FUTURE POPを最新から表示 (71アルバム)
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FUTURE POP FUP071 Bright Hip Hop Beats Andrew Proudfoot, Robin James Richards,Richard William Armstrong, James Kenneth Grover,Luke Brandon Jackson,Suat Akin Orbay,Andy Kotz,Kirk Gibson Teachout, William Carlson,Igor Simoes Correia Modern, fun and upbeat hip hop tracks combining classic hip hop elements with playful and positive overtones.
FUTURE POP FUP070 Trance Pop Yalcin Bora Varsay,Gareth Charles Thomas,Christoph Allerstorfer,Edward John William Haydon,Richard William Armstrong, James Kenneth Grover,Claudio Ottaviano Euphoric, exciting and exhilarating trance tracks with all the classic sentiment and production quality from trance's heyday.
FUTURE POP FUP069 Electro Goth Pop Peter Timothy Broadhead,Suat Akin Orbay, Yalcin Bora Varsay,Alex Baines,Martin Nicholas Gratton,Richard William Armstrong, James Kenneth Grover Dark, cool and abrasively moody electro tracks brimming with grit, confidence and style.
FUTURE POP FUP068 Mellow Tones (Spotlight) Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Mellow Tones by Adriano Aponte and Stefano Formato features chilled modern underscore pieces that brim with contentment, warmth and style.
FUTURE POP FUP067 Future Bass (Spotlight) Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Future Bass by Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues features modern, sophisticated and chart-worthy electro instrumentals, brimming with elation, excitement and style.
FUTURE POP FUP066 Disco Pop Luke Brandon Jackson,John Richard Harris, Benjamin Albert Hobbs, Robert Daniel Wilcox,Edward Haydon,Andy Kotz,Leslie Michael Sabina Vintage dancefloor-ready disco pop complete with retro strings and evocative horns, conjuring up the organic feel of the classic disco era.
FUTURE POP FUP065 Cinematic Post-Rock (Spotlight) Michael Ian Denny, Charlotte Hatherley Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Cinematic Post-Rock by Charlotte Hatherley and Michael Denny features atmospheric, poignant and evocative post rock underscore tracks filled with instant powerf
FUTURE POP FUP064 Powerful Rock Pop (Spotlight) Wayne Dineley Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Powerful Rock Pop by Wayne Dineley features powerful, edgy and dexterous guitar lines combined with heavy rock beats portraying focus, swagger and determination
FUTURE POP FUP063 Electro Indie Pop Negative One,John Richard Harris, Benjamin Albert Hobbs Evocative, accomplished and exciting electro indie pop in a variety of moods from uplifting positivity to attitude-filled determination.
FUTURE POP FUP062 90s Dance (Spotlight) Claudio Ottaviano Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. 90s Dance by Claudio Ottaviano takes us on a journey through the eclectic dance sounds of the 90s, featuring everything from euphoric hardcore energy to melodic
FUTURE POP FUP061 Bright Indie Rock Igor Simoes Correia,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Ryan John Haberfield,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Damien Gerard Cooper,Jack Geor Driving drums and bright edgy guitars combine to create cool indie rock songs that brim with optimism, spirit and uplifting strength.
FUTURE POP FUP060 Piano Hip Hop (Spotlight) Mark Andrew Gross,TRAD, Mark Andrew Gross Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Piano Hip Hop by Mark Gross mixes organic piano sounds with sophisticated Hip Hop production, resulting in a stylish blend of melody and attitude.
FUTURE POP FUP059 Modern Garage Indie Andrew Proudfoot, Robin Richards Edgy, attitude-filled indie tracks filled with modern character and organic spirit. Featuring blistering, fast-paced drums and gritty, powerful guitars.
FUTURE POP FUP058 Upbeat 80s Pop (Spotlight) Edward Haydon Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Upbeat 80s Pop by Ed Haydon features classic 80s instrumentation, dazzling energy and moods that capture the essence of the era.
FUTURE POP FUP057 Modern Dance Piano Pop David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Suat Akin Orbay,Matthew William Rees,Mark Andrew Gross,Edward Haydon,Benjamin James Checkley Energetic modern dance pop with piano led melodies. Euphoric but cool and filled with uplifting dance energy.
FUTURE POP FUP056 Bright Indie Pop Benjamin Wesley Morgan,Jack George Nicholson, Richard William Armstrong,Ryan John Haberfield, David James Elliott, John Stuart Houston Copland,Adriano Aponte, Matteo Claudio Raffaele Nahum,Edward Haydon,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Bright, joyful and energetic modern indie cues to put a spring in your step. Featuring vibrant drums and seriously catchy guitar melodies.
