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ELBROAR ER1264 M O S A Ï K Rares Mihail Caraivan, Lia Mariella,Rares Mihail Caraivan Take an intriguing journey across German pop terrain with this compelling collection of songs inspired by chart-topping artists. Charismatic male and female vocals wax poetic with tales of love, devotion and youthful angst.
ELBROAR ER1263 The Greatest - Epic Trailer Hip Hop Simon Pettersson,Simon Pettersson, Rasheed Jamal Washington,Simon Pettersson, Tia Lambert,Simon Pettersson, Neahe A Miller,Simon Pettersson, Morgan Reece Wheatman Epic meets Hip-Hop for a combustible combo of angry gangsta rhymes, kingsize queen divas, giant traileresque beats and megalomaniacal choirs in this diverse journey through your own personal Walhalla.
ELBROAR ER1262 Neutral Motion Kriso Lindberg These elegant, percolating beds combine sleek electric guitar with tasteful, clubby beats and streamlined electronic layers to create a gentle momentum with a subtle high society vibe.
ELBROAR ER1261 Lofi Jazz Hop Edgar Moeller, Stefan Merz Moody Lo-Fi loops assemble with broken vintage beats, mellow lounge keys and jazzy guitars over a wonderfully laidback Hip-Hop backdrop. Warped brain waves, fading into the sofa, floating into heavenly relaxation.
ELBROAR ER1260 Wellenbrecherinnen - OST Maxi Menot, Sharyhan Osman,Kian Djalili,Maxi Menot,Maxi Menot, Doro Bohr,Maxi Menot, Line Boegh Nielsen Delicate female vocals, mandolin pizzicatos, indie guitars and cycling marimba combine as if under a hushed night sky to create these poignant, contemplative, artsy indie folk songs that include nuanced electronic textures and wistful, nostalgic themes.
ELBROAR ER1259 Positivity - Post Lockdown Vibes Roman Andor Krotil, Maram El Dsoki,Roman Andor Krotil,Roman Andor Krotil, Nathalie Raedler,Roman Andor Krotil, Ladina Viva These vibrant vocal pop gems are infused with a defiant joy that electrifies the soul. Life-affirming themes are delivered by charismatic male and female leads in these high-energy songs that feature hooky choruses, feel-good grooves and cool, modern-retr
ELBROAR ER1258 All The Love - Neighbourhood Jukebox Karina Tammy Byrne, William Sellers This cozy, diverse collection aims to lift the spirit with a gentle touch with tracks that range from gospel-inspired, folk-tinged songs to heartfelt, quietly uplifting instrumentals featuring intimate piano, shimmering synths and warm guitars.
ELBROAR ER1257 Industrial Humanity Thomas Stanger,Thomas Stanger, Moritz-Nicolaus Schuster,Thomas Stanger, Alexander-Bernhard Reuber Envisioning a cold, dystopian future, these techno-inspired soundscapes mimic harsh assembly-line aesthetics with repetitive mechanical rhythms, ominous, whirring industrial textures, metallic hits and alien synth efx that speak to an apocalypse too close
ELBROAR ER1256 The Sound Of The Christmas Night Alexsson, Imre Haaz These elegant, original Christmas songs sparkle with legendary Hollywood glamour with velvety-smooth crooners backed by classic big band arrangements, stirring retro string motifs, nostalgic backing vocals and luscious sax solos as the collection takes yo
ELBROAR ER1255 At The Movies - Blockbuster - Adventure, SciFi & Superheroes Boris Bruchhaus This versatile cinematic collection features first class orchestral arrangements that exemplify the golden era of cinemascope and grand Hollywood moments with classic flair and style - be it the final battle, the last second save or the first flight into
ELBROAR ER1254 Colossus Dorian Deveraux Bold and formidable, this hybrid trailer collection highlights massive orchestra fused with modern electronic pulses and atmospheres. Building, shifting dynamics derive from power drops, lively strings and dominating low brass themes while cinematic sound
ELBROAR ER1253 China Lars-Luis Linek, Arr. Johannes Matthias Hoffmann This exotic collection features characteristic Far-East instrumentals ranging from full Chinese orchestra to stirring solo performances in sizhu, chuida and Confucian style, spiritual moods in daoist context, Beijing opera, dragon dances and ethnic minori
ELBROAR ER1252 Wonders Of Life Dominique Ehrenbaum Magically mischievous and sprinkled with fairy dust, these light orchestral pieces celebrate the happy-ever-after with light orchestra, lilting piano, tiptoeing pizzicatos, twinkling xylophone and playful, low-key brass.
