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ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS041 Push It!: Positive EDM Energy Richard P. Craker, Stephen D. Jones,Richard Lewis, Thomas A. Swindells,James P. Wilson,Liam Iliffe, Luke Brown,Richard P. Craker,Samuel R. C. Sutton,Ty N. Frankel, David J. Walker High energy, swaggering EDM that packs a punch, featuring powerful percussive beats, hooky synths and quirky effects.
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS040 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Hyung J. JoeKOMCA,Bryn Bliska,Neeta K. Sarl,Richard Bull, Luke Warren,Sonalie D. Rajasekera,Adam Steele Laidback, Lo-Fi Hip Hop instrumentals with chilled, propulsive beats. The perfect soundtrack for study and concentration.
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS039 Organic Electronica Thomas A. J. Evans,Anna-Louisa R. Etherington,Adam Steele,Ravmon, Sashi Graham,Ravmon Deep, ethereal electronica characterised by organic percussion and evolving atmospheres
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS038 Power Trip: EDM Promos Samuel R. C. Sutton, Samuel John,Julian Lee,William Bauer,Marshall S. Watson,Jason T. Wiltzen,Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell, Samuel John Exhilarating EDM promos with euphoric highs and intense bass drops. The experimental sound design includes epic trailer drums, swirling synths and explosive beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS037 Future Bass Charlie T. Yin,Devon Karpf, Daniel Macphee-Phillipson,Adam Steele,Ilyas Daltsaev,Alkalein,Jerry Torres, Sabine André Uplifting Future Bass with euphoric drops and shimmering, sun-soaked synths
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS036 Dark Techno & Electro Peter P. Carson,Alex Benson,Luke C. Thompson,Adam Steele Dark, propulsive techno and electro featuring driving beats, intriguing analogue synths and heavy, driving bass.
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS035 Grime & Hip Hop Oscar Hill, Justin Black Explosive hip hop and grime instrumentals for high-energy programming.
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS034 Beach Electro The Octopus, Nadia Star,Peter Carson,Benjamin Cartwright, Grace Savage,Alexander Bachell, Samuel Sutton,The Octopus, Victoria Harrison,Benjamin Cartwright Chilled-out, dreamy and alternative electro floating between feelgood beach parties and neon-lit night drives
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS033 Empowered Trap & Hip-Hop Oscar Hill,Justin Black Hyped-up, hard-hitting, trap and hip-hop perfect for high-energy sports programming
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS032 Future Electrobeat Thomas Arthur Swindells,Richard Lewis Gb 3 A cutting-edge collection of future R&B featuring catchy vocal hooks, dreamy synths and punchy electro beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS031 Melodic Electropop Justin Black,Oscar Dakota Becker,Samuel Rupert Cole Sutton,Alexander David Bachell,Thomas Arthur Swindells,Richard Lewis Gb 3,Justin Black,Luke Thompson,Richard Phillip Craker Commercial, contemporary electropop featuring dreamy synths, electronic beats and processed vocals
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS030 Best Of Eds Huw Williams,Justin Black,Oscar Hill,Marlon Dakota Becker,Alkalein,Dominic Luciano Coates,Laurence D Holcombe,Francois Oxford,Oscar Hill,Justin Black,Thomas Arthur Swindells,Richard Lewis Gb 3,Teeel,David Felton,Sample Magic,Israel Medina,David C Kaye,Ree A collection of the very best tracks from EDS
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS029 Summer Chill Alkalein,Joe Jacquest,Thomas Arthur Swindells,Richard Lewis Gb 3,Hannah L Melbourn,Keefe Davidson-West,Laurence D Holcombe Laid-back electro songs with relaxed vocals and summer vibes
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS028 Futurist Oscar Hill,Justin Black Edgy, cool and contemporary electronica perfect for fashion and tech
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS027 Funky Electro Justin Black,Luke Thompson Stylish funky electro and disco cuts featuring cool synths and tough beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS026 Bass House Samuel Rupert Cole Sutton,Alexander David Bachell,Samuel Rupert Cole Sutton,Alexander David Bachell,Michelle E Charles,Firefly,Tony Savo,Firefly Hyper Bass House featuring manic synths, tough beats, energetic basslines and processed vocal shout-outs
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS025 Late Night Beats Sample Magic,Israel Medina,Verushka Grebenar-George,Alkalein,Sample Magic,Lea Willis,Alkalein,Karl Sadler,Alkalein,Dominic Coates,Alkalein,Alkalein,Joe Jacquest Dreamy Chillstep and immersive electronica
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS024 Future Ambient Rupert Pope,Gilmore K,Toby Slade-Baker,Rupert Pope,Gilmore K,David Kaye Deep, atmospheric ambient electronica created for futuristic science, technology and fashion
