FOCUSを最新から表示 (341アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。 Powerful Music Spanning All Genres 窶錬e Focused窶�. From orchestral to indie. Decade-by-decade retro collections, drama, urban grooves, guitar bands all handcrafted by top composers & artists. Focus on real music.
FOCUS FCD443 Soul Lotta Sunshine Fabio Capelli, Mo Brandis,Jessica Leonie Rose Greenfield, Zeeapour,Henry Parsley, Nathalie Mac,Amy Caddies McKnight,Harry Matthew Tarlton, Mo Brandis,Amy Caddies McKnight, Jaco Prince Classic soul, funk and pop inspired album ideal for special summer occasions and all round good times. Fun, upbeat and positive with a polished yet vintage sound.
FOCUS FCD442 Future Bass Henry Parsley Bouncy and upbeat future bass - ideal for promos, technology and sports.
FOCUS FCD441 Electropop Delights Nicholas Chuan Mann Tsang,Henry Parsley,Harry Matthew Tarlton, Mo Brandis,Stephen William Cornish,Oliver Wilde, Philip Peter Dudley Panton, Tom Barnes Delightfully uplifting, warm & playful, electronic-indie-rock-pop.
FOCUS FCD440 Slow Dramatic Songs James George, PIA,James George, Jennifer June Emotionally rich songs with a shade of darkness. Haunting vocals with a sense of longing.
FOCUS FCD439 Hype Promos Liam Luke Iliffe,Oronde Ricardo Bennett, William Baxter Noon,William Baxter Noon,Jarrad Pierce Radin, Sam Caulin Schummer,Sam Caulin Schummer,Amy Caddies McKnight,Muhammad Mujtaba Tauqir Hype up your fashion, sport and youth brand promos.
FOCUS FCD438 New Generation Indie Andrew Michael Britton, Wayne Anthony Murray,Andrew Michael Britton, Jamie Fraser Youthful nostalgia that flirts with the edges of melodic Indie Rock!
FOCUS FCD437 Chart Sounds Vol.2 Christopher James Dececio,James George, Jennifer June,Angus Thomas Nicholson,Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish,Bryn Boyce Bliska,Bjorn Nilsson The latest chart sounds, contemporary pop and dance music. Radio friendly, from retro 80's to punchy pop . High-energy songs with catchy hooks and positive party vibes.
FOCUS FCD436 Winning Beats Sam Caulin Schummer,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Bartlomiej Gastol,Félix Boudreau,Liam Luke Iliffe,Luke Horton-Crundall, Merrick Lee Craven,Anthony Brown,Nick Symoens,Stanley Jeong,David John Walker Trap, Hip Hop and Future Bass beats with a dynamic drive and energy that makes them perfect for Sports TV and fitness.
FOCUS FCD435 Funky Basslines 2 Henry Parsley,Benjamin Abrahim Ziapour, Jesse Appiah-Bediakoh,Benjamin Abrahim Ziapour Funky basslines, with groovy guitars and keys, and some smooth vocals. Lots of style, fun and sass for Summer Fashion.
FOCUS FCD434 Folk Tales Benjamin Ian Cocks,Dan Phillipson, Richard Michael Walker,Jon Buster Cottam,Charles Morton, David Gerard Lawrence,David Gerard Lawrence,Christopher Paul Chalaye, James George Cinematic and upbeat folk with a light-hearted and carefree nature.
FOCUS FCD433 Big Bold Brass Beats Benjamin Ziapour, Oliver Holmes,Henry Parsley,Amy Caddies McKnight, Dyanna Fearon,Rainman Big, bold in your face brass sections, funky basslines and modern beats and breaks. From modern hip hop bangers, positive pop and party funk-breaks.
FOCUS FCD432 Late Night Electronica Sebastian David Vyvyan Vivian,Dom Kane,Will Berridge Hypnotising and repetitive ambient electronica tracks, with deep house and tech-house influences.
FOCUS FCD431 Atomic Rock Andrew Michael Britton, Wayne Anthony Murray,Will May Dynamic, Explosive Rock, giving your productions a driving force.