ELBROAR ER1251 Long Story Short Vol. 2 Gregory Wei Zhe Tan These anthemic orchestral trailer bites feature robust, building themes with powerful cinematic percussion, modern SFX, textured electronics and mighty brass themes - all packed into a 60-second power punch.
ELBROAR ER1250 Organ Inferno Mathias Rehfeldt These infernally-charged trailer cues feature pipe organ in all its grandiose glory as it oscillates between militaristic percussion, dramatic orchestral themes and brutish drum strikes to create an epic thrill ride of adventure and fantasy.
ELBROAR ER1249 Family Adventure Felix Magnus Grossmann A sizzling trailer collection of Hollywood-style orchestral wizardry, fantastic space adventure, and spaghetti western drama reminiscing the golden era of '70s and '80s family entertainment full of majestic excitement.
ELBROAR ER1246 Haunted House - Tense & Mysterious Strings Amadeo Lopez The frenetic drama escalates in these urgent orchestral cues with arco violins battling relentless cellos creating a malicious tension and excitement riddled with dark secrets and stirring psychological angst. Oh my.
ELBROAR ER1245 Elysion Andreas Resch, Dominik Alexander Hecker,Jan Juergen Hammer,Dominik Hans Heer,Andreas Resch,Dominik Alexander Hecker,David Tardy A fantastical world unfolds in these dark, enchanting trailer cues featuring soaring orchestral themes, dreamy, cinematic vocal textures, vibrational drones, speeding string movements, firing brass and cinematic percussive thunder that slowly builds from
ELBROAR ER1244 Raise The Sky Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andreas Resch,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andreas Resch, Patrick Reis,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andreas Resch, Talia Georgie,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andreas Resch, Julia Maria Hoelscheidt,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andreas Resch, From sensuous, downtempo electronica featuring male and female leads to vibey instrumental grooves with shimmering synth layers, warm piano, lush strings, gliding bass tones and nuanced hip hop beats, this luxe chill out collection revels in melancholic b
ELBROAR ER1243 Dark Ages Juno Morse, Amir Gurvitz The Dark Ages come to life with these weighty hybrid orchestral cues with nuanced Medieval overtones. Gothic choirs, guttural chants and wailing soloists join mournful viola da gamba, crumhorn, jew's harp and ritual drums and flutes to re-imagine this ble
ELBROAR ER1242 Chinese Mythology - Epic Trailer Fusion Gregory Wei Zhe Tan, Cherie Choo Rui Min,Si Hao Ting,Gregory Wei Zhe Tan These exuberant, larger-than-life trailer pieces fuse mystical, ancient Chinese instruments - like the Guzheng, traditional gongs and gliding flutes - with robust modern orchestra, cinematic drum strikes and soaring vocals to create a powerful ode to the
ELBROAR ER1241 Titanium - Synthwave-Rock David Andrew Chappell Synthwave goes epic on these dynamic, retro-futuristic overtures embracing iconic 80s and 90s influences, slow-burning builds with buzzy bass and racing strings and club drops that lead to grand orchestral downbeats.
ELBROAR ER1240 Survivors Of Cyberwar Dorian Deveraux, Amadeus Indetzki Taking a timely cue from the cyber warfare that surrounds us, this epic trailer collection revels in tragedy and intrigue on a grand scale, cleverly incorporating electronic pulses and textures, effected synths, innovative sound design, heavy drums and st
ELBROAR ER1239 Particles In Elements - Part II Goeran Meyer Analog particles travel in vibrational drift, forming clusters, agglomerating into faint glistening sound worlds. Perfectly suited for sci-tech, lab, forensics and research.
