GOTHIC HYBRIDを最新から表示 (47アルバム)
GOTHIC STORMのレーベル。映画、トレイラーに適したレーベル。
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY047 Rising! Rising! Rising! - Tension, Excitement & Panic nordic Dunn,Matthias Heider,Amadeo Lopez,Andrew Michael Skipper,James Mulvale,Richard Charles Davis,Samuel Edward Griffiths,Vess Ray Overwhelming adrenaline energy via three amazing innovations: tempos constantly increase, pitched Shepard tones constantly rise up, and the unique killer move: the base key constantly rises in unfamiliar-sounding QUARTER tones, with the emotional effect o
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY046 The Choir Boy and The Ghost - Creepy Horror Folk Songs Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones,Amadeo Lopez,Emmanuel Rousseau,Andrii Yefymov,Brooke Bahakel Mitchell,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Oscar Carl Fogelstrom A London choir boy soprano sings disturbing British folk songs over creepy horror trailer music.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY045 Dangerous Times - Modern Action Dmitriy Alexandrovich Mityukhin Amazing modern action cues from legendary Russian danger-master Dmitriy Mityukhin.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY044 Cyberpunch - Massive Sci-Fi Electronica Nick Tzios, Paul Ian Copestake,Nick Tzios, Ioannis Gkoutevas Gigantic striding trailer synths for blockbuster games and massive dystopian action movies.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY043 Accelerating Rises - Shepard Tones & Rhythms Giscard Rasquin,Goncalo Penas,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Samuel Edward Griffiths,Andrii Yefymov,Vesselin Radulov Rising, accelerating cues for a disorienting rush of excitement. An innovative collision of Shepard tones (a constantly rising pitch illusion) with edgy tempo increases for long rises that rise while they rise.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY042 Rising Tempo Percussion Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Tobias James,Matthias Heider,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,David James Elliott, Oliver Ian Nezhati,Andrii Yefymov,Richard Charles Davis,Kyle Kniceley,Andrea Vick, John Colin McFarlane,Andreas Viktor Patrik Ahlm,Gregory Wei Zhe Tan,S Heart-stopping adrenaline percussion that relentlessly speeds up. Most trailer percussion builds speed over a straight pulse by increasing the density of hits but here the pulse itself speeds up and out of control for a much wilder and more exciting ride.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY041 Comedy 101 - A Comedy Trailer Compendium Luis Bergmann,Andrew Jarod Smith,Brent March,Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Andrea Vick, John Colin McFarlane,Anthony William Eve,Steven Corin Buckeridge, Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Elaine Christine Gallant,Jamie Salisbury, Jake Rory Willson,Michael Nickolas,J A rich resource of brilliant comedy cues including urban buddy swagger, romcoms and playful indie laughs.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY040 Accelerating Boom Percussion Nick Tzios,Andrii Yefymov,Rene Osmanczyk,David Tardy,Paul Myles Farrer,Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones,Michael Philip Holt,Sergiu-Dan Muresan,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Sarah De Carlo,Christoph Allerstorfer Exciting percussion with booms at faster and faster intervals for big building acceleration without the tempo changing.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY039 Somber Yet Hopeful Intros Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Ros Stephen,Christoph Allerstorfer,Jacopo Cicatiello, David Scott Butler,Sergiu-Dan Muresan,Ian van Gemeren,Andrii Yefymov,Christian Ugenti,Andreas Viktor Patrik Ahlm,Grant Borland,Brooke Bahakel Mitchell,Luis Bergmann,Thomas Perfect trailer intros. Atmospheric but not light, strong but not overwhelming, somber yet hopeful.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY038 Cool Guitar Intros Hannu Honkonen,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Michael Philip Holt,Glenn Michael Sharp,Richard Andrew Chorzelski,Christian Ugenti,Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones,Audio Android, Lincoln Thomas Grounds,Samuel Thomas Burt, Daniel James Burt,Nik Haley,Luis Bergmann,A Trailer & promo intros with bad ass vintage twangy guitar attitude for dusty roads, weary cops and dead bodies in trunks. We can create extended versions quickly - just ask!
