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UNIVERSAL USのレーベル。 Fresh, Compelling, Award Winning. The ELIAS Music Library continuously changes the way people think about music libraries by offering one-of-a-kind, game changing tracks that redefine the pre-composed production music market; an authentic, enduring, origi https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-il/discover/labels/265/ELIAS-Music
ELIAS MUSIC EM3011 Rock Celebration Cody Fitzgerald,Rusty Logsdon,Miles Francis,Steve Kerr,Danny Ross For the love of fun and loving life, this collection of indie pop rock theme with have you bouncing and smiling all the way home
ELIAS MUSIC EM3010 Pop Drama Pat McCusker,Eric Ronick,Steven David Fay,Danny Ross When life throws you curveballs you can hit them out of the park with this collection of contemporary pop themes. Featuring piano strings and soaring synth lines designed to pick you up and dust you off
ELIAS MUSIC EM3009 Reggaeton Zachary Aaron Golden The modern sounds of the Caribbean islands provide a soundtrack for sultry nights under star-filled skies.
ELIAS MUSIC EM3008 Hybrid Health Vol. 2 Marc Aaron Jacobs,Jasper Schwartz, Taisuke Kimura Back for more with this collection of light and comforting piano and acoustic guitar themes guaranteed to make you feel all better
ELIAS MUSIC EM3007 Piano Percussion David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias An enigmatic and evocative journey though the eye of the human condition featuring modern piano themes and rhythmic percussion foundations
ELIAS MUSIC EM3006 Modern Small Ensemble Marc Aaron Jacobs Jaunty and whimsical classical string ensemble themes with transport you to the countryside where you can frolic in rich, green meadows and skip down country roads
ELIAS MUSIC EM3004 Electrified Swamp Paul Christopher Otten,Ryan Rehm Hop on your hog, hit the road and shake your tail feather with this collection of gritty, down-home southern electrified swampy blues featuring sexy slide guitar and harmonica leads
ELIAS MUSIC EM3003 Yacht Rock Fritz Doddy Permission to come aboard? Set sail with this collection of late 70's and early 80's easy listening, yacht rock, with electric piano and sax leads. Time to hoist the sail, trim the main and plot a course for pure breezy satisfaction.
ELIAS MUSIC EM3001 Full Potential Joseph Edward Devenney,Steven David Fay Raise the bar and give it all you got with this collection of hard-hitting and ultra-motivational rock themes, guaranteed to take you to that next level
ELIAS MUSIC EM3000 Indie Groove Vol. 2 Tyler Tuohy No stress and not a care in the world with this collection of dreamy indie electro groove featuring lush synths and thoughtful beats
ELIAS MUSIC EM2998 It's All Happening Vol. 3 Val Louis,Anthony Gerbino,Aaron James Williams,Brandon Alexander Miranda Get ready to hit the floor and celebrate with this collection of energetic and festive electro pop themes featuring female vocals and lyrics
ELIAS MUSIC EM2997 Classical Remix Rotem Hecht,Jasper Schwartz, Taisuke Kimura,Colin Yarck,Steven David Fay A rousing collection of Classical music's most favorite themes remixed in modern and dramatic fashion, guaranteed to make the blue-hairs flip their wigs.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2996 Cool Crime Jesse Baskin,Rusty Logsdon,Ryan Rehm,Fritz Doddy,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick The hip detective is on this case in this collection of driving and energetic retro chase theme featuring bombastic brass hits, funky electric guitar and chase percussion
ELIAS MUSIC EM2995 Anytown, USA David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Piano and strings take center stage in this collection of childlike whimsical themes, perfect for scenes that display the hustle and bustle of small town life.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2994 City Soundscapes Vol. 2 Steven David Fay Back again with this collection of gritty and expressive hip hop themes featuring big beats and sporadic vocal textures
ELIAS MUSIC EM2993 Funktown Pop Vol. 2 Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Anthony Gerbino,Val Louis Rolling back into the club with this collection of fun, upbeat funk pop joints featuring driving grooves and big brass samples
