CAVENDISH MUSICを最新から表示 (512アルバム)
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV500 Adrift - Natural Beds Si Begg, Alistair Smith,Si Begg, Alistair Smith, Damon Baxter,Si Begg Warm, emotive contemporary classical beds and atmospheres consisting of gentle pulses and organic electronic textures
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV499 Indie Disco Matthew Simon Clark, Ian Dowling,Matthew Simon Clark, Ashley Clark,Matthew Simon Clark Bouncing from Twisted Disco to Electro Kitsch to Punk-Pop, Indie Disco is jammed full of trashy swagger. Dance floor kicks for cool kids
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV498 Melting Pot: UK Jazz, Beats And Grooves Jack Baker,Elliott Bailey,Vij Prakash, Harpal Singh Mudhar,Jeff Stephens, Lilac Oxen,Jack Baker, Mike Lesirge A tour of multicultural London's jazz-influenced music scene, with heavy live grooves, bright brass and some flute for good measure
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV497 Dark Edge: Cinematic Score Aneek Thapar, Jonathan Atkinson, Nico Dalla Vecchia A collection of dark, ominous hybrid electronica cues with layers of strings, industrial textures and piano create a mysterious atmosphere. Perfect for contemporary drama and tv programming
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV496 Undercurrents Freddie Prest A collection of ambient and ethereal investigation cues with layers of percussion, piano, strings and electronic synth textures
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV495 Hang Pan Moods Wouter Gulikers A collection of hang drum scene setters infused with electronic textures and tribal beats
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV494 19 Frets Joe Archer,Felix Morgan,Michael Georgiades,Dominic Michael Kennedy,Paul Edward Wilkes,Jonathan David Wildey Evocative acoustic guitar compositions and advanced studio techniques come together in this collection of artistic explorations
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV493 Remixed: The Human World Julie Gruss, George Georgia,Jamie Wilder, James Nathan Jeremy Jones,Charlie Felix Fieber, George Georgia,Benjamin Thomas Jacobs, George Georgia,Nico Dalla Vecchia, James Nathan Jeremy Jones,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, George Georgia,Brewster Nolan, James Natha Exploring the intersection of the human and natural worlds, these electronica tracks celebrate the successes of humanity in all its forms around the world. Remixes from CAVCD 442 Landscapes: Inspiring Minimalism and CAVCD 456: World Stories
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV492 Sparse Piano Paul Edward Wilkes,Sophy Purnell,Roma Yagnik,Dai Watts Subtle, emotive piano tracks with lots of space, plenty of pauses, and less melody
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV491 Latin American Adventure Harry Lightfoot A sun-kissed collection of authentic Latin American music perfect for travel and documentary programming
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV490 Mixtape Vol. 6 Thomas Foley, Sabrina Altan,Sam Ritchie, Steve Jacques,Benjamin Thomas Jacobs,Jake Ridley,Chris Dececio, Sophia May,Peter Charles Bradbury, Lorin Thomas Cutts,Blaise Benwell,Mark Revell,Maxel,Robin Southby,Thomas Foley,James Cook, Banya,Alfie James Leslie A carefully selected assortment of sync friendly tunes to suit a variety of soundtracks, from reality TV promos to extreme sports and singer songwriter material, Mixtape has got you covered!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV489 Cosmic Jams Elliott Bailey A unique jazz-flavoured intergalactic tour with playful grooves, tight brass riffs and creative production
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV488 British Invasion Jason Tarver,Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Jake Shillingford, Nick Evans,Levi Stark, Jonathan Palmer,Mark Revell,Mayfield Jackson, Patrick Murdoch,Axel Stone, Richard Mead,Peter Charles Bradbury, Lorin Thomas C This is the sound of the 1960's British Rock n Roll explosion, that set fire to both sides of the Atlantic, gave us Beatlemania, Mersey Beat, inspired a generation - and some say saved rock n roll!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV487 Expansive Lands Musical Eye From frozen tundras to endless plains, Expansive Lands was originally scored for a short film set in Greenland. Each piece is an orchestral journey across the landscapes of our beautiful planet