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY037 Room Of Evil: Disturbing Organic Horror Hannu Honkonen,Amadeo Lopez,Andrii Yefymov,Jacopo Cicatiello, David Scott Butler,Sergiu-Dan Muresan,Cristiano Piscioneri,Richard Charles Davis,Samuel Thomas Burt, Daniel James Burt,Gustavo Coutinho Pereira,Vincent P Varco,Jacopo Cicatiello, Alessandro Cam Organic, close-up evil in the room with creaking floors, snapping mandolins, awful dolls and worrying noises under your bed.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY036 Possessed Children: Creepy Nursery Rhymes Traditional, Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones,Traditional, Amadeo Lopez,Traditional, Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Traditional, Brooke Bahakel Mitchell,Traditional, Andrii Yefymov,Traditional, Ioannis Gkoutevas,Traditional, Christian Ugenti,Traditional, Justin B Terrifying modern horror cues with British and American children singing nursery rhymes with their naturally disturbing lyrics.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY035 Exciting Synthtopia Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Luis Bergmann,Paul Myles Farrer,Tom David Cumplen,Christian Ugenti Fun, color and excitement from bold rippling synths where retro 90s video game energy meets modern trailer power.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY034 Long Emotional Risers Gabriel Brosteanu,Simon-Gabriel Auger,Edward Haydon, Gilmar Antonio Monte,Samuel Thomas Burt, Daniel James Burt,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Justin Breame,Andrii Yefymov,Ros Stephen,Sergiu-Dan Muresan,Luna Yue Pan,Steingrimur Thorhallsson,Richard Charles Dramatic, emotionally-charged building atmospheres which add a constantly intensifying power without clashing with dialogue or edits.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY033 Bad Blood - Dark Feuds Andrii Yefymov,Arvids Saulitis,Charles Edward Alexander Hedger,Christian Ugenti,Christoph Allerstorfer,Daniel James Burt, Samuel Thomas Burt,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Luis Bergmann,Marco Micucci, Dario Emilio Vero,Richard William Armstrong Aggressive, brutally vengeful trailer tracks from anti-hero hybrids to angry feud-rock.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY032 Hip Hop Horror Charles Edward Alexander Hedger,Gustavo Coutinho Pereira,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Joshua Kristin Williams,Luis Bergmann,Mateja Kojadinovic,Patrick David Spencer Gill,Steven Cracknell Intense modern trailer horror with a demonic urban twist.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY031 Electroshock - Electro Rock Spots Nick Tzios,Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Charles Edward Alexander Hedger,Marco Micucci, Dario Emilio Vero,David Scott Butler,Steven Andrew McDonald,Steve Syz,Ioannis Gkoutevas Blistering, high-impact trailer rock electronica perfect for massive action movies, TV spots and and games trailers.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY030 Sci-Fi SFX Percussion Ido Rivlin, Daniel Markovich,Christoph Allerstorfer,Arvids Saulitis,Alessandro Camnasio, Jacopo Cicatiello,Daniel James Burt, Samuel Thomas Burt,Paul Myles Farrer,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Joshua Kristin Williams,Derek Jasnoch,Luis Bergmann,Andrii Yefymov Huge trailer percussion tracks with blistering sci-fi sound effects.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY029 Snappy Comedy Intros Stefano Mastronardi,Gabriel Brosteanu,Luis Bergmann,Gustavo Coutinho Pereira,Paul Myles Farrer,Giscard Rasquin,Sam Clunie,Ido Rivlin, Daniel Markovich,Sergiu-Dan Muresan,Joshua Kristin Williams,Andrii Yefymov,Giorgio Riolo,Wayne Dineley,Daniel James Burt, Snappy commercial pop intros for modern comedy trailers.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY028 Intense Tv Spots Alessandro Camnasio,Jacopo Cicatiello,Robin Hall,Daniel Lenzmeier,Kyle Kniceley,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Giorgos Lorantakis,David Scott Butler Exhilarating TV spot tracks with colossal impacts, editor-friendly gaps and mind-bending sound design
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY027 Sfx Trailer Percussion Amadeo Lopez,Christoph Allerstorfer,Kyle J Kniceley,Nick Tzios,David Scott Butler,Jacopo Cicatiello,Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Anthony William Eve,Richard Charles Davis Trailer percussion cues built from evocative processed sound effects from guns and clocks to hacker keyboards
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY026 Frenzy! Dark Adrenalized Fun Christoph Allerstorfer,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Blackcraft,Nick Tzios,Vincent P Varco,Kyle J Kniceley,Rohan Robert Stevenson,Steve Syz,Jonathan Hodgson Sharp,Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Oscar Carl Fogelstrom,Michael Philip Holt Hard edged, exciting action with a splash of dark laughter
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY025 Reboot Human - Massive Trailer Backbones Nick Tzios,Jacopo Cicatiello,Nick Tzios,Giorgos Lorantakis,Nick Tzios,Giorgos Lorantakis,Jacopo Cicatiello Intense, dark, overwhelming trailer structures with state of the art sound design