ELIAS MUSIC EM2992 Funk For Sale Val Louis,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Luscher Get on the groove and make it funky with this collection or rhythmic, modern pop tracks guaranteed to make the buyer click ""add to cart""
ELIAS MUSIC EM2991 Electro Guitar Bryn Boyce Bliska,Zachary Aaron Golden,Brandon Alexander Miranda,Luke Teal,Adam Hanson,Tyler Tuohy Grab your shuffling shoes and get ready to cut some shapes to this collection of electro pop grooves highlighted with intricate guitar textures and layers
ELIAS MUSIC EM2990 Hip Hop Haze Vol. 3 Steven David Fay An encore collection of tripped hip hop beats built to inspire feelings of street pride and tension
ELIAS MUSIC EM2989 Motivational Builders Joseph Edward Devenney,Nate Morgan,Adam Hanson,David Benjamin Louis Koor, Matthew Nicholson This collection of inspirational and uplifting electronic pop themes is just what's need to push that boulder up the hill of success and victory.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2988 Contemporary Ukulele David Ashok Ramani,Fritz Doddy An eclectic and whimsical collection of acoustic themes, all centered around the happiest, most playful and charming instrument of all time
ELIAS MUSIC EM2987 Generation Punk Nate Morgan,Joseph Edward Devenney,Christopher David Campanaro,Kerry Smith Run wild in the street and damn the man with this collection of punk and pop punk fire starters with all the chugging guitar and pounding drums you can handle
ELIAS MUSIC EM2986 Happy Trap Anthony Gerbino,Bryn Boyce Bliska,Luke Teal,Felix Nicholson A collection of euphoric and positive modern happy trap themes that will have you kicking back and enjoying the good life
ELIAS MUSIC EM2985 Quiet Time Vol. 2 Marc Aaron Jacobs,Fritz Doddy,Kate Diaz,Brent Rowan Our 2nd installment of peaceful and emotional themes using organic instruments to tell stories for quiet joy and solemn reflection
ELIAS MUSIC EM2984 Organaspheres Vol. 2 John Kaefer,Fritz Doddy,Colin Yarck,Mark Benis, Mark Lohmann, Matthew Nicholson,Evan Wood Organic pulses, drones and atmospheres that set the scene for tension, mystery and wonder.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2982 Cinematic Stories Vol. 2 Sam Cleeve,Rotem Hecht,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Kate Diaz Back again with this collection of beautiful and breathtaking piano and orchestral themes filled with emotion, hope and inspiration
ELIAS MUSIC EM2976 Epic Action Vol. 2 Marc Aaron Jacobs,Rotem Hecht Back for another relentless thrill ride. Pounding drums, bombastic brass and soaring orchestral themes support today's most death-defying and hair-raising action trailer scenes
ELIAS MUSIC EM2975 Clean Contemporary Eric Ronick, Zachary Aaron Golden,Tyler Tuohy Youthful and modern pop, hip hop and electronic themes provide a fresh take for luxury and technology based advertising
ELIAS MUSIC EM2974 Rootscore Mark Benis, Mark Lohmann, Matthew Nicholson,Jasper Schwartz,Josh Wynter Americana at it's finest, this collection of folksy acoustic and orchestral themes will help you bring the harvest to market with time to spare
ELIAS MUSIC EM2973 Tension Beds Vol. 2 Rotem Hecht,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Zachary Aaron Golden,Kate Diaz Our second installment of orchestral and electronic suspense themes tailor made for dramatic film trailers and television promos
ELIAS MUSIC EM2972 Holiday Quirky Fritz Doddy Take an eccentric look at the holiday season with this collection of witty and playful ditties featuring piano, strings and unique percussive instruments
ELIAS MUSIC EM2971 Emotive Ensembles Kavin Hoo Small string ensembles accompany piano melodies and soaring violin leads in this evocative and emotional journey through the documentary lens and into the hearts of those who've loved and lost.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2970 California Indie Luke Teal,Allee Futterer,Pat McCusker,William Richardson,Devin O'Brien,Adam Hanson Sunshine smile for miles and miles in this collection of coastal California indie jams featuring ambient vocal leads and beachy electric guitars