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV486 Spooked! Christopher Mark Salt, John Rowcroft An eerie, frightfully fun collection of spine-tingling Halloween-inspired tunes to trick or treat or dance to
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV485 Light Motion By Laurent Dury Laurent Dury Warm, uplifting orchestral cues full of movement and humanity. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV484 In Blue Sean Hargreaves,Sean Hargreaves, Mark Taylor Sophisticated, smoky and mesmeric, In Blue celebrates the great American art form and the rise of modern jazz with hard bop, free and cool jazz styles of the mid-20th century. Recorded at the historic Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV483 Neoclassical String Quartet Roma Yagnik,Thomas Hewitt Jones,Musical Eye,Oliver Knowles,Tom Linden, Richard John Exquisite, elegant contemporary classical cues with an intimate sound and subtle Baroque flavour
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV482 I Heart J-Pop Junichi Hoshino, Scarlets Game,Scarlets Game, Mane Guedon, Tadashi Zushi,Scarlets Game, Meyrick De La Fuentes, Tadashi Zushi, Kazutaka Kuwamura,Scarlets Game, Ayumi Miyazaki, Yuki Yoneyama, Meyrick De La Fuentes,Junichi Hoshino, Scarlets Game, Mane Guedon Contemporary and authentic J-Pop produced and recorded in Japan with some of the hottest emerging talent, with lyrical themes of the sporting spirit ahead of the 2021 Olympics
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV481 Topsy Turvy Ross Hughes Friendly, oddball cues with quirky instrumentation, perfect for underscore
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV480 Electronic Dreams Jasper Spencer Warm, cool and contemporary Dream Pop, Synth pop, Shoegaze and Organic Electronica
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV479 Yacht Rock Ashley Clark, Matthew Simon Clark,Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Ashley Clark,Michael Barkley Green, John Spiker, Jacob Jeffries,Nick Evans, Jake Shillingford,Michael Barkley Green, Tyler Cash,Kully B, Gussy G, Patrick Rydman,M All aboard! A voyage of love, lust and loss, with a backdrop of silky 70s soft rock gems. It's smooth sailin' from here on out!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV478 Cinematic Choir: Odyssey Samuel Pegg,Gareth Owen,Tara Creme,Thomas Hewitt Jones Wordless choral cues with hints of folk and fantasy. With atmospheric 24-piece choir and intimate four-part chamber choir versions
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV477 Cinematic Choir: First Contact Samuel Pegg,Tara Creme,Arun Sethi,Thomas Hewitt Jones Wordless choral cues with an other-worldly feel. With atmospheric 24-piece choir and intimate four-part chamber choir versions
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV476 Cinematic Choir: Rituals Thomas Hewitt Jones,Samuel Pegg,Tara Creme,Arun Sethi Wordless choral cues with a spiritual or religious feel. With atmospheric 24-piece choir and intimate four-part chamber choir versions
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV475 Cinematic Elegance Remixed Laurent Dury, Dom Howard,Laurent Dury, Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Laurent Dury, Julie Gruss,Laurent Dury, Brewster Nolan,Laurent Dury, Freddie Prest,Laurent Dury, Oliver Trattles Cinematic minimalism with warmth and sophistication. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV474 Popstyles 5 Thomas Foley, A.C McKnight,Milo Erik Winter, Dilys Uwagboe,Lewis Uno, Kaylee Johnston,Axel Stone, ECHØES,Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Kye Sones, Craig Williamson,ECHØES, Ben Anderson Dixon,Edward James,Jason T A poptastic assortment of chart topping hits, ranging from contemporary to tropical pop, to all out dance floor bangers