FOCUS FCD430 Lo-Fi Chill John Winston,James George,Nathaniel Reeves,Will Berridge Lo-fi Jazzy Hip Hop beats to relax and focus to. Concentration music and soulful sounds.
FOCUS FCD429 Disco-Tinged Indie Ben Graham McLusky, Vance Westlake,Matthew Richard Salvage, Samuel Wesley Tattersall,Peter Peters, Vance Westlake,Christopher Lewis, Vance Westlake,Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake,Elizabeth Ruth Argent, Paul Timothy Carr, Vance Westlake All spangling guitars and glitzy earworms with gated snares and 80’s shimmering synths.
FOCUS FCD428 Lockdown Beats Zeeapour,Oliver Holmes,Muhammad Mujtaba Tauqir Lockdown the sound of the street for tribal rhythms, trap horns and dizzying drops. Serving hype, impact and attitude.
FOCUS FCD427 Christmas Memories PIA, Sam Joseph Delves,James George, Jennifer June Remembering the build-up of excitement to the moment of Christmas with these acoustic pop vocal songs perfect for advertising.
FOCUS FCD426 Chart Sounds Vol.1 Henry Parsley,Amy Caddies McKnight,Angus Thomas Nicholson,Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish The latest chart sounds, contemporary pop and dance music. Radio friendly, from house vibes to pop with trap influences. High-energy songs with catchy hooks and positive party vibes.
FOCUS FCD425 Downtempo Pop Christopher Chalaye, James George,James George,James George, PIA,James George, Lily Juniper,Anouska Arts, Wilfred Munyaradzi Nyamande Downtempo, Acoustic Pop and Electronic Folk. Mellow singer-songwriter songs with male and female vocals. Soft intro’s building to powerful and emotional choruses.
FOCUS FCD424 Global Attitude Amy Caddies McKnight,Amy Caddies McKnight, Sohini Shahreen Alam, Wiyaala,Amy Caddies McKnight, Sohini Shahreen Alam, Stephen Leslie Knight,Amy Caddies McKnight, Chris Jefferson Ng, Wiyaala,Justin Black, Oscar Hill,Stephen William Cornish, Wiyaala,Amy Cadd Discover contemporary rhythmic crossovers with cultures around the world! Hip-hop, trap, pop and dance mixed with hints of Africa, South America, Middle East & Asia.
FOCUS FCD423 Driving Indie Andrew Michael Britton, Wayne Anthony Murray,Alistair Hetherington,Benjamin Ziapour, David Gerard Lawrence Positive, Upbeat Indie tracks with anticipating and exciting builds. Catchy, feel good hooks with driving, epic choruses and punchy drums. Perfect for Sports & Promos.
FOCUS FCD422 Funky Basslines Henry Parsley,Oliver Holmes,Benjamin Ziapour,Rainman Funky bassline hooks and modern dance beats with an 80's influence. High-Five to that Friday Feeling! Commercial Advertising Friendly.
FOCUS FCD421 Poolside House Ben Sumner, Glenn Herweijer,Ben Sumner, Gavin Edward Harris, Glenn Herweijer, Nicholas Michael Hill,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong, Von Hemingway, William Riddims,Dynamite Joe, Max Bronco,Nicholas Michael Hill, Von Hemingway, William Riddims,Elliot Sivad,Ben Sumne Crack on with your summer with Tropical House underscores perfect for Entertainment TV. #Summer #Tropical #House
FOCUS FCD420 Lo-Fi Electronica Luciano Ugo Rossi, Von Hemingway, William Riddims,Nicholas Michael Hill, Von Hemingway, William Riddims,Simon James, Von Hemingway, William Riddims Bold, laid-back future bass & electronica with a Lo-Fi aesthetic.
