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CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM402 INFLUENCERS DNB Philippe FALCAO, Stephane MIRZAYAN,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas SPYRO,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Philippe FALCAO,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROCH,Philippe FALCAO, Olivier VILLAUDY urban musics for social media, influencers and bloggers
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM401 LUXOLOGY Charles CASTE BALLEREAU,Bertrand LAUSSINOTTE,Pierre ARRACHART,Steven SOLVEIG,Jean Claude SUODO, Baptiste CHARLES,Rémi BOUBAL, David MENKE,Julien AUCLAIR,Victor GAGNEUR,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Remy SARRAZIN, Amaury LOUVET,Andy BRYAN Luxurious electro cut ups mixing cutting edge beats and synth basses with crystaline harps, lush strings and other refined elements.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM400 ONE BLUE PLANET Romain PAILLOT, Alexis CORTES,Romain PAILLOT, Jean Philippe SERRES 59 orchestral and emotional themes for documentaries about life and ecology
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM399 JAZZ 2 Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Frederic MATHET An extended selection of optimistic acoustic jazz themes, 100% positive
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM398 TRAILER IMPACT Steven SOLVEIG,Guillaume BARON,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX,Aurelien MERGAULT,Cecile CHADUTEAU,Amaury LOUVET, Jerome DAURIAT,Philippe FALCAO, Olivier VILLAUDY,Clelia FELIX,Gaetan EVAIN,Victor GAGNEUR,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI Huge trailer booms, massive impacts and frantic action soundtracks for epic title reveals.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM397 CHRISTMAS RADIO Aurélien MERGAULT, Mathieu LUCAS,Axel ZEISS, Yasmin SHAH,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Aurélien MERGAULT,Guillaume BARON,Gaetan EVAIN,Remy SARRAZIN, Amaury LOUVET,Andy BRYAN,Bertrand LAUSSINOTTE,Nicolas RABAUD, Jérôme BOUMENDIL, Andréas JAFFRE,Frédé How to survive the holiday season? With this collection of beautiful POP ROCK arrangements of original christmas themes!
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM396 SCI FI Regis MAISONNAVE Space music in the great tradition of Kraftwerk, Tangerine dream and others
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM395 SUSPENSE AND DRAMEDY Soulimane TAGUIGUE fun and happy, dedicated to amateur spies and weird situations
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM394 MAKERS & EXPLAINERS Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Nicolas LONCLE,Felix THOMA,Guillaume BARON,Jean Marc HERBRETEAU,Olivier BALDISSERA, Patrick MANOUGUIAN,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX,Cecile CHADUTEAU,Emmanuel GEOFFROY,Gaetan EVAIN,Steven SOLVEIG 18 easy backgrounds for tutorials and other popularization programs in various musical styles.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM393 HEADLINES Romain PAILLOT More news , sports, action, trailers, and politics for global media
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM392 SUMMER ELECTRO Victor GAGNEUR,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER,Pierre LAITER It's the summer festivals season. 15 electro blasts to dance like everyone's watching.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM391 GOOD MORNING Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Guillaume BARON,Gaetan EVAIN,Francois DUFOUR,Francois TOURNEUR,Fabien COLELLA,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI, Remy SARRAZIN,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROCH,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT,Antoine BINANT, Hugue positive themes for a better day , just smile
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM390 BADASS SPORT Roberto BRIOT,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Andy BRYAN,Olivier BALDISSERA, Patrick MANOUGUIAN,Gaetan EVAIN,Clelia FELIX,SUAHV,Remy SARRAZIN,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX,Didier VISEUX,Jean Marc HERBRETEAU,David VAUTRIN,Morgan MONTI Action sports and hi level energy , big beat full throttles
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM389 URBAN ARENA Amaury LOUVET, Jerome Dauriat,Amaury LOUVET, Jerome Dauriat, Guillaume FLORI Heavy weight Hip Hop beats. Urban gladiators
