BIG SCREENを最新から表示 (41アルバム)
BIG SCREEN BSM041 Corruption Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Mike Reed, Dave Oliman,Lincoln Jaeger,Josh Wynter,Ian Dolamore,Philip Guyler,Owain Llwyd,David Hewson,Michael Bede Tourle,James Jones A diverse collection of tense underscores that transitions from light intrigue and thoughtful investigation through to brooding suspicion and dark sinister atmospheres
BIG SCREEN BSM040 Oddball Philip Guyler,Josh Wynter,David Hewson,Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Mike Reed, Dave Oliman,Lincoln Jaeger,Andrew Joy,Matthew Hawken,Owain Llwyd Quirky melodic fun with a hint of weird and wacky featuring everything from funky avant-garde to stylish retro chic with a splash of orchestral dramedy
BIG SCREEN BSM039 Thrive Volume 3 - Ascendance Mike Reed, Dave Oliman,Chris Elmslie, George Stroud,Josh Wynter,Matthew Hawken,Stephen Baysted,Lincoln Jaeger,Andrew Joy Uplifting pride and glory for full orchestra from slow-building emotional triumph through to full-on epic victory.
BIG SCREEN BSM038 Thrive Volume 2 - Euphoria Tim Oliver,Josh Wynter,Mike Reed, Dave Oliman,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Rob Manning,Michael Bede Tourle,Andrew Joy Joyous anthemic indie with uplifting guitars, warm pianos and gentle vocal textures covering everything from slow-building epic ballads through to uptempo feel-good celebration.
BIG SCREEN BSM037 Thrive Volume 1 - Prosperity Josh Wynter,David Hewson,Dave Oliman, Mike Reed,Andrew Joy,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Rob Manning,Ian Dolamore,Owain Llwyd,Susan Legg,Paddy Roberts Bright orchestral energy for a new era of success, achievement and prosperity. Innovative, motivational, joyful, accomplished, inspirational.
BIG SCREEN BSM036 Hypnotic Josh Wynter,Michael Bede Tourle,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Nik Ammar, Mike Reed,Ian Dolamore,Tim Oliver,Jamie Fekete Relaxing chillout with a hint of epic for deeply soothing yet compelling dream-like atmospheres
BIG SCREEN BSM035 Retro Swing Josh Wynter,Nik Ammar, Mike Reed,Andrew Joy,Nik Ammar, Michael Orchard,Lincoln Jaeger Classic retro swing featuring a range of styles from retro cool and funky brass through to stylish chic and laid-back cocktail vibes with live playing from some of London’s finest session musicians.
BIG SCREEN BSM034 Innovation Josh Wynter,Michael Bede Tourle,Lincoln Jaeger,Nik Ammar, Mike Reed,Chris Elmslie, George Stroud,Andrew Joy,Stephen Baysted, Susan Legg,James Jones,David Hewson,Tim Oliver A sonic soundscape for innovations in science, discovery, invention, progress, investigation, artificial intelligence and space. Fresh, contemporary and inspirational.
BIG SCREEN BSM033 Soar Alex Baranowski,Ian Dolamore,Nik Ammar,Josh Wynter,Tim Oliver,Rob Lewis,Chris Elmslie, George Stroud,George Stroud,Owain Llwyd,Chris Elmslie,Anthony Patterson Inspirational orchestral atmospheres that build with anticipation and take flight
BIG SCREEN BSM032 Prototype Josh Wynter,Tim Oliver,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Elmslie, George Stroud,Dave Hewson,Nik Ammar,Chris Elmslie,Ian Dolamore A collection of tracks for prototype and design showcase, future innovations and tech demos. Fluid, innovative, minimalist music with a futuristic edge.
BIG SCREEN BSM031 Changing World Charlotte Eve,Christopher Elmslie,David Hewson,George Stroud,Ian Dolamore,Josh Wynter,Lincoln Jaeger,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Nina Humphreys,Owain Llwyd Emotive orchestral music for environmental documentaries and films covering a range of styles from thoughtful and poignant to optimistic, magical and magnificent.
BIG SCREEN BSM030 Intimate Acoustic Charlotte Eve,Andrew Joy,Nikolas Ammar, Mike Reed,Steve Glasford, Lincoln Jaeger,Christopher Edmund Elmslie, George Stroud Tender vocal tracks with simple acoustic accompaniment. Naturally intimate, warm and unprocessed.
