BRAVE NEW AUDIOを最新から表示 (41アルバム)
進歩的かつ将来を見据えた音楽的アプローチを取り入れ、深みとエッジのあるハイエンドな音楽の制作と発展に力を注いでいる。 コンテンポラリーなビートとサウンドスケープが魅力のレーベル。 A team of contemporary beat makers, soundscapers and composers focussed on building forward thinking, high-end music with depth and edge.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA042 Festive Feels Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A playful, modern collection of original instrumentals inspired by Christmas, including light and perky orchestral beds, warm and tender modern electronica, and classic, swinging festive pop.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA040 - Modular Motion: Cinematic Synths Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A future-analog synth soundtrack with drum machines, cinematic impacts, strings and glitchy textures. Forward thinking, with a backward glance. Perfect for science and new technology.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA039 Heavy Hitters: Beats & Brass Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Attention-grabbing, heavy-hitting brass beats with punch and swagger, featuring synths, subs and vocal shouts. Perfect for sports, trailers and epic entertainment.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA038 TV Tools: Mallet Patterns Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Minimal, cyclic mallet pulses with light percussion, strings and atmospheric textures. Perfect for factual TV and online content.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA037 Light Orchestral Textures Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Light and gently evolving orchestral soundscapes. Perfect for delicate human stories and natural world documentaries.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA036 Guitarscapes Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli An atmospheric and spacious post-rock guitar soundtrack featuring inspiring, emotional and tense beats and beds. Perfect for adventurous pursuits, stylish drama and advertising.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA035 Designed for Life: Electronica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Deep, warm, slick and sophisticated atmospheric electronic beats with synthetic and organic textures, plenty of forward momentum, and space for tension to build and action to unfold.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA034 TV Tools: Gentle Guitar Beds Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of fresh and breezy acoustic guitar driven tracks, from bright and optimistic, through to wistful and reflective. Gently layered with light percussion, soft keys and string textures. Perfect for travel, nature and digital content.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA033 Summer Feels Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of poolside pop bangers, ranging from vocal driven songs, through to catchy tropical tracks, cool alt-indie and hazy sun soaked beats. Chorus only and instrumental versions available.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA032 Trailers: Global Threats Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Dramatic and action-packed hybrid-orchestral tracks for intense and epic on-screen action. Featuring synths, orchestra, booming and swooping SFX and heavy percussion. Including drama & documentary ready panic build underscores.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA031 Live Again: Indie Folk & Alt Rock Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Modern and vibrant guitar band tracks ranging from alt-rock and brit-pop, through to indie-folk and americana. Including drum rolls sculpted for edits, and subtle strings for added emotional depth.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA030 TV Tools: Playful & Percussive Beds Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli A collection of playful beds and beats for light programming, ranging from energetic, youthful and modern, to cheeky and childlike. Alternative light tension underscores available.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA029 Light & Magical Pizzicato Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Energetic, magical, positive & cheeky pizzicato strings for film, TV and light entertainment. Alternative vintage mixes available.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA028 Excursions: Latin American Adventures Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Modern beats with a latin twist featuring electronic and organic instruments. Perfect scene setters for contemporary South American adventures.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA027 Headspace: Light Ambient Drones Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Light, airy, dreamy and distant ambient drones with orchestral textures, piano, and subtle synth layers. A perfect soundtrack for scenes of natural beauty.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA026 Future Synthwave Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Epic, driving and wide-eyed synthwave beats with modern punch and sparkle, and a strong feeling of forward motion. Featuring fat synth bass, lush chords and beefed up drum machines.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA025 TV Tools: Dance Beds Vol. 1 Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Modern and vibrant dance music beds with punchy beats, bouncy bass and syncopated synths & percussion. Featuring DJ style SFX transitions for perfect edit points.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA024 TV Tools: Inspiring Stories Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of light moods and themes for inspiring stories ranging from gentle and thoughtful, through to quizzical, magical and decisive. Featuring acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion and strings.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA023 Late Night Lo-fi Beats Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Downtempo lo-fi beats featuring vintage keys, fuzzy basslines, sampled drums and chopped up, crackly organic textures. For intimate, chilled and nostalgia filled moments in modern productions.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA022 Digital Soundscapes Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A futuristic collection of synthetic drones with flickering digital data textures and computer generated pulses. Perfect for technological breakthroughs and scientific exploration.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA021 Future Melodic Drops Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Dub influenced hard hitting electronic beats with energetic builds, riotous drops, roaring bass and catchy melodic synths hooks. Perfect for attention grabbing promos and climactic sporting moments.