FIRSTCOMを最新から表示 (110アルバム)
FIRSTCOM(EVO旧のレーベル)はアルファベットでカテゴリー別けしている。FC-AはACTION, ACTIVE An Original, the Legacy Collection Award-winning composers and musicians create a diverse mega-library from acoustic underscores to a rage rock and everything in between.
FIRSTCOM FC-A117Q Funky Sports Hits Dan Portis-Cathers,Ruben Ayala Bad ass funky sports themes featuring slap bass, horns and ripping testosterone-charged guitar
FIRSTCOM FC-A116Q Raw Guitar Ray Russell,G-Force Licks+beats+attitude for sports, action and extremes
FIRSTCOM FC-A114 Ad Music V1 Marc Roberts,Thor Wixom A creative mix of simple but crispy fresh image music for commercials in a variety of styles, designed to help tell your story by creating a musical frame for your message
FIRSTCOM FC-A113 New Jazz Incantation Guy Barker,Ashley Slater
FIRSTCOM FC-A112Q Tribal Jason Moss,Steve Celi,Stephen Austin A wide style exploration of world beat, dance, pop, and rock with ethnic elements
FIRSTCOM FC-A111Q World News Chris Many Your complete news promotion source: every news promotion image from hard news to technology, financial and political
FIRSTCOM FC-A110Q Modern Jazz Ray Russell Jazz-oriented drum, bass and cool grooves
FIRSTCOM FC-A108Q Pop Styles Daniel Stein 14 of the top pop styles including R&B, dance, hip-hop and rock
FIRSTCOM FC-A107Q Kinetic Art Phillips Smooth beats and rhythm guitar riffs create perfect building motion
FIRSTCOM FC-A106Q Radio Rock 2 Clair Marlo,Alexnder Ace Baker More chart friendly pop-rock tracks
FIRSTCOM FC-A105Q Alternative Rock Tracks 2 Art Phillips 14 themes of solid-on acoustic, alternative rock Not too heavy, not too light from composer, Art Phillips
FIRSTCOM FC-A103Q Dusted Gruvs Ruben Ayala,Jeff Wade Chilled out neo-soul, futuristic funk, jazzy breaks, dusted organix, underground hip-hop and old skool flavors
FIRSTCOM FC-A102Q Trance Jack D Elliot Trance, dance and old skool techno from New York DJ, Jack D Elliot
FIRSTCOM FC-A101Q Electric Alchemy 2 Kevin Paez More layered guitars, new rock styles and cool rhythms
FIRSTCOM FC-A100Q Rage Beat Bryan New Massive beats and crunch guitars for speed, sports and spies
FIRSTCOM FC-A99 Cool Rock Daniel Stein
FIRSTCOM FC-A98Q Sports Music Sir Jam A lot Powerful sports themes in both traditional and contemporary styles
FIRSTCOM FC-A97 Pop Mix Mattias Gustafsson,Steve Diamond,Mattias Gustafsson,Larry Loftin,Mattias Gustafsson,George Teren,Jp Pennington,Mattias Gustafsson,Jay Condiotti,Max Braslavsky The hottest pop vocal styles from today's top writers
FIRSTCOM FC-A96 Stadium Rock Simon Phillips,Ray Russell New power rock tracks from legendary drummer Simon Phillips and guitarist Ray Russell
FIRSTCOM FC-A95 Club Mix Nick Tidy A collection of dance rhythms, electronica and house
FIRSTCOM FC-A94Q X-Treme Aggression Jason Davis A variety of real live angst-ridden thrash rock for total excessive behavior
FIRSTCOM FC-A93 Electro Beatz Pete Surdoval Music for sports, youth, fashion
FIRSTCOM FC-A92 Xstrema Electro Wendell Yuponce High energy West Coast electro beat, dance, fashion and sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A91 Transcendental Beatz Clair Marlo,Alexander Ace Baker Ambient trance grooves, electro dance and West Coast trip-hop
FIRSTCOM FC-A90 Hip-Hop Fashion Rodney Lawson,Rodney Lawson,Timothy Gaines Sleek, cool, street hip fashion tracks
FIRSTCOM FC-A89Q Anger Rock Jan Stevens Hard-edged aggressive anger rock, great for skaters, x-sports, gen angst and menacing attitudes
FIRSTCOM FC-A88 Pop Energy Ray Flowers Upbeat Euro-dance tracks from the London club scene
FIRSTCOM FC-A87 Over Achievers Daniel Stein Orchestral themes for action, energy, victory and defeat
