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UNIVERSAL USのメインレーベル。 EVO EVO features new talent, new sounds, and new tracks. Music that perfectly compliments your project with a variety of styles. https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-hk/discover/labels/34/EVO
EVO EVO348 The Undefeated 2 Glenn Rueger When it is time for the big game to be played, this is its soundtrack. Panoramic pre-game orchestra, driving and aggressive tracks for highlights, and solemn and reflective sounds for honoring the past. Some work well for military ceremonies and all have
EVO EVO347 Cinematic Sports 2 Daniel Weniger, Mia Bellissima Epic, dramatic, over-the-top sports promotional themes and underscores. From the thrill of victory to the agony of lost endorsement deals this collection will add incredible power and focus to any competitive themed production.
EVO EVO346E Tension Scores David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Tension beds, drama pulses, drones and sound design in film score treatments. Suspense, anticipation, mystery and espionage.
EVO EVO345 Sunlight JON ANDERSON, Jonathan Elias, Sarah Trevino,James Haun, JON ANDERSON,JON ANDERSON, Zachary Aaron Golden,JON ANDERSON, William Richardson,David Ashok Ramani, JON ANDERSON, Jonathan Elias,Felix Nicholson, JON ANDERSON,JON ANDERSON, Jonathan Elias,JON ANDERS Beautifully crafted vocals and chants by legendary founding member of Yes, Jon Anderson.
EVO EVO344 Epic Tribal Beats 2 Adele Roberts, Sacha James Collisson,Adele Roberts, Thomas Jack Foley,Adele Roberts, Oliver Price, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Adele Roberts, Max Howlett,Adele Roberts, Christopher James Dececio,Adele Roberts, James Oliver Hutchinson,Adele Roberts, Christoph The wildly successful Epic Tribal Beats is back with Volume 2!! This second iteration doubles down on the attitude, swagger & energy. Massive tribal & percussive elements mixed with Trap, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and World music create an epic soundtrack for Sp
EVO EVO343 Inspired & Uplifted 2 Katherine F Martin, Steve Fawcett Fresh, positive and uplifting motivational underscores and anthems bubbling with energy, confidence and hope.
EVO EVO342 Bon Bébé Jazz! Milo Deering, Ruben Ayala The Master Series Re-Mastered presents a brilliant, timeless collection of small ensemble retro Continental jazz, Western Swing and Cafe' Jazz styles. Features jazz violin, acoustic and steel guitar with snappy rhythms. Fun, cheerful, and happy, this car
EVO EVO341 GIRLS Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Tammy Infusino,Derek Long, James Philip Lassiter, Jaron Takach, Sadie Rose Van,Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Sharde Collins,Jaron Takach, Sharde Collins,Derek Long, Gloria Kim, Jaron Takach,Jaron Takach, Olivia Howard, Timothy Greer, The Future Is Female is back with another smash - GIRLS. An all female album, dedicated to all women everywhere. This project features a diverse talent lineup of Olivia Knight, Sadie, Tammy Infusino, Gloria Kim, Kéo, Devan, and Firstcom favorite - Shardé.
EVO EVO340E One Green Earth David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias A dynamic collection of beautiful, chill themes to exotic action. A musically mindful approach to nature and the environment. Gently drifting vocal chants, hypnotic soundscapes and delicate melodies supported by piano, bells, strings and percussion.
EVO EVO339 Power To The People Alexander Hitchens, Brandon Terrill Lowe,Aaron Kerr, Charles Stephens III,Charles Stephens III, Teriel M Lloyd,Alexander Hitchens, Mayila Jones,Alexander Hitchens, Sharde Collins,Charles Stephens III, Christopher Edward Newland,Amber Dion Smith, Charles S In celebration of Black History Month, Firstcom Music presents ""Power To The People"" - a project featuring exclusively Black producers, artists and songwriters. This album includes a mix of Pop, R&B & Hip Hop songs which send a message of equality, dive
EVO EVO338 Natural Inspiration Daniel Weniger, Mia Bellissima,Mia Bellissima Modern to traditional laid back folk and acoustic underscores. Moods, from inspiring to intimate, for friends and family and positive hopeful vibes.
EVO EVO337E Dream Cycle David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Creative themes and underscores for documentary, innovation, and positivity. A creative mix of chilled beats, ambient rhythms, ethnic atmospheres.
