CUTE MUSIC LIBRARYを最新から表示 (123アルバム)
南アフリカのライブラリーミュージック。子供をテーマにしたレーベル。 Children’s music by the bucket load. Cute Music, the happiest, hookiest, catchiest children’s music on the planet!
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE223 Just Kidding Attila Bencsik Fresh and quirky, story time music for children with a cheeky touch of mischief and mystery, for story telling, advertising and cinema, fun, warm, adventure, dramedy, playful, light, spooky, positive, intrigue, animals, comical, cute.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE222 Whimsical Tales Jamie Talbot Playful and perky, sunny melodies for comedy and children featuring woodwinds and light, happy rhythms, warm and carefree, bright, fresh, whimsical, retro, smile, jaunty, light, bubbly, advertising, animals, cute, lifestyle, holidays, wholesome, positive.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE221 Summer Fun Ross McLean Happy Bouncy Quirky. Hooky electronic sounds and zesty melodies, fun fresh tunes for feelgood times, perky and energetic, warm, playful, children, smile, bright, catchy, positive, bounce, chip tune, wacky, friends.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE220 Zig Zag Martin Gratton Quirky, playful music for mischief, kids and dramedy, fun, jaunty, wacky, comical, animated, catchy, activity, funny, positive, friendly, suburbia, children, optimistic, cheerful.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE219 Cute Buddies Ben Beiny Joyful, fresh, bright and bouncy with quirky sounds and the happiest vibes, catchy, friendly, light, playful, cheeky, positive, children, uplifting, kids, smile, activity, learning, hooky, summery.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE218 Tots and Toys Hayley Wood Light, fun, positive music for younger children, uplifting, playful and pretty beds for story telling and everyday kids activities, warm, happy, catchy, wholesome, motherhood, nursery, babies, advertising, friendly.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE217 Silly Billy Martin Gratton, David Elliott,Martin Gratton Playful children's music with bouncy beats, cheerful, perky melodies, a fresh sound and a silly twist for story telling and animation, warm, fun, bright, jaunty, light, happy, comical, positive, cheeky, friendly, smile, friendly, playful, advertising, mis
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE216 Curious and Quirky Mark Allaway, Jeffrey Lardner Catchy cues and lighthearted underscores for kids, mischief and dramedy, jazzy, fun, bright, quirky, light, positive, catchy, advertising, comical, curious, odd.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE215 Hooky Beats Tim Butcher Punchy kids action tracks with lively beats and fun synths, energetic, hook, fun, bright, warm, lively, adventure, children, smile, synth, exercise, fashion, action, cheesy, advertising, holidays, playful, beat.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE214 Movie Magic Peter Davison Magical, enchanting orchestral themes and cinematic underscore, fantasy, majestic, warm, uplifting, heart-warming, expansive, poignant, children, exciting, fairies, adventure, drama, action, soundtrack.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE213 Crazy Days John Chambers Loopy loops and hooky synths, bouncy bubbly beats with cheeky melodies, energetic oddball action, zesty fun and funky tracks for kids fashion with bright, catchy rhythms and silly sounds, happy, quirky, crazy, fun, teen, zany, action, fashion, children, s
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE212 Animal Antics Toby Huelin Playful, perky and whimsical orchestrated tracks featuring pizzicato for mischievous animal activity, perfect for children, light, fun, comical, quirky, pets, advertising, happy, neutral, cute, catchy, friendly, zoo.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE211 Sparkles Ross McLean, Juan Cachinero,Ross McLean Bright, cheerful and sparkly, pretty melodies and delicate hooks for advertising and television, children, fresh, cute, light and carefree, summer, bounce, bubbly, clothing, style, pop, fun, bright, upbeat, happy, catchy, kids, teen, fashion, uplifting.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE210 Happy Tracks Michael O'Donnell, Jim Luckie,Richard Thomas, Jim Luckie,Michael O'Donnell, Jim Luckie, Richard Thomas Light, positive, playful fun tracks for kids on a perfect sunny day, for tv, promos, advertising, bouncy, bright, optimistic, happy, punchy, fun, uplifting, catchy, children.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE209 Funtastic Hayley Wood,Hayley Wood, Stephen Wild Bubbly, light-hearted and friendly, an eclectic collection of playful tunes to brighten your day, fun, catchy, happy, children, positive, smile, activity, kids, sunny, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE208 Clowning Around Mark Allaway, Jeffrey Lardner Quirky and fun, classic style comedy for children featuring live instrumentation. Kids, comedy, fun, advertising, children, cartoon, woodwinds, dramedy, comical.