FOCUS FCD419 Jazz Lounge Joel Bevan,Mark Stephen Cousins,Joel Bevan,Adam Saunders,Adam Saunders,Phillipa Alexander,Mark Alan Hornby,Mark David Allaway,Andrew David Prosser,Phillipa Alexander,Mark Alan Hornby Smokey & contemporary cocktail jazz, with smooth captivating female vocals and an enticing jazz band
FOCUS FCD418 Swagger & Attitude 3 William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong Even more arrogant, brash and urban attitude! Edgy, Dark Beats, MC Vocals & Instrumentals
FOCUS FCD417 Contemporary Classical Adam Saunders,Mark Stephen Cousins Emotional contemporary piano and delicate string section Elegant cues for small screen drama
FOCUS FCD416 Secrets & Mysteries Max Bronco,Ivans Moroko,Victor Lazlo Dark, haunting Orchestral Hybrid with elements of mystery and suspense
FOCUS FCD415 Get Inspired Daniel Burrows,Daniel William David Mallender,Thomas Richard Hill,Daniel Burrows,Daniel William David Mallender,Thomas Richard Hill,Andrew Leslie Spiller These warm and emotive themes are brought to life with beautiful string textures and delicate piano accompaniment that cover subjects from pride and dignity, to innocence and wonder
FOCUS FCD414 Here Come The Girls Michael Alan Raphael Celebrating the female artists and vocalists of the world, with a selection of singer-songwriter pop, rock and dance songs, led by a powerful female vocal
FOCUS FCD413 Corporate Electro Peter Christiansen,Philip Michael,Hugh Brody Easy going electronic beds, perfect for corporate, technology and science
FOCUS FCD412 Battle Of Kings Max Bronco,Ivans Moroko,Victor Lazlo Powerful, full orchestra epics, with hi-energy percussion, and huge string & brass Perfect for war and conflict, accommodating both ancient & modern times
FOCUS FCD411 1920's Electro Swing Jason Glover,Mark David Allaway,Andrew David Prosser A modern twist on the 1920's swing era Vintage Charleston tunes with contemporary beats, seamlessly bringing the 1920's into the 21st Century
FOCUS FCD410 Stings 'N' Things Lincoln Jaeger,Colin Andrew McGinness Sound Design, Stings, Rises, Braams and Hits Toolkit Perfect for Trailers
FOCUS FCD409 Cool World Beats 2 William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,Dynamite Joe,Jonathan Tessier,Louis Henry Sarmiento,Max Bronco,Dynamite Joe,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill Percussive, energetic and passionate urban beats, vocals and rhythms from around the world
FOCUS FCD408 Comedy Capers 2 Adam Saunders,Mark Stephen Cousins More classic comedy From vintage to slapstick, via spoof, slinky, retro and novelty
FOCUS FCD407 Gypsy Punk Kenneth Duncan Bowley,Philip Neville Smith,Steven Raymond Bush,Bruce Zisis Maginnis,Daniel Benjamin Weltlinger,Bruce Zisis Maginnis A fusion of Eastern European folk and western rock band creates Gypsy Punk With traditional folk instrumentation, rock guitars and drums
FOCUS FCD406 Angels & Demons William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Nuala Emily Susan Bennett-Wilford,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Joseph Frank Erskine,William Riddims,Von Hemingwa Aggressive, mean and moody These tracks range from dramatic, swaggering rocktronica to proud and powerful rock
FOCUS FCD405 A Hint Of Russia Mark David Allaway,Andrew David Prosser,Kenneth Duncan Bowley,Philip Neville Smith,Harry Valentine,Jamie Kaleth,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Max Bronco Russian and Eastern European atmospheres, beds and themes perfect for moods from dramatic to quirky, melancholy to sporting and scientific to surreal
FOCUS FCD404 Reflections Jamie Kaleth,Max Bronco,James Salmon Gentle, reflective atmospheres featuring piano and strings From cinematic and broad to sparse and dreamy, these tracks will enhance images of nature, documentary or the universe
FOCUS FCD403 Hybrid Trailers 2 Daniel Burrows,Daniel William David Mallender,Thomas Richard Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi Powerful, impacting, orchestral hybrid trailers with hi-energy drums and dramatic sound design