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM388 D&B - REBIRTH Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Pierre ARRACHART,Morgan MONTI,François MAIGRET,Remy SARRAZIN,Didier VISEUX, Jacques MAUGEE,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX, Jean Marc HERBRETEAU,Olivier CASTAING, Thomas SPICQ, Rodrigo GONZALEZ MIQUELES, Marco Antonio ARAYA CORREA,Be It's finally happening. Drum&Bass is back. In all of its magnificient forms.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM387 EUROPA PIerre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI, Christophe NEGRE,Frederic LANGLAIS, Samuel GARCIA,Talos ANDONIS,Mila BLUM,Magalie TOCHON DANGUY, Frederic BUCH, Myriam THIEBAUT,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI, Eve Marie BODET,S A large selection of European postcards with best traditional musics
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM386 KITSCH IS KULT Stéphane MIRZAYAN,Stéphane MIRZAYAN, Laurent HONEL a flashback in good and fun happy days
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM385 ANTHEMIC POP Sylvain POGE, Nicolas POGE The time is now. Cease your chance to fulfill your dreams.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM384 CINEMATIC POP Philippe FALCAO, Sylvain POGE,Philippe FALCAO, Sylvain POGE, Nicolas POGE,Philippe FALCAO, Sylvain POGE, David BENAROCH for high rated projects towards success and recognition
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM383 CINEMATIC STRINGS Nicolas SPYRO,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Benoit BOULAS,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Pablo GARMON,Regis MAISONNAVE,Pierre ARRACHART,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS, Kevin DEDOU,Anthony SYLVESTRE,Michel MARIN panoramic descriptions of large and wide expectations and projects,
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM382 TICKING MUSIC Fabrice RAGOT smooth tick tock timers for radio quizz and dramedy tv prods
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM381 HYBRID DRAMA Romain PAILLOT, Soulimane TAGUIGUE energetic and cinematic suspense themes for action drama and weird situations
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM380 GIRLS DO IT BETTER Morgan MONTI,Bertrand LAUSSINOTTE,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER, Sophie MAISON,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Jean Claude SUODO,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX, Jean Marc HERBRETEAU, Dahlila HERBRETEAU,Philippe FALCAO,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER, Sparkling girly electro pop. Fresh and empowering.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM379 CONNECTING THE DOTS Remy SARRAZIN,Clelia FELIX,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Mila BLUM,Victor GAGNEUR,Alex CORE,Felix THOMA,Pierre ARRACHART,Emmanuel GEOFFROY,Jacques FRIEDEN,Jean Claude SUODO Brainstorms and grey matter work out. 16 tracks for when it's time to think and create.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM378 ESSENTIAL SOUL Pierre ARRACHART,Guillaume LAB DUROY,Didier VISEUX,Jean Claude SUODO,Steven SOLVEIG,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Felix THOMA,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROCH,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Amaury LOUVET, Remy SARRAZIN, Guillaume FLORI, Yvon LEMELE,Gaetan EVAIN,V Dive into today's Soul and Nu-Groove trends. From vintage tributes to new electronic twists.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM377 CRISIS Benoit BOULAS,Benoit BOULAS, Nicolas SPYRO,Gregory TANIELIAN orchestral hybrid tension drones for reality programming
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM376 MIDDLE EAST REPORTS Frederic MATHET,Pierre ARRACHART,Olivier DEPARDON,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Remy SARRAZIN,Pierre ARRACHART, Eve Marie BODET,Clelia FELIX,Didier VISEUX,Pierre LAITER,Gaetan EVAIN,Manuel WANDJI,Michel MARIN,Nicolas LONCLE,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROC Modern designed emotions of thousand and one nights and current conflicts
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM375 JAZZY CHRISTMAS Jean Claude SUODO,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX, Jean Marc HERBRETEAU,Luis ALVES,Francois TOURNEUR,Michel MARIN,Gaetan EVAIN,Laurent BOULOT,Benoit BOULAS How to survive the holiday season? With this collection of beautiful jazz arrangements of traditional and original christmas themes!