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV473 Champion Sound 5 Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, Lady Sanity,Richard Lewis, Tom Swindells,Jason Tarver, Hugo Russo, Thomas Michael Greenwood, Wesley Smith,Aidan Mark Laverty, Andrew Eric Halford,Catch Harrington,Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Axel Stone, A.C McKnight, Mari Inspired by major sporting events, a compilation of songs that highlight everyones winning potential. Motivating and inspiring, spanning all genres this is the soundtrack to glory!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV472 Ambient Ascent Chris Salt, John Rowcroft Beautiful, ambient, organic soundscapes that gradually grow and develop; underpinned by subtle percussion and ambient pads
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV471 Bollywood Vol. 2 Kully B, Gussy G,Kully B, Gussy G, Kulwant Bhamrah Songs and soundscapes in a Bollywood style from across eras, written and recorded by authentic Bollywood producers and performers
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV470 Bollywood Vol. 1 Kully B, Gussy G,Kully B, Gussy G, Ashwin Sriniwasan Songs and soundscapes in a Bollywood style from across eras, written and recorded by authentic Bollywood producers and performers
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV469 Christmas Mixtape Vol. 2 Jason Tarver,Jack Frank,Mark Peter Revell,Ashley Clark, Matthew Simon Clark,Laura Greaves, Craig Brown,Joseph AMG Sporck,Matthew Simon Clark,Tim Boyce-Hobson,Paul Cartledge, Philip Jewson,Laura Greaves, Ashley Clark,Stephen Rudden, Indie Elliott,Laura Gre This Christmas Mixtape, our special gift to you: 100% Christmas originals! With wintery scores, magical trailers, Christmas crooners and chart topping xmas hits
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV468 Friends & Family Andrew Michael Ernest, Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Adam Michael George Double, Andrew Michael Ernest, Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Christopher Elmslie, Andrew Michael Ernest, Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Daniel Tarbuck, Andrew Michael Ernest, Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Conor A warm, intimate collection of acoustic instrumental cues with a human feel, suitable for a range of programming, including documentaries, drama and reality TV
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV467 Christmas: Live! Jack Christopher Allsopp, Sean Colin Hargreaves,Paul Aiden, Sean Colin Hargreaves,Akil Dasan Baker, Sean Colin Hargreaves,James Cannon, Sean Colin Hargreaves,Sean Colin Hargreaves, Paul Aiden, Chaz Jankel,Charlie Baker, Sean Colin Hargreaves,Sean Colin Ha A cracker-filled collection of original Christmas songs from pop to reggae and Big-Band numbers and everything in-between
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV466 Expressions Roma Yagnik,Thomas Hewitt Jones Evocative neo-classical string-based cues across a range of moods
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV465 Mixtape Vol. 5 Jamie Wilder,Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, Lady Sanity,Taylor Jones,Sam Ritchie, Steve Jacques,Brewster Nolan, Banya,Musical Eye,Oliver Knowles, Tom Keech,Frederick Neve,Oliver Price, Oluwaferanmi Ogunseyinde, Joseph Alexan Sync bangers of all sorts. Mixtape 5 has a carefully selected assortment of genres to suit a variety of soundtracks, from drama trailers to extreme sports promos Mixtape has got you covered
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV464 Unison Emanuel Frank Williams, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Oliver Price, Lewis Fieldhouse,Ashley Clark,Robin Philip Southby,Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood, Hugo Russo,Catch Harrington, United we stand, divided we fall! Chanting, group vocals, harmonies and tribal sounds over a range of styles to prove that everything is better if you do it together
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV463 Kooky & Spooky Jason Tarver,Matthew Norman,Alistair Chant, Josh Powell,Samuel Pegg,Thomas Hewitt Jones A spine-tingling collection of fun and spooky tunes featuring eerie scene setters, orchestral spooktaculars and ghoulish songs
