ENERGY MUSICを最新から表示 (37アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。 ENERGY MUSIC creates the perfect narrative for every aspect of the human condition. Raw emotions and feelings brought to life by our select family of composers and producers.
ENERGY MUSIC EN038 VICE - Dark Criminal Beats Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory A premium collection of epic, crime soaked anthems. Tense, melancholic and emotional to their core. Music that creates a perfect backdrop for underworld crime drama, dark cinema, documentary and promo.
ENERGY MUSIC EN037 EXTREME - Intense Sports Rock Christopher David Aspin, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Mike Attonito,Ari Juhani Rannus, Mike Attonito An explosive album full of extreme power filled nu-metal rock songs, brimming over with energy and ripped full of winning, achieving vocal and guitar hook lines. Perfect for extreme sports, promo, action and advertising.
ENERGY MUSIC EN036 CHRISTMAS ENERGY - Festive Magic Jonathan David Barlow, Public Domain,Jonathan David Barlow, Public Domain, Robert James Aitken,Guy Edwin Charles Rigby, Public Domain,Brian Colin Burrows, Public Domain,Phillip John Gregory, Public Domain,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Public Domain,Amber Lilly Burrows, Brian Colin Burrows, Tilly Jane Rigby,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Public Domain, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,James Robert Johnson Kirk, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast A glorious kaleidoscope of traditional and original Christmas songs from ENERGY Music’s family of composers. Stylistically diverse but always accessible.
ENERGY MUSIC EN035 MOTIVATE 2 - Inspiring Anthems Brian Colin Burrows, Robert James Aitken,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Brian Colin Burrows A fresh and exciting collection of inspiring, motivational movers. Perfect for ad, promo and sports.
ENERGY MUSIC EN034 HYPE - Hip Hop Underscores Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,James Robert Johnson Kirk, Jamie Westgarth Shield Expertly crafted emotional trap and hip hop underscores for storytelling, promo, sports and documentary.
ENERGY MUSIC EN033 TRIUMPH 2 - Giant Sports Promos Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Phillip John Gregory,Phillip John Gregory A magnificent 2nd instalment of triumphant, heroic and high energy sports and promo anthems.
ENERGY MUSIC EN032 ELEVATE - Cinematic Pop Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey A beautiful collection of cinematic gold. Expertly crafted filmic pop from ENERGY Music’s talented family of composers. Overflowing with raw human emotions. Perfect for human drama, the big screen and promo.
ENERGY MUSIC EN031 CHILLED - Downtempo Moods Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Paris Thuy Hang Iliffe, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Sophia Caitli A cool, relaxed and laidback collection of organic tunes and songs. Perfect for emotional drama, human drama, promo and luxury ads.
ENERGY MUSIC EN030 DÉJÀ VU - Cyclical Motions Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey An elegant, minimal and subtly repetitive collection of compositions. Ideal narratives for a wide range of human stories and documentaries.
ENERGY MUSIC EN029 ELEGANCE - Cinematic Dream Pop Helena Kate Bland, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast A gorgeous collection of dreamy, emotional, and contemporary cinematic songs. Lyrically sensitive and deeply impassioned sentiments suggest a wealth of film and drama scenarios.
ENERGY MUSIC EN028 HOPES & FEARS - Reflective Piano Phillip John Gregory A beautifully elegant piano driven gem of an album, drenched in human emotions and a broad palette of moods. Perfect narratives for human drama, film and documentary.
ENERGY MUSIC EN027 REDEMPTION - Cinematic Americana Robert James Aitken, Samuel West,Robert James Aitken An authentic, dramatic and emotional collection of gritty cinematic Americana. Perfect narratives for film, drama, travel and adventure gaming.
ENERGY MUSIC EN026 GRAVITY - The Infinite Universe Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Epic orchestral and analogue synth compositions for cosmic interplanetary documentary, big science and epic cinematic sci-fi scenarios.
