DEEP EAST MUSICを最新から表示 (289アルバム)
イギリスのライブラリーミュージック。DEEP EASTのメインレーベル。
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM286 City Of Shadows Luke Rhodes, A.C McKnight,Blair Denton, Gareth Leamore, A.C McKnight,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw,Luke Rhodes,Dee Harmz, A.C McKnight,Blair Denton, Gareth Leamore,Dee Harmz, Emma O'Gorman,Dee Harmz Serious, hard hitting rap vocals over deep, dark beats and rhythms / Hip hop to dubstep, a mix of moody music
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM285 A Little Bit Wicked, A Little Bit Wild Panic Boiiiiee, LVL UP,Blair Denton, Gareth Leamore, Vera Shaw,Polly Shelby, Charles Matthew Myers,Polly Shelby,Blair Denton, Gareth Leamore,Gus Gibson, Karina Julia Ramage,Gus Gibson Massive, stomping pop tracks with confident female vocals and huge beats / Big tracks with big attitude
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM284 Bruised Not Broken Joshua Evan,Peter West,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw, Robert Theodore Clarke,Richard Charnock,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw Gritty, percussive and energetic tracks for those big sporting moments / Epic goals, vicious knockouts, savage crashes. . . It's all here!
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM283 Dream Pop F.B Foven, Rebekah Wood Floaty and ethereal dream pop tracks for indie chic wallflowers and floor gazers
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM282 Sophisticated Strings Logan Addison,Joni Amelia Fuller,Merlin Danger Stately and seriously sophisticated strings arrangements, accompanied by piano and occasional percussion
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM281 Phoenix Rising Jake Shillingford, Nicholas William Evans,Marla Martinez, Estra jenson, Karina Julia Ramage,Rubik, Zeiss, Karina Julia Ramage, George Edward Littlehales,Aubrey Whitfield,Merlin Danger, Sarah Louise Mcintosh,Aubrey Whitfield, Rachel Louise Wallman,Holly He Authentically bold & brave songwriting that rouses & inspires. Reborn from the ashes.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM280 Mono Sum - Liquid Dystopia Lee John Gretton, Robin Joseph Williams, Nyasha Maynard Ngondonga The latest Monosum release / Punchy Afrobeats and modern pop stylings come together for a fresh sounding release full of character
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM279 Back To The Big Beat Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw,Toby Bricheno,F B Foven Move groovin' sample mania with chopped up drums & arms-up electro.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM278 Celestial Cinema Peter West,Mr Blue,OST, Jay North,Will Brown,Will Brown, Rose Sendall Synthetic grandeur and electronic excellence. Lifting us up to new heights.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM277 Bombastic Beats Thomas Graham Evans,Peter West,Joshua Evan Big, beefy, brash and overall bombastic beats! / Thumping acoustic drums and percussion married to brass blasts and electronic beats
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM276 Cautionary Tales Merlin Danger,Lindsay Debra Wright,Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote,Ron Baines Serious and understated atmospheric soundscapes. Mature and meticulous - neither too dark nor too light.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM275 New Tech Continuum Benjamin Doherty,Ron Baines,Cato Frederick Neustatter Hoeben,Corben Dallas,Will Brown Hi-tech and futuristic electronic underscores, always moving forward
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM274 Spatial Minimalism David Edward Holden Effortlessly beautiful, deeply human lament-but-hope pieces from piano & strings.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM273 Different Folk Zeiss, Rubik,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson, Babs Bassman,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Zeiss, Rubik, George Edward Littlehales, Agnieszka Karina Rz_sa,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson, Karina Julia Ramage,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson Impeccably-crafted, tender & emotionally-enthralling, modern alt-folk, nearly-pop songs.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM272 Squad Pop Peter West,Sonny Switch, Sayfro,Polly Shelby Influencers in the city / Drums, guitar and synth with full vocals.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM271 Eclipse Zeiss, Rubik,Will Brown,Zeiss, Rubik, Matthew James Organically abstract. Understated electronics that span across the spectrum, from light to dark.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM270 Cin Drones Joshua Evan,Benjamin Doherty,Peter West,Richard Charnock Steadily building electronic drones with just the right amount of atmospheric musicality.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM269 Coastal Stories Estra Jenson, Merlin Danger,Amelia Salerno, Merlin Danger,George Edward Littlehales, Zeiss, Rubik,Rubik, Zeiss,Logan Addison, Max Elliot Skibinski,Logan Addison,Rose Sendall,Luke Austin, Zeiss, Rubik Intimate folky elements and sweeping orchestra paint picturesque countryside views. Wholesome stories of home, of hearts, of humans.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM268 Stomp Folk Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw,George Edward Littlehales, Zeiss, Rubik,Luke Austin, Zeiss, Rubik,Rubik, Zeiss The Wonderful Wanderlust - Warm and propulsive acoustics with some full vocals
