FIRED EARTH MUSICを最新から表示 (59アルバム)
WEST ONEグループの映画、ドラマに適したレーベル。
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM059 Eternity: Empowering Trailer Songs Jonathan B. Buchanan,Sarah deCourcy, Katie Hargrove,Susannah M. Wilkins, James W. Green,Sarah deCourcy, Lauren Dyson Rousing trailer songs with entrancing female vocals from Susie Wilkins, Fya Fox, Katie Hargrove, Lauren Dyson and Olivia Locke. Featuring powerful trailer drums and evocative orchestral arrangements.
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM058 Miracles: Trailerized Holiday Classics Matthew St. Laurent,Eunike Tanzil Epic, trailerized arrangements of Holiday classics, with full orchestra, choir, synths and trailer drums.
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM057 Primal: Organic Orchestral Action James C. Murray, Benjamin J. Hayden Hard-hitting, experimental action featuring frenzied solo strings, eerie percussion and explosive sound design effects.
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM056 Epic Action Percussion Itay Steinberg, Harel Tsemah,Benjamin J. Hayden, James C. Murray,Maximus,Troels Brun Folmann,Benoit P. Grey,Ryan Amon,Udi Harpaz, Or Chausha, Rotem Moav,Udi Harpaz, Or Chausha,Argon, Stroom,Richard A. Jacques,Erick L. D. DeVore,Erick Devore,Robert Leslie Explosive cinematic percussion cues with pounding trailer drums.
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM055 Tormented Benjamin J. Hayden, James C. Murray A fearful display of cutting-edge trailer sound design. Featuring terrifying cello, scratched, dissonant strings and insidious, brutal percussion
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM054 Epic Trailerized Classics Benoit P. Grey Epic, trailerized versions of classical masterpieces, featuring orchestra, choir, trailer drums and synths
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM053 Champions Benjamin J. Hayden, James C. Murray Anthemic, trailerized hip hop fusing epic live orchestra, gritty, powerful male vocals and colossal trailer drums
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM052 Superhuman Erick Devore Epic, hard-hitting orchestral trailer cues featuring positive, anthemic builds and strong trailer drums
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM051 Antimatter Maximus A high-power dose of explosive sound design tracks for trailers. Featuring aggressive synths, epic hits and haunting atmospheres
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM050 Brave Susie Wilkins Powerful trailer songs written by singer-songwriter, Susie Wilkins. Featuring empowering female vocals with orchestra and trailer percussion
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM049 Hybrid Action Itay Steinberg, Harel Tsemah A colossal album of hybrid action sci-fi trailer cues. Featuring relentless percussion, powerful, distorted synths and intense electronic effects
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM048 Extraordinary Adventures David G. Russell,Matthew St. Laurent,Caleb Blood A fantastical collection of lush orchestral trailer cues for family-friendly adventures
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM047 Metallic Mikey Gallagher Haunting, mysterious sound design that explores the sonic possibilities of all things metallic Featuring weird, terrifying, industrial sounds, ranging from distressing scrapes to harrowing, grinding drones and strange sci-fi atmospheres
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM046 Cursed Steven Davis,Tori Letzler Haunting, otherworldly, trailer cues for horror and thriller programming Exhilarating orchestral scores with haunting choirs, mysterious piano and powerful, foreboding, percussion that builds to a breathtaking finale
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM045 Deconstructed Series Volume 3: Cello Christopher Deighton,Comiston Fry A terrifying sound design experience, exploring the unique range of ominous and terrifying sounds created by the systematic destruction of a cello Featuring eerie string scrapes, otherworldly atmospheres, harrowing string drones, deep, sinister pulses and
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM044 Deconstructed Series Volume 2: Piano Angus J W MacRae A unique and harrowing sound design album that explores the excruciating sonic possibilities of deconstructing and destroying a piano Featuring eerie bowed strings, deep, haunting drones, creepy out of tune single notes, and the ruthless, terrifying sound
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM043 Experimentalism Ep Stavros Gasparatos A cutting-edge collection of experimental orchestral trailer music from world renowned sound artist, Stavros Gasparatos Featuring virtuosic and physically demanding performances from specialist instrumentalists