ELBROAR ER1238 Zoo Stories Felix Thoma A perky collection of charming small ensemble cues and mischievous shenanigans driven by freewheeling pizzicato strings and whimsical woodwinds aimed to enchant and delight.
ELBROAR ER1237 Percussive Dramedy 2 Max Breetzmann, Morten Ottow A variety of elegantly crafted off-kilter dramedy cues with a focus on contemporary mallets, sneaky pizzicatos and naughty percussion, ranging from light tension to quirky comedy.
ELBROAR ER1236 Vintage Revisited Roman Andor Krotil,Roman Andor Krotil, Victoria Huster Nostalgia rules in this inspired collection of retro-sounding gems as vigorous electro-swing follows acid jazz follows swanky odes to the golden age of radio - featuring wacky orchestral arrangements, gramophone brass and vocals and swaggy remixes. Uh One
ELBROAR ER1235 Ricochet Sebastian Pecznik, Axel Tenner Wrath double bass sections taking long terrifying strides whilst violins and violas rush frenzied through neo-classical fantasy sound worlds blending with dubstep FX and shattering impacts. Unstoppably rising with brass and cinematic drums under fire. Abs
ELBROAR ER1234 Russia Lars-Luis Linek, Arr. Johannes Matthias Hoffmann Russia, the largest country in the world, extending across northern Asia and into eastern Europe with its music deeply rooted in the traditions of the proud Russian people. This album highlights 12 cues varying from ballads and Russian romances to up-temp
ELBROAR ER1233 Andromeda Jelle Dittmar A peacefully fascinating fantasy space travel of galactic beauty, drifting through endless tranquility, embracing creation and the sound of light.
ELBROAR ER1232 Pandora Tihomir Goshev Hristozov Pandora's box, from Ancient Greek mythology, unleashes terror and destruction once opened. Consider this apocalyptic fantasy the perfect accompaniment with its abrasive orchestral staccatos, explosive drums, violent efx and impious dubstep - all hurdling
ELBROAR ER1231 Particles In Elements - Part I Goeran Meyer Analog particles traveling in vibrational drift, forming clusters, agglomerating to faint glistening sound worlds that are perfectly suited for sci-tech, lab, forensics and research.
ELBROAR ER1230 The Fallen Knight George Leousis A mighty fantasy adventure into a world full of magic and mystery, heroes, villains and fallen knights emphasizing majestic orchestra crescendos, impressive choirs and epic-sized trailer themes.
ELBROAR ER1229 Brass Deluxe Christoph Terbuyken, Hanjo Gaebler,Hanjo Gaebler, Christoph Terbuyken Luxurious big band scores, swinging beats, high-end fusion jazz, smokin' saxes .. a colorfully brass-tastic approach to retro-high-class entertainment with a modern twist.
ELBROAR ER1228 German Pop II Peter Jay Jordan, Florian Brückl,Marc Steinmeier, Peter Jay Jordan,Erika Emerson, Marc Steinmeier, Peter Jay Jordan,Anjoni, Mo Heidrich, Peter Jay Jordan,Oliver Sauerland, Marc Steinmeier, Peter Jay Jordan,Lia Mariella, Peter Jay Jordan, Dr Niels Nilsson, A collection of radio-ready pop and dance cues highlighting beautifully emotive, organic vocal performances and emotional German lyrics wrapped in stylish beats.