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA020 Life in Reverse: Cyclic Underscores Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of minimal, circular underscores centred around reversed sounds and simple, soothing string arrangements. Perfect for nature, science and discovery, and online promos.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA019 TV Tools: Intense Pressure Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Intense underscores with decisive strings, monotone mallet pulses, persistent percussion, and ominous synthesizers. Perfect for pressurised moments, from reality TV to dark dramas.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA018 Neon Nights: Electro Funk Beats Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Tuned up drum machines and a hybrid of modern and vintage synths combine to create a slick collection of sharp edged synth driven electro beats, perfectly constructed for maximum impact.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA017 Cinematica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of modern hybrid cinematic scores which explore themes of contemplation, voyage and discovery. Strings soar, percussion booms and pianos brood as the arrangements build with intensity towards their final crescendos.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA016 Future Soul Beats Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Forward thinking, youthful, light and optimistic electronic music. Tight drum beats, bubbling bass-lines, pulsating synth chords and sampled vocal textures fuse beautifully to create a slick, cool and modern soundtrack for youthful creative expression.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA015 Hip Hop & Grime: Inner City Pressure Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Dramatic, gritty and grimy hip hop beats with scattergun percussion and booming sub-bass tones. Urgent loops and dramatic sound effects add tension for a story full of inner city pressure.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA014 Beats: Victory Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Big and bold triumphant brass arrangements fuse with gritty urban electronic beats to set the perfect scene for a modern story of victory in the face of adversity. The bigger the better. Stronger together.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA013 Underscores: Positive Pulses Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Positive, bright and simple music beds, some including light classical influences, others with a more electronic-tinged feel. The arrangements and musical texture gradually build and thicken to add anticipation and suspense. Perfect for inspiring stories.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA012 Underscores: Slow Motion Cityscapes Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli The future is now. Hybrid pulses, deep industrial and cinematic drums, low gliding synth bass tones and widescreen strings... a forward thinking soundscape for our high tech cities of the future.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA011 Beats: Intricate Organica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Intricate melodies drawn from a global a sound palette weave in and out of jazz tinged drum beats, and warm enveloping bass lines. An intricate electronic sound track for an organic world.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA010 Urban Underscore: Big City of Dreams Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Deep and sophisticated downtown hip hop beats with strings, brass and creatively edited organic samples. Perfect for an urban story full of big dreams, intrigue and the desire to succeed.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA009 Introspective Piano Textures Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Beautifully recorded intimate piano and subtle string arrangements, with the extended, wide and cinematic sound of modern neoclassical production techniques - extended and layered low end, spacious and gentle string arrangements, and drifting, looping, pr
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA008 Deep & Elegant Beats Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Elegant, laid back, deep & housey beats, with a modern edge and a sprinkling of glitter and glamour. Deep kick drums, urgent high hats, and wide clicks and claps punctuate warm, pulsing bass lines, filtered chords and sophisticated string arrangements.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA007 Minimal Motion Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli The journey begins and ends here. A hybrid blend of adventurous, and exotic mallets set the journey in motion. Beautiful strings and orchestral percussion textures gently build and expand horizons. Interwoven mechanical loops signal the passing of time an
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA006 Atmospheric Indie Synths Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Shoegazey & dreamy atmospheric Indie. Analogue synths plugged into esoteric pedal boards with spacious, warm drums, hooky guitars and fuzzy bass. Ethereal background vocals and textures drift in and out. Escape from the mainstream and lose yourself in alt
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA005 Beats: Pure Sunshine Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Sun-soaked riffs, sizzling synths and soaring atmospheric textures are propelled by solid, dance floor driven beats. This is the beating pulse of the best summer ever.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA004 Beats: Timeless Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Warm, sophisticated, epic and reflective beats. Built to last. Slick, luxurious and warm beats, with a twist of nostalgia and a glance to the future. Silky, soaring strings, amped pianos and classic, crunchy drum sounds. They built them better back then.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA003 Beats: Elevate Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Bright, energetic and uplifting hip hop and electronica. Organic samples, sizzling synths and euphoric vocal snippets twist and turn over tight, warm and modern drums. Clipped, looping percussion keeps the mid-tempo beats steady, while textural samples st
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA002 Resonate Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Meditative tuned percussion, slowly building alongside hypnotic & shuffling beats. Organic textures swirl around and immerse you in the soothing sounds of resonating steel.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA001 Lost in the Clouds Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Blurred edges. Drunken guitars. Lonely pianos. Lose yourself in a haze of beats, smouldering vocals, and hybrid textures. The city never sleeps, so take your head out of it.