EVO EVO336E Anthems of Hope David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Inspiring and motivating scores with themes of empowerment, hope, optimism and triumph.
EVO EVO335 Thinking Cap Fritz Doddy Children's music that makes concentration, study and learning engaging and fun. Promotes learning and concentrated activity and study sessions. Quiet motivation and concentration. Calm and tuneful.
EVO EVO334 Punchy Pop Adele Roberts, Andrea Christina Obeid, James Oliver Hutchinson,Adele Roberts, Andrew Powell, Linda Roan,Adele Roberts, Thomas Jack Foley,Adele Roberts, Andrada Popa, Max Howlett,Adele Roberts, Charlie Tenku, Chris Jefferson Ng, Gabriella Chering,Adele Rob A high energy, diverse mix of bouncy, brassy, funky & punchy pop songs. Perfect for advertising, promos, reality tv, sports and more!
EVO EVO333E The Beauty of the Natural World David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias A magnificently beautiful collection of hymns to nature, the great outdoors and pastoral life
EVO EVO332 HYPE Adele Roberts, Sacha James Collisson,Adele Roberts, Charlie Tenku,Adele Roberts, Jeremy John Stack,Adele Roberts, James T Crawford,Adele Roberts, Stuart Winters,Adele Roberts, James Wilson,Adele Roberts, Christopher James Dececio,Adele Roberts, Peo Haggst Dynamic, cinematic & adrenaline-fueled promo, trailer and sports music. A hybrid mix of Electronica, Drum & Bass, Trap & Hip Hop.
EVO EVO331 Fantasy And Romance Udi Harpaz The Master Series Re-mastered. Romantic and pastoral orchestra.
EVO EVO330E Minimal Reimagined David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Optimistic minimalist scores to dynamic themes featuring orchestra, strings, mallets. Consistent background scores that add creative expression, excitement and direction
EVO EVO329 Friends And Family Mia Bellissima Positive warm and friendly acoustic underscores depicting family life, children and home.
EVO EVO328 Blue Jazz Pat Coil The Master Series Re-mastered. Solid, authentic live jazz in be bop, cool and hard bop styles of the 50s and 60s from Pat Coil
EVO EVO327 My Level EDM 4 Amore Jones, Anthony Demetrio Arasi, Joey Casanova, Patrick J Avard We re back for round four, so raise your fist to the sky and check out the latest volume in the My Level movement! Coming at you once again with the hardest beats, the biggest leads, and atmospheric soaring vocals to take any project from the ground to t
EVO EVO326 So Fine Grooves Aaron Kelley,Nigel Rivers Upscale, sophisticated, and luxurious sounds and grooves for highlighting the finer life. Live instrumental R&B, neo-soul, jazzy hip hop, and more.
EVO EVO325 War And Conflict Eleni Hassabis,Lydia Ashton Dramatic, percussive driven orchestral underscore. Deeply emotional storytelling for drama, conflict, and cataclysm as well as sports, reality TV, and human documentary.
EVO EVO324 Are & Be Edgar Vargas A collection of sultry, dreamy & chilled out R&B songs. Performed by up and coming artist, Hill. Produced by: Edgar Vargas.
EVO EVO323E Power & Politics David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Orchestral themes and underscores. Many themes with transitions between serious and positive, confident moods
EVO EVO322 The Future Is Female Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Jonathan Averbook, Sharde Collins, Timothy Greer,Derek Long, Gabrielle Diaz, Jaron Takach, Sharde Collins,August Eve Rios, Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Jonathan Averbook,Jacqueline Miskanic, Jaron Takach, John Whitt Jr,Derek Long, J A collection of fun, female-fronted pop songs! The Future Is Female has influences of hip hop, nu-disco, funk and rock. Featured artists include Sharde, August Eve, Cabri, Kira Kosarin, Tammy Infusino & JAX.
EVO EVO321 In Theory Katherine F Martin, Steve Fawcett Engaging, accessible ambient Chillwave and upbeat but subtle underscores. Minimal rhythmic grooves support expositional dialogue, time lapse, upscale brands and tech-friendly visuals
EVO EVO320 3:00 AM Pat Coil Human emotion, drama. Tension beds to sensual, intimate themes and underscores. The range of human interaction and emotional storytelling
EVO EVO319 Ball Is Life Alexander Hitchens, Andre Murray,Alexander Hitchens,Alexander Hitchens, Mark James,Alexander Hitchens, Daniel AMP An epic compilation of Orchestral Hip Hop, Boom Bap & Trap. High energy anthems, aggressive trap bangers and laid back grooves. Sports-geared vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals, perfect for games, highlights and promos.
