BLOCKを最新から表示 (30アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。 The freshest homegrown Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 100% authentic sounds from an esteemed roster of commercial artists and producers.
BLOCK BLK030 Level Up Shem Anthony Raeburn, Zeeapour,Amy Caddies McKnight,Johnathan Delance Pratt, Rainman,Oronde Ricardo Bennett, William Baxter Noon Level up your promos, with fun hype, advert based songs and hooks.
BLOCK BLK028 Golden Age Hip Hop David John Walker Jazzy, Soulful and Chilled Old School Hip Hop, Boom Bap and East Coast Beats.
BLOCK BLK027 Mixtape Beats William Baxter Noon A mixtape of Trap, R'n'B, Reggaeton & Hip-Hop beats.
BLOCK BLK026 Lo-Fi Chill Hop Justin Black, Oscar Hill,Rainman,Nathaniel Reeves A sublime selection of chilled, lo-fi Hip Hop. Tracks feature ambient textures, jazzy hooks and a blissed-out contented vibe. Perfect for concentration, studying and focus.
BLOCK BLK025 Motivational Drum 'N' Bass Charles Drew These uplifting, energetic Pop infused Drum 'N' Bass tracks are tailor made for Sports, Youth, Lifestyle, and Fitness.
BLOCK BLK024 Urban Rhythms 2 Tim Laws,Anthony James Kyle Hall, Tim Laws Trap-infused Hip Hop and Grime instrumentals straight outta London
BLOCK BLK023 Underground Hype Stephen William Cornish,Charles Drew,Amy Caddies McKnight, K-Tune,Ashley Warren, Bjorn Nilsson,Adebayo Momson, Higgi Sauce, Luke Masih, Syed Saif Haider Naqvi Fresh cool beats with gritty MC vocal lines and heavy synths.
BLOCK BLK022 Positivity Rolf Klein,Christopher James Morris,Stewart Jeffrey Barnes,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Fayola Nailah Husbands,Charles Drew,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Luke Masih,Swati Khunti,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Fayola Nailah Husbands With a mix of genres this album brings you upbeat songs all with a positive vibe that are infectious and feel good
BLOCK BLK021 Afrobeats Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Kehinde Olanrewaju Ayeni,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Luke Masih,Ameena Sakeena Robinson-Hooper,Alan Laurence Gold,Charles Drew,Joshua Whyte Playful, infectious, bouncing rhythms, lyrical vocals and a splash of sun
BLOCK BLK020 Summer Heat Charles Drew Packed full of pop action these fun, energetic and playful tracks will bring you plenty of Pop choice
BLOCK BLK019 Chill & Future Trap K-Tune,K-Tune,Amy Caddies McKNight,K-Tune,Ben Collier,K-Tune,Blair Jacob,K-Tune,Casper Wonderful album of deep and laid back beats with shimmering synth lines and stunning lyrical melodies
BLOCK BLK018 Future Pop Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Bea Kadri,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Sofi Aline Meronen,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Kehinde Olanrewaju Ayeni,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,William Francis Adnams Deep textural backing, slick production and silky smooth vocals Cool and future proof pop tracks
BLOCK BLK017 Latino Pop Charles Drew,David Thomas Tidmarsh,Edmund Bramford,David Christopher Delarre,Luke Masih,Ameena Sakeena Robinson-Hooper,Alan Laurence Gold,Harry Simon Haines Osborne,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,BIBA,Christopher James Morris,Stewart Jeffrey Barnes,Lynd Warm, fun, upbeat tracks with Hispanic flavours Let the tracks wash over you like the rays of the sun Time to feel good!