FUTURE POP FUP055 Energetic Emo Pop David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Ryan John Haberfield,Mark Andrew Gross,Gavin Peter Maunsell,Steven Adrian Griffiths,Benjamin Wesley Morgan,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Edward Haydon Driving, energetic and confidence-filled emotive pop rock with catchy guitar melodies that conjures youthful spirit.
FUTURE POP FUP054 Cyberpunk Waves (Spotlight) Josh Lim Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Cyberpunk Waves by Josh Lim features powerful Cyberpunk energy, from gritty dystopian drama to emotive desolation.
FUTURE POP FUP053 Psychedelic Pop Edward Haydon,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Renato Podesta, Claudio Ottaviano,Leslie Michael Sabina,Igor Simoes Correia, Jeff Milutinovic Vintage psychedelic pop filled with trippy bliss and sunny elation.
FUTURE POP FUP052 Alternative Rock Pop David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Adam James Lopez Martin,Edward Haydon,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Ryan John Haberfield,Owen David Roberts,Michael Ian Denny Edgy, rebellious and powerful alternative rock songs that conjure scenes of angst and determination.
FUTURE POP FUP051 Emotional Trap (Spotlight) Matthew William Rees Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Emotional Trap by Matthew Rees features deeply emotional, modern trap music with themes of melancholy, regret and contemplation.
FUTURE POP FUP050 Dreamy Indie Pop David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Thomas Joseph Indge,Owen David Roberts,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland, Samuel Jonathan Hall,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Edward Haydon Dreamy guitar hooks and bustling indie beats combine to evoke energetic determination and enthusiasm.
FUTURE POP FUP049 Blues Rock Pop Wayne Dineley Fiery, exciting and confident blues rock songs with passion-filled riffs and vibrant beats.
FUTURE POP FUP048 Folk Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,David James Elliott, John Steward Houston Copland,David James Elliott, John Steward Houston Copland, Thomas Joseph Indge,David James Elliott, Andrew Joseph O'Neil,Steven Adrian Griffiths,Edward Haydon,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Jubilant, positive and warm folk pop. Brimming with carefree, summery contentment.
FUTURE POP FUP047 Lo-Fi Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Easygoing, mellow lo-fi pop filled with cool contentment and understated confidence.
FUTURE POP FUP046 Bubblegum Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Adriano Aponte, Matteo Nahum,Edward Haydon,Martin Nicholas Gratton, David James Elliott,Martin Nicholas Gratton, Richard William Armstrong, David James Elliott Fun, melodic pop with a 60s bubblegum feel featuring catchy, upbeat riffs filled with positivity and elation.
FUTURE POP FUP045 Electroclash Pop Josh Lim,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Peter Christiansen,Claudio Ottaviano,Mark Andrew Gross Slick, cool and modern electro songs with incredible energy and serious style.
FUTURE POP FUP044 Electronic Chill Pop Nathaniel Kym Pike,Steven Adrian Griffiths,David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Peter Christiansen,Leslie Michael Sabina,Zack Marshall,David James Elliott, Andrew Joseph O'Neil Hazy electronic pop filled with mellow synths and serene melodies.
FUTURE POP FUP043 Grunge Pop Owen David Roberts,Jack George Nicholson, Richard William Armstrong,Edward Haydon,David James Elliott, Ryan John Haberfield, John Stewart Houston Copland,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Renato Podesta, Claudio Ottaviano,David James Elliott, John Stewart Hou Attitude filled, edgy grunge pop evoking gloomy teenage angst and fiery energy.
FUTURE POP FUP042 Classic Rock Pop Adam James Lopez Martin, David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Ryan Haberfield, David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Jack George Nicholson,Wayne Dineley,Damien Gerard Cooper, David James Elliott, John Stewart Houston Copland,Edwar The ferocious sounds of classic rock and roll come to life with edgy, attitude-filled guitar riffs and wild rhythm sections.
FUTURE POP FUP041 Dark Wave Pop Michael Ian Denny Wondrous, celestial synth pop that evokes emotional awe and glistening beauty.
FUTURE POP FUP040 Slacker Pop Peter Timothy Broadhead,Peter Timothy Broadhead, Andrew Proudfoot Seriously cool and modern indie poise with a charming Lo-Fi and dreamy aesthetic.