ELBROAR ER1227 About To Xplode Ziggy Sullivin,Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Garrett,Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Ian Murray, Emily Taylor Not your mom's hard rock album. Macho, grinding guitars and ballistic arena rock drums fuel the flames but the real showpiece are the fierce, visceral, raspy male vocals that supercharge these defiant anthems with world-weary authenticity and a soaring fa
ELBROAR ER1226 Mega Contest Ivan Bertolla,Ivan Bertolla, Marco Cinque Competition megalomania. Absolutely epic choir meets testosterone-drenched hybrid orchestral action, seriously grinding drones, heroic brass, bracing strings and cinematic drum explosions in this dramatic, life-and-death collection. Think victorious, epic
ELBROAR ER1225 A Day In Japan Axel Coon, Ralf Goebel This sophisticated, intriguing, Japanese-themed electronica collection features Koto and Taiko drums and Shakuhachi skillfully intertwined with modern-day beats and textures to create an exotic, cinematic feast for the ears. Ideal for travel, lifestyle, n
ELBROAR ER1224 Cybernetics Or Kribos, Or Chausha Dark industrial sound design trailers on percussive steroids.
ELBROAR ER1223 Recycle & Repair Tony Delmonte, Findus Englbrecht, Jodokus Bichselweder Make a difference. Fresh and uplifting promo cuts with a vibrant global perspective perfectly suited for inspiring documentary, corporate design, reality-TV, and D.I.Y. refurbishment.
ELBROAR ER1222 Safari Beach Club Tim Stanzel, Michael Huber This innovative, left-of-center collection leaves no genre behind, embracing influences as diverse as retro techno to futuristic surf guitar, tropical reggae to dreamy Saturday Night disco - all wrapped in a feel-good, seductive haze of time-bending wizar
ELBROAR ER1221 Trailer Beast Vol. 4 Michael Werner Maas The beasts are back and taking no prisoners with this collection of 12 death-defying, end-of-the-world trailer extravaganzas. Turbo-charged with ferocious hits and monstrous, hyper-driven percussion, these unstoppable calls-to-arm feature racing strings,
ELBROAR ER1220 Come Back Harder - Ziggy Sullivin x Amadeus Indetzki Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin,Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Garrett,Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Ian Murray, Emily Taylor Consider yourself warned. You're about to enter a bold, hybrid world where powerful, orchestral might meets raspy, blues-riddled rock vocals in these inventive trailer jaggernauts. Featuring deep, insistent rhythmic momentum juxtaposed with heartfelt, som
ELBROAR ER1219 Land Of The Rising Sun - Orchestral Japanese Fusion Kyle Booth The spirit of traditional Japanese instruments like Koto, Shakuhachi and Taiko drums elegantly fusing with modern symphonic arrangements for high-octane adventure and epic excitement.
ELBROAR ER1218 Middle East Drama 2 Cankat Guenel This sultry collection of authentic Middle Eastern tracks immediately casts a seductive, exotic spell and highlights traditional North African and Arabian instruments like the saz, doumbek and duduk. From poignant ballads to rhythmic score, from the myste
ELBROAR ER1217 Ocean Masters Gregory Wei Zhe Tan, Tzu Hsing Edric Hwang This elegant orchestral score offers a full-spectrum oceanic adventure spanning the mystical depths of the unknown to the swelling, majestic splendor of the wide blue wonder.
ELBROAR ER1216 Beat Italiano 1960 Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli Bella Italia. 10 charming retro-pop vocal tracks referring to the golden era of 60's Italo pop, cheesy and wonderful, melting under the blazing Mediterranean sun.
ELBROAR ER1215 Partyknaller - From Malle To Ischgl Stefano Maggio,Stefano Maggio, Riccardo Cavalieri,Stefano Maggio, Lorenzo Flati Party like the Germans! From the infamous clubs of El Arenal to the beer tents in Munich and the carnival parades in Cologne - this collection delivers authentic German party songs. No time for sadness! Pounding beats, brass, guitars and carefree vocals.
ELBROAR ER1214 SICKo Times Linus Sandberg,Linus Sandberg, Martin Blankenburg,Linus Sandberg, Britta Dekker Breathy, seductive female vocals whisper-sing of twisted minds and dystopian worlds. Dark and schizoid, this imaginative, electronic-based collection lurches theatrically from hypnotic to deadpan to downright demonic as crooked spirits and malicious psych
ELBROAR ER1213 Organic Documentary 6 - Authentic Violin Louis Edlinger, Gustavo Strauss,Louis Edlinger, Gustavo Strauss, Tarek-Alexander Schmidt An exquisite collection of blissfully organic violin cues soundtracking moments of joy, wonder and acoustic enchantment.