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM374 BETTER DAYS Ismael DE SAINT LEGER, Sophie MAISON,David VAUTRIN,SUAHV,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER, Chiara PIEMONTE,Pierre ARRACHART,Julien CLARAC,Felix THOMA,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Jean Marc WILLAROZA,Buhl GIRARD,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER,Laurent BOULOT,Remy SARRA A collection of optimistic feelgood pop tracks. From hipster indie songs to radiofriendly electro.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM373 SWING PULSE Luis ALVES Swing swing swing, wild guitars in the spectacular happy gypsy way
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM372 MASSIVE SPORTS Francois MAIGRET, Bertrand LAUSSINOTTE,Robson GALDINO,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Jean Marc WILLAROZA,Jean Francois MASSONI,Philippe FALCAO,Didier VISEUX,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER,DJ PHANTOM,Remy for those who like full throttle energy and victories
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM371 POP ENERGY John ARLON, Duane BERRY,John ARLON, Sandy LAVALLART,John ARLON, STARGAZER positive pop tracks for successful business
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM370 NOVA GROOVE Philippe FALCAO, Stephane MIRZAYAN,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Philippe FALCAO,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL Electro, Jazz, loops and grooves, an ultra tonic mix
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM369 COMEDY JAZZ Frederic MATHET, Didier VETILLARD,Thierry AVRIL,Benoit BOULAS,Jean Claude SUODO old timer jazz rags and big bands for fun and comedy
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM368 NEWS STREAM Francois TOURNEUR,Francois MAIGRET, Bertrand LAUSSINOTTE,David VAUTRIN,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Francois DUFOUR,Pierre ARRACHART,Didier VISEUX,Frederic MATHET,Clelia FELIX,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROCH A modern tool box for News Broadcasting in the digital era. With accurate sets of beds and alternative versions available.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM367 CYBER ACTION Amaury LOUVET,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Roberto BRIOT,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Nicolas LONCLE,Remy SARRAZIN,Clelia FELIX,Victor GAGNEUR,Mila BLUM,Damien DESHAYES,Stephane� AUBERT,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS, Florent DU 16 Hard boiled futuristic action tracks. Perfect for cyborg police interventions or flying cars chases.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM366 LIGHT PERCS Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Gaetan EVAIN,Thierry AVRIL,Guillaume BARON,Andy BRYAN,Robson GALDINO, Inor SOTOLONGO,Remy SARRAZIN,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Jacques FRIEDEN A large variety of percussive ethnic instrument
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM365 TROPICAL FESTIVAL Robson GALDINO Trendy latin tunes, traditional with most modern electro design
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM364 VINYLISTIC HIP HOP Morgan MONTI,Greg ERMIN, Baptiste CHARLES,Kenddy MARIE EMILIE, Lionel FABERT, Ray DE SOUZA,Tom LAPORTE,Renaud BERGOUGNOUX,Regis MAISONNAVE,Julien AUCLAIR,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI, Jerome DAURIAT 16 dope beats connecting east coast hip hop to lofi hip hop trend
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM363 FLUID DESIGN Julien AUCLAIR,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Pierre ARRACHART,Regis MAISONNAVE,Jean Claude SUODO,David VAUTRIN,Clelia FELIX,Felix THOMA,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,DJ PHANTOM,Steven SOLVEIG,Dominique FLEURY An elegant yet edgy compilation of luxurious and innovative tracks.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM362 SOCIAL MEDIA Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Philippe FALCAO powerfull and trendy themes for social media followers
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM361 BADASS BREAKS AND DROPS Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Pierre ARRACHART,Victor GAGNEUR,Morgan MONTI,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER,Regis MAISONNAVE,Steven SOLVEIG,Gaetan EVAIN 15 explosive urban bangers. Intense build-ups, crazy breaks and killer drops.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM360 DANGEROUS Soulimane TAGUIGUE Pursuits and investigations in sin city, tracking the viruses in science labs.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM359 POLICE Cécile CHADUTEAU Thrilling and stressful situations in the city, investigations, hospitals, death. dark