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE207 Spy Kids Jamie Talbot Mysterious mischief and intrigue, retro sounding themes for children, magic and drama, detective, spy, playful, dramedy, investigation.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE206 Sunny Ukulele Jonathan Barlow,Gavin Courtie, Liz Radford,Hayley Wood,Paul Thorn,Paul Thorn, Alex Hall,Paul Thorn, Sergey Kolosov,Rob Aitken Fresh and simple music for children featuring ukulele, bright, optimistic, cheerful and catchy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE205 Chipper Tunes Hayley Wood,Ben Beiny Bright eyed and fresh, fun tracks for children with catchy melodies and a bouncy sound. Positive, happy, friendly, zesty, bright.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE204 Popcorn Martin Gratton Mouth pops, body slaps, catchy finger clicks and silly sounds. Fun, friendly rhythms and wacky beats for advertising smiles, children and comical activity, zesty bright, hooky.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE203 Motherhood Ben Beiny Warm and endearing, gentle, delicate and loving music for motherhood and family, advertising, television, positive, score, cinema, uplifting, happy, family, endearing, commercial, friendly, nursery, safe, holidays, happy, home, lifestyle, relaxed, travel,
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE202 Quirky Cooking Martin Gratton, Richard Armstrong,Martin Gratton,John Chambers,Jamie Talbot Fun activity and light tension beds and themes for cooking and baking, gardening, dramedy and quiz shows, children, positive, TV, showstopper, tasty, cakes, icing, catering, delicious, chef, restaurant, cuisine, lifestyle.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE201 Bubbly Ross McLean,Ross McLean, Alexander Morand, Gregory Rose Bright, catchy tracks for kids with fun melodies and quirky electronic sounds, positive, warm and uplifting, happy, feel good, sunny, fresh, friendly, smile, children, family, advertising, cheerful optimistic, sitcom.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE200 Bounce Ben Beiny Snappy little tunes with strong, joyful hooks and catchy electronic sounds, friendly, fun themes for kids of all ages, advertising, friendly, children, upbeat, hooky, chiptune, smile, uplifting, positive, bright.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE199 Kids Pop Ben Beiny,Ross McLean,Matt Harris The Zingiest, Sunniest Feel-Good tracks you’ve heard in a while. Punchy, bright and catchy pop music for kids and advertising, happy, uplifting, hooky, upbeat, advertising, motivational, kids, friendly, positive, warm, zesty.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE198 Mixed Bag Andrea Terrano, Rafael Marchante, Jim Luckie, Max Bronco,Peter Ludlam, Jim Luckie,Jim Luckie, Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco,Martin Gratton,Andrea Terrano, Marc Forde, Jim Luckie, Max Bronco,Martin Gratton, Richard Armstrong,Rob Aitken A wide variety of fun music for kids, comedy and commercials, bouncy, bright, uplifting, positive, children, playful, happy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE197 Story Telling Bruce Hall,Hayley Wood,Nikki Saks,Jamie Talbot,Charlotte Savigar Simple little melodies and underscores to sit under dialogue and bring your stories to life, warm, gentle, light, whimsical, innocent, bright, positive, optimistic, neutral, positive, friendly, happy, motherhood, secure, children, restful, fun, playful, c
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE196 Fun and Funky Matt Harris Quirky, catchy and optimistic music for holidays and good times, catchy, upbeat, tween, breezy, enjoy, bright, enthusiastic, mischievous, inspiring, happy, hooky, female, party, confident, cheerful, summer, enjoyment, kids, youth, pop, teen, friends, boun
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE195 Catchy Colours Ross Andrew McLean Bright and hooky kid-friendly tracks with a touch of indie, bouncy rhythms and bright, zesty melodies, catchy hooks, fun, warm, happy, advertising, sunny, breakfast tv, positive, summer.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE194 Kids Tech Tim Butcher,Nikki Saks Fun and friendly tunes with catchy electronic sounds, cheeky melodies and bright rhythms, bright and cheerful themes for gaming, promo, computers and technology, chip tune, arcade, electro, catchy, whizz, fun, bouncy, lively, happy, playful, video games,