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS023 Trance Reece Gilmore,Rupert Pope,Tobias Schuh Driving, euphoric Trance featuring relentless, four-to-the-floor beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS022 Complextro Taylor,Firefly,Tony Savo,Taylor,Firefly Relentless mash-up of dubstep and electro house with devastating basslines and slammed beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS020 Electro House Beats Reece Gilmore,Wesley Clarke,Rupert Pope Minimal, funky Electro House for urban fashion, future technology and reality TV
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS019 Future Electronica Marlon Becker,Shelley Uprichard,Mads Bergland,Mads Bergland Futuristic electronica featuring hypnotic synths and mesmerising processed vocal samples
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS018 Deep House Huw Williams,Laurence Holcombe,Patrick Hagenaar,Laurence Holcombe,Aaron Greenwood,Jeffrey Russell,Huw Williams,Victoria Harrison,The Octopus,Laurence Holcombe,Hannah Melbourn Positive and funky Deep House cuts featuring smooth vocal samples and solid four-to-the-floor beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS017 Edm House Hy2rogen,Samuel Sutton,Alexander Bachell,Patrick Hagenaar,Laurence Holcombe,Laurence Holcombe,Michele Russi Heavy duty mainroom EDM House cuts featuring relentless sub bass and slamming four-to-the-floor beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS016 Bassline Garage Richard Lewis,Thomas Swindells,Laurence Holcombe,Sample Magic,Taelimb,Ogre,Alkalein Bassline from the underground to the nightclub, featuring future garage, classic 2-step and house beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS015 Trap Jerry Torres,Oscar Hill,Justin Black,Justin Black,Luke Thompson,Taelimb,Laurence Holcombe,Michele Russi,Richard Lewis,Thomas Swindells,Laurence Holcombe Gritty underground trap with deep drops and cutting beats
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS014 Dubstep Breaks & Glitch Hop Huw Williams,The Octopus,Victoria E Harrison,Huw Williams,Jesse L Josefsson,John A Pregler,Sebastian Calisto,Tommy Gilligan Euphoric positive future dubstep with fierce beats and atmospheric vocal chops
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS013 Future Beats Laurence Holcombe,Sample Magic,Lea Willis,Alkaline,Verushka Grebenar-George,Sample Magic,Shelley Uprichard,Christopher Grebenar-George,Shelley Uprichard,Fatima Njai Dreamy slow-motion electronica and chill trap
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS012 Electro Techno Sample Magic techno electro house acid electronica
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS011 Mainroom House Samuel Rupert Cole Sutton,Alexander David Bachell,Francois Oxford,Oscar Hill,Justin Black,Oscar Hill,Justin Black,Huw Williams Euphoric Positive Pumping Uplifting
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS010 Downbeat Electronique Shahrooz Raoofi,Shahrooz Raoofi,Lea Willis,Teeel Mellow dreamy chilled electro synth pop
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS009 Dance-Punk Electro Huw Williams,Ulas C Koca,David Felton,Sample Magic,Samuel R C Sutton,Alexander D Bachell driving fierce intense pumping
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS008 Extreme Dubstep Huw Williams,Samuel R C Sutton,Alexander D Bachell action relentless slamming fierce
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS007 Chillwave & Glo-fi Israel Medina,David Felton,Sample Magic Warm Dreamy Ambient Soothing
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS006 Drum & Bass Elroy M C Powell,Erkki A Jokisalo,Elroy M C Powell,Tim D Cant,David Felton,Sample Magic,Peter J Bird,Jonathan R Pathan,Elroy M C Powell Energising Slamming Uplifting Driving
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS005 Nu Skool Breaks Gresby Race Nash,David Felton,Sample Magic,Chevy One 'Relentless, Energetic, Pumping, Motivating'
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS004 Future Disco Colin A Flynn,David Felton,Sample Magic,Francesca Bergami,David Felton,Sample Magic,Shahrooz Raoofi,Shahrooz Raoofi,David Felton,Sample Magic,Sami O Liuski,David Felton,Sample Magic Glamorous Stylish Sexy Playful
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS003 Progressive House Sami O Liuski,David Felton,Sample Magic,Andrei Axinte,David Felton,Sample Magic,Colin A Flynn,David Felton,Sample Magic,Shahrooz Raoofi,David Felton,Sample Magic Energetic Motivating Euphoric Uplifting
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS002 Dubstep & Grime Colin A Flynn,David Felton,Sample Magic,Shahrooz Raoofi,Shahrooz Raoofi,David Felton,Sample Magic,Andrei Axinte,David Felton,Sample Magic Extreme Twisted Hypnotic Intense
ELECTRONIC DANCE SERIES EDS001 Dubstep & Grime Steven A Young,David Felton,Sample Magic,Simon C Carter,David Felton,Sample Magic,Bruce Mac Vaughn,David Felton,Sample Magic,Shahrooz Raoofi,David Felton,Sample Magic,Kamyar Raoofi,David Felton,Sample Magic Fierce Edgy Urban Gritty