GROOVE ADDICTSを最新から表示 (80アルバム)
GROOVE ADDICTS GA080 Closer Than Lovers - Dimiter Dimiter Yordanov Intimate and raw, these elegantly simple indie folk ballads from Dimiter lay bare fragile emotions that cling to hope and better days. Minimal arrangements of piano, guitar, synths and female backing vocals keep these tracks delicate and bittersweet.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA079 Quest - Epic Motivational Stef Tahlia Buzzy guitars, anthemic chants and stomp-clap rhythms fuse with massive low-end power beats to amp up these inspirational, slow-grinding rock instrumentals that aim to conquer.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA078 Wild Planet - Worldbeat Global Groove Daniel Delaney East meets West in these electrifying worldbeat tunes, with ethnic vocals, Indian-inspired instrumentation and invigorating house beats ramping up the energy on the dancefloor. Bold and spirited, these grooving fusion beats are loaded with determination a
GROOVE ADDICTS GA077 Winners - Hip Hop Daniel Delaney, Greggory Covington,Daniel Delaney, Chris B Harris,Daniel Delaney, DeAndre Antonio Canady, Alex Theodore Bradley,Daniel Delaney, DeAndre Antonio Canady, Alex Theodore Bradley, Nina McCoy This aggro, hard-hitting male rap album aims to get the blood pumping with swaggering lyrics that rally the forces within. Huge trap beats, male group refrains, invigorating strings and blasting brass help supercharge already high stakes.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA076 On Your Side - Momentous Female Anthems Hannah Lynn Miller, Charles Daniel Lowell Evocative female vocals and encouraging lyrics are the focus of these indie pop tunes, with guitars, synths and subdued drum grooves rounding out the hybrid and nu-folk vibes. Despite hardship, the strength to push on and look up radiates in these emotion
GROOVE ADDICTS GA075 Slinkadelic Circus Jacob N Fader A 60s, fuzzy psychedelic haze permeates this funky-schizoid album that dips into acid jazz, blues rock and Italian sexadelic lounge. Think after-hour party in a redlight district on a far-away planet and your halfway there. Unabashed synth love, mallets,
GROOVE ADDICTS GA074 Inspire - Contemporary R&B Chris B Harris, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Brianne Charne Bryant,Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris, Jon Bryant,Jon Bryant, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris,Chris B Harris, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz,Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris, Brianne Soulful male and female vocals empower these motivational anthems with grace and undeniable glory. Fusing hip-hop with classic and contemporary R&B tropes, this collection instills courage, confidence and the all-in commitment it takes to be a true winner
GROOVE ADDICTS GA073 L.O.V.E. - Contemporary R&B Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris, Wesley Brent Ian,Chris B Harris, Brianne Charne Bryant, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz,Chris B Harris, Wesley Brent Ian, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz,Chris B Harris, Matthew Arnold Mikunda, Natasha Mira, Daniel Kenneth Solovit Love reigns supreme in these heartfelt amalgams that incorporate classic 70s R&B tropes, new school, quick-fire raps and contemporary neo-soul production. Infectious, soulful refrains, vintage horn stabs, funkified hip hop grooves and velvet smooth vocals