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM358 FRESHLY FUNKED UP BEATS Charles CASTE BALLEREAU,Morgan MONTI,Sylvain POGE, Fabien CAROUGE,Pierre ARRACHART,Francois MAIGRET,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Julien AUCLAIR,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER Deliciously funked up beats cooked with extra chopped up samples and perfectly sizzled synths.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM357 REQUIEM Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Anthony SYLVESTRE,Jacques FRIEDEN,Nicolas DEROO,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Thierry AVRIL sad and desperate thoughts of deadly situations
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM356 JAPAN Antoine BINANT, Yutaka NAKAMURA,Yu NAMIKOSHI,Taisei IWASAKI,Regis MAISONNAVE,Mila BLUM A prestigious selection of traditional, authentic and modern musics from Japan
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM355 TEMPORALITY Nicolas LONCLE,Jacques FRIEDEN,Clelia FELIX,Francois DUFOUR,Alex CORE,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Guillaume FLORI,Remy SARRAZIN,Philippe FALCAO, René Dewael,Benoit BOULAS,Soulimane TAGUIGUE 15 musical moments that illustrate the idea of waiting with slight tension
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM354 CATWALK 3 Regis MAISONNAVE,Pierre ARRACHART, Sebastian FERRET,Guillaume BARON, Aurelien MERGAULT,Francois DUFOUR,Clelia FELIX,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Emmanuelle HILDEBERT,Olivier DEPARDON,Manuel BLETON,Andy BRYAN,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLOR A sequel to the glorious fashion victims and hype
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM353 POLITICS 3 Manuel BLETON,Benoit BOULAS,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Regis MAISONNAVE,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Romain PAILLOT,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT,Nicolas LONCLE,Romain PAILLOT, STARGAZER,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Mila BLUM,Sylvain POGE, Fabien CAROUGE,Felix THOMA,Remy S Referendums and elections rules political life; get ready to express your opinion and debate
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM352 TREKKING Michel MARIN,Philippe FALCAO, Sebastian FERRET,,Benoit BOULAS,Francois TOURNEUR,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Lawrence MAGEE,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI, Rico BRINX,Jean Claude SUODO,Pierre ARRACHART, Ronan JAN,,Jean Francois MASSONI, Positive and enegetic themes for backpackers discovering the world an ecological way
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM351 BIKINI MARTINI Remy SARRAZIN,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI, Christophe NEGRE,Didier VISEUX,Gaetan EVAIN,Lawrence MAGEE,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DE WAEL,Jean Claude SUODO,Benoit BOULAS,Julien AUCLAIR,Emmanuelle HILDEBERT,Mila BLUM,Michel MARIN,Francois TOURNEUR,Freder A cocktail of swell bossa novas, stylish muzak tunes and silky jazz melodies. Shaken not stirred
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM350 LORDS OF DARKNESS Alex CORE dark strings and orchestral themes for the day after, anthems for goth and medieval warriors
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM349 DARK TEXTURES Steven SOLVEIG,Guillaume BARON,François  TOURNEUR,Damien  DESHAYES,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Manuel BLETON,Philippe FALCAO,Christophe JACQUELIN,Stéphane MIRZAYAN,Stéphane AUBERT,Victor GAGNEUR,Michel MARIN,Lyonel BAUCHET,Remy SARRAZIN, Bertrand VAN BREEMAAT,Feli Dark pads, tense suspensions and evil textures with ominous and anxious dissonances.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM348 BRIGHTS TEXTURES Emmanuel GEOFFROY,Steven SOLVEIG,Felix THOMA,Guillaume BARON,Christophe JACQUELIN,Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Philippe FALCAO,Damien DESHAYES,Remy SARRAZIN,Didier VISEUX,François TOURNEUR,Frederic MATHET,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Pierre ARRACHART,Lyonel BAUCH Bright pads, warm suspensions and luminous textures with emotional and soulful harmonies.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM347 THINK POSITIVE Benoit BOULAS,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Jean Pierre LACAILLE,Guillaume BARON,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Alex CORE,Frederic MATHET,Didier VISEUX,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Amaury LOUVET, Jerome DAURIAT,Stephane M for a brighter day, sunny, happy, friendly, optimistic