FUTURE POP FUP039 Emotive Rock Pop Wayne Dineley The raw emotive power of searing guitars and massive rock beats evoke reflection, triumph and yearning.
FUTURE POP FUP038 70s Electronica Peter Christiansen,Edward Haydon,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Claudio Ottaviano,Leslie Michael Sabina Vintage, analog synths and retro beats play the sounds of cool 70s electronica, filled with wonder, poise and charm.
FUTURE POP FUP037 Urban Grooves Pop Andrew Proudfoot, Robin Richards,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Leslie Michael Sabina Confident, mellow pop grooves oozing with slick attitude, featuring cool electric piano and modern beats.
FUTURE POP FUP036 Funky Rock Pop Wayne Dineley Blistering, swaggering riffs backed by funky rhythms that evoke raucous excitement and playful confidence.
FUTURE POP FUP035 Retro Lo-Fi Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Claudio Ottaviano,Peter Timothy Broadhead,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Benjamin James Checkley, Michael Ian Denny Exciting, cool and sincere retro lo-fi pop that brims with confidence, poise and positivity.
FUTURE POP FUP034 Chilled Indie Pop Andrew Proudfoot, Robin Richards,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Michael Ian Denny, Benjamin James Checkley,Michael Ian Denny Chilled, uplifting and lighthearted indie-pop songs with delightfully catchy melodies, featuring assured guitar-based ensembles.
FUTURE POP FUP033 High School Punk Pop Gavin Peter Maunsell Blistering, ferocious guitars and pounding beats evoke the intense, youthful spirit of raucous pop-punk.
FUTURE POP FUP032 Hard Punk Pop Edward Haydon,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Michael Ian Denny, Benjamin James Checkley,Claudio Ottaviano Attitude-filled, gritty rebellion and propulsive excitement, evoked from snarling guitars and pounding rhythm sections.
FUTURE POP FUP031 80s Hero Pop Josh Lim,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Michael Ian Denny,Benjamin James Checkley,Claudio Ottaviano Pulsing, vibrant and dramatic retro heroism in bounds through glistening synths and huge 80s beats.
FUTURE POP FUP030 Uplifting Rock Pop Mark Andrew Gross Uplifting, joyous and rousing pop rock that soars with incredible positivity, featuring effusive guitars and piano.
FUTURE POP FUP029 Pop-Rock Fun Beats Stef Tahlia Vibrant, exciting & raucous rock songs with incredible energy and passion, perfect for sports and entertainment.
FUTURE POP FUP028 New Romantic Pop Adriano Aponte, Matteo Nahum,Edward Haydon,Claudio Ottaviano,Peter Timothy Broadhead,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Upbeat and exciting New Romantic pop songs, filled with sparkling, retro synths evoking elation and fun.
FUTURE POP FUP027 Euro Dance Pop Lorenzo Zambianchi, Giovanni Mangione, Claudio Ottaviano,Claudio Ottaviano,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Benjamin James Checkley,Leslie Michael Sabina Playful Euro-Pop with pulsing electro rhythms and quirky, exciting synths provide incredible fun and sparkling enthusiasm.
FUTURE POP FUP026 Zen Pop Leslie Michael Sabina Beautifully zen pieces with a sense of serenity, calm and dreaminess, evoked through wondrous, sparkling synths and organic percussion.
FUTURE POP FUP025 Emotional Indie Michael Ian Denny Genuine, heartfelt indie tracks that conjure deep emotional reflection with moments of hope.
FUTURE POP FUP024 Fresh Hip Hop Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Chilled, confident and attitude-packed Hip-Hop tunes with simmering urban swagger.
FUTURE POP FUP023 Spanish Pop Rock Wayne Dineley Seductive Spanish guitar and passionate riffs conjure an evocative sense of vibrant spirit and happiness.
FUTURE POP FUP022 Future Soul Pop Leslie Michael Sabina Cool, mellow and futuristic soul pop, dripping with dreamy contentment and blissful positivity.
FUTURE POP FUP021 California Pop Rock Adriano Aponte,Edward Haydon,Wayne Dineley Contemporary pop-rock with a California vibe, full of gritty excitement, cool riffs and boisterous fun!
FUTURE POP FUP020 Country Pop Benjamin James Checkley, Michael Ian Denny,Edward Haydon,Luke Brandon Jackson,Michael Ian Denny,Wayne Dineley Warm, vibrant and uplifting country pop, with a cheery sense of tenderness and contentment.
