FRESHWORXを最新から表示 (51アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。 Audio Wax. Amplifying Ideas. Freshworx have a catalogue brimming with different genres and sounds – from gutsy guitars to perky pianos. Their passion for production, ear for excellence, and dedication to detail is at the core of everything they do, and is
FRESHWORX FRX053 Electro Punks David Edward Bloor, Eleanor Kay Nolan, Jennifer Wythe,Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Jeremy Noel William Abbott,Toby Fortress,Alan Newman, Toby Fortress,David Edward Bloor, Eleanor Kay Nolan Fat Funked Fusions - Booming electro beats meet snarling synths and dirty basslines delivering stylish, pumped-up, promo, sports and fashion fuel.
FRESHWORX FRX052 Slow Build Boomers Steven Thomason,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Dowd,Jay Price,Jeremy Noel William Abbott Cinematic Indie Epics - Beautifully building, widescreen explosions of euphoria. Motivating, celebratory and uplifting indie-driven highs with promo-pumped percussion, live drums and soaring strings for sports, promos and inspiring life stories.
FRESHWORX FRX051 Playful Minimal Ben Wheeler,Saskia Golding Melodic Modular Marvels - Piano, pizzicato strings and marimbas lead the way in this light, perky and hooky slice of minimalist-inspired mainstream fun.
FRESHWORX FRX050 The Freshworx 50 Leo Tate,Paul Richie, Peter Payter,Dash Rednote,Paul Emerson,Frank Diamond,Amon Turner, Banksman, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Flashman Wright,Annie Tretheway,Aron Wright,Elise Elvira Hedengren, Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Paul Richie,Edmundo De Featuring 50 of our favourite tracks to celebrate our 50th release! Jam-packed with vibrant, carefully crafted gems from across our label, we bring you everything from indie guitar highs and widescreen documentary wonders, to booming pop bangers and beyon
FRESHWORX FRX049 Twilight Tales Herbert Dabb, Toby Carter Future Groove Adventures - Brilliantly creative and captivating sonic journeys, featuring live instrumentation fused with found-sound organics and future-bound beats and soundscapes. An inventive, intriguing, and intelligent soundtrack to modern drama, do
FRESHWORX FRX048 Get Go Indie Jeremy Noel William Abbott Fun and fabulously feelgood indie pop gems bursting with motivating summer energy and happy, heady hooks.
FRESHWORX FRX047 Pop Stylers Toby Fortress,David Edward Bloor, Phillipa Jane Bowers,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Claudia Marzec, John Brooklyn,David Edward Bloor, Le Kay,John Brooklyn Glitz-Bound Glamour Pop - Super stylish electro pop anthems with full female vocals for fashion, youth and catwalk cool.
FRESHWORX FRX046 Whipcrack Wonder Pop 2 John Brooklyn, Sayfro,John Brooklyn,Claudia Marzec, John Brooklyn,Alexandra Shanahan, John Brooklyn Slick and sassy slices of modern R&B pop perfection with full vocal songs for fashion, glamour, and stylish youth TV.
FRESHWORX FRX045 Dream Big Indie Epics Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Harvey Halensberg,Harvey Halensberg, Jonny Weevil,Harvey Halensberg, Joshua Cliff,Ali Chee, Harvey Halensberg,Harvey Halensberg, Kev Ward Inspire Ignite Unite - Sky-high indie anthems build dreams, drive destinies and send hearts soaring.
FRESHWORX FRX043 The Jazz Sessions Cliff Haywood, Paul Reeves Swinging Live Vibes - Beautifully recorded jazz, swing and vintage styles performed by some of the top UK musicians.
FRESHWORX FRX042 Slick Hop Jeremy Noel William Abbott,John Brooklyn Punchy Beat-Led Positivity - Slick and stylish, TV-friendly Hip Hop and R&B grooves for reality, daytime and make-over magic.
FRESHWORX FRX041 Fever Dream Folk Steven Thomason,Ali Friend, Ted Barnes,Edmundo Delgado, James McCredie Evocative Organic Beauty - Lush reverbs and filmic textures surround and uplift warm and intimate indie folk. With tender vocals and a spine-tingling, wondrous uplift.
FRESHWORX FRX040 Minimal Magical Aron Wright, Florian Moenks Mesmerising Modular Moments - Classy modern minimalism with a captivating sheen. A dazzling collection of supportive soundtracks perfect for documentary, dramedy, science and modern corporate.
FRESHWORX FRX039 Piano Evocations Paul Reeves Elegance Illuminates - Stunningly beautiful live piano-led soundtracks for documentary, drama and human stories, with gorgeous live string touches and widescreen sound design.
FRESHWORX FRX038 TV Tension Adam Yates Pressure Point Reality - Bubbling, anxious beds and brooding builds for suspense, tension, reality TV, and drama documentary.
FRESHWORX FRX037 Global Dancefloors John Brooklyn,Gordon Johnsson Fat, Fabulous, Fusions - Evocative musical flavours from around the world fused with pumping EDM and summer dance pop anthems.