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV462 Happy Sunshine Philip Michael, James Hunter Bell,Philip Michael, John Griggs Warm, bright acoustic cues with a sunny disposition
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV461 Grit Rock Levi Stark,Matthew Simon Clark, James David Pickering,Taylor Jones,Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Jason Tarver, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Nick Evans, Jake Shillingford,Andrew Eric Halford, Aidan Mark Laverty,Peter Charles Bradbu A gritty, fistful of sounds from the British indie rock and punk scene, swagger filled, pacey and full of attitude. Taking inspiration from pioneers and breakthrough artists of modern times
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV460 Cinematic Post Rock 2 Robin Philip Southby,Harry Lightfoot,Matthew Simon Clark, James David Pickering,Banya, Alexander Philip Bowers,Nick Evans, Jake Shillingford,James O'Connell Inspiring, powerful cues inspired by classic post rock and augmented with electronic and orchestral elements to deliver that widescreen feeling
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV459 Human Stories John Rowcroft, Chris Salt Heartfelt TV cues suitable for a broad range of factual and documentary programming
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV458 Curiosity Jake Irwin,Philip Michael A playful collection of quirky bright cues with a balance of intrigue, pace and warmth
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV457 The Future Is Now AudioAndroid Dystopian atmospheric tracks laden with epic percussion and warm synths perfect for promos and TV use
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV456 World Stories Ross Hughes,Tom Linden,Daisy Coole,Tom Nettleship,George Georgia Authentic instruments blend with cinematic elements to produce a soundtrack for culture, ethnic arts and wildlife
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV455 Happy Small Jason Tarver,Louisa Shaw,Peter Weitz,Louisa Shaw,Louis Greenwood,Louisa Shaw,Lawrence Hayes,David Fuller,Michael Georgiades An album brimming with bright, cutesy pop cues perfect for TV, advertising and video games
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV454 Mixtape Vol. 4 Joseph AMG Sporck,Beth Cole,Milo Erik Winter,Catch Harrington,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,Sam Fonteyn,Kye Sones,Paul Stanborough,Milo Erik Winter,Sleazy M,Levi Stark,Alex Barron,Francis Cosgrave,Rhys Buckley,Luke Hayes,Alessa A mixed bag of treats full of musical beats! A carefully selected assortment of genres, to suit a variety of sync needs Including our shiny new recording of Ski Sunday
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV453 Run The Beat William Featherby,Jamie Wilder,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Leo Wheatley,Alvin Lee Ryan,Anthony J Russell,Ea Akilat A mix of grime, trap, booty bass and electronic percussion designed for edgy sports campaigns, featuring MC Master Peace
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV452 88 Keys Peter Yelland-Brown,Kezia Tomsett,Benjamin McAvoy,Peter Yelland-Brown,William Featherby,Kamal Kamruddin,William Featherby,Benjamin McAvoy,Kezia Tomsett,Samuel McAvoy Powerful piano compositions and advanced studio techniques come together in this collection of musical explorations into unchartered sonic and emotional territory
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV451 Piano Diaries: Casal CASAL A composer's journey through emotions and time A heartfelt diary revealed through the melodies of a grand piano, featuring rippling arpeggios and both cinematic and intimate mixes
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV450 Kitsch & Sync Oliver Price,Belle Sara Humble,Zachary Gvirtzman,Oliver Price,Vincent Webb,Sabrina Altan,Oliver Price,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Vincent Webb,Samantha Whates,Oliver Price,William F M Mowbray,Oliver Price,Belle Sara Humble,Oliver Price,Jade Rayann Williams,O An eclectic array of quirky retro pop tracks to brighten up your day