BLOCK BLK016 The Fight Luke Juby,Steve Rushton,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Luke Juby,Jason Tarver,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Ashley Warren,Luke Juby,Harry John Crawford Rutherford,Charles Drew,David Thomas Tidmarsh Hard hitting, heart felt or otherwise, The Fight has depth as well as a bite to it
BLOCK BLK015 Grime Charles Drew,Higgi Sauce,Daniel Oketcho,Sachmo Moses Quain,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Chukwumaka Woldeselassi Agu,Alan Laurence Gold,Stephen William Cornish Punchy, rhythmic and gritty Grime tracks with vocals Edge and attitude
BLOCK BLK014 Hip Hop Charles Drew,Alan Laurence Gold,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Chukwumaka Woldeselassi Agu,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Stephen William Cornish Hip Hop sounds from the UK Big heavy hitters, cool chart sounds and moody themes All with Vocal and instrumentals
BLOCK BLK013 The Producers Higgi Sauce,Luke Masih,Jonathan Conrad Masi,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Higgi Sauce,Luke Masih,Rakesh Salgania The Producers take control and deliver a combination of Pop, chilled and R&B vibes
BLOCK BLK012 Inner City Soul Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Cluj O'Pacon,Charles Drew,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Corey Fox-Fardell,Luke Juby,Harry John Crawford Rutherford,Alan Laurence Gold,Stefan Ashton Frank,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson Fresh, fun and feel good summer tracks
BLOCK BLK011 Urban Stories Emre Ramazanoglu,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Patrick Green,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Alan Laurence Gold,Stefan Ashton Frank,Charles Drew,Jason Tarver,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Stephen William Cornish,Charles Drew,Emre Ramazanoglu, Building, invoking tracks each helping to tell your story Beautiful, powerful with a big chorus
BLOCK BLK010 Hip Hop Beats Christopher Gary Francis Daley,Thomas Sinclair Alleyne,Alan Gold,Higgi Sauce,Luke Masih,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington Hip Hop grooves to get down with Perfect instrumentals for the bold and brave
BLOCK BLK009 Grime Beats Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Higgi Sauce,Francis Kwabena Appiah Adu,Olasunkanmi Rilwan Lawal-Balogun,Abayomi Adeola Abass Kadejoh,Christopher Gary Francis Daley,Thomas Sinclair Alleyne,Higgi Sauce,Francis Kwabena Appiah Adu,Jason Lawrence Blake,Olasun Fresh Grime beats with mood, attitude and vibes Instrumental beats
BLOCK BLK008 Girl Gang Higgi Sauce,Francis Kwabena Appiah Adu,Olasunkanmi Rilwan Lawal-Balogun,Shaun Patrick Collins,Laura Melanie Davie,Manni Aks,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Higgi Sauce,Luke Masih,Ambrose Muzawazi,Mutsa Romanna Gwazai,Nicholas Tendai Chikore,Ti Big chorus, serious attitude and a message to give! It's time for the female vocals to have their say
BLOCK BLK007 Chart Sounds Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Luke Masih,Adebayo Momson,Higgi Sauce,Junior Prince Elliot,Francis Kwabena Appiah Adu,Olasunkanmi Rilwan Lawal-Balogun,Shaun Patrick Collins,Emre Ramazanoglu,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Chukwumaka Woldeselassi Agu,H Fresh and exciting chart sounds A mixture of genres create an intriguing compilation of contemporary songs
BLOCK BLK006 Acoustic Roots Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Charles Drew,Joseph David Morrell,Emre Ramazanoglu,Emily Rebecca Burns,Niklas Rolf Edberger,Luke Juby,Mark Topham,Stacey Paula McCarthy,Higgi Sauce,Danny George McLauchlan,Mart Stripping the tracks right back to the bare minimum allows for the voice to really shine through From upbeat pop songs to heart warming ballads this new BLOCK album is soul searching time
BLOCK BLK005 Pop Emre Ramazanoglu, Fayola Nailah Husbands, Jamie Reddington,Fayola Nailah Husbands, Jonathan Murrill,Charles Drew, Higgi Sauce, Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Andrew George Burge, Charles Drew, Daniel John Avery Bartlett, Higgi Sauce, Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Charle From big pop tracks to softer acoustic vibes this album is maxed with superb pop tracks.
BLOCK BLK004 Uplifting Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Charles Drew,Azita Qazzaz,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Marius De Le Mer,Emanuel Frank Williams,Samantha Powell,Stephen William Cornish,Sarah Bayley,Higgi Sauce,Francis Kw Let this album take you on a journey, inspire you and lift you!
BLOCK BLK003 Urban Rhythms Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,William Achinhu Alaneme,Christopher Gary Francis Daley,Thomas Sinclair Alleyne,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Robert John Higgins,Jamie Reddington,Higgi Sauce,Junior Prince Elliot,Olasunkanmi Lawal-Balogun,Francis Kw The freshest, hardest hitting urban beats that will definitely make your head nod!
BLOCK BLK002 Attitude Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Azita Qazzaz,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Tawanda Bvumbe,William Achinhu Alaneme,Marius De Le Mer,Emanuel Frank Williams,Higgi Sauce,Francis Kwabena,Junior Prince Elliot, Bold, gritty and exciting tracks full of attitude and self belief
BLOCK BLK001 Rng Azita Qazzaz,Higgi Sauce,Syed Saif Haider Naqvi,Emre Ramazanoglu,Jamie Reddington,Adam Joshua M Katz,Stephen William Cornish,Amanda Leigh Wilson,Fayola Nailah Husbands,Jonathan Murrill,Willis Neat,Emre Ramazanoglu,Jamie Reddington,Liza Marie O'Hagan,Higgi Warm, rousing and emotive RNB themes full of male and female vocals