ELIAS MUSIC EM2969 Holiday Magic Vol. 3 Alex Kish,Julian Scherle A festive and delightful collection of traditional, well-known Christmas carols arranged in thoughtful small ensembles will warm your heart with the joy of the season.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2968 Indie Cinema Vol. 3 Fritz Doddy Eclectic themes featuring quirky organic instruments handmade for independent cinema dramedies.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2967 Laurel Canyon Folk Brent Rowan Expand your mind and open your heart for this love-in of retro 60's California folk and rock tunes that echo through the canyons of Hollywood.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2966 Dream Pop Vol. 2 Anthony Gerbino,Eric Ronick,Zachary Aaron Golden,Aaron James Williams A euphoric and transcendent journey through the multi-dimensional world of electro dream pop, complete with multi-layered synths and sampled vocals
ELIAS MUSIC EM2965 Hybrid Docuseries David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias A collection of piano and orchestral hybrid investigative themes designed to underscore documentary scenes of hopelessness and despair
ELIAS MUSIC EM2964 Hip Hop Haze Vol. 2 Steven David Fay Get lost in the Haze. A tripped out collection of hip hop beats with vocals ... some built to inspire, while others take you down and dirty.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2963 City Soundscapes Steven David Fay A collection of gritty and expressive urban pop themes featuring big beats and sporadic vocal textures
ELIAS MUSIC EM2961 Funktown Pop Luscher,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick Groove it or lose it with this collection fun, upbeat funk pop showstoppers featuring driving grooves and big brass samples
ELIAS MUSIC EM2960 Straight Ahead Rock David Ashok Ramani A collection of driving, fist-pounding hard rock tunes with soaring guitars and huge drum grooves
ELIAS MUSIC EM2952A It's All Happening Vol. 1 - The Ladies Luscher, Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Ben Cina, Zachary Aaron Golden,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick, Luscher The ladies take center stage in this collection of epic event pop guaranteed to get the party started!
ELIAS MUSIC EM2952B It's All Happening Vol. 2 - The Fellas Luscher, Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Ben Cina, Zachary Aaron Golden,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick, Luscher The fellas take center stage in this collection of epic event pop guaranteed to get the party started!
ELIAS MUSIC EM2951 Hip Hop Harmony Zachary Aaron Golden,Benjamin Walding,Steven David Fay,Blake Crawford, Nilo Galang Loving and living life to it's fullest with this collection of positive and uplifting hip hop grooves
ELIAS MUSIC EM2950 Political Pursuits Rotem Hecht,David Ashok Ramani,Matthew Nicholson,Julian Scherle, Taisuke Kimura,Marc Aaron Jacobs Make your choice with this collection of politically inspired themes, starting ominous and investigative, then transitioning to positive and hopeful
ELIAS MUSIC EM2948 Perfectly Plucked Vol. 2 Zachary Aaron Golden,Matthew Mc K. Wilcox,Eric Ronick,Blake Crawford, Nilo Galang,Bryn Boyce Bliska Back again with our eclectic collection of thoughtful and intelligent rhythmic ditties, supporting images of creative design and thoughtful inspiration
ELIAS MUSIC EM2947 Post-Eclectic Vol. 4 Joseph Edward Devenney,Eric Ronick,Zachary Aaron Golden,Nate Morgan,Pat McCusker,Adam Hanson The fourth time's a charm with this collection of epic and awe inspiring, guitar driven post-rock themes
ELIAS MUSIC EM2946 Anthems Vol. 3 Steven David Fay,Eric Ronick,Zachary Aaron Golden,Adam Hanson,Matthew Nicholson,Pat McCusker Everyone could use a little inspiration and this collection of building, motivational and uplifting pop themes delivers and then some
ELIAS MUSIC EM2945 Beatscapes Zachary Aaron Golden Bangin' rhythmic dance grooves combine funk and pop to keep you movin' and groovin'
ELIAS MUSIC EM2944 Acoustic Ballads Jonathan Harker, Joseph Edward Devenney,Brent Rowan,Grant Gerathy, John Francis H Vella,Caitlin Eadie, Joseph Edward Devenney,Elena Stone, Grant Gerathy, John Francis H Vella,John Francis H Vella, Richard Austin, Thomas Novak,Andrew Geraghty, John Francis Rootsy and heartfelt singer/songwriter acoustic ballads featuring male and female vocal and lyrics.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2941 Post-Expressionist Alex Kish,Rotem Hecht Contemplative and introspective modern classical themes featuring string ensembles, piano and winds fall right in to place under scenes of fine arts and culture