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV449 Solutions 2 Richard Alexander Levy,Joseph Connor,Oliver Slack,Samuel Heath,Theo Kirsh,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter John Martin,Mark Peter Revell,Peter Ian Jones,Craig Brown,Samuel McAvoy,Kezia Tomsett,James Nathan Jeremy Jones Problem? Solution! This mix of organic, indie, pop and electronic tracks has been tailor made for advertising, with a focus on 30 second edits and the lift and change in mood
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV448 Orchestral Tension 3 Samuel Pegg,Jamie Salisbury,Matthew Norman Dramatic, building orchestral underscores with multiple rises and falls for tension, suspense, promos, sports and reality programming
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV447 Simple Drones Louis Greenwood,Louisa Shaw,Lawrence Hayes,Jason Tarver,Louisa Shaw,David Fuller,Louisa Shaw,Peter Weitz,Louisa Shaw A collection of moody, slow moving drones ranging from the calm and meditative to the eerie and menacing
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV446 Playful Intrigue Matthew Cracknell An album of playful, bright and light tension tracks that arouse curiosity, developed for film & primetime TV
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV445 Docudrama Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Andrew Michael Ernest,Laurence Greed,Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Andrew Michael Ernest,Nicholas Jonathan Hill,Andrew Michael Ernest,Daniel Tarbuck Bubbling drama and documentary beds with rich organic instrumentation, pulsing electronics and warm string textures
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV444 Reality Indie 2: Warm & Hopeful Fraser Smith,Dominic Marsh,Dominic Marsh,Ben Mclusky,Dominic Marsh,Jonny Jones,Andrew Powell,Tara Chinn,Dominic Marsh,Charlie Harper,Dominic Marsh,Dominic Marsh,Stephen John Collins,Andrew Powell,Dominic Marsh,Owen Parker,Dominic Marsh,Sacha James Colliss Music for glimmers of hope and emotional success stories
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV443 Cinematic Elegance By Laurent Dury Laurent Dury Cinematic minimalism with warmth and sophistication Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV442 Landscapes: Inspiring Minimalism James Nathan Jeremy Jones An album of dramatic contemporary classical music, conjuring powerful images of landscapes and panoramas
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV441 Cinephonic Brass Samuel Pegg,Joseph O'Brien Stunning brass-led scores, fanfares and atmospheres in the style of classic cinema perfect for historical drama, and space, showbiz and military programming Recorded at the legendary Air Lyndhurst Hall
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV440 Pop Ballads Sabrina Altan,Louis Souyave,Matthew Nicholson,Morgan Dodds,Jason Tarver,Hugo Russo,Brewster Nolan,Catch Harrington,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Timothy William Ellis,Cherry Jeanne Younger,Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Jason Tarver,Victoria Beaumont,Thomas Emotional, inspiring, contemporary pop power ballads for moments of tenderness, reflection, struggle and success Featuring powerful vocals from modern day artists
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV439 The Piano Tapes Jody K Jenkins Contemporary and emotive cues blending intimate piano and closely recorded string quartet
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV438 Bubbling Beds Jason Tarver,Thomas Michael Greenwood,Louisa Shaw,David Fuller,Steve Porter,Louis Greenwood,Louisa Shaw,Lawrence Hayes,Jason Tarver,Louisa Shaw,David Fuller,Michael Georgiades,Dead Astronaut Bright contemporary TV beds with pop and dance influences, featuring loopable edits especially for extended and live use
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV437 Vintage Latin Brass Andrew James Simmons,Martin Batchelar,Sean Hargreaves,Jerome Stephen Davies,Samuel Pegg,Alex Valentine,Martin Batchelar Suave and confident big band cues with swagger, in a range of Latin ballroom styles Recorded at Air Studios Lyndhurst Hall