EVO EVO318 Acoustic Alt Indie Julian Dente,Tyler Tuohy Warm, uplifting acoustic guitar-based alternative rock and indie pop
EVO EVO316 Acoustic Afternoons Mauricio Yazigi, Peter Neff Simple acoustic guitar duets in a variety of moods complete with solo variations performed on steel and nylon string guitars
EVO EVO315E American Landscape David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias The quintessential Americana collection. Big bold scores, American panoramas, folk and country inspired themes depicting life and land of North America
EVO EVO314 Inspire 4 Katherine F Martin Relentlessly optimistic. Motivational, inspired themes and underscores. Confident, upbeat driving energy and positive moods.
EVO EVO313 Ritmo Latino Aaron Kelley,Chase Bennett Sexy, sophisticated Latin pop grooves evoke images of upscale luxury, exotic beach destinations, fine dining, gourmet cooking, and travel adventure.
EVO EVO312 Positive Promotions 6 Aaron Kelley,James Richard Kocian,Daniel Portis-Cathers Motivational, uplifting, positive music perfect to add happiness to your production.
EVO EVO311 Alternative Beats James Oliver Hutchinson, Vance Westlake,Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake,Jeremy John Stack, Vance Westlake,Max Howlett, Vance Westlake,Beck Goldsmith, Jonathan Philip Dix, Vance Westlake,James T Crawford, Vance Westlake,John Winston, Vance Westlake,C Glitchy electronic & trap beats meets gritty, bluesy swagger rock. Full of dark, badass, driving energy. Perfect for promos, trailers, sports, film & television.
EVO EVO310E Fragile David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Jonathan Elias delivers a collection of outstanding, creative piano feature scores. Moods ranging from intimate to dramatic. Nostalgic to heartwarming. Emotional to Innovative
EVO EVO309 Motivation Through ROCK Aaron Kelley,Jordan Alexander, Kevin Paez The sound of inner growth, self-improvement, and personal actualization. Charging, melodic, building rock to pursue your dreams. Corporate music for changing the world, and sports music for people with brains.
EVO EVO308E Ideal World David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Jonathan Elias creates another inspired collection of motivational, positive underscores. Relentlessly upbeat but never over the top.
EVO EVO306 My Level EDM 3 Amore Jones, Anthony Demetrio Arasi, Joey Casanova, Patrick J Avard More massive, more epic, more heart pumping, and more face melting. EDM and pop on a whole new level.
EVO EVO305E Creative Designs Zachary Aaron Golden An inventive collection of electronic music and sound design. Futuristic, innovative, fresh and forward thinking. Some next level sonics for fashion, luxury, technology and AI.
EVO EVO304 Simple Guitar Grooves Ron Kristy Simple, positive underscores featuring guitars, rhythm and vocals.
EVO EVO303 BOOM! James Driscoll, Skinny Williams,Danette M Dufilho, Skinny Williams Creative, interesting and supremely functional. Minimal percussion and bass driven underscores.
EVO EVO302E Strings of Energy David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Masterful, dynamic, expressive, elegant, motivational string orchestra scores from the Jonathan Elias series. Energetic, emotional, powerful
EVO EVO301 Power Sports Promotion Jack David Elliot,Joey Casanova, Patrick J Avard,Richard Friedman A collection of dynamic and powerful sonic imprints for sports promotion, highlights and game day rituals. Features a mix of synth-pop, EDM & traditional sports orchestra
EVO EVO300 Nothing Artificial 2 Chase Bennett, Daniel Weniger,Chase Bennett, Steve Fawcett More organic, wholesome down to earth, jangly acoustic guitars, folk, upbeat moods. Confident and positive acoustic rock.
EVO EVO299 High Beams Andrey Tatarinov, Dexter DMar Turner, Ty Noam Frankel,Andrey Tatarinov, Timothy Riehm, Ty Noam Frankel,Dexter DMar Turner, Ty Noam Frankel,Gio Nailati, Ryan Anthony Bickley, Ty Noam Frankel,Jaron Takach, Ty Noam Frankel,Pauline Isabelle Herr, Ty Noam Fran A collection of high energy Future Bass songs perfect for Promos, Sports, Advertising, Entertainment, Film and TV. A fusion of different elements including Melodic Dubstep, Progressive House, Chill Trap and UK Garage.