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE193 Playful Piano Cathy Clinton,Toby Huelin Bright and catchy themes featuring piano for lifestyle programming, promos, children and advertising, playful, joyful, happy, light-hearted, positive, warm, babies, bright, acoustic, cheerful.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE192 Keep it Country Jamie Talbot,John Chambers,Rick Cassman Cheesy, fun music for farmers, cowboys and hillbillies, comical, wacky, children, smile, silly, kids, activity, energetic, horse, animals, Western, lifestyle, comedy, curious, storytelling, fresh, food, organic, tractor, cheeky, lighthearted, mischievous,
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE191 Gogglebox Bruce Hall,John Chambers,Luciano Menolascina,Nikki Saks,Rick Cassman A wide variety of bright and cheerful children's music with hooky beats and melodies for television and video games, tv, learning, adventure, fun, friendly, positive, educational, clever, fresh, advertising, playful, hooky, catchy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE190 Hooked on Kazoo Jamie Talbot,Rick Cassman,Martin Gratton,Mark O'Grady, Mike Sampey,John Chambers A collection of silly kazoo music for kids, game show and wacky comedy, cartoon, lifestyle, slapstick, happy, children, stories, wacky, silly, feel good, leisure, playful, ironic, underscore, commercials, quirky, novelty, animals, holiday, kitsch, classic
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE189 Tick Tock Nikki Saks,Cathy Clinton,Jamie Talbot,Luciano Menolascina,Anthony John, Gabriella Bertolla, Natalia Bertolla,Eskimo Girl Bright, catchy and positive themes and music beds for children and light activity, happy, hooky, catchy, warm, positive, playful, uplifting, fun, learning, tv, fresh, healthy, whimsical, wacky, magical.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE188 Fantasy Andrew Grant Innes,Andrew Grant Innes,Rexleigh Gay Bunyard A world of magical enchantment, beautiful music with classical influences for film, television and promos, children, happy, warm, loving, uplifting, soothing, motherhood, advertising, delicate, wholesome, cute, enchanting, cinematic, fairies, storytelling
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE187 Dramedy Hayley Elizabeth Wood,Jamie Talbot Quirky musical activity for sitcom and light drama, ideal for cute animals, comedy and playful mischief, children, pizzicato, fun, jaunty, bright, playground, happy, dolls, teddy bear, cartoon, pets, cooking, enchanting, fairy, childhood, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE186 Lollipops John Chambers,Cathy Clinton,Gabriella Bertolla,Anthony John,Natalia Bertolla,Jimmy Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Max Bronco,Jimmy Kaleth,Max Bronco Sparkling, bright and breezy music with joyful melodies for kids television activity and advertising, cheeky, fun, light, joyful, positive, happy, fun, youth, holidays, learning, sunny.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE185 Beds And Beats Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey,Rick Cassman,John Chambers,Mike Sampey,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean Punchy, upbeat and positive music beds with fun beats, wacky sounds and zesty melodies, for themes and advertising, hooky, positive, bright, quirky, catchy, light, smile, kids, playful, game show, tv, funny, action, comical, upbeat.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE184 Spooky David James Elliott,Martin Nicholas Gratton,David James Elliott,Martin Nicholas Gratton,David James Elliott,Martin Nicholas Gratton,Rory Dempsey Scary things that go bump in the night, fun and mysterious, light, comical, drama, magic, haunted, spooky, ghosts, advertising, quirky, positive, advertising, tv, drama, mischief, dramedy, shadows, cute, creepy, fright, unsettled.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE183 Commercials 1 Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Nikki Saks,Max Bronco,Ivans Moroko,Victor Lazlo,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Rafael Marchante,Jimmy Kaleth,Wes London,Andrew Innes,Jonathan Foster,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Simon An outstanding selection of catchy and kid-friendly music beds for advertising, catchy, summer, positive, happy, hooky, friendly, jingle, uplifting, buoyant, upbeat, cute, good time, optimistic, playful, punchy, kids.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE182 Big Adventure Toby Huelin Magical themes and underscores for cinema, trailers, television and advertising, fantasy, beautiful, enchanting, adventure, children, childlike, dramatic, mysterious, lighthearted, delicate, atmosphere, soft, flowing, landscape, nature, cinematic, impress