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV436 Vintage Oddities 4 Ashley Simmons,Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Nick Pynn,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Kate Daisy Grant,Paul Williams,Thomas Hewitt Jones,Thomas Hewitt Jones,Rosabella Gregory,Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo Retro novelties with oddball elements nestled in-between authentic sounds and instruments
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV435 Vintage Oddities 3 Ashley Simmons,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Jose Antonio Gonzalez,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Dominic Raju Goundar,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo,Dominic Thomas,JF Whitney,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,Kate Daisy Grant Retro novelties with oddball elements nestled in-between authentic sounds and instruments
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV434 Inspire & Shine Richard Mead,John Ferrers,Bill Leonard Uplifting indie that packs an emotional punch
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV433 Strings & Beats 2 William Featherby,Aidan Mark Laverty,Andrew Eric Halford,Peter Yelland-Brown,Sparky Buddha,Peter Yelland-Brown,Samuel McAvoy,Nikolaj Bjerre,Theodore Richard Vidgen,Benjamin McAvoy,Samuel McAvoy Live strings and motivating beats, for scenes requiring tension, positivity or inspiration
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV432 Brass & Beats 2 Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Alvin Lee Ryan,Virginia Reeves,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Yelland-Brown,Tom Howe,Alex Valentine,Charles Eston,Tom Howe,David Jones,Virginia Reeves,Han Cassius Bold brass and motivating beats combine in this collection of positive and uplifting cues
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV431 Mixtape Vol. 3 Steven Paul Smith,James Warburton,Jade Pybus,Peter Yelland-Brown,William Featherby,Matthew Clark,James David Pickering,James Fox,Alessandro Gigante,Roberto Gigante,Michael Robert Irving,Matthew Nicholson,Steven Paul Smith,Antony Saffery,Daniel Griffiths,B A mixtape of all genres, with lyrical themes and songs with meaning Featuring Grammy Award winning writers, touring bands and commercial artists; Expect sync gold from these pros!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV430 Accelerando Peter Yelland-Brown,Benjamin McAvoy,Samuel McAvoy,Kamal Kamruddin,William Featherby,Benjamin McAvoy,Peter Yelland-Brown,William Featherby Tracks that speed up, whether it's ramping up the fun, intensifying the action or building tension This collection of contemporary folk pop, modern classical and more ticks all the boxes!
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV429 Politics & Conflict Philip Michael A collection of news themes and beds, ranging from epic and orchestral to subtle and investigative
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV428 Electro Swing 2 Sandor M Jozsa,Oliver James Johnson,Sean Hargreaves,Charles Eston,James Gordon,Joseph Connor,Oliver Slack,Samuel Heath,Theo Kirsh,Chris Garrick,Charles Eston A collection of Speakeasy and Vintage jazz remixes and originals, crafted in an inimitable contemporary bouncy swing style
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV427 Mixtape Vol. 2 Ashley Clark,Matthew Clark,Joe Mesch,Hugo Russo,Kamal Kamruddin,Peter Darling,Peter Yelland-Brown,Tales,Mark Revell,Christopher James Budd,Michel Thomas von Arx,Carmen Bradford A miscellany of contemporary and classic popular music styles
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV426 Keys & Beats Kamal Kamruddin,Benjamin McAvoy,Peter Yelland-Brown,William Featherby,Rob Thorpe,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond,Robert Grant,Mikhail O Johnson,William Featherby,Aidan Mark Laverty,Andrew Eric Halford,Catch Harrington,Dead Astronaut,Kamal Kamruddin,Panauh Ka Contemporary piano-led pop, dance and hip hop, from bright, positive feature tracks to emotive underscores
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV425 Happy Birthday arrJamie Salisbury,arrThomas Hewitt Jones,arrSamuel Pegg,arrMontgomery Rae,arrMark Cherrie,arrPhilip Michael,arrDavid Fuller,arrAshley Clark,arrOliver Price,Bjorn Agren,Sarah Beresford,arrOwen Roberts,arrOliver Price,Bjorn Agren,arrBruno Heinen,arrOliver The world's most famous song in a huge range of different styles, moods and instrumentation