ELBROAR ER1212 Dissendium Jeremy Sommer, Roman Wipf,Jeremy Sommer, Roman Wipf, Louisa Woestmeyer A fantastic journey of anthemic magnificence, colossal powers, heroic greatness and extraordinary bravery raising from quietly atmospheric to monumental cinematic-size hybrid-orchestra thunderstorm.
ELBROAR ER1211 Celtic Flavours - Pastoral Cinematic Themes Darren Campbell Jenkins, Sandro Friedrich, Amir Gurvitz,Amit Weiner, Sandro Friedrich, Amir Gurvitz Inspiring cinematic arrangements merge with traditional Celtic elements. Tin whistles, bagpipes, fiddles, hybrid-orchestra strings, brass and cinematic drums underscoring legendary adventure, medieval battle, pastoral gentleness or captivating panoramic v
ELBROAR ER1210 Medieval Lars-Luis Linek, Arr. Johannes Matthias Hoffmann Welcome to the world of Medieval Music. A selection of 13 instrumentals and dances ranging from Early Middle Ages to Renaissance to Early Baroque, representing ancient lifestyle, beauty of nature and the great mysteries of history.
ELBROAR ER1209 Synthwave Linus Sandberg Borrowing from the 80?s, this sultry collection pairs the EDM spirit with a neo-futuristic mindset brimming with synth darkness, an early sequencer aesthetic and romanticized vocal performances. Welcome to the origin of true pop.
ELBROAR ER1208 Gents O'Clock Richard Mark Salmon, Kevin Thomas Fitzsimons, Matthew Ben Thackeray,Richard Mark Salmon, Jesse Smith, Matthew Ben Thackeray,Richard Mark Salmon, Theodore John Travis,Richard Mark Salmon, Matthew Ben Thackeray In the best tradition of art school pop, this inventive, nostalgic collection of glossy, glamorous pop summons the best of past decades with psychedelic twists on modern rock, new wave and British folk pop - calling to mind the dramatic artifice and sophi
ELBROAR ER1207 Twinkle Pop Richard Mark Salmon, Moira Jean Jones, Matthew Ben Thackeray,Richard Mark Salmon, Angie May Elizabeth Mdledle, Matthew Ben Thackeray,Richard Mark Salmon, Annelies Karel Katrien Denise Regine Eusebe Van De Velde, Matthew Ben Thackeray,Richard Mark Salmon, This intriguing collection of upbeat pop songs pulls from all corners with indie and retro influences and moods ranging from mellow to cheerful, dark to bright, laidback to upbeat - featuring male and female vocals.?
ELBROAR ER1206 Small Jazz Combo - Vintage Styles From Smokey Basement Clubs Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli An authentic-sounding vintage Jazz album that recalls cool 60's New York elegance, Bossanova, bluesy ballads, smokey speakeasy - always cooking with a strong emphasis on rhythm. Featuring piano, trumpet, walking bass, brushed drums.
ELBROAR ER1205 Christmas Loading Thomas Stanger, Moritz-Nicolaus Schuster,Thomas Stanger,Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich A Christmas Mixtape of festive, beautifully crafted big band tunes, heart-warming acoustic guitar renditions, Hollywood-style orchestra, sleigh bells and soulful female vocals. Sparkling X-Mas magic happening right before our eyes.
ELBROAR ER1204 Yacht Rock Richard Mark Salmon, Mickey Bruce, James Green,Richard Mark Salmon, Mickey Bruce Noble love ballads, funky retro vibes and bubblegum teen-radio pop featuring appealing vocal harmonies, glossy e-piano chords, sleek guitars and smooth drum machine beats. Luxury 80's pop-rock jewels with a bewitching glamour factor.