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM267 Cyclical Cinematic Will Brown,Estra Jenson, Marla Martinez,Sam Nolan, Jim Hemingway,Cato Frederick Neustatter Hoeben Simple and sprightly piano and small orchestra. Starting small, then growing tall.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM266 Proper Pop Polly Shelby, Charles Matthew Myers,Karina Julia Ramage, Estra Jenson, Marla Martinez,Polly Shelby,Richard Charnock, Hazel Tratt,Sonny Switch, Per QX, Elise Elvira Hedengren,Sonny Switch, Per QX, Sara Viktoria Gunnarsson,Sonny Switch, Per QX, Tilly Emelie Positively poppin pop hits featuring full vocals
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM265 Always Upwards Ron Baines,Logan Addison, Alexander James Frederick,Benjamin Doherty,Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote Inspiring orchestral tunes to pep up that end of month slideshow
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM264 Orchestral Grandeur Merlin Danger, Monogram,Rubik, Zeiss, George Edward Littlehales,Logan Addison,Merlin Danger,Logan Addison, Max Elliot Skibinski Highly motivational orchestra featuring pacy & purposeful strings.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM263 MonoSum Presents - Razor Sharp Pop Lee John Rodgers Gretton, Robin Joseph Williams,Lee John Rodgers Gretton, Samuel John Simpson Varlow,Lee John Rodgers Gretton, Robin Joseph Williams, Karina Julia Ramage Curated and crafted slices of molecular rhythmic pop
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM262 Glitz Bitz Richard Charnock,Sonny Switch, Per QX,Spectral Impulse Glam up to summer anthems for this poolside party with pals.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM261 Under The Surface Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson,Rubik, Zeiss, George Edward Littlehales,Merlin Danger,Rubik, Zeiss,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson, Alasdair Matthew Turner Brooding dramatics - Orchestra, electronics & atmos with sparse starts & powerful peaks (inc. some vox)
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM260 Cryo Cinematic Sonny Switch,Richard Charnock,Spectral Impulse,Peter West Epic & driving Orch-dance hybrids
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM259 Olympus Ron Baines,Benjamin Doherty,George Stroud Heroic top-of-the-mountain excellence.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM258 Feature Funk: Brass & Beats Brys Goggin,Benjamin Doherty,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Richard Adam Shaw,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Dave Spoons,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Robin Clarke,Mitchell Joshua Ayling, Charles Matthew Myers Essential Match Day Anthems
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM257 Poignant Piano Mitchell Joshua Ayling, Charles Matthew Myers Picture-perfect piano for soaring cinematic scenes. Mixture of songs & instrumentals.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM256 Hyper Cool High Life Beats Peter West,Joshua Evan,Robert Knight Bright & breezy chill beats for travel plans & fashion brands
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM255 Drums Only Toby Bricheno,Joshua Evan,Peter West,Rubik, Zeiss, George Edward Intense & rhythmic percussion only. Big beats, hyped hits & dominating drums.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM254 Emotive Enigmas Rubik, George Edward Littlehales,Merlin Danger,Jim Hemingway, Sam Nolan,Rubik,Rubik, Zeiss, George Edward Littlehales Curious and thoughtful orchestral tracks built from multiple layers of piano, strings and mallets
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM253 Brighter Than Bright Paulo Perfect,Josh Neve,Barney Quinton Cleancut & corporate indie guitar.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM252 Sample-Fueled, Soul-Vibed, Pop-Punched Rubik, Zeiss, George Edward,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Adam Richard Shaw,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Rubik, Zeiss,Josh Neve,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Robin Clarke,Mitchell Joshua Ayling, Charles Matthew Myers A mix of chopped-up sample-sliced pop-bangers and funk-grooves
