MUSICA BRITANNICAを最新から表示 (22アルバム)
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB22 Quirky Upbeat Christmas Michail Botzaropoulos,Thomas Curran,Sam Joseph Delves Whimsical Christmas tunes - wholesome, playful festive excitement.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB21 Deathly Chills Frazer Snell Dark atmospheric and horror - terror, fear, subtle menace.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB20 Magical Fantasy Laurie B Anderson Spellbound fantasy compositions for wonder and discovery.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB19 Acoustic Velvet Darren Stone A collection of intimately tender acoustic guitar compositions full of pure human emotion.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB18 Little Dark Secrets Monika Eckert Hauntingly beautiful female led acoustic compositions. Tender, yet mysterious.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB17 Piano Sketches Vol. 3 Roger Mayor Tender and emotive compositions performed by a beautifully rich solo piano.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB16 Child's Play Kent Kercher Children's Drama, Documentary, Underscore
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB15 Woodwind & Acoustic - Suspended James Kenelm Clarke,Peter Jay Gentle Drama Underscores featuring woodwind and acoustic instruments.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB14 Cinematic Piano Laurie B Anderson Solo piano pieces with an indie-cinema feel that cover a range of emotions from epic drama to intimate magical moments.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB13 Choral Pieces James Kenelm Clarke Short Choral pieces, mostly a cappella with occasional organ - covering a wide range of emotions and possible scenes.
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB12 Action In Pictures Frazer Snell Urban & Exotic Landsapes, Riffs & Beds
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB11 The Bass Project Frazer Snell Bass Riffs, Acoustic & Electric, Cool Vibes, Beds and Atmospheres
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB10 Piano Sketches Vol. 2 Patrick Hawes Tuneful Piano Vignettes
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB9 On The River Roger Mayor Melodic Pastoral
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB8 Woodwind Duets James Kenelm Clarke Melodic, Pastoral Woodwind Duets
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB7 A Study In Melancholy James Kenelm Clarke,J Henry Francis,James Kenelm Clarke,Freddie Gavita,Peter Ager Jay,Freddie Gavita Wistful Jazz Solos - Tenor Saxophone And Flugelhorn
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB6 Piano Sketches Vol. 1 James Kenelm Clarke Tuneful Piano Vignettes
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB5 Tunes Vol.1 David Snell,James Kenelm Clarke,James Kenelm Clarke,Peter Ager Jay Light - hearted tunes
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB4 The String Quartets David Snell,James Kenelm Clarke,Ben Palmer Themes and moods by classic string quartet - joyous, whimsical, reflective and romantic
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB3 Lonely Is The Night Peter Jay,James Kenelm Clarke Exotic & atmospheric Easy-Listening A collection of beautiful, mysterious and sometimes playful late-night melodies for solitary, thoughtful moments Features Flugel and female vocal versions
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB2 English Woodwind Sketches James Kenelm Clarke,Andrew Lowe Watson,David Snell,Austin Sherlaw-Johnson Melodic Woodwind Quartets
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB1 Christmas Old And New Patrick Hawes Christmas Melodies and Underlays Orchestral, including alternative versions without sleigh bells