GROOVE ADDICTS GA072 This Bright Sky - Electro Singer Songwriter Hannah Lynn Miller, Charles Dnaiel Lowell A wistful optimism infuses this dreamy indie pop collection featuring lush acoustic-electronic arrangements, entrancing refrains and an immediate pull compliments of folk-tinged female vocals that gleam like wavering layers of a far-off mirage. Delish.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA071 The Ugly Tree Garage Blues Rock Joseph Robert Jude Corcoran This garage blues rock collection features gritty guitars and down-and-dirty grooves with attitude. It's raw and fat with big city smarts, like a possum in a business suit.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA070 Crystal Dust Contemporary R&B Soul Funk Norberto Flores Bueno, Michel Joseph Charles Knowles This breezy party has settled into a tasty, laidback groove with chill raps, standout R&B harmonies, tight brass licks and the forever feel-good rhythms of a summer that never ends.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA069 Issa Party Pop Norberto Flores Bueno, Michel Joseph Charles Knowles Where the party's at? Don't be a sucka, issa party right here, foo!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA068 Mental Crunk Dirty South Hip Hop Norberto Flores Bueno, Michel Joseph Charles Knowles It's time to get mental! Hard edged Crunk and Dirty South Hip Hop.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA067 Syke Tyson Heavy Hits EDM Hip Hop William Arnett, Christopher B Harris Breaking genre barriers and ushering in a sanguine future, Syke Tyson will restore both order and sexiness.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA066 SKRRT Hip Hop Trap Norberto Flores Bueno, Michel Joseph Charles Knowles Git ready cause you about to meet Trappy McTrapface. Skrrt Skrrt!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA065 2AM - Chill Neo Soul Mia Balatico Carson, Daniel Delaney Languid, luxurious grooves, smooth bass lines and dreamy, sultry female vocals create a potent elixer on these lilting, funky neo-soul tunes. Intimate lyrics speak with a knowing air of love's ups and downs while trip hop, soul and pop nuances add a fres
GROOVE ADDICTS GA064 Vive Neo Soul Norberto Flores Bueno,Michel Joseph Charles Knowles The gritty, sexy, and emotionally powerful sound of VIBE Neo Soul will allow you to finger paint with only the richest of earthtones
GROOVE ADDICTS GA063 THRIVE Radiant Anthem Rock Scott Reinwand, Trey Stephen Warner Glorious and inspiring rock anthems. Music made to elevate all it touches.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA062 The Bard Indie Folk Rock Tyler Fortier An organic, woodsy and well traveled collection of Indie Folk Rock
GROOVE ADDICTS GA061 In The Clouds Indie Vocal Anthems Chase Baker Indie Rock Anthems for all the grand moments
GROOVE ADDICTS GA060 Black Lights Pop Hits Norberto Flores Bueno,Michel Joseph Charles Knowles Energetic pop hits with a decidedly funky vibe Enjoy the latest from some of our favorite artists!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA059 Monsieur Dj French House Electro William Arnett Chic, sexy, smart, Monsieur DJ has got it all Okay, mostly the DJ's got funky fresh French Electro House music, but that pretty much makes the chic, sexy, smart thing a given
GROOVE ADDICTS GA058 Flexin Hip Hop Chris B Harris,DeMarvelous Louis Carter,Chris B Harris,DeMarvelous Louis Carter,Michelle Morgan Nigro Time to rise and grind! Flexin Hip Hop is how you get it done, son!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA057 Abcxyz Indie Pop Aaron David Anderson,Brandon Robert Kitterman A lively and pernicious collection of indie pop and rock
GROOVE ADDICTS GA056 Planet Beat Worldbeat Hip Hop Daniel Delaney Redefining the hip hop and dance genres with a tasty blend of indigenous global instruments and fresh beats
GROOVE ADDICTS GA055 Incredible Future Bass Norberto Flores Bueno,Michel Joseph Charles Knowles What is Future Bass? Think of it as a guy named Trap that smoked some weed and learned how to sing The result is quite a pop-a-licious EDM treat Enjoy!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA054 Blackwater Bombshell Rock Revival Ehren Ebbage,Timothy Michael Marks A proverbial shitstorm of rock revival moxie Get some
GROOVE ADDICTS GA053 Light It Up Electro Pop Anthems Chase Baker Nothing but feel good electro anthems here If you're looking for music to listen to while you watch Grey's Anatomy most touching highlights, you'd best be moving along