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM346 COMEDY WINKS Pierre ARRACHART, Eve Marie BODET,Damien DESHAYES,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT,Stephane MIRZAYAN,François TOURNEUR,Gaetan EVAIN,Steven SOLVEIG,Philippe FALCAO, David BENAROCH,Jean Claude SUODO,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Amaury LOUVET, Jerome DAURIAT,Remy In comedy, timing is key. This is why we created these 20 tracks filled with breaks, pauses, and stops to give the jokes the space they need.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM345 GUITARIST INTIMACY Cyrille LEHN,Sylvie FAUR,Florian SERAUL,Romain PAILLOT,Sylvain POGE,Cyrille LEHN, Florian GROUVEL Organic lifestyle for free people closer to romance and humanity
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM344 GUITARIST INTIMACY Lawrence MAGEE,Benoit BOULAS,Jean Claude SUODO,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Remy SARRAZIN,Romain MEDIONI,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DEWAEL,Jean pierre LACAILLE,Gautier HACHE,Mila BLUM,Philippe FALCAO, Jean Francois ORICELLI,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLOR organic lifestyle for free people closer to nature and ecology
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM343 YOUNG AND FREE Alexandre LESNY, Nolan CRAY,Alexandre LESNY, Nolan CRAY, Baptiste CHARLES Inside the ear pods of the post teen squads and the post millenial gangs. 15 positive, anthemic electro pop tracks set to unite the youthes of today.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM342 WEIRD XMAS Thierry AVRIL,Sebastien LEMAITRE,Remy SARRAZIN, Bertrand VAN BREEMAAT,Pierre ARRACHART,Remy SARRAZIN, Cedric ANTONELLI,Amaury LOUVET,Guillaume FLORI,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Patrick VASORI,Andy BRYAN, ,,Regis MAISONNAVE,Pierre LAITER, Victor GAGNEU a different approach of christmas period from beauty to destruction of myth
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM341 MIXOLOGY Julien AUCLAIR,Julien PORHEL,Morgan MONTI,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,François MAIGRET,Pierre ARRACHART,Leopold JANIER DUBRY Refined and elegant musical pieces chopped up and blended with cutting edge electronic beats and synths.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM340 PICKING Antoine BINANT, Eric AUNEAU,Jean François ORICELLI,Yann BENOIST,Lawrence MAGEE,Francois TOURNEUR,Manuel BLETON,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI, Eve BODET,Luis ALVES picking guitar style in various ways
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM339 MUMBLE TRAP & CLOUD RAP Morgan MONTI,Regis MAISONNAVE,Amaury LOUVET,Pierre ARRACHART,Jerome DAURIAT,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Guillaume FLORI,Didier VISEUX,Clélia FELIX,Amaury LOUVET, Jérome DAURIAT Floating HipHop beats made in blinding clouds of smoke. Ideal for mumbled lyrics.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM338 CONCEPT DESIGN Guillaume BARON,Antoine BINANT, Hugues CHAUVIN,Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Amaury LOUVET, Guillaume FLORI,Victor GAGNEUR, Pierre LAITER,Philippe FALCAO,Benoit JEGO, Florent DUCLOS,Amaury LOUVET, Jerome DAURIAT,Jean Marc WILLAROZA,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Steven SOLVEI sound fx, sound design, fm media, sports, action and energy
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM337 SUGAR POP Emilie DAUTRICOURT, Guillaume FLORI,Pierre ARRACHART, Guillaume FLORI,Emilie DAUTRICOURT,Didier VISEUX,Amaury LOUVET,Antoine DE VERGNETTE DE LAMOTTE, Jeffrey HALLAM,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT, Jeffrey HALLAM,Emilie DAUTRICOURT, Jeffrey HALLAM,Gautier HACHE, Jeff 0 sweet and sunny pop tracks in a wide variety of styles. From Electro Pop to Reggae, from New Disco to Tropical Groove... Ideal for for a sexy and carefree summer.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM336 ACIDMATH Regis MAISONNAVE Electro synth pop for lounge, chill and psychedelic addicts, dream garanteed
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM335 ULTRA FIT Philippe FALCAO,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Jean Marc WILLAROZA,Rene DEWAEL, Philippe FALCAO,Clelia FELIX,Guillaume BARON, Aurelien MERGAULT,Gaetan EVAIN,Jerome DAURIAT, Amaury LOUVET,Florian GROUVEL,Didier VISEUX Extreme power and energy, breathless, full force
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM334 ELECTRO WARM Ismael DE SAINT LEGER,Rene DEWAEL, Philippe FALCAO,David VAUTRIN,Manuel BLETON,Pierre ARRACHART,Florent DUCLOS, Benoit JEGO,Didier VISEUX,Antoine BINANT, Hugues CHAUVIN,Frederic MATHET,Guillaume BARON,Regis MAISONNAVE,Emmanuelle HILDEBERT,Buhl GIRARD A warm selection of urban light themes, soft and electro
