EPIC SINGLE SEIRESを最新から表示 (9アルバム)
Eine Sammlung epischer Pop-und R&B-Hybrid-Tracks mit kraftvollen weiblichen und mannlichen Stimmen, gefullt mit tief empfundenen, organischen Emotionen, unterstutzt von Live-Instrumenten, die wundervoll eingangige Melodien spielen. Eindrucksvoll, atemberaubend und zeitgemab. https://www.warnerchappellpm.com
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS009 Orphelia Michael Werner Maas A majestic, ethereal voice combines with electronic percussion and poignant strings to create a wondrous vision of transcendent triumph.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS008 Watch Me Burn Renee Lamy, Patrice Marie Peris, Michail Froudarakis, Dan Thiessen A powerful, emotional and viscerally determined epic single featuring soaring strings, shocking percussion and evocative piano.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS007 Legend A.J Alexander, Jared Wells, Michail Froudarakis Attitude and confidence filled rap backed by epic, dramatic and suspenseful orchestra. Culminating in a poignant hybrid of power and energy.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS006 Fortress Jonathan Baily Fischer, Dan Thiessen Powerful, rousing emotions and dramatic suspense is evoked through determined vocals and epic, trailerized instrumentation.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS005 Crazy For Your Love Benjamin Ajilore, Brian Alexander Padilla, Michael Werner Maas Atmospheric wistfulness and delicate, heartfelt emotions. A combination of pop hooks and ambient beauty.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS004 Wonder Of Life Benjamin Ajilore, Merethe Soltvedt, Michael Werner Maas Soaring, emotional optimism drawn through heartfelt vocals and majestic strings and piano.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS003 Kjaere Claudie Anne Mackula Theriault, Michael Werner Maas Tender, reflective beauty and emotional contemplation is evoked trough delicate instrumentation and wondrous vocals.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS002 Synda Clara Sorace, Michael Werner Maas Beautiful, heartbreaking and wistful. Majestic vocals and moving piano combine to conjure incredible, visceral emotion.
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS001 Butterflies Merethe Soltvedt, Michael Werner Maas Tenderness, elegance and beauty personified. The first in a series of minimal, emotive pieces with delicate instrumentation and exquisite vocals.