009 Cartoon Capers Andy Britton,David Goldsmith,Jason Glover,Dominic Glover,Jerry Peal,Simeon Davies,Sean Mortimer,Steve Proctor,Ben Ringham,Max Ringham,Phil Brown,Gresby Nash,Dan Selby Cartoon capers galore from spooky toddlers to funky little movers!
BIG SHORTS BIGS008 Urban Mike Farmer,Bryan New,Pete Voyager,Mark Barrott,Jeff Knowler,Tarquin Boyesen,Russell McNamara,Tom Haines,Christopher Branch,Sebastian Von Bischopink,Andy Britton,David Goldsmith Maximum attitude, giving you BIG music for short spots Easy to edit 30's and 60's
BIG SHORTS BIGS007 Rockin' Rebellion Stephen Loveday,Darren Loveday,Bryan New,Andrew 'Duck' MacDonald,Ian Clarke,Simon Painter,Martin Smith,Dominic Glynn,Jay Stapley,Steve Pearce,Ian Anderson,Bryan New,Steve Byrd,Geoff Dugmore Big Shorts is the essential micro-library with maximum attitude, giving you BIG music for short spots Includes easy to edit 30's and 60's with lots of cutting points
BIG SHORTS BIGS006 Nu Rock Rampage I Anderson,Diva Music,S Loveday,D Loveday,B New,S Byrd,S Williams,S Williams,J Warman,M Smith,Vinylizor,M Smith,D Glynn,B New,A MacDonald,S Williams,D Ital,R Stone Big Shorts is the essential micro-library with maximum attitude, giving you BIG music for short spots Includes easy to edit 30's and 60's with lots of cutting points
BIG SHORTS BIGS005 Twisted Guitars P Beazley Big Shorts is the essential micro-library with maximum attitude, giving you BIG music for short spots Includes easy to edit 30's and 60's with lots of cutting points
BIG SHORTS BIGS004 Wacked Out J Pin Cool whacked out tunes!
BIG SHORTS BIGS003 Monster Rock Jams C Wackerman,L Gaer Jam packed full of monster rock! Easy to edit 30's and 60's
BIG SHORTS BIGS002 Movie Mania M Irwin,R Kamahl A movie mania compilation from sci-fi to romantic comedy moments and a little bit of action adventure too!
BIG SHORTS BIGS001 Banging Beats TKane,C Baldry,M Trim,B New,Sleepyhouse,J Young Maximum attitude, giving you BIG music for short spots Easy to edit 30's and 60's