EVO EVO298E Elegant Solutions David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Innovative, emotional storytelling featuring strings, piano, percussion and voices to create a unique approach to music for film, documentary and upscale advertising
EVO EVO297 Ultra Happy Steve Skinner, Emanuel N. Kallins Fun, joyful, quirky, whimsical tunes with an optimistic uplifting feel
EVO EVO296E Guitars Of Light Jonathan Elias,David Ashok Ramani Delicate, determined, hopeful, electric guitar features for nature, technology, human endeavors and innovation
EVO EVO294E Post Chill Jonathan Elias,Zachary Aaron Golden Simple but compelling Chillwave and creative electronica meets acoustic underscore Rolling cool beats, ambient atmospheres, upscale, accessible and infectious
EVO EVO293E The Minimal Pulse Jonathan Elias,David Ashok Ramani Minimal, high energy, exciting but simple fast moving score accentuated by simple pulses and pulse beats High end scoring, instructional, documentary, tech and high performance concepts
EVO EVO292 Indie Sunshine Chieli Minucci,Emanuel Kallins Upbeat, happy indie-pop, attitude driven acoustic and electric guitars perform in a friendly and quirky way, an advertising bag of goodies
EVO EVO291 Sports High Brian Colin Burrows,Bud Guin Not shy Big, brash, high energy sports action, highlights & promos Driving, attention grabbing opens and relentless rhythm combining hybrid rock, EDM and electronica
EVO EVO290 Focused Piano Jeffrey B Franzel Solo piano Unhurried, intimate piano solos with moods ranging from gentle to dramatic, positive to intriguing, restful to active Finely tuned and focused piano scores perfect for film, documentary, nature, human emotion, stories and scenic reveals
EVO EVO289E Momentum & Meaning Jonathan Elias,David Ashok Ramani A collection of building anthemic underscores and supporting backgrounds Sustained energy conveys optimism, introspection and undeterred confidence Small ensemble works for film and documentary underscore
EVO EVO288 Rise Of The Champion Joey Casanova,Patrick J Avard,Daniel Delaney,Ty Noam Frankel,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond,Robert George Grant,Mikhail Oliver Johnson,Aaron Kelley,Lloyd Richmond,Kyle Devine Big, expensive brass over solid hip hop beats Good for sports Better for walking with an unapologetic strut
EVO EVO287 My Level Edm 2 Joey Casanova,Anthony Demetrio Arasi,Brian E Johnson Jr,Patrick J Avard The next edition of your favorite dance music series Face-melting, beat-banging electronic songs to crush the competition, inspire the crowd, and raise all the hands in the club
EVO EVO286 Dark Energy Kevin Paez,Jordan Alexander Soundtracks that deliver dark, dramatic, tension and reflective atmospheres The music is post rock, pulsing, emotional and visual Designed for film, television, dramatic underscore, documentary, and investigative journalism
EVO EVO285 Inspired & Uplifting Steve Fawcett Inspiring underscores support positive vibes and project forward momentum, achievement and innovation Real instruments - keys, strings, guitars, and percussion in a creative ensemble setting
EVO EVO284E Infinite Possibilities Jonathan Elias,David Ashok Ramani Unique, inspiring, creative energy Hope, possibility and innovation Superior musical underscores from Jonathan Elias
EVO EVO283 Soul Pop Funk Explosion! Vance Westlake,James T Crawford,Andrew Powell,Linda Roan,Vance Westlake,James Oliver,Vance Westlake,Vance Westlake,Ben Graham McClusky,Andrew Powell,Tara Chinn,Vance Westlake,Marcus Thompson,Vance Westlake,David Laycock,Jeremy Willis,Luca Fagagnini,Tom Ga A super groovy collection of retro Soul, R&B, Pop and Funk Mixed with good times, party DJs and throwback science to create a neo classic gem
EVO EVO282 Inventive Underscores 2 Fritz Doddy Symmetrically perfect, friendly, simple, bright, intelligent, perfect scores for humans, machines, technology, timelapse and instructional
EVO EVO281E Life Stories David Ashok Ramani,Jonathan Elias,Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino From Jonathan Elias Scenic themes, underscores, and sonic images for creating emotionally engaging and compelling soundtracks Musically inspiring works for storytellers and creators