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM251 Power Play Corben Dallas,Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote,Ron Baines Understated drama. Political tension underscores with modern orchestra.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM250 60 Second Hitters Toby Bricheno, Timothy John Bricheno,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson,Justin Sebastian Bryant,Corben Dallas,Richard Charnock,Benjamin Joshua Stephen Wheeler Punchy and immediate aggro-exciters. Some dance, some rock, some electronic - all hard-hitting and hyped.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM249 UK House John Monkman,Peter West,Mark James Pigden,Charlie Felix Fieber,Will Brown The UK bass house sound / Big, fat, synthy basslines and funky house beats
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM248 Sunny Side Up Pop Paulo Perfect,Josh Neve,James Proudfoot, Robin Brassington Super happy summer tunes to keep a smile on your face
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM247 After Dark Richard Keyworth,Will Brown,Benjamin Doherty,T Francis,Marla Martinez Moody electronic beats for insomniacs and other night dwellers
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM246 GRL PWR Polly Shelby,Chloe Montana,Vivian Stone, Sonnet Simmons,Chloe Montana, Primadonna QX Alt rock awesomeness, big attitude, rowdy guitars and raucous female vocals
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM245 Hype It, Chop It, Drop It Per QX, Sonny Switch,Charlie Fieber,T. Forrester, Adam Shaw,T. Forrester, Robin Clarke Big beats and bigger synths for all your awesome promos
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM244 Drive Forward Soar Upward Jim Hemingway, Sam Nolan,Benjamin Doherty,Barney Quinton Perpetually positive corporate-lifters that take us to new heights.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM243 Orchestral Drama Beats Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote,Ron Baines, Philip John Oates,Ron Baines Increasing tension as time runs out. Orchestral hybrids with electronic elements & break-a-sweat beats.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM242 Mono Sum Presents: Killer Pop Lee Gretton, Sam Varlow, Sam Brown, Huw Jones, George Littlehales,Lee Gretton, Paul Howells, Thom Kirkpatrick,Lee Gretton, Sam Varlow, Thom Kirkpatrick,Lee Gretton, Sam Varlow, Sam Brown, Huw Jones Hyper-modern & expertly crafted pop hits. First of the fiercely fresh Mono Sum EP series.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM241 Epic Pop Drops Richard Charnock, Jake Oliver Warren, Alice Veryzer,Sonny Switch, Per QX, Linn Oberg,Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson, Karina Julia Ramage,Peter West,Sonny Switch, Per QX,Richard Charnock, Jake Oliver Warren, Hazel Yvonne Tratt,Sonny Switch, Per QX, Elise Elv Sparse & subtle setups explode into epic & emotive vocal choruses.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM240 Fuzz And Drums Paulo Perfect,Charlie Fieber,Mark Pigden,Stephen Collins, Jon Dix,Richard Charnock,Benjamin Wheeler No-nonsense raw & raucous rock riffs & hits.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM239 Making All The Bright Moves Josh Neve,Peter West,Logan Addison,Justin Bryant Polite & positive acoustic eco-indie.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM238 Shot From A Pop Gun Barney Quinton,Mitchell Joshua Ayling, Jonathan Hick,Peter West,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Marla Martinez Influenced by indie. Propelled by pop.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM237 Global Shakedown Sonny Switch,Peter West,Richard Charnock Shake yer booty from Tropical Sunshine to Poolside Sunset.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM236 Horns Play, Happy Days T. Forrester, Adam Richard Shaw,Mitchell Joshua Ayling, Charles Matthew Myers,Zeiss, Rubik, George Edward Littlehales,Zeiss, Rubik, Duke Reed,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Zeiss, Rubik Sun-soaked brass & sounds of the summer.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM235 Big Strings Indie Marla Martinez, Estra Jenson,Josh Neve,Toby Bricheno,Toby Bricheno, Timothy John Bricheno, Kevan Gallagher Sweeping strings soar over eclectic indie.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM234 Darkly Delicate Zeiss, Rubik, Jonny Desai,T. Forrester, Catherine Louise Dearsley, Adam Richard Shaw,Zeiss, Rubik, George Edward Littlehales,Joshua Evan, ,,Zeiss, Rubik, Matthew James,T. Forrester, Catherine Louise Dearsley, Maitreya Jani Emotive echoes of Nordic noir.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM233 Mallet Melodic Motion Ron Baines Small orchestra & pitched percussion together in cyclical simplicity.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM232 Neutral Melodic Motion Jim Hemingway, Sam Nolan,Ron Baines,Vincent Webb,Ron Baines, Emma Heathcote A tranquil tapestry of masterful minimalism.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM231 Ghost Towns Zeiss, Rubik, Huw John Costin Delicately desolate scene-setters.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM230 Work It Out Per QX, Sonny Switch,Richard Charnock,Dexter Nolan Glute groovin', calf crunchin', bicep bouncin' BANGERS!