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE181 Energetic Peter Max,Tim Butcher,Jim Luckie,Dan Denning,Martin Gratton Catchy, punchy, kid-friendly tracks for feel good fun and advertising, fresh, bubbly music for children, bouncy and bright playful tracks for everyday activity, positive, catchy, sunshine, zesty, whimsical, animated, curious.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE180 Cupcake Cathy Clinton,Martin Gratton Bright, positive and friendly tracks for baking, cookery and general lifestyle television, happy, catchy, kids, teen, fashion, smile, uplifting, positive, hook, advertising, friends, learning, home.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE179 Creative Kids Cathy Clinton,Gijs van Amelsvoort,Toon Habraken,Jesse Maasdam,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Jamie Talbot,Gijs van Amelsvoort,Toon Habraken,Jesse van Amelsvoort Bright, fun and optimistic activity music for kids and commercials with catchy melodies and a bouncy sound, positive, happy, friendly, zesty, bright, cute, children, whimsical, silly, bubbling, playful, eccentric, busy, quirky, pets, positive, bouncy, fun
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE178 Zany Tim Butcher,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean Catchy hooks for fun commercials, hooky, cute music, punchy, summer, cheerful, bounce, bubbly, clothing, style, pop, fun, bright, upbeat, happy, catchy, kids, teen, fashion, smile, uplifting, positive.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE177 Bubbles Bruce Hall,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego Happy bubbly tunes for all ages, joyful, kids, lifestyle, light, light-hearted, pets, playful, positive, punchy, quirky, silly, simple, smile, simplistic, summer, sunny, toddler, toy, upbeat, learning.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE176 Quirky Punchy Fun John Chambers,Peter Max,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie Punchy feel-good themes with strong catchy hooks for kids tv and advertising, cute, zany, bouncy, upbeat, kids, eccentric, comical, adorable, pets, oddball, silly, comedy, positive, fun.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE175 Hide And Seek Martin Gratton Bright and jolly activity music for kids, keeping busy, learning and playing, happy, friendship, advertising, educational, activity, bright, children, school, imagination, adventure.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE174 Monster Bash Jeff Woodall,John Chambers,Peter Max,Tim Howarth,Jim Luckie,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Jim Luckie,Dan Denning Punchy catchy themes for computer gaming and robotics, chiptune, arcade, kids, playful, electronica, technology, fun, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE173 Hip Hop Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Rick Cassman,Matt Harris,Mark Brljak Fun and funky hip hop music for kids TV, lively, exciting, hiphop, mysterious, gritty, warp, R&B, vocal, bass, energised, trap, beats, funk, scratch, hip, groovy, catchy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE172 Happy Days Gijs van Amelsvoort,Toon Habraken,Jesse Maasdam Easy going children's tracks with a catchy sound, fun, catchy, happy, children, neutral, learning, positive, smile, activity, kids, sunny, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE171 Zippy John Chambers,Nikki Saks,Vyv Hope-Scott,Rick Cassman,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean,Cathy Clinton,Jimmy Kaleth,Jimmy Kaleth,Max Bronco Comical chase music for every occasion, lively, energetic, upbeat, action, adventure, kids, children, animation, advertising, comedy, positive.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE170 Jibber Jabber Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean,Fiona Dewey,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean Bright and cheerful tracks with optimistic whistle melodies and catchy hooks for kids and commercials, punchy, positive, bubbly, zesty, summer, happy, playful, advertising g, cute music.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE169 Dreams Nikki Saks,Bruce Hall,Cathy Clinton,Peter Max,Vyv Hope-Scott Music Box lullabies for babies, motherhood, advertising and much more, children, happy, warm, loving, uplifting, soothing, enchanting, restful, nursery, delicate.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE168 Mister Gadget John Chambers,Peter Max Catchy and quirky retro 8 bit chip tune themes, computer, electronic, catchy, gaming, arcade, fun, children, electro, technology, zesty, internet, advertising, futuristic, clever, learning.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE167 Hello Cathy Clinton Jaunty kids themes with sunny melodies and hooky beats, the happiest tunes on the planet, catchy and memorable, bright, positive, happy, uplifting, children, smile, electronic, synth, toys, joyful, friendly, optimistic, fresh, zesty, quirky.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE166 Crazy Rick Cassman Fast and frantic themes and wacky underscores with bright, zesty melodies and hooky beats, for zany fun and comedy of all ages, smile, playful, lighthearted, cute, joyful, whimsy, comical, popping, bright, lifestyle, quirky, funny.