ELIAS MUSIC EM2939 Discovery and Innovation Fritz Doddy Purposeful electronic themes underscore visuals of the world's finest technological minds as they troubleshoot the solutions of tomorrow
ELIAS MUSIC EM2938 Political Persuasion Vol. 2 Marc Aaron Jacobs,David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances In the thick of an election these orchestral tracks open with the grim, honest truth and then transition to the hopeful solution with dignity and grace
ELIAS MUSIC EM2935 Americana Solo Guitar Brent Rowan Thoughtful and comforting original and well-known solo acoustic guitar themes reflect the true American spirit.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2934 Indie Groove Julian Dente,Connor Edmunds, Tyler Tuohy,Jasmin Kaset, Tyler Tuohy,Peyton Parker, Tyler Tuohy,Tyler Tuohy Sultry and sophisticated ultra-indie rock and electronic grooves featuring male and female vocals and lyrics
ELIAS MUSIC EM2933 Inquisitive Ensembles Harry Waters Inquisitive and eclectic small ensemble themes provoke feelings of curiosity and inspiration
ELIAS MUSIC EM2932 Soul Jazz Jono Brown, Ricardo Belled Cooler than cool jazz combo grooves featuring electronic keys, organ and live horns will pull you off the wall and drag you to the dance floor
ELIAS MUSIC EM2931 Lofi Hip Hop Jacob Backer, William Hutchison Laid back and mellow hip hop joints featuring retro samples and old school grooves
ELIAS MUSIC EM2930 Hybrid Health Marc Aaron Jacobs,Julian Scherle Light and comforting orchestral hybrid themes evoke feelings of reassurance and profound relief
ELIAS MUSIC EM2929 Minimal Anthem David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances Evocative and reflective underscore themes featuring an eclectic mix of melodic and rhythmic instrumentation
ELIAS MUSIC EM2928 Vibin' Alejandro De La Paz, Jack Elias,Zachary Aaron Golden,Albert Joo,Alejandro De La Paz, Jack Elias, Travis Robertson Laid-back slow jams and relaxed grooves with male vocals set the right mood and keep it vibey.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2926 Acoustic Anthemic Caitlin Eadie, Joseph Edward Devenney,Julian Dente,Peyton Parker, Tyler Tuohy,John Francis H Vella,Grant Gerathy, John Francis H Vella Positive and hopeful acoustic themes featuring male and female vocals and thoughtful lyrics
ELIAS MUSIC EM2922 Disco Inferno Fritz Doddy Get ready to shake your groove thang with this selection of retro 70's disco jams guaranteed to draw the ladies to the dance floor.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2921 Rhythmic Rhapsody Matthew A. Fletcher Eclectic and quirky little ditties featuring hand percussion, acoustic guitars and piano will make you smile even on your worst day
ELIAS MUSIC EM2920 Epic Trailer Vocals Kavin Hoo,Corrinne Foo, Kavin Hoo Original and well-known orchestral and electronic themes with haunting male and female vocals build to a dynamic climax
ELIAS MUSIC EM2918 American Landscape David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances Festive and proud, this collection of sweeping orchestral themes and folksy ditties provides a spoonful of goodness from the great American melting pot.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2916 Emotional Intrigue Julian Scherle,Rotem Hecht,Marc Aaron Jacobs,John Kaefer,Matthew Nicholson This collection of evocative human drama orchestral themes will will have you second guessing every twist and turn.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2911 Cinematic Synthwave Steven David Fay,Devin O'Brien,Tyler Tuohy,Fritz Doddy,JASON PAUL MURGO,Nard Berings Arpeggiating synthesizers and drum machines lay a digital groundwork of retro 80's electronic scenesetters
ELIAS MUSIC EM2910 Solo Piano Rotem Hecht,John Kaefer,Eric Ronick,Julian Scherle,Marc Aaron Jacobs The dynamic, emotional range of live piano is on full display in this collection of evocative and expressive solo themes