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM229 Air & Light Benjamin Doherty,Will Brown,Marla Martinez String-topped chart-pop.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM228 SubPhase Presents Boom Beats T. Forrester, Robert Theodore Clarke Fresh & hyped EDM bangers with big beats & even bigger bass lines.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM227 Tres Chic Rose Lonergan, Jasmine Rose,Marla Martinez,Per QX, Sonny Switch,Andrew James Proudfoot, Robin James Richards From dancefloor to catwalk.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM226 Spatial Inspiration Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote,Ron Baines,Vincent Keigo Webb,Toby Bricheno Deep vibes lift & enlighten.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM225 Piano Spaces Rubik, Zeiss,Adam Richard Shaw, T. Forrester, Catherine Louise Dearsley,Peter West,Maitreya Jani, T. Forrester, Catherine Louise Dearsley Incredibly beautiful & atmospheric live piano pieces.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM224 Tech In Motion Will Brown,Corben Dallas,Jim Hemingway, Sam Nolan Blips, blops, beats & synths soundtrack your presentation, process & production line. From serious, through neutral, to light.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM223 Dynamic Lifters Vincent Webb,Barney Quinton,Ron Baines,Paulo Perfect Infectious Indie-inspired builders that grow & soar with positivity.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM222 Epic Echo-Pop Josh Neve,Paulo Perfect, Elizabeth Argent,Scott Feldman, Sonnet Simmons,Sonnet Elisa Simmons, Scott Feldman,Will Brown Electronic & evocative alt-pop songs, feat. fearless female vocals.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM221 Displaced Ron Baines,Ron Baines, Emma Heathcote Dramatic yet intimate soundscapes. Live strings & piano, organics & electronics.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM220 Chase The Sun Paulo Perfect,Justin Sebastian Bryant,Barney Quinton Bright and Breezy indie pop-rock Inspiring and Illuminating
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM219 A Splash Of Soul, A Dash Of Pop Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Josh Neve,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Charles Matthew Myers,Harris Adams,Mitchell JoshuaAyling,Daniel De Lecq Le Gresley,Mitchell Joshua Ayling Modern mashup of classic soul and funk with a pop edge full vocals and instrumentals
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM218 Home Spun Strums Maitreya Jani,T Forrester,Rubik,George Edward Littlehales,Richard Charnock,Owen Matthew Gurry,Rubik,Zeiss,Rubik,Huw John Costin,T Forrester,Adam Richard Shaw,Catherine Louise Dearsley,Rubik,William Patrick Hood,Maitreya Jani,T Forrester,Catherine Louise D Heart-warming and foot-stomping rustic acoustica
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM217 Fire With Fire The Ruu Brothers,Edward John Russell Enormous and Explosive orchestra meets subtle atmospheres in this impactful hybrid of clashing forces, inc sound design, hits, edit points, builds and climactic rushes
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM216 Doomwave Hybrids Zack Kassidy Hyper-modern electro-cinematic epics dark-depths sound-scapes & beat-fury fizz & rise w ominous intensity
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM215 Refined & Radiant T Forrester,Catherine Louise Dearsley,Vincent Keigo Webb,Will Brown,Jim Hemingway,Sam Nolan,Maitreya Jani,T Forrester,Catherine Louise Dearsley Bright orchestral shimmers of resplendent beauty
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM214 Enthralling & Expansive Electronica Benjamin Doherty,Peter West,Will Brown,Peter Soelve Svensson Ethereal electronic soundscapes evoking light & dark atmospheres
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM213 Glow & Grow - Indie Film Tales Maitreya Jani,T Forrester,Selwyn Froggit,Barnaby Giles Dickinson,Rubik,Zeiss,Rose Sendall,T Forrester,Adam Richard Shaw Indie Films Tales: Dynamic & emotive stories of love & loss, soundtracked by acoustics & orchestra
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM212 Urbanised Rock Riffs Paulo Perfect,Toby Bricheno,Timothy John Bricheno,Peter West,Marla Martinez Rough & raw adrenaline-fuelled urban-rock hybrids
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM211 Triple Threat Peter West,Sonny Switch,Per QX,Marla Martinez,John Wakelin Tense-tronic Trap, Bass & Future beats
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM210 iPop Indie Rubik,Zeiss,Will Kurtz,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Rubik,Zeiss,George Edward Littlehales,Rubik,Zeiss,Huw John Costin Carefully crafted, hook-jangled, lush & lite modern guitar pop-punchiness
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM209 Pop-Tropica Richard Charnock,Sonny Switch,Per QX,Barney Quinton Dream-state, shoulder-shake, sun-bright, modern beach-pop