FIRSTCOM FC-A86 Latin Pop Daniel Stein Upbeat Latin dance and pop styles, positive club energy
FIRSTCOM FC-A85Q Organic Rock Ruben Ayala,Jamey Perrenot No frills, fat, real live straight-ahead rock
FIRSTCOM FC-A84 Radio Rock Clair Marlo,Alexander Ace Baker,Alexander Ace Baker,Paul Masvidal,Clair Marlo,Bruce Watson,Lance Morrison,Alexander Ace Baker,Lance Morrison Organic, modern, youth rock styles for image, fashion and sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A83 Energy Orchestra Daniel Stein,Dan Portis-Cathers,Jan Stevens Power orchestral themes for sports, promos, news and current affairs
FIRSTCOM FC-A82 Power Trust Richard Friedman High energy power orchestra, emotional sports drama
FIRSTCOM FC-A81 Olympic Odyssey Art Phillips Prestigious sports orchestra themes and fanfares by composer Art Phillips
FIRSTCOM FC-A80 Hot Fingers 2 Andy Timmons Full throttle guitar rock, R&B and blues featuring superstar Andy Timmons
FIRSTCOM FC-A79 Sports Rock K Peppos,S Peppos,H Hindmarsh,S Peppos,S Peppos,K Peppos Heavy duty guitar rock for sports, youth and fashion; from producer Steve Peppos
FIRSTCOM FC-A78 Industrial Rock Brian White,Ross Hardy Aggressive, industrial metal for youth, sports and energy
FIRSTCOM FC-A77 Epic Achievers Art Phillips Positive, upbeat news, current affairs, heroic sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A75 60's And 30's Now! Levin,Chianese Volume 2 of 60's and 30's Baby!; includes styles from new swing to modern rock, action, sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A74 Psychophonica K Paez New electronica and sound design for youth, sports, fashion and futurists
FIRSTCOM FC-A73 Pop Grooves J Pulsford,L Barry,R Lawson Fat loops, cool grooves, vamps and rhythm beds for youth, fashion and sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A72 X-Treme Sports D Portis-Cathers Edgy, fun, fast, frantic
FIRSTCOM FC-A71 Ska! J Stevens,M Karan,J Stevens Ska styles from old to new
FIRSTCOM FC-A70 Phusion S Phillips,R Russell High-powered jazz rock featuring legendary drummer Simon Phillips and guitarist Ray Russell
FIRSTCOM FC-A69 New Guitar Music S Rossi,C Hinson,R Lawson,R Lawson,E Dinenna New style guitar themes in urban, rock, dance and blues
FIRSTCOM FC-A68 Fat Jazz C Many Upbeat, driving, dynamic jazz band arrangements for motivation, sports and promotion
FIRSTCOM FC-A67 60's And 30's Baby! C Many,Levin,Many,Chianese,Archer,Satterfield,S Vaus,B Parr,V Renn,R Ayala,J Wade,Rhodes,Minucci,Skinner,D Stein,S O'Connor,M Ruff,S Fawcett,Bahler,Pfeifer,Lubinsky,C Clouser,Fawcett,Guin,R Ayala,D Walker Over 75 tracks of rock, jazz, urban, dance and holiday styles in all commercial length edits
FIRSTCOM FC-A66 One World,One Music Rakota Jaona Positive and upbeat world fusion and ethnic percussion; featuring a uniform sound and tempo for optimal editing
FIRSTCOM FC-A65 Rock Hard R Hardy,B White Fast tempo hard rock styles
FIRSTCOM FC-A64 Sports Extreme,Vol.2 Levin,Chianese Action promos, motivation and sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A63 Real American Rock J Stevens,R Miller,J Stevens,M Karan,J Stevens,L Barth,J Stevens Modern, folk, blues and acoustic rock styles
FIRSTCOM FC-A62 Hipurbia J Pulsford,R Lawson Trip-hop, ambient urban
FIRSTCOM FC-A61 Sports Extreme,Vol.1 Levin,Chianese,Levin,Chianese,Reuveni,Levin,Chianese,Seeburg Power sports rock for promotions and motivation
FIRSTCOM FC-A60 Fast Dance R Lawson,R Lawson,T Gerber,J Pulsford,R Lawson,J Pulsford,D Ross Dance, urban, pop and fashion
FIRSTCOM FC-A59 Electric Alchemy K Paez Layered guitars, new rock styles perfect for CHR formats