ELIAS MUSIC EM2908 Classic Country Brent Rowan,Brent Rowan, Wesley Hightower From Nashville to Bakersfield, the very best in classic country and western music styles, featuring Male and Female vocals and meaningful lyrics.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2907 Prepared Piano Fritz Doddy Unorthodox piano modifications create an eclectic collection of unique tones, rouse the senses and stir the provocative spirit.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2906 Electro Swing Marvin Bounds Gordy III, William Brendle, Zachary Aaron Golden,Anthony Gerbino,Michael Sherwood, Zachary Aaron Golden,Zachary Aaron Golden,Alan Zavodsky, Zachary Aaron Golden,Gonzalo Bergara, Zachary Aaron Golden Put on your glad rags and top hats, its time to paint the town with this collection of vintage swing era jazz merged with modern electronic beats
ELIAS MUSIC EM2905 Electropical Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric King,Anthony Gerbino Pop and electro grooves blend with tropical island elements to fuel blissed-out,torch-lit dance parties on the beach.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2904 Classic Soul Blair Masters, David Luther Cleveland, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Matthew Guy Pierson, Scott Dente Male and Female feel-good vintage soul R&B jams of the 60's and 70's that will leave you with no choice but to hit the floor and shake it all night long.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2903 Bad Girls Caitlin Eadie, Joseph Edward Devenney,Ryan Rehm,Eric Ronick, Eric Tyler Harp,David Ashok Ramani, Wendy Ramani,David Ashok Ramani, Vincenzo LoRusso,Christopher David Campanaro Don't mess with these bad-ass chicks or they're gonna make you pay. All girl rockers dripping with attitude will put you on your knees and have you begging for mercy.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2902 Culture Clash Vol. 2 Marc Aaron Jacobs, Zachary Aaron Golden Classic orchestral elements and modern electronic grooves collide to create this collection of intelligent contemporary hybrid themes.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2897 Hybrid Edge Underscores Nate Morgan Rich, eclectic and full of intellectual intrigue featuring a true hybrid of organic and electronic instrumentation, modern and classic styles
ELIAS MUSIC EM2896 Independent Women Jess Nolan, Tyler Tuohy,Bre Jacobsen, Matthew Koziol, Tyler Tuohy,Natalie Royal, Tyler Tuohy,Christine Schmitt, Tyler Tuohy,Chloe Kinnon, Tyler Tuohy,Peyton Parker, Tyler Tuohy,Kelsey Reid, Tyler Tuohy,Melodie Chase, Tyler Tuohy,Jasmin Kaset, Tyler Tuohy Strong and confident women take center stage in this collection of indie electropop featuring captivating vocals and meaningful lyrical themes.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2895 Holiday Acoustic Eclectic David Ashok Ramani, Wendy Ramani,David Ashok Ramani Roll out the holly and be of good cheer with this heartwarming collection of holiday originals featuring acoustic guitar.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2894 Pop Piano Eric Ronick, Eric Tyler Harp,Fritz Doddy,Matthew Mc K. Wilcox,Scott Gerow,Sean Brennan,Eric Ronick,Pat McCusker Fun, bouncy pop featuring acoustic and electric piano, designed to lift your spirits and brighten even the cloudiest of days
ELIAS MUSIC EM2893 Holiday Pop Eric Ronick, Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Nard Berings,Steven David Fay,Fritz Doddy,Julian Dente Deck the halls and trim the tree with this collection of original contemporary pop holiday jams
ELIAS MUSIC EM2890 Introspection Vol. 2 David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances Pensive and reflective piano based themes support moments of deep thought and contemplation
ELIAS MUSIC EM2889 Post Acoustic Fritz Doddy A thoughtful collection of acoustic and eclectic themes building to inspiring heights
ELIAS MUSIC EM2879 Grit and Swagger Vol. 5 Nard Berings,David Ashok Ramani,Christopher David Campanaro,Joseph Edward Devenney,Nate Morgan The hits just keep on coming in our latest installment of gritty rock and electronic cuts filled to the brim with attitude and swagger.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2868 Disco Remix Fritz Doddy, Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick, Fritz Doddy,Fritz Doddy, Tyler Tuohy Classic, funky 70's disco themes collide with modern beats and explode into a fury of pop majesty and celebration
ELIAS MUSIC EM2867 Elias Classics Vol. 5 Marc Aaron Jacobs,David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances The Elias sound is alive and well in this fifth edition of traditional yet innovative underscores