FOCUS FCD402 Scandi-Noir David John Graham Bisset Dark, Ambient documentary and drama tracks with a hint of Scandinavian melancholy Perfect for Mystery and Crime
FOCUS FCD401 Design Innovation Lawrence Autie Introducing, modern technology and design, with elements of high-end luxury Perfect for Promos and Corporate programming
FOCUS FCD400 Synthwave Beats Jimmy Kaleth,Max Bronco Retro electro and synth pop inspired by the film and video game soundtracks of the 80s
FOCUS FCD399 Underworld Crime 2 Brian Colin Burrows,Neil John Pollard,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Paul Joseph Smith,James Peter Wilson,Theodore John Travis,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi More mystery, suspense and edgy urban beats for thrillers, noir and crime documentaries
FOCUS FCD398 A Hint Of Africa Simon Holland,John Denon,Jamie David Wright,Simon Holland,John Denon,Richard Paul Vallance,Simon Holland,Stephan North,Graham Andrew Wright,Simon Holland,John Denon,Lawrence Peter Berridge,Simon Holland,Stephan North,Mark Anthony Smith Music beds with an African flavour for travel, documentary and wildlife
FOCUS FCD397 Latin Atmospheres Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Rafael Marchante Angulo,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Marc Forde The Latin sounds of Spain, atmospheric Spanish guitar for warm nights and exotic travels
FOCUS FCD396 Funk Station Finger Prinz,Darcus Knight,Larry Gomez Brass, beats and bass Slick funk grooves with an American edge
FOCUS FCD395 Creepy Lullabies Phillipa Alexander,Mark Alan Hornby,Simon Holland Well-known children's songs and lullabies, warped, made scary and given a distinctly creepy vibe Includes vocal and instrumental versions
FOCUS FCD394 Swagger And Attitude 2 William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Stephen John Bernard Kielty,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Joseph Frank Erskine,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas M Funk rock groove with a mean attitude, sampled male vocal: 'lord I don't know what I'm gonna do'
FOCUS FCD393 Electric Harmony Andrew Deeley,Tim Sawtell Light, bright, sparkling piano over subtle electronics and airy string pads
FOCUS FCD392 Hybrid Trailers Daniel Burrows,Thomas Hill,Daniel William David Mallender,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos Visceral sound design opening with sturdy mid-tempo beats at 041and gut-wrenching guitar at 106
FOCUS FCD391 Cool World Beats William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Stephen John Bernard Kielty,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoul Exotic, ethnic melodies fused with dance beats, chants and MC vocals
FOCUS FCD390 Sound Design 3 Colin Andrew McGinness,Lincoln Jaeger Cinematic sound design, risers, tension, back ends and huge hits for film trailers promos and maximum impact
FOCUS FCD389 Wonderful Adventures Adam Saunders,Mark Stephen Cousins,Joel Bevan,Adam Saunders,Mark Stephen Cousins Magical, orchestral fantasy adventure for family films, animation and the young at heart Recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
FOCUS FCD388 Underworld Crime Brian Colin Burrows,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Michael Dominie Wyzgowski,Michael John Boddy,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos Mystery, suspense and edgy urban beats for thrillers, noir and crime documentaries
FOCUS FCD387 Dark Horizons Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi Dark, dystopian, urban suspense Electronica for the twisted city
FOCUS FCD386 Psychedelic Indie Toni Halliday,Louise Bernadette Dowd,Jeremy Noel William Abbott,Oliver Malcolm Axel Knowles,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,Zizi Nero,Corey Summers,Louise Bernadette Dowd,Jeremy Noel Will Retro influenced, spaced out rock and indie with a 1960s vibe, including songs and instrumentals
FOCUS FCD385 Emotive Piano Bruce Maginnis Heartfelt, piano-based pieces with orchestral textures for documentary, human stories and dramatic moments