BIG SCREEN BSM029 Portraits Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Josh Wynter,Lincoln Jaeger,Owain Llwyd,David Hewson,Christopher Edmund Elmslie,David Hewson,Jamie Fekete,Christopher Edmund Elmslie,George Stroud Delicate shades of human emotion with simple organic textures and light orchestral colour Peaceful acoustic melodies with a hint of playful energy
BIG SCREEN BSM028 Trivial Pursuits Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,David Hewson,Jamie Fekete,Josh Wynter,Stephen Baysted,Susan Legg,Ian Dolamore,Christopher Edmund Elmslie,James Jones Light chamber music and tuneful orchestral quirkiness for English country pursuits, summer gardens and general merry-making in the great outdoors
BIG SCREEN BSM027 New Frontiers Josh Wynter,Thomas Evans,Christopher Edmund Elmslie,David Hewson,Ian Dolamore,Mike Reed,Stephen Baysted,Stefan Fletcher,James Jones Expansive orchestral landscapes with excitement, awe and wonder From slow-building minimal atmospheres to breath-taking, soaring strings and brass Emotionally charged tracks that push the boundaries beyond the natural world into the realms of epic explora
BIG SCREEN BSM026 Adrenaline Josh Wynter,Christopher Edmund Elmslie,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Andrew Joy,Thomas Evans,Russell Bell,Mike Reed,Will James Hard-hitting, intense and exhilarating tracks for all competitive and extreme sports, ultra endurance and high octane pursuits Features everything from epic strings and hardcore guitar through to euphoric synth textures for the ultimate rush
BIG SCREEN BSM025 Origins arrJosh Wynter,arrMike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,arrThomas Evans,arrTim Oliver,arrMike Reed,arrWill James,arrDavid Hewson Timeless classical melodies are combined with sophisticated sound design and contemporary beats to create a lush, indulgent sound with an uplifting, euphoric mood Delicate melodies blend seamlessly with luxurious atmospheres and cool, cutting-edge sound p
BIG SCREEN BSM024 Enchanted Ian Dolamore,Josh Wynter,David Hewson,Michael Bede Tourle,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Will James,James Jones,Lincoln Jaeger,Andrew Joy,Susan Legg,Cathleen Flynn,Owain Llwyd A sparkling collection of magical make-believe and winter wonderland excitement
BIG SCREEN BSM023 Arthouse Guitar Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Andrew Joy,Rob Lord,Graham Kearns,Rob Manning Simple folk guitar with beauty and charm
BIG SCREEN BSM022 Escapades Susan Legg,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,David Hewson,Paul Lennon,Andrew Joy,Owain Llwyd,Nina Humphreys,Stephen Baysted,Ian Dolamore,Lincoln Jaeger,Russell Bell,Felix Thoma Playful orchestral pieces with humour, fun and a hint of adventure
BIG SCREEN BSM021 Contender Angus MacRae,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Julien Bromley,Russell Bell,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Nikolas Ammar,Owain Llwyd,Audio Android,Stephen Baysted,Tim Oliver,Nina Humphreys,Andrew Joy,Ian Dolamore,John J Harvey,Lincoln Jaeger Dynamic strings and beats with determination and fighting attitude Powerful, focused, tense and exciting
BIG SCREEN BSM020 Fragile World Owain Llwyd,David Hewson,Paul Lennon,Susan Legg,Ian Dolamore,Olivia Dixon,Nikolas Ammar,Stephen Baysted,Susan Legg,Stephen Baysted,Cathleen Flynn Comforting piano scores with warmth and character, vulnerability and optimism Perfect for natural world, human endeavours and drama underscore
BIG SCREEN BSM019 Revelations Julien Bromley,Nikolas Ammar,Marla Altschuler,Lincoln Jaeger,Francesca Genco,Nikolas Ammar,Angus Baysted,Stephen Baysted,John J Harvey,John J Harvey,Lincoln Jaeger,Stephan Hodel,Simon Coleman,Russell Bell,Felix Thoma,Lincoln Jaeger,Francesca Thoma A sublime collection of moody cinematic builds, from ethereal vocal ballads to mysterious and euphoric orchestral atmospheres Epic, uplifting orchestral music for brooding and emotional dramas and promos
BIG SCREEN BSM018 A Jazz Romance Nikolas Ammar,Stephan Hodel,Yasmine Meguid,Jules Bromley,Lincoln Jaeger,David Hewson,Paul Lennon,Nikolas Ammar,Jeremy Limb,Stephan Hodel,Andrew Joy,Max Wilson,Dan Weinberg A warm and inviting collection of classic jazz swing sizzling with charm and romance from comforting romantic ballads to dazzling jazz band?arrangements An unmissable album featuring?live performances from a host of fantastic jazz players and singers
BIG SCREEN BSM017 Groove Generation Tim Oliver,Jules Bromley,Mike Reed,Nikolas Ammar,Ross Gidney,Sergey Kolosov,Nikolas Ammar,Marla Altschuler,Rob Manning,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Breeze Join the Groove Generation Infectious, groovy, cool and fun