ELBROAR ER1203 Figures - Sparse Vocal Trailer Music Jake Warren,Jake Warren, Ruth Alexandra Savill,Jake Warren, Brooke Bahakel Mitchell,Jake Warren, Alice Veryzer,Jake Warren, Gabriella Chloe Feldman Intensely sensual vocal trailer cues starring mystical goth queen vocals against brutish dubstep vibrations, droning electro buzzes and thundering drums. These dark hymns feature dramatic full stops and dynamic, sparse arrangements that burst and collapse
ELBROAR ER1202 Kiez Queens - German Female Hip Hop Rares Mihail Caraivan Berlin's finest - state of the art German girlpower hip-hop. A cross between rough street-style rhymes, champagne and subsonic luxury.
ELBROAR ER1201 Big Band Around The World Robert Joachim Rolf Doerfer, Felix Magnus Grossmann,Felix Magnus Grossmann A voyage through the world of Big Band ranging from contemporary high-energy brass, 70's fusion-jazz and glitzy swing orchestrations to Latin dances & refreshing retro-kitsch styles. Let the horns take over.
ELBROAR ER1200 Emotional Indie Pop Joseph Francis Ryan, Roman Andor Krotil,Joseph Francis Ryan, Roman Andor Krotil, Killian Francis McGrath Eight catchy and emotiEightonally charged hipster-approved indie-pop tracks in vibrant stereo quality featuring retro keys, tight guitars, driving beats and thrilling vocal performances.
ELBROAR ER1199 Positive Suspense Axel Coon, Ralf Goebel Light, playfully introspective beds & beats moving from pensive suspense to uplifting resolution, elegantly designed to build excitement.
ELBROAR ER1198 Escalation Aliaksandr Yuryeu Transformer techno meets trailer, the 80s meets future, happiness meets machine-induced darkness. An exciting escalation of all senses.
ELBROAR ER1197 Oriental Pop Cankat Guenel Beautifully haunting Mid Eastern instrumentations paired with mesmerizing vocal performances, oriental strings and pelvis-bouncing electro beats. Images of modern lifestyle, fashion, people and places.
ELBROAR ER1196 Terra Sudamerica Sebastian Pecznik,Sebastian Pecznik, Axel Tenner The sound of South-America today, colorful, vibrant - artfully fusing flamenco guitars with latin grooves, rumba, tango, salsa, bolero and afro-cuban roots, hyped by modern beats and sensual vocal performances.
ELBROAR ER1195 Beethoven Trailerized Amadeus Indetzki The power of Ludwig Van Beethoven's masterpieces are re-imagined and transformed in this epic trailer collection featuring contemporary hybrid orchestra. Glorious choirs are paired with imposing, magestically buiding symphonic rises -- stirring turbulent
ELBROAR ER1194 Long Story Short - Hybrid Trailer Cues Gregory Wei Zhe Tan These powerful, dynamic 60-second hybrid orchestral trailer anthems combine driving cinematic percussion, modern SFX, majestic choir and sweeping themes that build to dramatic, triumphant conclusions.
ELBROAR ER1193 Awakening Dominik Alexander Hecker, Jan Hendrik Kalt-Kaempf,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Talia Georgie, Jan Hendrik Kalt-Kaempf,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Nico Dominguez, Talia Georgie, Jan Hendrik Kalt-Kaempf,Dominik Alexander Hecker, Andre Pascher, Jan Hendrik Kalt-K This inspirational, dramatic fantasy soundtrack of The Third Kind features slow-building orchestral pieces, triumphant, sweeping themes and passionate solo and choir performances ? all fused with contemporary elements of pop, hip-hop and epic electronica.
ELBROAR ER1192 Traditional Scandinavia Johan Emil Aron Snabb With deep roots in folklore and mythology, these richly traditional Nordic folk themes and dances feature historic Scandinavian instruments including the nyckelharpa, kantele, accordion, fiddle and flute, creating lively acoustic gems that convey a timele
ELBROAR ER1191 Future Now Koen Janssen The soundtrack of mankind facing its destiny. Epic hybrid-orchestra masterpieces delivering grand emotions, elevating and lifting us into a possible future. Breath-taking wonder. Unity. Humanity. Nature. Future now.