GROOVE ADDICTS GA052 Magnetized Pop Hits Norberto Flores Bueno,Michel Joseph Charles Knowles Magnetized by Groove Addicts gives you access to no compromise Tropical Pop, Electronic, and Pop tracks created by the finest Warner Chappell Production Music artists and producers
GROOVE ADDICTS GA051 Rock Royale 2 Scott Fritz Go huge or go home Rock Royale is back with its irresistible new classic flavor of hard rock Driving, hook-laden guitar riffs paired with massive drums make every track a true stoner's delight
GROOVE ADDICTS GA050 Flash Retro Electro Dance Rock Robert Dean Connolly,Eric Michael Robertson,Catherine Renee Leavy,Robert Dean Connolly,Eric Michael Robertson,Christopher Kalani Bennion,Robert Dean Connolly,Eric Michael Robertson,Robert Dean Connolly,Eric Michael Robertson,Scott Tyler Shepard,Robert Dea Floating chillwave electronic with positive and inspirational energy With female vocals
GROOVE ADDICTS GA049 Onyx Hip Hop Daniel Cress Driving trap hip hop opens solemnly with moments of sentiment and calm, building with a determined, chaotic edginess
GROOVE ADDICTS GA048 Lit Hip Hop Hits 2 Chris B Harris,Daniel Cress Driving hip hop with positive, motivational vibe Plenty of sex appeal With male vocals
GROOVE ADDICTS GA047 Shitsville Hero Garage Rock Revival Stuart Barry Maxfield,Aaron David Anderson Shitsville Hero Mean as a snake and dirty as sin Angel or devil God bless him, either way Once thing is certain, he loves his filthy rock
GROOVE ADDICTS GA046 Hannah - Singer Songwriter Hannah Lynn Miller,James Leslie Miller Jr Come walk the crooked path of quirky and fun to haunting and beautiful Hannah is an indie singer songwriter wonderland
GROOVE ADDICTS GA045 Flow Hip Hop Hits Daniel Delaney,Chris B Harris 100% legit, on fleek hip hop hits From chest pounding epic urban anthems to booty shaking club bangers, these songs ball hard!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA044 Rock Royale Scott Fritz One of the finest collections of rock Groove Addicts has ever released Epic, timeless and classic, huge and intense- the final stop on the road to rock perfection All hail Rock Royale!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA043 Cascadia Indie Folk Pop Ehren Ebbage
GROOVE ADDICTS GA042 Not Quite Blue Retro Soul Michael Jay McClellan,Stephen Michael Newman,Justin Cash Modern, timeless retro soul and classic R&B From dirty and gritty to smooth and blue-eyed, Not Quite Blue has a retro pop anthem to fit any mood
GROOVE ADDICTS GA041 Dirty Gritty Revival Ehren Ebbage Dirty, gritty, sometimes sexy collection of revival and boogie rock with distinct 60's overtones
GROOVE ADDICTS GA040 Wildfire Indie Singer Songwriter Anthems Ehren Ebbage,Hannah Lynn Miller Indie Singer Songwriter anthems combine in a beautiful mess of pure joy, love, hope and loss
GROOVE ADDICTS GA039 Monster Beat Anthems Michael McClellan,Stephen Newman,Scott Fritz,Zach Ziskin Indie Rock Anthems of epic proportions Big, huge monster pounding drums and soaring anthem vocals included at no extra cost You're welcome
GROOVE ADDICTS GA038 The Vinyl Incident Big Beats And Breaks Scott Reinwand,Daniel Delaney,Peter Ian Jones Big beats and breaks mined from the vinyl bin and refined into Midwestern Basement, Underground Hip Hop, and Cut and Paste delights
GROOVE ADDICTS GA037 Redneck Rebel Scott Fritz,Ehren Ebbage,Scott Reinwand Dirty southern rock drenched in Jack and gasoline
GROOVE ADDICTS GA036 Opus - Soundtrack To Life Peter Ian Jones,Kristy Patricia Clark,Ehren Ebbage,Peter Ian Jones,Scott Reinwand Sountrack to life Music for getting lost, being found, and everything in between
GROOVE ADDICTS GA035 Indietronic Extreme Sports Anatomy Daniel Wold,Marius Njelstad,Daniel Delaney,Antonio Sage,Scott Reinwand Underground indie electronic music for Extreme Sports and life's sickest moments
GROOVE ADDICTS GA034 Dirty Gritty Rocky Tasty Scott Wiley,Guillaume Amphoux,Michael McClellan,Steve Newman,Scott Reinwand Powerful guitar and a swung beat give this piece a sense of action Organ chords jump in at 0:31 and 1:16 Build at 1:30 Rock - Garage Rock Full Mix
GROOVE ADDICTS GA033 Gen M Daniel Delaney,Scott Reinwand,Zach Ziskin,Scott Fritz Young, energetic pop and pop rock