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM042 Deconstructed Series Volume 1: Guitar Kenneth E Belcher An obscure, destructive sound design experience, capturing the harrowing sound of a guitar being methodically deconstructed and destroyed Featuring brutal string snaps, terrifying wood rips, hammering pulses, and chilling bowed string effects
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM041 Allegiance Erick L D DeVore,Thomas E Walter Powerful and heroic hybrid trailer cues for action trailers, featuring live orchestra, choir and trailer percussion
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM040 Gaia Caleb Blood,Phillip R Klein,Bartosch McCarthy A breathtaking collection of majestic orchestral cues for family adventure trailers, featuring ethnic choir and tribal drumming
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM039 Drones & Tones Michael Gallagher A premium toolkit collection of sound design drones and tones: including dark horror drones, sci-fi drones, braams and atmospheres
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM038 Apocalyptus Udi Harpaz,Or Chausha,Amir Gurvitz Aggressive, high octane sound design cues for sci-fi and action trailers
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM037 Amourata Christopher Deighton,Steven Davis,Tori Letzler,Jonathan Buchanan Heartwarming and emotive human drama Powerful orchestral cues full of inspiration and wonder
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM036 Resurgence Erick DeVore,John Buckley,Stroom,Argon,Stephen Lemaire Dark, slowly evolving trailer epics with full orchestra, choir and trailer percussion
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM035 Fantastic Adventures Richard Jacques Exhilarating family action adventure cues from multi-award winning, BAFTA and IVOR NOVELLO nominated composer, Richard Jacques
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM034 Annihilate Maximus,Steven Davis,Tori Letzler,Guy Wallace,Danny Mccarthy,Steven Davis Aggressive, electronic hybrid cues for action trailers
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM033 Risers Maximus A premium toolkit collection of sound design trailer risers, featuring rhythmic sci-fi risers, tension risers, eerie horror risers, whooshes and risers to hits
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM032 Arise Jonathan Buchanan,Michael Lister A powerful collection of epic trailer songs with stunning vocal leads
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM031 Hits Maximus The ultimate toolkit collection of premium sound design trailer hits, featuring a wide selection of epic slams, low, ominous boomers and shocking horror hits
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM030 Exodus Stroom,Argon,Magneto,Juggernaut Colossal, dark epic trailer cues for action movies Heroic orchestral themes with rousing choirs and powerful trailer percussion building to high-octane back-ends
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM029 Atmospheres David Buckley The ultimate toolkit collection of trailer atmospheres carefully crafted by acclaimed Hollywood composer, David Buckley Featuring dark, ominous beds, tense drones and tones, scary horror textures and inspiring atmospheres
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM028 Pulses Russell McKamey The definitive toolkit of trailer pulses designed for editors Featuring pulses and effects including pulse basses, aggressive pulse stabs, eerie pianos, sirens and heartbeats
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM027 Metal Fury Russell McKamey,Guy Wallace,Mitchell Marlow,Guy Wallace,Guy Wallace,Danny Mccarthy,Charles Evans Aggressive, adrenaline pumped rock hybrids for action trailers
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM026 Ecliptium Martin Haene,Gregor Huber,Stephen Lemaire,Jonathan Buchanan,Dirk Leupolz,Martin Haene,Alex Tschallener Sophisticated cinematic soundscapes evolving from ethereal beginnings into grand, uplifting orchestral climaxes with thunderous percussion, brass and choir
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM025 Indestructible Jochen Flach,Matthew Mcgaughey,Erick DeVore,Martin Haene,Gregor Huber,Martin Haene,Alex Tschallener Explosive, high-energy cues for family action adventure trailers'Indestructible' combines huge orchestral hits with driving string lines, rousing brass and choir for an exciting, action-packed journey
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM024 Retribution Charles Evans,Dirk Leupolz,Erick DeVore,Matthew Mcgaughey,Michael Maas,Alan Reed,Erick DeVore,Andrew Skrabutenas,Francesco Siano Epic orchestral hybrids for modern action and sci-fi trailers
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM023 Unbreakable Daniel Heath,Daniel Heath,Christopher Wray Special edition EP by Hollywood pop and film composer Daniel Heath co-writer and producer of the award-winning Lana Del Rey