FOCUS FCD384 Mellow Beats William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Ugo Rossi,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Timothy Francis Burke,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong Laid back, fresh and soulful electronica underpinned by urban beats
FOCUS FCD383 Rock Gods Jamie Kaleth,Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike Raw, dirty guitar riffs and indie rock energy
FOCUS FCD382 Electronic Builds William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Nicholas Michael Hill,Luciano Ugo Rossi,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Timothy Francis Burke,William Riddims,Von Hem Ambient electronic openings gradually build to epic, rousing finales
FOCUS FCD381 Minimal Piano Lesley Ross Light piano compositions with subtle string accompaniment
FOCUS FCD380 Retro Pop Funk George Mcfarlane,Ray Flowers,Marcelo Andrade,Bruce Maginnis Brassy, funky, soul grooves with a distinctive retro flavour
FOCUS FCD379 50s & 60s Cinema Andrew Prosser,Mark David Allaway Romantic love themes in the style of the 50's & 60's cinema
FOCUS FCD378 Jazz Vault Bruce Maginnis,Bruce Maginnis,Ross Harrington,Bruce Maginnis,Craig Calhoun Cool jazz grooves plus stripped back bass & drums alternative mixes
FOCUS FCD377 Ethnic Journeys Andy Hopkins,Martyn Boydon,Simon Nelson,Andy Hopkins,Andrew Cowton,Andrew Cowton,Ben Ashford,AudioAndroid An authentic collection of ethnic atmospheres and world beats
FOCUS FCD376 Funk & Swagger William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Luciano Rossi,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway Arrogant, contemporary swag trax with bags of attitude
FOCUS FCD375 Quirky Mash-Up Beds Brian Burrows Kooky riffs and samples over oddball rhythm patterns
FOCUS FCD374 Electro Swing Mark Niedzwiedz,Jamie Kaleth,Tim Howarth,Paul Smith,Jamie Kaleth,Max Bronco Contemporary Electro Jazz fused swingbeat grooves in a feelgood vein
FOCUS FCD373 Horror & Paranormal Philip Guyler,Frank Shelley Dark atmospheres, evil intruders and ghostly goings on
FOCUS FCD372 Hint Ot The Middle East Andy Hopkins,Andy Hamilton,John Denon,Richard Vallance,Jamie Wright,John Denon,John Denon,Kevin Curtis,John Denon,Jerome Lamasset,Jay Stapley,John Denon Negative and positive aspects of the mysterious Middle East
FOCUS FCD371 Urban Trailers William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Konstantine Papolexopoulos,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Luciano Rossi,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway Brutal, hard-edged, contemporary beds geared towards trailer producers
FOCUS FCD370 Simple & Quirky Philip Guyler,John Griggs,Philip Guyler Slightly oddball, minimalistic arrangements featuring various woodwind and brass lead lines
FOCUS FCD369 Grime Nicholas Hill,Von Hemmingway,William James,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Gavin Harris,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway Edgy, Urban Street Raps, hooks and grooves
FOCUS FCD368 Dirty Rockin' Scoundrels Paul McDonald,Ethan Young,Jet Black Edgy, heavy rock and indie band grooves with mega-attitude
FOCUS FCD367 Documentary - Piano Philip Michael Minimalist solo and piano-featured orchestral tracks designed for commercials, news items & documentary TV
FOCUS FCD366 Retro Cool 2 Ray Flowers,Marcelo Andrade,Zack Arnold Cool, funky & kitsch retro sounds in typical 60s and 70s film & TV styles
FOCUS FCD365 Plucky Pizzicato Jamie Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Jamie Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Charlotte Glasson Plucked string melodies featuring groups of violins, violas and celli
FOCUS FCD364 Sound Design 2 Colin McGinness,Lincoln Jaeger Film trailer beds, cinematic sound design, tension fx and risers
FOCUS FCD363 Gypsy Journeys Daniel Weltlinger,Zed Parker,Phil Smith,Ken Bowley,Mark Allaway,Andy Prosser Romany dances, gypsy jazz grooves and lilting melodies
FOCUS FCD362 Swagger & Attitude Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Luciano Rossi,Glenn Herweijer,William Riddims,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Ben Sumner,Von Hemmingway,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Luciano Rossi,Willi Arrogant, urban and brash EDM with attitude