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE165 Peek A Boo ! Cathy Clinton,Bruce Hall,Peter Max Bright and catchy themes for kids themes and activity, children, friendly, upbeat, hooky, positive, enchanting, playground, playful, activity, learning, baking.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE164 Electro Bop John Chambers Zesty, wacky and fun themes for game shows and exciting kids activity, quirky, punchy, comedy, positive, playful, adorable, playground, kids, bouncy, jaunty, lifestyle, creative, eccentric.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE163 Cheerful Mike Sampey,Rick Cassman,Rick Cassman,Vyv Hope-Scott,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean,Jimmy Kaleth,Wes London,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey,Jimmy Kaleth,Phillipa Alexander,Alex Hay Fun and cheerful themes for advertising and children's media with a catchy whistle melody, light-hearted, fun, bouncy, light, positive, housework, commercial, bright, catchy, whimsical, jaunty, kids, activity.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE162 A Magical Journey Vyv Hope-Scott,Luca Figliuoli,Chris Lever,Nikki Saks,Martina Sanzi,Mina Chiarelli,Jamie Talbot Fantasy, fun and captivating enchantment for children of all ages, magical, classical, trailer, score, fantastic, optimistic, story, proud, hopeful, drama, cinematic, triumphant, film, Hollywood, memories, fictional.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE161 Bonkers Rick Cassman Crazy, wacky, silly tracks for fun times, bright, smile, kids, comical, action, advertising, cartoon, animation, quirky, ironic, children, playful.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE160 Pumpkin Patch Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean,Chris Lever,Jamie Talbot,Jimmy Kaleth,Blair Booth,Micky Wynn,Rick Cassman,Jimmy Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Jimmy Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Max Bronco Everyday fun activity tracks for children's television programming, story telling and educational media, bright, catchy, positive, happy, uplifting, warm, friendly, neutral, joyful.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE159 Kids Zone Tim Butcher,Rick Cassman,Jimmy Kaleth,Max Bronco,Jimmy Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Max Bronco,Jimmy Kaleth Punchy kids tracks with a catchy beats and wacky hooks, perfect for advertising, game shows and fun activity, cheeky, wacky, bright, positive, hooky, action, energetic, pop, teen, gaming, play, computers, contemporary, beat, bouncy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE158 Short and Sweet 2 Jamie Talbot,Cathy Clinton,Rick Cassman Bridges, links, transitions and stings for children's television, cartoons and comedy, story telling, positive, bright, friendly, fun, kids, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE157 Whimsical Jamie Talbot A delightful selection of positive children's tracks featuring woodwinds, light, bright, happy, enchanting, wholesome, uplifting, warm, smile, children, storytelling, cute music.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE156 Happy Songs 2 Peter Max,Cathy Clinton,Bruce Hall,Bob Carter,Mike Sampey More happy and catchy songs for children, bright, uplifting, pretty, cute, smile, friendly, learning, positive, story telling, advertising, heart-warming.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE155 Happy Songs 1 Peter Max,Bob Carter,Mike Sampey,Cathy Clinton A great selection of happy and catchy songs for children, bright, positive, uplifting, warm, friendly, feel-good, hooky, pop, pretty, smile, advertising, songs, cute music.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE154 Sugar Pop Tim Butcher,Peter Max,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey Happy positive and uplifting pop tracks for kids, bright, confident, sunny, optimistic, holidays, fashion, hooky, advertising, upbeat.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE153 Groovy Jimmy Kaleth,Aleksands Hromcovs arrAndrea Terrano,Peter Max,Jimmy Kaleth,Micky Wynn arrBlair Booth,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach,Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford,Dominic Ashworth,Felix Thoma,Rob Remy,Lol South Light and friendly activity music beds for children's television in a variety of styles, warm, positive, gardening, quirky, cheeky, perky, light-hearted, smile, bright, lifestyle, bustling, activity, whimsical.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE152 Beat Box Jimmy Kaleth,Aleksands Hromcovs,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey,Cathy Clinton,Tim Butcher,Jimmy Kaleth,Phil Saatchi,David Waugh Kid's tracks with a strong beat and a catchy hook, for activity and exercise, catchy, hooky, punchy, pop, summer, fresh, teenager, youth, pop, party, dance, fun, sport, happy, bright, beat, synth, cute music, holidays.