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM208 Pizzicato & Piano Patterns Ron Baines Piano & strings for progressive, dynamic, challenging or unusual human stories
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM207 Vibin' Jazz Andrew James Davis,Anthony Richard Barnard Sublime, virtuosic modern jazz energy Intensity, vitality, spirit & stamina ft percussion-only masterpieces
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM206 Hook Me & Hype Me Peter West,Toby Bricheno,Timothy John Bricheno,Per Qx,Sonny Switch Hooky Modern Pop with a sprinkling of glitz to soundtrack your summer
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM205 Pop-Tronica Robert James Knight,Eric Morang,Per Qx,Sonny Switch,Richard Charnock An elevating & vibe-warming modern sample-fuelled beat bounty
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM204 Pastoral Stories Rose Sendall,Jonah Hampton,Tom Quincy,Terry Barbosa,Barnaby Giles Dickinson,Alastair Iain Paterson,Mairi Therese Gilfedder,Mairi Therese Gilfedder,Moe Dahl,Tor Sorenson,Huw John Costin,Moe Dahl,Tor Sorenson Modern-doc evocations Stories of home, of hearts, of humans Strings, acoustics & pianos
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM203 Surf Psych Benjamin Joshua Stephen Wheeler,Barney Quinton,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Richard Charnock Hip & hooky indie esoterics & electronics
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM202 Club Thumps Kelly Mac,Aaron John Shapiro,Mark James Pigden,Sonny Switch,Per QX,Peter West House Growls & Dancefloor Drops
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM201 Bright Melodic Motion Jim Hemingway,Sam Nolan,T Forrester,Peter West Narrative-illuminating modern-classical momentum
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM200 Mono Sum Presents Producer Seducer Lee John Gretton,Robin Joseph Williams,Nyasha Maynard Ngondonga,Paul Howells,Stefanie Kate Bennett,Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Huw Teilo Jones,Lee John Gretton,Nyasha Maynard Ngondonga,Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Huw Teilo Jones,Lee John Gretton,Nyasha Maynard Producer-seducer Pop Music
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM199 Hot Looks, Horn Hooks Saul Miles Richards,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Harris Adams,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Matthew Alexander Holland,Saul Miles Richards,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Charles Matthew Myers A badass-brass beat-down, funk-up, fuzz & fry
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM198 Arrest & Inspire Toby Bricheno,Timothy John Bricheno Epic, earth-traversing, modern & majestic soaring hybrid spectaculars
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM197 Full Throttle Thriller Riffs Benjamin Joshua Stephen Wheeler,Peter West,Richard Charnock Doing hybrid harm
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM196 Neon Noir Soundtracks Sonny Switch,Per QX Organic-electrified, propulsive, cinematic now-score
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM195 Flying Colours Josh Neve,Justin Sebastian Bryant,Peter West,Paulo Perfect Rising & dynamic, iridescent inspiration
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM194 Dramatic Cinematic Electronic William Brown,Joseph Peter Farr,Sonny Switch,Per QX Versatile & propulsive cutting-edge electro-beats
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM193 New-Wave Indie Alchemy Tony Calligaris,Nicholas Dover,Tony Calligaris,Julian Emery,Tony Calligaris,Tony Calligaris,Michael Francis Higgins To-the-Stars Alternative Indie Imagery
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM192 Voodoo Alt-Pop Dynamics Oliver Rhys Jenkins,Barney Quinton Highly-engaging, noir-tinged, atmospheric-to-expansive female songs
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM191 Subtle To Cinematic Ron Baines Spine-tingling to Emotionally-enthralling
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM190 Elec-Tropi-Cool Richard Charnock,Barney Quinton,Corben Dallas Bleached out, electro-pop epics
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM189 Dusty Diddly Winks Robert Theodore Clarke,Timothy Forrester Clarke,Cato Frederick Neustatter Hoeben,Maitreya Jani,Timothy Forrester Clarke,Timothy Forrester Clarke,Celsey McFadden,Timothy Forrester Clarke Quirky & curious Funny & funky
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM188 Unex-Ppo-Ted Rubik,Zeiss,Mitchell Joshua Ayling,Paulo Perfect Impish & unpredictable sideways alt-pop punch
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM187 Noir Alt-Pop Epics Barney Quinton,Rubik,Zeiss,Rubik,Zeiss,Abhishek Jonathan Desai-Abram,David Edward Holden,Amy Marie Eisenbach,Paulo Perfect,Rubik,Zeiss,Huw John Costin,David Edward Holden,Brienne Jessica Moore,David Edward Holden,Morgan Kresty Paros,David Edward Holden Sparse & spatial heart-aching pin-drop pop songs
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