ELIAS MUSIC EM2863 Fantastic Adventure Julian Scherle,Matthew Nicholson,Rotem Hecht,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Aaron Fullan A collection of epic adventure fantasy orchestral pieces ripe with childlike whimsy and wonderment
ELIAS MUSIC EM2862 Hip Hop Hustle Vol. 3 Emily Kimball, Zachary Aaron Golden,Afika Mxumalo, Pat McCusker,Daquan Spears,William Richardson,Roycardoes Kelly, Tyler Tuohy,Alex Sutton, Randy Vargas,John Cotton, Zachary Aaron Golden,Amos Larkins II Still hustlin' and flowin' with thumping beats and smooth grooves guaranteed to fill the club and put all the shawties on the dance floor.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2861 Perfectly Plucked Nilo Galang,Fritz Doddy,David Ashok Ramani,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick Electronic and organic instruments come together in this eclectic collection of thoughtful and intelligent rhythmic ditties, supporting images of creative design and thoughtful inspiration
ELIAS MUSIC EM2860 Positively Pop Pat McCusker,Eric Ronick,Ben Cina, Zachary Aaron Golden,Anthony Gerbino, Ben Cina,Alex Sutton, Maya Kurchner,Daniel Fernandez, Zachary Aaron Golden,William Richardson,Anthony Gerbino, Emily Kimball,Adam Hanson Keep your head up and look at the bright side with this collection of upbeat contemporary pop songs featuring both male and female vocals.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2859 The Upside Eric Ronick,Adam Hanson,Julian Dente,Jaques Mackay Courtois, Justin Bates,Blake Crawford, Nilo Galang,Pat McCusker,Tyler Tuohy Guys put aside their tough guy personas and wear their hearts on their sleeves in this collection of vocal driven indie pop songs
ELIAS MUSIC EM2847 Art Guitar David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances An evocative and thought-provoking collection of reflective human drama themes featuring acoustic and electric guitars
ELIAS MUSIC EM2843 Two Sides of the Story Fritz Doddy,Julian Scherle,David Ashok Ramani,Marc Aaron Jacobs,David Ashok Ramani, Lester Frances,Rotem Hecht,Joseph Edward Devenney,Matthew Nicholson Craft your emotional rollercoaster with this eclectic collection of interchangeable track pairings that take you on a journey from negative to positive. Tempo, Key and instrumentation remain the same within each pair.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2831 Art House Vol. 3 Fritz Doddy Our third installment of contemporary modernist themes with a bit more of an electronic feel.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2825 Art Craft Julian Dente The electro era is revisited and modernized in this collection of airy and spacious intelligent electro-pop themes.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2817 Hip Hop Haze Candice Evans, Tyler Tuohy,Amos Larkins II,Qutarius Parks, Tyler Tuohy,Peyton Parker, Tyler Tuohy,Jessica Lee, Zachary Aaron Golden,Alex Sutton, Kristen Fisher,Alex Sutton, Gregory Bandy,Jordan Rogers, Tyler Tuohy Get lost in the Haze. A tripped out collection of hip hop beats with vocals ... some built to inspire, while others to take you down and dirty.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2766 Grit and Swagger Vol. 4 Nard Berings,Joseph Edward Devenney,David Ashok Ramani,David Whitacre,Fritz Doddy,Ryan Rehm,Luther Russell Hold on to your ironic beards and skinny jeans! Rock & electronica take the stage in our latest installment of gritty, edgy cuts filled to the brim with attitude and swagger.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2760 Anthems Vol. 2 Kavin Hoo,Zachary Aaron Golden,Matthew Nicholson,Fritz Doddy,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Steven David Fay,Nard Berings,Shirena Parker, Steven David Fay Soaring vocals over triumphant pop and orchestral themes provide a source of musical inspiration, helping you blaze your own path to glory.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2759 Indie Movement Vol. 2 Kavin Hoo,Jaques Mackay Courtois, Justin Bates,Eric Ronick,David Baldwin,Zachary Aaron Golden,Scott Gerow Hands in the air for our latest installment of indie rock and electro anthems featuring soaring vocals and epic riffs.
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