FRESHWORX FRX035 The Skies Brighten Steven Thomason,Frank Diamond,Jay Price,Jeremy Noel William Abbott,Frank Diamond, Liam Anderson,Billy McNamara, Frank Diamond Hopes Head Higher - Warming and aspirational indie pop for motivational stories and soaring corporate builds.
FRESHWORX FRX034 Wild at Heart Patrick Talbot Richard West, Vasco Widescreen Americana - Evocative soundtracks with authentic country, blues and folk flavours. For documentary, nature, and travel tales from the wild.
FRESHWORX FRX033 Dark Horizons Phillip Stephen Boucher,Fabio Marks Brooding Cinematic Tension - Morphing, sinister soundscapes and filmic textures for building suspense and modern, tense dramascore.
FRESHWORX FRX032 Bright Breeze Piano Aron Wright,Crispin Jones,Leo Tate Fresh Positive Propulsion - Bright and bubbling piano patterns for lifestyle, daytime, business and beyond.
FRESHWORX FRX031 Global Chillbeats John Brooklyn,Gordon Johnsson,Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn Worldwide Wonder Grooves - Evocative flavours from around the globe fused with mellow grooves and deep bass bliss.
FRESHWORX FRX030 Heartfelt and Wholesome Alex Hurd, Jay Wise, Stephen Spies, Tristan V Hagen Sweet, Warm, Whimsical - Gorgeously tender folky pickings and gentle sunlit acoustica. Earthy and authentic acoustic guitars with live string lines and soft, subtle percussion.
FRESHWORX FRX029 News and Current Affairs Crispin Jones Classy Modern Themes - A complete News branding kit with full themes, loopable bubbling beds sections, stings and supportive underscores.
FRESHWORX FRX028 Classy Vintage Bruce Haliday,Matthew Alexander Holland Authentic Archive Sounds - Effortless elegance and vibrant vintage cool. Full band recordings with classic swingtime character.
FRESHWORX FRX027 Design Pop Nicholas Waddington,Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Peter Enfield Sleek Future Sounds - Inventive and inspiring electronica for tomorrow tech and innovative design.
FRESHWORX FRX026 Noirtronica Jack Seven Futurebound Synthscapes - Darkly dramatic and deeply evocative soundtracks for an imagined futureworld. Layers of widescreen analogue synth textures fuse with retro-electro beats and bass throbs.
FRESHWORX FRX025 Curious and Colourful Aron Wright,Leo Tate Intriguing Dramedy - Playful pizzicato strings and quirky percussion create a light and inquisitive suburban soundtrack.
FRESHWORX FRX024 Bigger Picture Positive Steven Thomason,Adam Matthew,Peter Payter Wide-Angle Corporate - Polished and positive soundtracks for progress, technology and a bright, beautiful future.
FRESHWORX FRX023 Indie Raw and Real Geoffrey Holroyde, Tom Gleeson,Harvey Halensberg, Joshua Cliff, Ned Flanders One Room One Band - Bold and boisterous indie rock belters all recorded live and loud!
FRESHWORX FRX022 Elegant Evolutions Annie Tretheway,Bruce Haliday,Leo Tate,Saskia Golding Aspirational Piano and Strings - Pristine piano patterns build beautifully with luscious live strings. Classy and refined with an ever-growing upward lift.
FRESHWORX FRX021 Electronic Immersive Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn Engaging Ambience - Lush sound design and filmic textures evolve around subtle electronic beats and soft, synth melodies.
FRESHWORX FRX020 Forest Folk Charlie Thomas, Leo Tate,Steven Thomason,Theo Williams Warming Campfire Acoustica - Gorgeous and organic small-scale indie folk vibes. With gentle acoustic guitars, light percussion and wholesome, heart-warming lift.
FRESHWORX FRX019 Bright Day Dynamics Harvey Halensberg, Joshua Cliff,Peter Payter,Scott Chegg Inspiring and Motivational - Perfectly positive, uplifting and feelgood pop rock with a modern corporate lift.
FRESHWORX FRX018 Cinematic Guitarscapes Andrew Fosberry,Ben Barlow, Theo Williams,Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Jennifer Wythe,Theo Williams,Warren David Filmic Evolutions - Rich widescreen textures and deeply reverberant guitars for documentary, drama and discovery.
FRESHWORX FRX017 Trapped In Pop Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Peter Enfield Beat-Jack-Boom - Hooky chart-topping song-craft, emotive-EDM hype-filters, urbanised precision-percussion punch and power. With full vocals.
FRESHWORX FRX016 Inspire And Aspire Alan Newman, Toby Fortress,Anthony Dominic, Scott Chegg,Ben Barlow, Mo Buckley,Crispin Jones Spine-tingle neon-indie - Hopeful, inspiring, wondrous warmth. Epic guitars, soaring electronics and rousing rhythms. Marvel-melodics, beautiful builds, punchy positivity.