ELBROAR ER1190 Massive Beats Vol. 2 Dominik Schwarzer Get ready to rumble. Challenging rock trailers loaded with sharp guitar riffs, funky drum beats and tasty vocal hooks, perfect for adventurous extreme fun and victorious sporting moments. Unstoppable.
ELBROAR ER1189 Celtica Alan Edward Lennon An amazing fusion of celtic tradition and contemporary, full-blast, epic size hybrid orchestral trailer fireworks. Monumental, magical, manifesting heroes and fantasy sagas.
ELBROAR ER1188 Naughty Tunes Francisco Becker Germain Mischievous dramedy cuts and quirky animation cues of orchestral finesse featuring cartoon-style pizzicato strings, eccentric percussion and jolly woodwinds. Naughty and warm in tone.
ELBROAR ER1187 European Antiquity Lars-Luis Linek, Johannes Matthias Hoffmann A mesmerizing journey back to ancient times, from exotic atmospheres to old world fanfares, interwoven with early European, Middle Eastern and Asian elements that illuminate the world's enduring mysteries.
ELBROAR ER1186 Radiate In Solitude Derek Jasnoch An imaginative, futuristic collection of dark mythical otherworldly journeys full of magic, pain, heroism and adventure.
ELBROAR ER1185 Invasion - Epic Emotional SciFi Themes Tihomir Goshev Hristozov Invasive science fiction trailer cuts of a third kind -- a fantastical journey of blasting, dynamic orchestral brilliance with tension and excitement emanating throughout.
ELBROAR ER1184 Epic Fantasy Peter Jeremias A monumental fantasy adventure into a world of danger and mystery, loaded with full majestic orchestra, thundering percussion and towering choirs. Welcome to the magnificent, larger-than-life universe of Composer Peter Jeremias.
ELBROAR ER1183 Nordic Spring Kaleidoscope of Colours, Maxi Menot,Maxi Menot Modern Scandi-TV neo-folk pop, blending pure acoustic and orchestral magic with angelic voices, northern, Celtic and medieval spirit, an intense feeling of freedom and Icelandic melancholy. Time to dream yourself away.
ELBROAR ER1182 Cinematic Action Vol. 2 Peter Jeremias Colossal cinematic action trailers upon forcefully arising hybrid-orchestra arrangements. A fateful journey with an imposing, war-like and adrenaline-driven atmosphere.
ELBROAR ER1181 Emotive Documentary Mika Johanson, margomat,Jenna Dorothea Conrad, Mika Johanson Mellow, peacefully rolling arrangements with emotional pedal steel guitar, dobro, acoustic guitars, piano, warm soft bass and brushed drums. Sparkling of tranquillity. A countryfolk influenced tribute to nature, humanity and cinematic documentary. Simply
ELBROAR ER1180 Canyons Juan Zagalaz Cachinero, Ross Andrew McLean,Ross Andrew McLean Buffalo boots driven blues rock and dusty Americana fuelled by attitude, emotion and gasoline... telling stories of love, loss and perseverance.
ELBROAR ER1179 Renegade Julian Lee Machine-controlled drama hybrid-orchestra cues of cinematic size with powerful risers, impacts, ferocious sound design and arrays of abrasive analogue synth injecting pure adrenaline.
ELBROAR ER1178 Pandemic - A Global Crisis Hanjo Gaebler,Hanjo Gaebler, Ingo Hassenstein,Ingo Hassenstein There are dreadful names for them like Black Death, The Plague or The Curse. The world is in danger again and the enemy can only be fought defeated by science and technology. The tracks on this album take you through the many stages of the fight from the
ELBROAR ER1177 Mechanization Or Chausha, Or Kribos Hellbound, dark striking, futuristic orchestral mayhem attacking forcefully in cold mechanic movements, progressing forward machine-like, interfered by grainy drones, aggressive drums and advancing gigantic choirs. Brutish.