FIRSTCOM FC-A58 Smooveness R Stacy,L Campbell R&B pop grooves from hit writers Larry Rock Campbell and Ralph Stacy
FIRSTCOM FC-A57 On The Run! D Portis-Cathers Sassy, brassy dramatic energy
FIRSTCOM FC-A56 Dance Masters R Flowers,M Hailey New ambient dance and pop vocals produced in Europe
FIRSTCOM FC-A55 Energy Spin R Ayala Dance pop for fashion, energy and sports
FIRSTCOM FC-A54 Sci-Fi/Adventure C Many Anthology of epic science-fiction adventure themes and underscores
FIRSTCOM FC-A53 Power Dance J Pulsford,R Lawson,R Lawson,DRoss Euro-tech, ambient dance, jungle, hip-hop
FIRSTCOM FC-A52 Street Songs R Ayala,J Wade Street hip-hop and rap with vocal and rhythm track versions
FIRSTCOM FC-A51 Rock Art P Northcote,L Jehan Power guitar and rock themes from aggressive indie rock to alternative
FIRSTCOM FC-A50 Mostly Unplugged,Vol.2 D Portis-Cathers,E Hailstone,C Salisbury Alternative rock rhythm styles with electric and acoustic versions
FIRSTCOM FC-A49 Motivation Matrix R Schuckett Motivational orchestral and world percussion
FIRSTCOM FC-A48 Power Guitar B Saraceno,S Matthews,S Griffith,C Many Progressive hard blues rock features guitarists Blues Saraceno and Mark Matthews
FIRSTCOM FC-A47 Modern Rock C Many Modern and alternative rock styles
FIRSTCOM FC-A45 Guitars From Mars N Pulsford High energy rock guitar themes from BUSH guitarist Nigel Pulsford
FIRSTCOM FC-A44 House Of Style V Renn
FIRSTCOM FC-A43 Country Rock,Vol.3 Levin,Chianese,Ross,Levin,Chianese,Falcone,Levin,Chianese A collection of pop-oriented country rock for action and entertainment
FIRSTCOM FC-A41 Hard Sell M Matthews,S Griffith,Levin,Chianese,Novello,Levin,Chianese
FIRSTCOM FC-A40 Rock D Stein
FIRSTCOM FC-A39 Pop Music V Renn
FIRSTCOM FC-A38 House Jams C Clouser,Clouser,Beavan,Cripps
FIRSTCOM FC-A37 Heavyweight Levin,Many,Chianese,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A36 Wild Action S Fawcett
FIRSTCOM FC-A35 Hip-Hop Pop L Campbell
FIRSTCOM FC-A34 Rock Vox S Vaus
FIRSTCOM FC-A33 Big Scores R Russell,B Parr
FIRSTCOM FC-A32 Dance Energy Rhodes,Pelfrey
FIRSTCOM FC-A31 X-Rock Fawcett,Guin,S Vaus Alternative rock themes with vocal performances
FIRSTCOM FC-A30 Alternative Sports Heines,Kuepper
FIRSTCOM FC-A29 Power Net A Williams,G Shapiro
FIRSTCOM FC-A28 Pop Art L Campbell
FIRSTCOM FC-A27 Liquid Rhythm R Ayala
FIRSTCOM FC-A26 Tv:29 S Salzman,Levin,Many,B Parr,Chianese,Levin,Many,S Curry,S Fawcett,Ayala,Nelson,S O'Connor,Bahler,Pfeifer,Lubinsky,M Matthews,J Griffith
FIRSTCOM FC-A25 Country Rock,Vol.2 S Curry,B Rowan,Wilson,Watson,W Wilson Continues with powerful country rock, Southern rock and gospel rock
FIRSTCOM FC-A24 Country Rock,Vol.1 B Rowan,S Curry,W Wilson A collection of All-American high energy contemporary country rock; featuring Nashville's best
FIRSTCOM FC-A22 Poer Positive Chianese,Levin,Many,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A21 Overdrive S Vaus,R Ayala
FIRSTCOM FC-A20 Hot Fingers Mason,Hollowell Solid, virtuoso guitar band; variety of pop styles and moods
FIRSTCOM FC-A18 Logos & Opens,Vol.1 W Yuponce,Levin,Many,Chianese,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A17 Bright Moods Archer,Satterfield
FIRSTCOM FC-A16 Metal Fury M Mattews,J Griffith,Lvein,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A15 Cutting Edge M Matthews,J Griffith,R Ayala
FIRSTCOM FC-A14 New Achievers Chianese,Levin,Many,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A13 Urban Energy D Stein,R Ayala
FIRSTCOM FC-A12 Full Throttle Bahler,Pfeifer,Lubinsky,Muhoberac,Pfeifer,Bahler,Lubinsky
FIRSTCOM FC-A11 All American Hero Muhoberac,Pfeifer,Bahler,Lubinsky,Pfeifer,Bahler,Lubinsky
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