EVO EVO280E Global Impressions Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Universal visions, world travel, travelogue film and documentary styles Emotional, inspiring and exotic
EVO EVO279 Dreamers Ron Kristy,Ron Kristy,Teresa M Burns Happy, upbeat, pleasant acoustic underscores featuring vocals and instrumentals Ideal, positive musical moods
EVO EVO278 Synthwave Sci-Fi Jamie Peter Fonti Future retro synth pop with a decidedly cinematic mood ツ  Retro keys, drum programming and ambivalent moods harken back to dystopian 80s sci-fi
EVO EVO277 Epic Dance Motivation Eric De La Torre,Jose E Sanchez Jr,Sierra Brown,Eric De La Torre,Jose E Sanchez Jr,Stephen Raymond Coleman,Eric De La Torre,Jose E Sanchez Jr High powered, unstoppable motivational EDM music to fuel your fire and get you hyped
EVO EVO276 Global Sports And World Events Glenn Rueger The musical destination for the world's premier sporting events Hybrid global styles and beats with an energetic competitive edge Features dynamic sounds from Korea, Russia, France and Italy
EVO EVO275 Essential Jazz 2 Pat Coil Making the scene man! Cool jazz ensemble for 60s hipsters
EVO EVO274E Future Perfect Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Ambient, Electronic, Innovation, Light, Optimistic, Positive, Technology, Minimal, Synth
EVO EVO273 Cinematic Sports Clair Marlo,Daniel Weniger Dramatic atmospheric opening, builds to powerful sports energy anticipation sports orchestra
EVO EVO272 Stomp Clap Vance Westlake,Ben McClusky,Sacha James Collisson,Vance Westlake,Andrew Powell,Tara Chinn,Vance Westlake,Stephen Collins,Vance Westlake,Daniel Christopher O'Donnell-Smith,Jonathan Philip Dix,Vance Westlake,Andrew Peter Kingslow,Vance Westlake,Vance Westla Big stomps and fat claps are the driving force behind this collection of rock songs and instrumentals Badass sexy big beats with swagger and attitude
EVO EVO271 My Level Edm Aaron Luster,Anthony Arasi,Joey Casanova,Patrick Avard Epic, heart-pumping, bass-thumping sounds that won't disappoint These songs are guaranteed to take any crowd to a whole new level!
EVO EVO270 Big Funky Emanuel Kallins,Steve Skinner New R&B funk with an EDM-pop influence Fun, rhythmic and funky
EVO EVO269 Xxl Trap Drops Ty Frankel,Stephen Baird,Ty Frankel,Carson Maki,Kemar Gordon,Ty Frankel,Nathan Bodiker,Ty Frankel,Kemar Gordon,Marcus Hellkvist,Ty Frankel,Gio Nailati,Ty Frankel,Ty Frankel,Steve Kerssens,Ty Frankel,Carson Maki,Ty Frankel,Greggory Covington,Kyle O'Shea Earth rattling, rump shaking beats and tricked out vocal drops at the intersection of hip hop, dub, moombahton, and EDM High energy party music, great for fun, travel vacation, extreme sports, youth, energy drinks, and fashion
EVO EVO268 Future Retro Jamie Peter Fonti Eclectic, cool electro-indie; cosmically inspired nuggets of sonic goodness Simple, minimal Indie underscores
EVO EVO267E Reflections Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Introspective, gentle and inspiring Reflective emotional underscores for storytelling, elegant, high end promotions and film
EVO EVO266 Inventive Underscores Fritz Doddy Positive and inspirational, naive and sensitive, fun, slightly quirky to serious moods Propelled by a smart, eclectic ensemble
EVO EVO265 Anthemic Rock 2 Kavin Hoo Awe inspiring, uplifting, motivational indie anthem rock featuring building emotional arcs for storytelling Powerful, cinematic and beautiful
EVO EVO264 Chaos Creation Jonathan Philip Dix,Vance Westlake,Daniel Marantz,Vance Westlake,Simon Begg,Vance Westlake,James O'Connell,Vance Westlake,Owen Parker,Sacha James Collisson,Vance Westlake,Vance Westlake,Ben McClusky,Stephen Collins,Vance Westlake,Michele Balduzzi,Vance We Sounds that combine guitars, big powerful percussion and cool cutting edge electronica Edge individuality and passion Truly inspiring works of power
EVO EVO263E Atmospheres Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Mysterious, ethereal, fantasy and suspense Compelling underscores for creative advertising, science, nature and human interest