GROOVE ADDICTS GA032 Of Seafarers And Homelands Scott Wiley,Scott Reinwand,Scott Fritz,Stephen Estrada,Ehren Ebbage Energetic acoustic tunes good for stomping
GROOVE ADDICTS GA031 Pop Rules Nathan Eshman,Scott Reinwand,Zach Ziskin,Guillaume Amphoux,Scott Fritz,Shelley Rosenberg Super infectious and energetic pop rock songs
GROOVE ADDICTS GA030 Roots Ehren Ebbage,Scott Wiley,Scott Fritz,Jordan Glynn,Scott Reinwand Rootsy Alt Country and Indie Rock tunes
GROOVE ADDICTS GA029 Grind Alt Metal Scott Reinwand,Trey Warner The Ultimate Collection of Face Melting Rock
GROOVE ADDICTS GA028 He And She Singer Songwriter Stephen Estrada,Britney Holman Indie Pop singer songwriter tunes with and without vocals
GROOVE ADDICTS GA027 Dance Electro Anthems Dan Goldberg,Daniel Wold,Marius Njlstad,Christian Lauofo,Scott Fritz,Antonio Sage,William Arnett,Scott Reinwand,Antonio Sage,Daniel Delaney Dance and Electro Anthems
GROOVE ADDICTS GA026 Epic Hip Hop Scott Reinwand,Daniel Wold,Marius Njlstad,Christian Lauofo,Marty Rod,Peter Kerekes,Antonio Sage,Dan Goldberg,Matthew Weiss Hip Hop music
GROOVE ADDICTS GA025 Rock with Emotion Jeremy Luzier,Nathan Eshman,Scott Fritz,Zach Ziskin,Lamar Holley,Guillaume Amphoux,Peter Kerekes Alternative rock music
GROOVE ADDICTS GA024 Scene Setters V3 - The Road To Americana Juan Carlos Quintero,Sanford Stein Tracks for any road trip
GROOVE ADDICTS GA023 Industrial Rage Harry Cody,Robert Wear,Omar Fadel,Dan Goldberg Electronic industrial music
GROOVE ADDICTS GA022 Global Electronic Omar Fadel,Kully Bhamra,Dan Goldberg Electronic music
GROOVE ADDICTS GA021 Tween Pop Jeffery David Pop music for anything involving tweens
GROOVE ADDICTS GA020 Dramatic Impact 2 Stephen Dougherty Electronic enfused orchestral music, that is sure to leave a Dramatic Impact
GROOVE ADDICTS GA019 Scores From The Underworld William Kingswood,Dan Goldberg,Omar Fadel Tracks that will wake the dead
GROOVE ADDICTS GA018 Bollywood Kully Bhamra,Angus Campbell,Kully Bhamra,Angus Campbell,Ishq Bector Get a little bit of culture with this Bollywood themed album
GROOVE ADDICTS GA017 Blaxploitation Stephan Sechi Funky retro grooves, taking you for a drive into Mo-Town
GROOVE ADDICTS GA016 Americana - Scene Setters V2 Tim Lorsch,Mike Radovsky Setting the scene with visions of Americana living
GROOVE ADDICTS GA015 Other Worlds Scene Setters V1 Stephen Paul Dougherty
GROOVE ADDICTS GA014 Detroit Soul Stephan Sechi Soul music from the heart of The Motor City
GROOVE ADDICTS GA013 Alternative Blast Phil Xenidis Alternative rock tracks that will kick you in the face!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA012 Electro Beats Steve Dougherty Coming from the future, these Electro Beats will leave you dancing from lightyears away
GROOVE ADDICTS GA011 Dramatic Impact Steve Dougherty Emotional tracks that are sure to make a DEEP dramatic impact
GROOVE ADDICTS GA010 Circus Maximus Steve Rucker,Dan Goldberg,Phil X,Christopher James Thomas,Jesse Rhodes,Al Capps,Michael Smith,Nard Berings,Brad Chiet Comedy tracks to make the circus really come to life
GROOVE ADDICTS GA009 Downtempo George Sarah Easy to listen to downtempo tracks
GROOVE ADDICTS GA008 Expedition Africa Barry Dean Shear Soundtrack to an African safari
GROOVE ADDICTS GA007 Indie Rock Explosion Dan Goldberg Indie rock everywhere, time for the coolest party, you've never heard about!
GROOVE ADDICTS GA006 Urban Grooves V2 Dara Miller,David S Sherman,David S Sherman,Dara Miller Urban grooves for urban parties
GROOVE ADDICTS GA005 Olympic Gold Damon Criswell,Al Capps,Tim Hosman This is the soundtrack to winning the gold
GROOVE ADDICTS GA004 Foxxy Musique Omar Fadel Music to fit any Foxxy need
GROOVE ADDICTS GA003 Dreams & Meditations Alexander Adhami Tracks perfect for the soundtrack to your dreams
GROOVE ADDICTS GA002 Urban Grooves V1 Dara Miller,David S Sherman,David S Sherman,Dara Miller,Parker Hellman,Dara Miller Great soundtrack for an urban scene
GROOVE ADDICTS GA001 Darktronica V1 Simon Hunter Heselev Dark Electronica grooves to set the mood