FUTURE POP FUP019 Avant Pop Kirk Kienzle Smith, Kirk Gibson Teachout,Stef Tahlia,Mark Andrew Gross Sincere, catchy and fascinating electronic tunes with experimental sounds in a pop structure.
FUTURE POP FUP018 Post Punk Pop Edward Haydon,Wayne Dineley,Mark Andrew Gross Exciting, gritty and confident moments of post punk energy.
FUTURE POP FUP017 Frantic Indie Michael Ian Denny Boisterous, vibrant and edgy indie tunes with a sense of spirited sincerity and rebellion.
FUTURE POP FUP016 Tropical Dance Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Sun-soaked, carefree and exciting dance tunes with euphoric synths and pulsing, danceable beats.
FUTURE POP FUP015 Progressive House Pop Hector M Brignoni Exciting, vibrant house songs with pounding beats that evolve with intrigue and euphoria.
FUTURE POP FUP014 Indie Pop Andrew Proudfoot,Robin Richards,Isaac M Parkinson,Stef Tahlia,Guy Rowland,Wayne Dineley Melodic, guitar driven Indie music with catchy riffs and an innocent yet sincere feel
FUTURE POP FUP013 Punk Rock Pop Mark Andrew Gross,Wayne Dineley,Michael Ian Denny,Benjamin James Checkley Exciting, fun and catchy pop-punk with massive energy and a sincere tone
FUTURE POP FUP012 Chillwave Pop Jonathan Strinati Magical, sincere and glistening pieces of electro, chillwave pop that conjure an intoxicating serenity
FUTURE POP FUP011 Uplifting Ambient Pop Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Owain Llwyd Brown,Mark Andrew Gross,Suat Akin Orbay,Mateja Kojadinovic Dreamy, uplifting pop songs with electronic textures that conjure a hypnotic, meditative mood
FUTURE POP FUP010 Teen Dance Pop Kelly Mac,Hyun Seek Jeong,Peter A Brinkley,Joshua Napert,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Stef Tahlia,Hector M Brignoni Euphoric, cool and youthful dance tunes, with slick hooks and massive energy
FUTURE POP FUP009 Edm Trap Pop Peter Brinkley,Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Richard Wilkinson,Paulie Preset Vibrant, up-tempo EDM trap tunes with slick synth leads and serious swagger
FUTURE POP FUP008 Dream Pop Andrew Proudfoot,Robin Richards,Josh Lim,Stef Tahlia,Suat Akin Orbay,Owain Llwyd Brown,Mark Choi,Mark Andrew Gross A beautiful collection of dreamy, atmospheric songs evoking defiance, hope and positivity
FUTURE POP FUP007 Hip Hop Trap Pop Jonathan Strinati,Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Josh Lim,Hector M Brignoni,Mark Andrew Gross,Leslie Michael Sabina Mid-tempo, assured hip-hop trap tunes with incredible swagger, slick production and serious cool
FUTURE POP FUP006 EDM Influenced Pop Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Red Ochsenbein,Mark Gross,Leslie Sabina,Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Dyfan Owain Jones Dark, gritty and modern electronic dance music for the masses Raw, driving beats with dramatic, catchy hooks
FUTURE POP FUP005 Euphoric Dance Pop Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Josh Lim,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Amadeo Lopez Uplifting, euphoric and pulsing dance pop Glistening, lush synths with hard-hitting beats evoke pure youthful joy
FUTURE POP FUP004 Modern Synth Pop Andrew Hall,Kee Chung,Howard A Alper,Kazumi Koyama,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Stef Tahlia,Thomas Henry McFall,Jason John Dean,Dyfan Owain Jones Emotive, dramatic and seriously cool Epic, modern synths and powerful electro beats with poignant, uplifting choruses
FUTURE POP FUP003 Hard Hitting Dance Pop Josh Lim,Jonathan Joseph Anthony Strinati Modern, cool and danceable Hard hitting beats with authoritative, slick choruses and incredible high-end production
FUTURE POP FUP002 Modern Electronic Hip Hop Pop Mark Gross,Nathaniel Kym Pike,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Steven Andrew McDonald,Gregory Valentin Vorbe Modern, Intriguing and cool Awesome Hip-Hop beats join slick pop vibes, creating incredible drama and mystery
FUTURE POP FUP001 Synth Beats Pop Andrew Proudfoot,Robin Richards Powerful, uplifting and sincere Glittering, modern synth-pop with huge retro beats and massive choruses