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV424 Inspiring Beauty John Rowcroft,Chris Salt A collection of string based tracks full of hope, clarity, positivity and beauty, unfolding naturally to a satisfying resolution
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV423 Synth Cinema 2 Jean-Michel Blanc,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Alexey Leonov,Freiderich James Sebastian,Dead Astronaut,Daniel James Denning,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Christopher Hardwick,Si Begg,Mark Anderson,Alicia Anderson,Nikolaj Bjerre An album of retro-infused, electronic cinematic moods inspired by contemporary television and cinema
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV422 Speakeasy Jazz Sandor M Jozsa,Jerome Stephen Davies,James Gordon,Oliver Price,Vincent Webb,Sean Hargreaves,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Ciaran Jeremiah,Zachary Gvirtzman C Smoky 30s and 40s jazz from the sleazy to the mysterious, and the playful to the cool and laid back
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV421 Piano Moods Luke Faulkner,Mark Allaway,Jeff Lardner A beautiful selection of emotive piano themes and beds
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV420N #420Blazeit - Vaporwave, Chillwave, Lofi Hip Hop Jamie Wilder,Elaine Matthews,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Ea Akilat,Knowhere,Art Vandelay,Jackson Hamish Almond,Vincent-Paolo Corputty With the laws surrounding marijuana changing, weed culture is entering the mainstream, as is the music surrounding it This album explores the cross-pollination of cannabis and the internet generation, and millennials' new relationship with hash, ganja, TH
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV419 Christmas Mixtape Vol. 1 Knowhere,Carl Carlson,Lonely Rivers,Jake Shillingford,Nick Evans,Samuel Pegg,James Edward Alaric Bray,Michel Thomas von Arx,Anthony Mode,Pat Stone,Catch Harrington,Isobel Noeline Waller-Bridge,James Nisbet,Liberty Kay,Claire Leona Batchelor,Stuart Anning, Christmas carol covers, original Christmas songs, and wintery instrumentals for all your contemporary Christmas needs
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV418 Pioneers: Michael Price & Nick Hill - Contempora Michael Price,Nicholas Jonathan Hill Deeply emotive contemporary cues from the writers behind the music for Sherlock and Jekyll & Hyde, as well as an album on modern classical label Erased Tapes
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV417 Vintage Europe Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo,Chris Garrick,Bruce Maginnis Vintage pop and jazz from all around Europe, from the cool to the kitsch
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV416 Crime & Danger Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner,Konstantine Pope,Christopher Pardy,D M Ecks,Brewster Nolan,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Catch Harrington Tension, suspense and action cues with a dark, urban edge
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV415 Archive Remixed: Soundsci Edition Dennis Farnon,Oliver Trattles,Jonathan Morris,John Everette,George Moolenaar,Anthony Johnson,Kam Moye,Dennis Farnon,Oliver Trattles,Jonathan Morris,John Everette,George Moolenaar,Anthony Johnson,Dominic Sands,Oliver Trattles,Jonathan Morris,John Everette, Golden age hip hop sampled entirely from 60s-70s records from our archive Produced by Ollie Teeba from Herbaliser and Jonny Cuba from Dynamic Syncopation, with rap performances from a range of lyricists
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV414 Reality Indie - Trials And Tribulations Charlie Harper,Dominic Marsh,Dominic Marsh,Iain Prasad Mahanty,Dominic Marsh,John Russell Bradshaw,Dominic Marsh,Jonny Jones,Dominic Marsh,Sacha James Collisson,Dominic Marsh,Stephen John Collins,Andrew Powell,Dominic Marsh,Nikki Murray,Andrew Powell,Hayl Music for when things don’t go to plan, whether it’s a low point in a success story or the end of the road for an unfortunate soul. When you get knocked down, will you get up again?