BIG SCREEN BSM016 Enigma Russell Bell,David Hewson,Ian Dolamore,Nik Ammar,Tim Oliver,Jules Bromley,Owain Llwyd,Stephen Baysted,Matt Dunkley,John J Harvey,Rob Manning,Anthony Patterson,Nina Humphreys,Rob Lord Intriguing, mysterious and enigmatic themes and sound design
BIG SCREEN BSM015 Dream Weaver David Hewson,Stephen Baysted,Ian Dolamore,Owain Llwyd,Jules Bromley,Al Lethbridge,Jack C Arnold,Nina Humphreys,Matthew Davidson String orchestra and string quartet where classic British elegance meets vibrant and dynamic pastoral themes
BIG SCREEN BSM014 Dream Weaver Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Jules Bromley,Nina Humphreys,Jack C Arnold,Ian Dolamore,Nik Ammar,Andrew Joy,Tim Oliver,Anthony Patterson,Dave Hewson,Tom Howe,Mike Reed,Dan Weinberg An eclectic collection of musical charm ranging from quirky, magical and strange to dreamy and delicious
BIG SCREEN BSM013 Legacy Tim Oliver,Jules Bromley,Tom Howe,Mike Reed,Russell Bell,Stephen Baysted,Rob Lord,Fadi Gaziri,Anthony Patterson,Matt Dunkley,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Stephen Baysted,John Harvey,Andrew Joy Mind-blowing orchestral and rock hybrid cinematic drama
BIG SCREEN BSM012 Oasis Alex Baranowski,Ian Dolamore,Stephen Baysted,Al Lethbridge,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,David Hearn,Anthony Patterson,Jules Bromley,Rob Lord,Rob Manning Glorious cinematic soundtracks Beautiful, heavenly, magical and blissful
BIG SCREEN BSM011 Guiding Light Tom Howe,Mike Reed,Rob Lord,Rob Lord,Graham Kearns,Matthew Davidson,Andrew Joy,Michael McEvoy,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Ian Dolamore Inspirational, uplifting and emotional songs, themes and underscores
BIG SCREEN BSM010 Electroscapes Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Jules Bromley,Andrew Joy,Ross Gidney,Sergey Kolosov,Nina Humphreys,Dan Weinberg Evolving electronic textures and soundscapes
BIG SCREEN BSM009 One Fine Day Andrew Joy,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Adam Morley,Matthew Davidson,Rob Manning,Adam Morley,Ian Dolamore A foot-tapping collection of feel-good and quirky acoustic happiness
BIG SCREEN BSM008 Riviera Jazz Corin Buckeridge,Max Wilson,Olivia Flenley,Matthew Davidson,Dan Weinberg,Joss Peach,William Goodchild,Al Lethbridge,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Beccy Owen,Stephan Hodel,Rob Manning,Anthony Patterson,Max Wilson Retro-tinged French gypsy jazz, quirky songs and traditional dances
BIG SCREEN BSM007 Jeopardy Ian Dolamore,Jules Bromley,William Goodchild,Rob Manning,Anthony Patterson,Corin Buckeridge,Matt Dunkley,James Jones,Robert Mann,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig Menacing cinematic tension meets high impact danger and destruction
BIG SCREEN BSM006 Sexy Money Jules Bromley,Ross Gidney,Sergey Kolosov,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Francesco Siano,Michael McEvoy,Matt Dunkley,Alex Baranowski,Vince Watts,Anthony Patterson A deliciously decadent collection of powerful, seductive and intoxicating drama soundtracks featuring guitars, beats and orchestra
BIG SCREEN BSM005 Nocturnes Rob Lane,William Goodchild,Ian Dolamore,Mark Revell,Vince Watts Piano and chamber music inspired by the Impressionists
BIG SCREEN BSM004 Percussion Fantasia Julien Bromely,Alex Baranowski,David Jonathan Ware,Jon Buster Cotam,Joss Peach,Anthony Patterson,Fadi Gaziri,Andrew Joy,Robert Mann,James Jones,David Jonathan Ware,Rob Manning,Max Wilson,Mick Kiely,Anne Nikitin Tuneful, resonant, quirky percussive melodies and textures
BIG SCREEN BSM003 Awakenings Alex Baranowski,Anne Nikitin,Rob Manning,Gaziri Fadi,James Jones,Anthony Patterson,William Goodchild,Stephan Hodel,Simon Watkin,Rory Craig,Mick Kiely,Dov Waterman,Max Wilson,Corin Buckeridge Beautifully crafted epic and enchanting orchestral drama An expressive, uplifting and emotional musical journey of discovery and enlightenment
BIG SCREEN BSM002 After Dark Jonathan Ware,Robert Watson,Jonathan Ware,Anne Nikitin,Wayne Urquhart,Anthony Patterson,Jonathan Tapp,William Goodchild,Amir Khalaf,Jon Cottam,Jonathan Ware,James Jones,Mick Kiely,Chris Banks,Corin Buckeridge An arthouse soundtrack of exotic, sensual, luscious and mysterious themes and underscores Intoxicating nocturnal drama
BIG SCREEN BSM001 Espionage Jules Bromley,Anthony Patterson,Jonathan Ware,Chris Banks,Corin Buckeridge,Mick Kiely,William Goodchild,Andrew Barnabas,Paul Arnold,Jonathan Ware,Robert Watson,Dale Sumner An explosive blockbuster mix of contemporary and retro secret agent and spy genres Includes thrilling high impact action, dramatic tension, funky 70's soundtracks and crime jazz