ENERGY MUSIC EN025 UPLIFTED – Electronic Euphoria Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Upbeat, pumping, energy filled contemporary EDM Floor fillers. A wide-ranging compilation of club styles from drum and bass and house right through to tech and future house. All with a positive, motivational and inspirational feel. Ideal for sports, enter
ENERGY MUSIC EN024 BRIGHT & BREEZY – Upbeat Indie Promos Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey, Timothy David Bradshaw,Guy Edwin Charles Rigby A youthful, uplifting, spirited and positive collection of songs with hopeful, upbeat and motivational messages. Simple bouncing, strutting drums and rhythms, melodic acoustic and electric guitars, playful bells and pianos. Immensely melodic and meaningfu
ENERGY MUSIC EN023 POWER – Massive Promo Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast Energetic, proud and heroic rock aimed squarely at big sport, ad and promo. Huge, soaring, anthemic vocal hooks with triumphant, determined lyrics riding high over live, aggressive and raucous rock bands. A true winners' toolkit.
ENERGY MUSIC EN021 NATURE - Our Magnificent Earth Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory,Jack Samuel Pashley Panoramic, provocative and magnanimous. Beautiful string and orchestral arrangements punctuated with sympathetic percussive rhythms and subtle electronica which propel us on a journey through Mother Nature’s natural earthly wonders. Composed for the exqui
ENERGY MUSIC EN020 COLOURS - Emotional Pop HELENA KATE BLAND, HENRI CHRISTIAAN DONDERS, Kristan James Dawson, Tom Prendergast,CATHERINE RANNUS, HENRI CHRISTIAAN DONDERS, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,HELENA KATE BLAND, HENRI CHRI A fresh, vocally charged, slick collection of commercial, emotional pop songs. Massive warm vocal, synth, guitar and sax hooks which lend from the 80s analogue but reside firmly in the here and now. The lyrical themes suggest a wide range of usage from ad
ENERGY MUSIC EN019 RAW - Modern Singer Songwriter Brian Colin Burrows, ROBERT DUNCAN MCVEY,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows, Guy Edwin Charles Rigby,Gordon Turner, SAMUEL WEST,Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows A reflective, introspective and heart-warming collection of modern Indie folk songs. Composed and performed by an amazing roster of talented singer-songwriters. Each song is a beautifully crafted cinematic gem, acoustic at its core but with diverse and al
ENERGY MUSIC EN018 TRAPPED – Cutting Edge Sports Promo Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Paul Umbrella Grandiose, pumping trap bangers. Drenched in swagger, bluster and attitude. Full of promo, sports, youth drama and ad-friendly builds and drops. Overflowing with gutsy sub-bass, explosive brass, wonky synth lines, edgy beats and catchy vocal hooks. This b
ENERGY MUSIC EN017 MOTIVATE - Uplifting Inspirations Brian Colin Burrows,Jack Monero,Phillip John Gregory A raucous, energetic cacophony of sheer get up and go. This vibe laden beast of an album has motivation and inspiration carved into its core. A wide spectrum of styles and influences create the perfect upbeat narrative for promo, ad and sports.
ENERGY MUSIC EN016 AWAKENING - New Beginnings Ben Malley,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Brian Colin Burrows,Ben Malley, Brian Colin Burrows A hopeful, stirring and heartfelt collection of compositions which set the scene for springtime renewal, birth and new beginnings. Tender melodic pianos, warm strings, positive synthesis and measured rhythms create the ideal narrative for a wealth of Moth
ENERGY MUSIC EN015 JITTERS  Pumped Up Indie Pop Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows, Guy Edwin Charles Rigby,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast Bouncy, fun, over-caffeinated Indie pop. Fast and furious drums, pumping basses, vibrant guitars and biting cut up synths supply a pounding, motivating, rhythmic narrative. While super catchy hooks and riffs inspire a myriad of sports, promo and ad friend
ENERGY MUSIC EN014 POWER & LIES  Political Narratives Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Exquisitely crafted orchestral compositions which explore the ever-changing landscapes of political and military wisdom, folly and deceit. With a musical emotion that captures everything from the sinister and foreboding to the bureaucracy of pomp, pageant
ENERGY MUSIC EN013 GRACE  Fragile Beauty Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey Beautifully elegant and intimate neo-classical storytelling. Thoughtful piano, rousing string arrangements, subtle electronica and delicate vocals weave a rich web of human hopes, fears, anticipation and melancholy.