FRESHWORX FRX015 Eyes Wide Wonderment Bruce Haliday,Eddie Townsend, Jack Parker,Jason McHale,Saskia Golding In Awe Of… Widescreen beauty and magical discovery with stunning live strings. For natural wonders and heart-warming human achievement.
FRESHWORX FRX014 Supercharged Cinematica Alan Newman, Toby Fortress,Crispin Jones,Saskia Golding Widescreen Drama Score - Soaring epic hybrid action, with glorious live string orchestra and hyped-up booming beats. For driving thriller and urban drama.
FRESHWORX FRX013 Boomin' Brass Breaks Edmundo Delgado,Edmundo Delgado, Matthew Alexander Holland,Errol Van Saint, Linton Bourelly Fat Furious Fanfares - live brass-riffing thunder-fun rips and rides on modern hip hop bangers, soul-pop timelessness and party funk-breaks.
FRESHWORX FRX012 Pop Noir Amon Turner, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Luke Austin,Chuck Gubbins, Grant Fisher,Joseph Charles Vincent Wander, Scott B Ingham,Paul Richie,Scott B Ingham Dynamic Swirling Shadows - Hybrid-modern pin-drop pop-craft. Highly emotive, engrossing, affecting and arresting. Organic, human, electronic, otherworldly.
FRESHWORX FRX011 Piano Heartache Amon Turner, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Joe Kora,Grant Fisher,Leo Tate Long Lost Tenderness - Intimate and powerful piano and strings reveal raw, real emotion and human stories. From sublime to sombre. From hurt to hope.
FRESHWORX FRX010 Whipcrack Wonder Pop Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Hannah Lucy Melbourn, Peter Enfield,Peter Enfield Very Now Super Sounds - Modern and massive pop-EDM euphoric-exultations. Beat-heat, synth, stutters and wide-smiles.
FRESHWORX FRX009 Tales of the Unexpected Aron Wright,Jack Seven,Maitreya Jani, Neville Lex,Ryu Gaku The Weird, the wonderful, the whimsical. Live orchestral elements meddle with modern melodies. Deliciously-dark comedy with leftfield-light bite. Twisted tales, mysterious macabre, eccentric extraordinaires.
FRESHWORX FRX008 Piano Halos Annie Tretheway,Bruce Haliday,Leo Tate,Saskia Golding,Steve Adams Scene-Setting Elegance - Achingly beautiful grand piano patterns intertwined with subtle live strings beds and swirling cinematic sound design.
FRESHWORX FRX007 Clean Lines Amon Turner, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Flashman Wright,Jake Edwards-Wood, Scott Chegg,Paul Richie,Peter Enfield,Peter Payter,Scott Chegg Sleek Future-sounds. An ultra-modern melding of strings, pianos, acoustics, positive percussive motion, crisp sound design and organic electronica. Highly stimulating, infectiously progressive.
FRESHWORX FRX006 Modular Momentum Adam Yates,Amon Turner, Banksman, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone,Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Flashman Wright,Ryu Gaku,Saskia Golding Metronomic Melodic Minimalism - modern classical elements and arrangements brightly attuned to warm, programmed organic sounds and acoustic elements. Propulsive, melodically-colourful, engaging and emotive.
FRESHWORX FRX005 Indietronic Alan Newman, Toby Fortress,Alfie Solo, Luther Calliope,Brian Lovechild, Nicholas Waddington,Frank Diamond,Nicholas Waddington Frequency Sequencing - To-the-stars guitars with super-dynamic soaring synth warmth, fun, rousing-rhythms and dynamic drum-drive. Have fun, dance hard.
FRESHWORX FRX004 Insurrection Edmundo Delgado,Jack Seven,Jack T Wilkinson,Paul Emerson,Toby Fortress Armour-Plated Action - 'Epic, agitated and thunderous promo-fuel. Orchestral stabs and swells with mutant guitar riffs, towering drums, and twisted hyper-modern synths
FRESHWORX FRX003 Profound Effects Adam Matthew,Dash Rednote,Jack Seven,Warren David Emotional Resonance - Positive and hopeful, neutral and reflective, sentimental and sad. Intelligently woven electronics, strings, guitars, organic samples and acoustic elements. Precision compositions with freeform senses.
FRESHWORX FRX002 Higher Ground Barnaby Dickinson, Edmundo Delgado,Crispin Jones,Edmundo Delgado,Frank Diamond,Paul Richie, Peter Payter,Toby Fortress Life-illuminating - Energises aims, galvanises goals and punches through problems. From progressive, shimmering indie foundations spring bright, dynamic, driving and soaring do-stuff life-tracks.
FRESHWORX FRX001 Shadowlands Alex Hurd, Jay Wise, Martin D Grove, Tristan V Hagen,Baltasound,Dash Rednote,Leo Tate,Warren David Noir Narratives - Exceptionally evocative with intimate live piano. Warm, rich and yet affecting live strings with beauty-in-pain organic electronics. Hypnotic, haunting rhythms and cinematic uncertainties.