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM333 CYBER CRIMES Philippe FALCAO, Nicolas NEIDHARDT,Steven SOLVEIG,Guillaume BARON,Paul DE CHAUMONT,Stephane AUBERT,Stephane MIRZAYAN,Remy SARRAZIN,Gaetan EVAIN,Benoit BOULAS,Damien DESHAYES,Raphael ARCHAMBAULT,Felix THOMA,Nicolas LONCLE,Jean Marc WILLAROZA,Sebastien LEMA MetroCity 2084. A series of cyber crimes have been reported. Time to investigate.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM332 FASHION POP 3 Sylvain POGE,Nicolas POGE, Sylvain POGE,Fabien CAROUGE, Sylvain POGE 14 energetic and trendy Indie Pop tracks with a slight 80s nostalgia twist, rocking drums and fresh guitars.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM331 CHARM Emmanuel GEOFFROY,Remy SARRAZIN,Amaury LOUVET, Rico BRINX, Guillaume FLORI,Frederic MATHET,Guillaume BARON,Robson GALDINO,Antoine BINANT, Bernard MENU,Rene DEWAEL, Philippe FALCAO,Emmanuelle HILDEBERT,Pierre ARRACHART,Philippe FALCAO soft moods for relaxing and seductive moments
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM330 BIG BEAT PARTY Ismael DE SAINT LEGER ultra pulsative themes for action and urban tonic power
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM329 TINY MUSIC Pierre ARRACHART, Eve Marie BODET,Mathias BERCHADSKI,Frédéric MATHET,Guillaume BARON,Paul DE CHAUMONT,Pierre ARRACHART,Guillaume FLORI,Clelia FELIX,Gaëtan EVAIN,Pablo J. GARMON,Amaury LOUVET,Alex CORE,Jacques FRIEDEN,François TOURNEUR,Stéphane AUBERT precious little things, miniatures, toys, watches, beloved objects
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM328 ELECTION DAY 2 Soulimane TAGUIGUE,Romain PAILLOT debate, politics, polls, referendum or election,the choice of the right strategy
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM327 TRAPPED Philippe FALCAO,Rene DEWAEL, Philippe FALCAO urban grooves including prestigious ambiances and themes
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM326 Midnight Overdrive Greg Ermin,Baptiste Charles,Charles Cates,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Francois Maigret,Julien Auclair,Mylene BAILLON,Julien Auclair,Sylvain Poge,Fabien Carouge a futuristic vision of neon electro & synth pop set in th glorious 80s
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM325 Storytelling Ismael De Saint Leger,Ismael De Saint Leger,Antoine Delaunay a selection of best choices for documentaries about arts, education, media and culture
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM324 Light Dramedy Romain Paillot,Soulimane Taguigue light suspense, comedy, and strange mysteries
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM323 Cardio Pierre Arrachart,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Amaury Louvet,Jean Marc Willaroza,Philippe Falcao,Philippe Falcao,Sebastian Ferret,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Flori,Stephane Mirzayan,Remy Sarrazin different tempo for your exercices jogging and sports from top to bottom and stretch
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM322 Dream Pop 2 Sylvain Poge,Fabien Carouge,Nicolas Poge,Soulimane Taguigue,Francois Maigret,Francois Maigret,Stephane Herve,Emmanuelle Hildebert,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Nicolas Loncle,Luis Alves,Remy Sarrazin,Amaury Louvet,Jerome Dauriat,Guillaume Fliro,Amaury Louvet trendy and light pop music for relaxed people
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM321 Aftermath Nicolas Loncle,Fabrice Ragot,Guillaume Baron,Benoit Boulas,Gaetan Evain,Lyonel Bauchet,Benoit Boulas,Sebastian Ferret,Ismael De Saint Leger,Pierre Arrachart,Stephane Mirzayan,Yvan Ackermann,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego the review of situation after the drama
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM320 Positive Vibes Nolan Cray,Alexandre Lesny positive ambiances and themes for trendy ads and docs
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM319 Intimate Piano Romain Paillot,Soulimane Taguigue,Patrick Vasori,Benoit Boulas,Sebastian Ferrret,Buhl Girard,Damien Deshayes,Michael Larcange,Leonard Raponi,Francisco Becker Germain,Christophe Jacquelin,Lyonel Bauchet,Benoit Boulas,Frederic Mathet,Yvan Ackermann piano solo to illustrate nature,life scenery and smooth ambiances
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM318 Organic Roberto Briot,Nicolas Loncle,Francois Tourneur,Pierre Arrachart,Eve Bodet,Dominique Fleury,Ismael De Saint Leger,Antoine Delaunay,Lyonel Bauchet,Jacques Frieden,Guillaume Baron,Pierre Arrachart,Laurent Colombani,Amaury Louvet,Rico Brinx,Frederic Mathet,Di light themes for documentaries and descritive situations