ELBROAR ER1176 Breaks, Drops & Beats Rob Jager Energizing half-time electronica galore, breaks, beats, ecstatic drum fills, massive drops and vast walls of synth radiating futuristic euphoria.
ELBROAR ER1175 Organic Documentary 5 - Authentic Alpine Dulcimer Louis Edlinger Organic alpine dulcimer performances with cautious small ensemble orchestration producing quivering bliss, a selection of 13 carefully crafted acoustic cues ranging from folkloric to ambient to minimal drama film score.
ELBROAR ER1174 You Don't Know - Emily Sykes Ziggy Sullivin Bashing chart-style girl pop in bright teenage technicolour featuring 9 radio-ready songs with full lyrics bursting with feel-good vibes.
ELBROAR ER1173 The A&O Jewel Timo, Marta Mielcarek,Jewel Timo, Simon Rohde,Jewel Timo,Jewel Timo, Christopher Noodt The brand-new soundtrack album of guitar hero and producer Jool presents extrovert indie-pop with catchy melodies, brilliant vocal performances, funky basics and full orchestral impact.
ELBROAR ER1172 Sheeesh - German Hip Hop Rares Mihail Caraivan Who owns the streets of Berlin? This collection of German hip hop tracks claim the crown. Emcees deliver tough lines with dope rhymes that take you along on a ride through their realities. Get the picture first-hand and dive into the world of Berlin's und
ELBROAR ER1171 Olympia - Big Pictures Peter Jeremias The sound of champions, grand cinematic hybrid-orchestra trailers of majestic intensity, uplifting, charming, rising, breaking barriers, creating breathtaking worlds and triumphal landscapes.
ELBROAR ER1170 Trailer Intros Kyle Booth Twelve cutting edge sound design trailer builds of dark underscoring quality. Buzzing cinematic tension and hi-tech risers, impacts, slams, foreboding atmospheres. The Sound of legends.
ELBROAR ER1169 Waiting & Dating Paul Simon Elliott, Jamie Mark Jack Lawrence A romantic, openhearted dating soundtrack with a natural, optimistic attitude. Flower-power guitar picking, laidback drum beats, electrifying dub echo floatation. Pleasantly uncomplicated with an alluring 70s retro charm.
ELBROAR ER1168 Say It With A Rhodes Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli The Rhodes, the sound of the 1970s, an electric piano that comes with mechanical hammers, metal tines and a beautifully mellow timbre. 14 soulful vintage solo ballads dreaming you back in time.
ELBROAR ER1166 Classical vs. Trailer Giscard Rasquin Famous classical themes collide, mash-up and warp with giant hybrid-orchestra arrangements, dubstep braam sfx, crashing impacts, swooshes, risers, drops - discovering gigantic adventurous spaces that let your imagination fly.
ELBROAR ER1165 Cosmic Origins George Leousis An odyssey of cosmic origin will take you on an awe-inspiring journey through space and time, raising from dark droning realms of the unknown to larger-than-life blasting cinematic adventure themes.
ELBROAR ER1164 Science, Research & Investigation Dorian Deveraux Simple pulsing spacious minimalism created from electronic and processed organic sound sources, perfectly suited for investigation, science, research, forensics and environment.
ELBROAR ER1163 Abstract Beats Vol. 2 Kai Panschow The vibrant power of abstract beats, female vocal mashups and drum'n'bass influenced avant-garde oddities. An energizing voyage into sensuality effortlessly morphing through styles and feelings, emotionally resonant with an exclusive touch.
ELBROAR ER1162 Cruise Ship Stories Lars-Luis Linek, Johannes Matthias Hoffmann Discover pure luxury, entertainment and endless maritime thrills. A colorful soundtrack to cruise ship travel featuring latin rhythms, guitar-based hooks, melodica, accordion, strings. Smile-inducing holiday feel and adventure with a hint of telenovela.
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