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE151 Reggae Fun Peter Max,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean,Jimmy Kaleth,Aleksands Hromcovs,Felix Thoma,Jimmy Kaleth,Jimmy Kaleth,Phil Saatchi Happy and uplifting children's themes with a bouncy reggae feel, bright, light-hearted, fun, bouncy, housework, commercial, vacation, fashion, whimsy, kids, friendly, jolly, friendly, hooky, smile.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE150 Go Bananas Felix Thoma Happy, wacky and positive children's themes, catchy, bright and playful with a comical twist, cheeky, humorous, lively, joyful, happy, confident, cheerful, warm, quirky, rhythmic, light.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE149 Tiny Tunes Peter Max,Cathy Clinton,Jamie Talbot,Nikki Saks,Jimmy Kaleth,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey Catchy and clever, quirky, comical, fun music with hooky sounds and memorable melodies for children, lighthearted, whimsical, comedy, advertising, cute, oddball, bubbling, fresh, wacky.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE148 Moving Along Jamie Talbot,Rob Remy,Lol South,Cathy Clinton,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey,Peter Max,Felix Thoma Sunny themes and whimsical underscores for children's activities and movement, bright, light and happy, friends, learning, playful, catchy, positive, warm, enchanting, pretty, advertising, smile, uplifting.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE147 Short And Sweet Bruce Hall A selection of bridges, links, transitions and stings for children's television, a complete audio toolkit.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE146 Cool Kids Peter Max,Jimmy Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Aleksands Hromcovs,Kyan O'Brien,David Waugh,Jimmy Kaleth,Jeff Woodall,Mark Brljak,Jimmy Kaleth,Aleksands Hromcovs Quirky, catchy and energetic activity tracks for older kids, bouncy and fun with zesty sounds and great hooks for friends and fashion, upbeat, wacky, light, positive, fresh, toy, family, breezy, light-hearted, joyful, sunny, summer, carefree, funny, fun,
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE145 Ready Steady Go Cathy Clinton,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach Warm and happy, friendly, lively and upbeat music for clever kids and good times, smile, positive, children's TV, kids media, fun, childlike, uplifting, hopeful, youth, sunny, optimistic.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE144 Dance Machine Peter Max,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean Upbeat, energetic and fun themes with punchy beats and bright melodies, for tweens, kids and comedy, party, dance, fun, happy, bright, beat, synth, catchy, hooky, punchy, pop, celebrate, teenager, youth, poppy, cute music.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE143 Play School Eskimo Girl,Bruce Hall,Jamie Talbot,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross McLean Bright and bustling, light and whimsical music for children's entertainment and learning, breezy, playful, crafts, novelty, cute, mischievous, nature, animals, fresh, travel.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE142 Jack In The Box Peter Max,Jamie Talbot,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach Happy, bouncy, hooky and fun themes with for kids and comedy, learning and doing things, bright, cheerful, catchy, animation, cheeky, humorous, fresh, lively, bounce, cute music, advertising, learning, breezy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE141 Light And Fluffy Cathy Clinton,Jimmy Kaleth,Jamie Talbot,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach Innocence, fun, motherhood, happiness, warm and gentle music for young children, advertising and lifestyle media, dreamy, positive, hopeful, heart-warming, optimistic, bright, happy, uplifting, joy, loving, family.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE140 Fantasy And Adventure Vyv Hope-Scott A wonderland of exciting, heartwarming and uplifting orchestrated cinematic cues that will thrill and enhance, magical, fantasy, beautiful, enchanting, adventure, children, childlike, dramatic, mysterious, lighthearted, delicate, atmosphere, soft, flowing