FOCUS FCD361 Hint Of Brazil Ben Ashford,Philip Guyler,Jamie Kaleth,Max Bronco,Andrea,Gavin Harris,Nicholas Hill,Jane Burns,William Riddims,Von Hemmingway,Paul Smith,Jamie Kaleth,Ross McLean,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Max Bronco,Phil Smith,Ken Bowley,Jamie Kaleth,Tim Howarth Subtle Samba & Bossa Beats with a sunshine smile
FOCUS FCD360 Adrenaline Gavin Harris,Nicholas Hill,Jane Burns,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Gavin Harris,Nicholas Hill,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Simon James,Ben Sumner,Von Hemingway,Ben Sumner,Von Hemingway,Simon James,William Riddims,Von Hemingway,Glenn Herweijer,William Ri
FOCUS FCD359 Tension Openers Ben Ashford,Philip Guyler
FOCUS FCD356 Emotional Electronica Phil Smith,Ken Bowley,Zach Lemmon,Alexander Rudd An emotive fusion of modern classical, minimal piano and ambient electronica
FOCUS FCD355 Hollywood Glamour Simon Holland,Adam Saunders,Frank Shelley,Adam Saunders,Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins The sound of vintage Hollywood, recorded with a full orchestra Glitzy show tunes and showbiz curtain-raisers capture the Hollywood heyday
FOCUS FCD354 Hero Rising Lincoln Jaeger,Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins,Paul Arnold,Andrew Barnabas Dark drama and epic choirs for superhero adventures and cinematic action
FOCUS FCD353 Traditional Christmas Andrew Deeley,Tim Sawtell,Gavin Courtie,Andrew Deeley,Tim Sawtell Traditional Christmas carols arranged for brass band, with vocal and instrumental versions, plus original retro Christmas tunes
FOCUS FCD352 Car Wars Lincoln Jaeger,James Davies,Lincoln Jaeger,Liam Cooke,Frank Shelley,Matt Bosworth,Mark Masters Hybrid orchestral trailers and heavy rock guitars for cars, speed, racing, petrol heads and sport action
FOCUS FCD351 Big Bass Beats Paul Smith It's all about the bass Bottom-heavy EDM, Trap, Hip Hop and Old Skool bass-centric beats
FOCUS FCD350 Kids Openers Matt Norman,James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Charlotte Glasson,Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins,Martin Sponticcia Playful, fun and innocent scene-setters for film trailers and promos Includes opener, full length and underscore versions
FOCUS FCD349 Dramatic Openers Andy Hopkins,Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins,Will Christison,Lincoln Jaeger,James Kaleth,Harry Taylor,Lawrence Taylor,Lincoln Jaeger,Francesca Genco,James Kaleth,Harry Taylor,Lawrence Williams Drama, tension and suspense for scene-setting in film trailers and promos Includes opener, full length and underscore versions
FOCUS FCD348 Sound Design Colin McGinness,David Connolly,Jarkko Hietanen,Lincoln Jaeger Cinematic sound design, fx, risers, tension and hits for film trailers promos and maximum impact
FOCUS FCD347 Epic Voices Adam Saunders,Mark Cousins Massive choirs for film trailers and promos, with epic chants plus atmospheric choral voices Recorded with the Prague Choir
FOCUS FCD346 Curious Quirky Andrew Deeley,Hugh Brody,Tim Sawtell Quirky, oddball and fun A collection of the cheeky, the curious and the off-kilter
FOCUS FCD345 Future Minimal Mark Allaway,Andrew Prosser Contemporary minimalism, with marimbas, clarinets, piano and acoustic guitars fused with beats and electronica
FOCUS FCD344 Rock-A-Holic! 2 Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike,JamieKaleth Hard, fast and rugged alternative rock with pounding bass and drums, including songs, instrumentals plus bass and drum underscores
FOCUS FCD343 Greek Holiday John Denon,Richard Vallance,Phil Smith,Ken Bowley,Brad Lang,John Kpiaye,John Denon,Max Milligan,Chris Salt The sound of Greece and the Balkans with fun holiday themes plus atmospheric beds for history and travel
FOCUS FCD342 Deep South Usa Tate McCoy,Booker Douglas The sounds of the Deep South: country rock, bluegrass and atmospheric Delta blues
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