ENERGY MUSIC EN012 CURIOSITY - Inquisitive Documentary Phillip John Gregory,Eddie Saffron,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey Minimal investigative underscores. Evocative melodies and delicate electronica establish the perfect emotion for human endeavour and factual documentary.
ENERGY MUSIC EN011 FEAR - Epic Underworld Crime Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Mysterious, tense and full of suspense. Pulsing, driving beats and melancholic orchestrations build to epic cinematic climaxes. Ideal themes and underscores for crime, thrillers and noir.
ENERGY MUSIC EN010 ZEITGEIST - Spirit of the 80s Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Kristan James Dawson, Tom Prendergast Modern 80s infused songs. Rich analogue synthesis and punchy rhythms peppered with strong hooks evoke the era but keep the productions modern and contemporary. Ideal for connecting filmic flashbacks or adding a difference to ad s and promos.
ENERGY MUSIC EN009 DOWN TO EARTH - Organic Folktronica Sam Velvetine,Phillip John Gregory,Jack Monero,Frank Slater Beautifully crafted folktronica. Earthy real instruments twisted with subtle electronica. Tracks have uplifting and emotional themes, all with a sense of build and structure. Ideal for interesting and other-worldly human stories.
ENERGY MUSIC EN008 TRUE GRIME - Sound of the Streets Ian Sanusee Koromah, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Fabian Jacob Johnson, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Jerome Peter Grant, Tom Prendergast Urban stories packed with energy and swagger that speak of determination, success and overcoming adversity. Perfectly detailed and arranged for sports and gritty drama.
ENERGY MUSIC EN007 BROKEN - Fractured Synthesis Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey An emotive, cerebral blend of hypnotic, broken and glitched beats with seductive electronica and alluring male and female vocals. 21st century musical narratives for immersive TV and film moments.
ENERGY MUSIC EN006 FROZEN - Scandi Neo-Classical Ben Malley, Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Icy Scandinavian neo-classical ambiences. Dark brooding strings, electronica and pulsing broken rhythms weave an uneasy narrative, drenched in melancholy. Perfect for drama, documentary, film and all criminal and mysterious storytelling.
ENERGY MUSIC EN005 EUPHORIA - Stadium Stompers Brian Colin Burrows,Eddie Fearne, Tim Carrabba,Phillip John Gregory Huge stomp clap stadium anthems with edgy, aggressive beats full of attitude. Bold and catchy melodies drenched in energy and swagger. Soaring guitars, massive electronica, vocal chants and lyrics create a positive uplifting and inspiring experience. Perf
ENERGY MUSIC EN004 RISE - Emotional Builds Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey Sparse, atmospheric beginnings build with grace and emotional intensity to measured, epic climaxes. Rousing orchestral highs and rich analogue synthesis combine to create the perfect narrative for documentary, drama and trailer use.
ENERGY MUSIC EN003 JOY - Anthemic Indie Brian Colin Burrows,Eddie Fearne, Jack McIlrath Summer drenched indie bangers. Up-tempo, guitar driven, inspiring, motivating anthems with cool electronica. Effortless vocals and riffs interweave to create many ad friendly moments.
ENERGY MUSIC EN002 LOVE & HATE - Emotional Neo-Classical Phillip John Gregory Beautiful and delicate, emotional and rousing. Piano and string orchestrations with a true sense of storytelling. Weaving gracefully from reflective and melancholic to bittersweet and uplifting. This collection of compositions is documentary, drama and ci
ENERGY MUSIC EN001 TRIUMPH - Soaring Sports Anthems Jack Monero,Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Ferry van der Woude, Kenny Jacobs, Tim Carrabba Huge, bold and aggressive. Orchestral, electronic and guitar driven sports and action ready anthems.