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM022 Epic Heart Benjamin Wallfisch,Paul Reeves,Richard Harvey,Dirk Leupolz,Jeff Tymoschuk,Nick Glennie-Smith Optimistic sophisticated human drama Uplifting and emotive orchestral cues full of inspiration intrigue and wonder
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM021 Soundesign Vol. 2 Russell McKamey A collection of Sound Design tracks and toolkit for sci-fi, Action, Horror and Thriller trailers Futuristic space sounds, blood-curdling pulses, terrifying rises and crunchy, robotic rhythms Ten original tracks plus the essential trailer toolkit availabl
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM020 Legends Of Time David Buckley,Robert Bennett A premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers Huge memorable themes humorous drop-downs and knockout backends
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM019 The Game Udi Harpaz,Or Chausha,Udi Harpaz,Or Chausha,Rotem Moav Action thriller trailer cues with bone-chilling suspense and desperate urgency Dramatic orchestral themes with driving percussion
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM018 Vesuvius Mark Petrie,Ryan Amon,Daniel Heath,Daniel Heath,Matthew Mcgaughey The essential collection of heroic orchestral trailer cues with unforgettable themes and explosive back ends Intense rhythmic cues for action adventure titles dramatic set ups and earth-shattering builds
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM017 Jesper Kyd's Legacy Jesper Kyd A collection of breathtaking evolving epics from the unmistakeable Jesper Kyd Small yet powerful intros steadily evolve through atmospheric journeys into massive epic themes that span a multitude of emotions and moods: ethereal
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM016 Amplified Enrico Cacace,Brent Woods,Jack Saturday,Warren Martinez,Enrico Cacace,Brent Woods Amplified is a radical collection of unmistakable badass rock hybrid cues for action trailers and promos
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM015 Zeitgeist Stephen Hilton Epic and inspirational trip hop orchestral beats and cinematic indie Love-tinged soundscapes and experimental orchestral electronica by British film score composer Stephen Hilton
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM014 Heroes Mark Petrie,Jermaine Stegall,Jochen Flach,Charles Evans,Inon Zur Iconic epic heroic trailer cues for cutting-edge action movies Orchestral behemoths featuring unmistakable intros and all-time backends Dark brass
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM013 Bad Boy Trailor Enrico Cacace,Ryan Amon,Steve Ruff,Roland Bowring,Steve Ruff Badass robotic trailer anthems featuring remixes orchestral hybrids
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM012 Dark Urban Epics Enrico Cacace,Benjamin Kopec,Charles Evans,Jochen Flach,Benson Taylor This almighty collection of dark urban epics sets the bar for the future trailer sound Dark brass heroic strings urban beats
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM011 Nailed Enrico Cacace,Justin Crosby Industrial and Rock Orchestral Hybrid
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM010 Olympians Ryan Amon,Jesper Kyd,Troels Folmann,Toby Chu,Jeff Tymoschuk The Best Power-Epics from Fired Earth Music
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM009 Immortality Ryan Amon An album of rich epic yet spacious orchestral cues that provide the perfect canvas to showcase dramatic theatrical impact
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM008 Spirited Benson Taylor,Jeff Tymoschuk An album of positive family adventure cues for motion picture advertising
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM007 Ultimatum Jesper Kyd An album of radical epics by BAFTA award-winning Film and Video Game composer Jesper Kyd
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM006 Man Of Steel Remixed E.P. Troels Folmann,Troels B Folmann As heard in global Film and TV campaigns around the world Featuring two killer remixes by Gresby Nash
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM005 Soundesign Vol.1: Sci-Fi, Dark Heroes & Thriller Aleksandar Dimitrijevic,Troels Folmann Trailer-Made sound design, underscores and effects for Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi and Horror Movie campaigns
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM004 Bellitas Robert Bennett An elegant collection of powerful emotive and compelling cues Perfect for drama romance and art-house titles
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM003 Fantazium Toby Chu Open the door to a magical enchanted wonderland and discover a world of fantasy heroic adventure
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM002 Cyanite Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Bone sawing and nerve shredding cues from the edge of psychosis
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM001 Vulcano Troels Folmann Dramatic and intense cues for action adventure and soaring epic movies