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM317 Radiant Strings Jacques Frieden,Michael Larcange,Antoine Heid,Yvan Ackermann,Soulimane Taguigue,Christophe Jacquelin,Pierre Arrachart,Eve Bodet,Lyonel Bauchet,Benoit Boulas,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Olivier Depardon for landscapes; human documentaries and light living
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM316 Party Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,David Vautrin,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Morgan Monti,Roberto Briot,Manuel Bleton,Steven Solveig,Pierre Arrachart,Sebastian Ferret,Pierre Arrachart,Laurent Colombani,Philippe Falcao,Julien Auclair,Mylene Ballion fun with friends at the barbecue or in discotheque
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM315 Fairy Tales Mysteries Sylvain Poge,Cyrille Lehn Magic stories, fairy tales and legends
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM314 Freedom Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael When electro meets folk, fresh and tasty, happy adventure for documentaries
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM313 Trip Hop Tunes Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Queens Road,Steven Solveig,Emmanuelle Hildebert,Amaury Louvet,Remy Sarrazin,Dimitri Leroy,Buhl Girard,Jerome Dol,Stephane Mirzayan,Pierre Arrachart,Laurent Colombani,Roberto Briot Sophisticated Atmospheres and elegant laidback rhythms
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM312 Criminal Chronicles Stephane Mirzayan,Dominique Fleury,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Flori,FredericMathet,Soulimane Taguigue,Pierre Arrachart,Sebastian Ferret,Benoit Boulas,Damien Deshayes,Guillaume Baron,Lyonel Bauchet,Dimitri Leroy,Nicolas Loncle,Roberto Briot,Remy Sarrazin investigation begins,do not cross the line, keep cool and analyse
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM311 Heritage Jacques Frieden historical legacy of our kings and Queens; archives, ceremonies and castles
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM310 Happy Morning Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Sebastien Flynn Goze,Francois Tourneur,Roberto Briot,Pierre Arrachart,Laurent Colombani,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Luis Alves,Steven Solveig,Frederic Mathet,Amaury Louvet,Rico Brinx,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Flori,Stephane Mirza the best audios to start a great day
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM309 Forecast Manuel Bleton,Marc Davidovits,Benoit Boulas,Raphael Archambault,Emmanuelle Hildbert,Roberto Briot,Sylvain Poge,Fabien Carouge,Antoine Binant,Bernard Menu,Thierry Avril,Sebastien Lemaitre,Remy Sarrazin,Julien Auclair,Soulimane Taguigue,Mickael Tebi,Antoine 76 audios specialy designed or media light communication
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM308 Xl Power Stephane Mirzayan,Roberto Briot,Andy Bryan,Sebastian Ferret,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Flori,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Amaury Louvet,Sebastian Ferret,David Vautrin,Pierre Arrachart,Didier Viseux,Benoit Boulas,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Antoine Binant,Hugue full energy and powerfull music themes for media, sports and winners
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM307 Salsa Robson Galdino,Laurent De Oliveira,Robson Galdino,Robson Galdino,Inor Sotolongo Latino themes from cuba sand salsa dancing
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM306 Percussons Robson Galdino,Jorge Bezerra,Andy Bryan,Francois Tourneur,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Baron,Pierre Arrachart,Daniel Ciampolini,Nicolas Loncle,Damien Deshayes,Benoit Boulas,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Kiran Murti,Sebastian Ferret,Taisei Iwasaki,Didier Viseux percussions of all kinds; congas, vibras, marimbas, glock, hang, asian or african,
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM305 Dream Pop Soulimane Taguigue,Buhl Girard,Didier Viseux,Sylvain Poge,Fabien Carouge,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Guillaume Baron,Dominique Fleury,Frederic Mathet,Roberto Briot,Nicolas Loncle,Remy Sarrazin,Francois Tourneur,Amaury Louvet,Jer Light aerial pop music for relaxed and trendy situations
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM304 Groove Up Lyonel Bauchet Luxury ambiance and grooving urban music, hand played
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM303 Reggae Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Fori,Philippe Falcao,Rene Dewael,Remy Sarrazin,Didier Viseux,Amaury Louvet,Rico Brinx,Emmanuelle Hildebert,Luis Alves,Andy Bryan,Buhl Girard,Stephane Mirzayan,Yvan Ackermann Authentic reggae from Jamaica; pure sound, roots spirit
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