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE139 Quirky Themes Cathy Clinton,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach,Bruce Hall Fun and quirky, warm and happy, enchanting and positive television themes for younger children, cute, catchy, children, gardening, lifestyle, home, busy, learning, friendship, summer, holidays, carefree.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE138 Tickety Boo Bruce Hall,Cathy Clinton,Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach,Jamie Talbot Simple, happy and positive children's music for story telling and light activity, friendly, gentle, warm, uplifting, neutral, uplifting, pretty, innocent, soothing, tender, nursery, calmy, baby, learning, hopeful, advertising.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE137 Kids Corner Bruce Hall Warm and cuddly underscores for babies and younger children, happy, warm, loving, uplifting, bright, positive, restful, pretty, lullaby, smile, motherhood, advertising, gentle, delicate, wholesome, cute.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE136 Fun Jimmy Kaleth,Joss Peach,Cathy Clinton,Jamie Talbot Scamper around with these fun and happy children's themes, playful, bright and optimistic with catchy rhythms and hooky sounds, catchy, hopeful, cheerful, lively, bold, contemporary, buoyant, sunny, sunshine, happiness, synths, hooky, positive, play, summ
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE135 Rock And Roll Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford,James Stelling,Dan Dotor,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Mark O'Grady,Mike Sampey,Patrick Randall Lively and energetic rock and roll fun for kids, bright, catchy, retro, punchy, sixties, determined, party, playful, guitar, bouncy, upbeat, animated, catchy, rhythmic, cheeky, driving, swagger.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE134 Down On The Farm Jamie Talbot,Cathy Clinton,Leif Kahal,Maggie Kahal,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Bruce Hall Fun, fresh and friendly music for kids activity on the farm and in the country, happy, organic, bright, positive, quirky, sheep, cows, chicken, gardening, children, activity, healthy, playful, animals, horse, village, hay, cowboy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE133 Tiny Tots Bruce Hall,Cathy Clinton,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Richard Heacock,Peter Max Warm and gentle music for toddlers, cute lullabies and pretty melodies, warm, enchanting, lovable, baby, motherhood, happy, nursery, family, goodness, organic, pure, innocence, fairies, magical, restful.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE132 By The Sea Cathy Clinton,Jamie Talbot,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox Happy holiday fun for lazy days, kids travel and activity at the seaside, palm trees and coconuts, relaxed, beach, ocean, boats, sailing, sea, summer, positive, vacation.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE131 Toyland Peter Max,Bruce Hall,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford It's time to join our friends for fun learning activities and happy times in Toyland, cheeky, friendly, catchy, bright, cute, playful, children, optimistic, cheerful, upbeat.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE130 Bright And Breezy Cathy Clinton,Bruce Hall,Peter Max,Richard Heacock,Jode Steele,David Wainwright Fresh, bubbly music for children, bouncy and bright playful tracks for everyday activity, positive, catchy, sunshine, zesty, whimsical, animated, curious.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE129 A Sunny Day Peter Max,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Cathy Clinton,Richard Heacock Zesty feel-good tunes with bouncy beats and sunny hooks, bright, optimistic, happy, punchy, fun, uplifting, catchy, children, positive.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE128 Bee Happy Bruce Hall,Cathy Clinton,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox Lighthearted and happy music with catchy melodies and bright, positive sounds, for children and cheeky animals, advertising, fun, smile, positive, sunny, uplifting, positive, creative, jolly, cheeky.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE127 Best Friends Bruce Hall,Jamie Talbot,Lucy Simmonds,Aimee Fox,Jode Steele,David Wainwright Happy children's music for learning and playful activity, bright, positive, happy, carefree, fun, smile, warm, catchy, cute, sunny, whimsical, joy.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE126 A Country Fair Vyv Hope-Scott,Peter Max,Richard Heacock,Christopher Payne Enchanting traditional style folk music for children, playful, fun, happy, magical, positive, village, organic, fresh, bright.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE125 Crazy Classics Cathy Clinton,Jode Steele,David Wainwright,Jamie Talbot,Maggie Kahal,Leif Kahal,Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford Crazy interpretations of well known classical works, for children and advertising, hooky, fun, lively, cute, quirky, comical, playful, animals, pets.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE124 Smile Tim Butcher,Dominic Ashworth,Julian Stringle,Jamie Talbot,Vyv Hope-Scott,Mike Wilkie,Matthew Corbett,Mike Sampey,Maggie Kahal,Leif Kahal,David Waugh Fun and friendly music with catchy melodies to brighten your day, light, bright, cheerful, comical, punchy, positive, kids, curious.
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