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV413 Classics Remade 3 Sergei Rachmaninoff arrBill Connor,Sparky Buddha,Bert Lindar,Erik Satie arrBill Connor,Christopher Pardy,Claude Debussy arrBill Connor,Catch Harrington,Edvard Grieg arrJacques Mathias Oliveira,Sergei Rachmaninoff arrBill Connor,Christopher Pardy,Wolfgang A follow up album of contemporary takes on famous classical works From big band and big beat to dance and drum'n'bass
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV412 Busk A Move Finn Vine,Zeben Jameson,Mark Batey,Oliver Price,Stephen William Hodd,Steve Porter,Pete Jones,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Dominic Raju Goundar,Lewis Fieldhouse,Oliver Price,Ben Ferrari,Ciaran Jeremiah,Dominic Raju Goundar,Tom Whitehorse,Mark Batey,Etienne Lec An album inspired by the street musicians of Europe and beyond, a raucous blend of styles and instrumentation with bundles of energy
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV411 Mixtape Vol. 1 Ashley Thomas,Adrian Bax White,Nicholas Hill,Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Kamal Kamruddin,Ben McAvoy,Dead Astronaut,Chris Garrick,Catch Harrington,Lonely Rivers,Diana Frangi,Running Man,Samuel Pegg,Joseph O'Brien,Arthur Sullivan,Samuel Pegg,WS Gilbert, A smorgasbord of delicious musical treats from cool pop to cute classical
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV410 Sunshine Pop 3 Oliver Jackson,Smudge Mason,Marius De La Mer,Oliver Jackson,Marius De La Mer,Dot Com,Knowhere,Carl Carlson,Lonely Rivers,David Jones,Oliver Jackson,Smudge Mason,Marius De La Mer A collection of sun-drenched daytime & commercial-friendly pop with an uplifting feel and quirky edge
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV409 Solutions Michael Georgiades,Richard Edward Pryn,James Nathan Jeremy Jones,David Fuller,Michael Georgiades,Steve Porter,Pete Jones,Alexis Smith,Joe Henson,Harry Valentine,Nicolas Dagnall,Catch Harrington,Steve Porter,Mike Gunn A success-story toolkit of tracks which begin with a 'problem' and lead to a 'solution' Your happy ending begins here
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV408 Moviedrome V: Dial V For Vintage Jacques Mathias Oliveira,Jody K Jenkins,Joseph O'Brien,Vincent Elliott An anthology of mid-20th century soundtrack styles, from dark and atmospheric to bold and heroic, recorded with a 60-piece orchestra
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV407 Brass And Beats Sandor M Jozsa,Knowhere,Carl Carlson,Lonely Rivers,Michael Lesirge,Guillaume Emile Jambel Bold brass and motivating beats combine in this collection of positive and uplifting cues
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV406 Analogue Dreams Dan Electro Warm, cool and contemporary indie, electronica and minimalism Played and recorded on a range of vintage synths and hardware at the Total Refreshment Centre studios
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV405 Rhythm Sticks Nikolaj Bjerre,Charlotte Elizabeth Harding,Nikolaj Bjerre,Sean Hargreaves,Ben McAvoy,Bart Warshaw,Peter Yelland-Brown,Knowhere,Carl Carlson,Lonely Rivers,Ben McAvoy,Samuel McAvoy A collection of percussion-driven cues ranging from clap-heavy jazz and intricate percussive electronica to bold drumline and marching band
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV404 Orchestral Tension 2 Samuel Pegg,Lee Atholl,Scott Campbell,Jamie Salisbury The second in a series of dramatic albums featuring contemporary orchestral tension beds, underpinned by driving percussion and subtle electronic textures
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV403 Pressure Drop: Reggae Through The Ages Louis Edwards,Tom Wilson,Andrew Peter Kingslow A whirlwind tour of reggae's rich and vibrant history, from ska and rocksteady to contemporary chart and dance styles
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV402 Original & Quirky: Vintage Oddities 2 Oliver Price,Vincent Webb,Sarah Catherine Johns,J F Whitney,She Rocola,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo,Brigitte Beraha,Oliver Price,Orlando Roberton,J F Whitney,Benedic Lamdin,Riaan Vosloo Previously undiscovered gems from the 20th century's most eccentric musical minds, from quirky psychedelia to cool lounge and crackpot rock to wacky jazz funk
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