EVO EVO262 Cinematic Dreams 2 Kevin Paez,Jordan Alexander Anthemic, cinematic, Dream Pop, Post Rock, hopeful and inspiring Building textures, lush, inventive, large scope to intimate and simple
EVO EVO261 Nothing Artificial Clair Marlo,Daniel Weniger,Clair Marlo Organic, wholesome down to earth, jangly acoustic guitars, folk, upbeat moods, confident and easygoing
EVO EVO260E Phenomenal Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Empowering string orchestra themes from dramatic to emotional, motivational to inspirational for creative storytelling
EVO EVO259E Lifted 2 Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Fresh indie energy. Upbeat, inspired indie pop and hipster rock to cut through those tired sounding indie clichés. Perfect for ads, promos, lifestyle, reality, sports, fashion and good times
EVO EVO258 Indie Up ! Jake Shillingford,Vance Westlake,Nicholas Evans,Stephen Collins,Vance Westlake,Christopher Lewis,Vance Westlake,Stephen Collins,Daniel O'Donnell-Smith,Jonathan Philip Dix,Vance Westlake,Daniel O'Donnell-Smith,Jonathan Philip Dix,Vance Westlake,Vance Westl Fresh indie energy. Upbeat, inspired indie pop and hipster rock to cut through those tired sounding indie clichés. Perfect for ads, promos, lifestyle, reality, sports, fashion and good times
EVO EVO257 The Undefeated Glenn Rueger Power plays, Pro Football, struggle and triumph Traditional and hybrid sports orchestra themes
EVO EVO256 Pop Crazy 2 Brian Burrows,Clifford Simms Over-caffeinated, quirky, ultra-happy, fun, party, pop, dance, breaks, hip-hop, retro beats
EVO EVO255E Elegant Minimalism Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino A collection of beautifully crafted minimalist scores featuring, piano, percussion strings and ensemble orchestra Perfect for documentary, nature, art, design, innovation, time lapse and human emotion
EVO EVO254 Cheerleader Fuel Emanuel Kallins,Steve Skinner Super high energy tunes that changes every 8 bars for super excitement; sound FX gives the tunes its driving force and excitement!
EVO EVO253E Departures Fritz Doddy,Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino World travel, documentary, exotic to dramatic world beat, and ethnic influences, beauty and mystery, inspiring
EVO EVO252 Energy Anthems Skinny Williams,Aaron Kelley,Brian Burrows,Clifford Simms,Eleni Hassabis Epic pop to anthemic rock with heroic builds and deep emotion, perfect for winning sports, inspiration and motivation
EVO EVO251 Simple Works Steve Fawcett,Larry Marrs,Michael Radovsky,Michael Radovsky,Douglas Sisemore,Michael Radovsky,Tyson Rogers Simple, minimal, quirky rhythmic underscores deliver motion and interest Family life, children, pets, education to technology
EVO EVO250 Cinematic Dreams Kevin Paez,Jordan Alexander Anthemic, cinematic, Dream Pop, Post Rock, ambient synth atmospheres, orchestral accompaniments, building textures, lush, inventive, large scope to intimate simplicity
EVO EVO249 Anthemic Pop 2 Brian Burrows,Clifford Simms Inspiring, energetic, uplifting, entrancing electro-pop, EDM, and pop-rock anthems for sports, positive message, inspiration, and motivation
EVO EVO248E Music For Compelling Visuals Jonathan Elias,Fritz Doddy,Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Instrumental underscores for creative communications, film, documentary, time lapse, upscale advertising and promotions
EVO EVO247 Positive Promotions 5 James Henderson,Jonathan Slott,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores,Jason Zaffary,Jonathan Slott,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores,Jonathan Slott,Chris Norwood,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores Driving, positive and energetic music beds to propel your brand, vision and Attitude Inspiring, motivating and fun
EVO EVO246E Inspired Champions Jonathan Elias,Sarah Trevino Discipline and determination, facing the odds, overcoming, growing, accomplishment Achievement and greatness
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