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY024 Scary Shit Amadeo Lopez,Nick Tzios,David Scott Butler,Kirk Kienzle Smith,Kirk Gibson Teachout,Jack Pashley,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Steven Andrew McDonald,Wayne Dineley,Marie-Anne Fischer,Dirk Ehlert,Anthony William Eve,Mateja Kojadinovic,Daniel Gardner-Berry,M Awful horror tracks that induce actual fear Be afraid
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY023 Stealing Stones And Breaking Bones Christopher PhillipHaigh,Marlon Gibbons,Christopher PhillipHaigh,Christopher PhillipHaigh,Robert David Leonard Green,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Marlon Gibbons,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Robert David Leonard Green Hollywood gangster swagger Powerful, gritty trailerized rock for bad dudes with bravado and bluster
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY022 Epic Sci-Fi Steven Andrew McDonald,Arvids Saulitis,Blackcraft,Daniel Gardner-Berry,Giorgos Lorantakis,Grant Borland,Andrew Skipper,Gabriel Brosteanu,Steve Syz,David Scott Butler The epic sci-fi soundtrack to intergalactic civilizations, dimensional wormholes and exoskeleton-clad space heroes who shoot to kill
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY021 Epic Synthetic Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Martin Kirkhaug,Andrew Skipper,Daniel James Mumford,Steve Syz Epic euphoric synth symphonies for tech thrillers and modern sci-fi
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY020 Primal Excitement Robin Hall,Michael Philip Holt,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Oscar Carl Fogelstrsm,Audio Android,Rohan Robert Stevenson,David Scott Butler,Meghan Gillen,Andrew Skipper,Christoph Allerstorfer,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Daniel Gardner-Berry Massive and exciting tribal percussion with groovy musical elements for edgy action with a playful side
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY019 Kick Ass Action Oscar Carl Fogelstrom,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Michael Hsiang Lee,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Steve Syz,Kyle J Kniceley,Andrea Vick,Ed Watkins,Vinko Borcic Kick-ass, bad-ass action rock swagger on an epic scale Explosions, cars and big guns with a mischievous wink
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY018 Badass Buddy Action Oscar Carl Fogelström,Christoph Allerstorfer,Kyle J kniceley,Christoph Allerstorfer,Steve Syz,Ed Watkins,Gabriel Winston,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Daniel Gardner-Berry Massive badass buddy action swagger with a sense of fun and gaps for blockbuster one-liners
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY017 Cute Crazy Heroes Steven Andrew McDonald,João Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Oscar Carl Fogelstrom,Lois May Paton,Andrea Vick Fun blockbuster action with a wild and crazy pop side Ideal for plastic super heroes and nutty animations
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY016 Dissonant Gravity - Dark Space Sci-Fi Kyle J Kniceley Music for dark modern sci-fi with gritty galactic destruction
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY015 Dark Tech Thrillers Alec Benjamin Johnson,Christoph V,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Stephen Moore Beautifully paced thriller tracks with a dark technology edge
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY014 Action Tv Spots Gabriel Brosteanu Short, cutting-edge sound-design heavy tracks for high-action TV spots Also perfect for longer trailer back-ends and high-impact promos
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY013 Face Melters - Insane Percussion & Sound Design Kyle Booth,Robin Lars Gogberg,Dmitry Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Christopher Phillip Haigh,Richard Allen Kendall,Giorgos Lorantakis,Grant Borland,David Scott Butler,Daniel Gardner-Berry,David Scott Butler,Meghan Gillen,Gabriel Brosteanu,Alessandro Camnasio,S Unhinged and ferocious face-melting cues for the disturbed and deranged
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY012 Wastelands - High Octane Desert Rock Giorgos Lorantakis,Nick Tzios,Kyle Booth,Nikolaidis Alexandros,Kelvin Boon Hern Tan,Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz,Richard Allen Kendall II,Bryan Thanh Nguyen,Grant Borland,Kelvin Boon Hern Tan,Kyle J Kniceley,Daniel Gardner Berry,Charles Edward Alexander Hedger,Kyl Dirty, powerful, trailerized hard rock from the badlands
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY011 Night Terror Christoph Allerstorfer,Paul Richard O'Brien,Todd Christopher Burns,Gabriel Brosteanu,Megan McDuffee,Bryan Thanh Nguyen,James Floyd Brown III,Richard Allen Kendall II 15 creeping and building synth patterns for horror trailers with monstrous modern sound design, edits and slams
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY010 SynthWave Outrun Red Ochsenbein 12 massive dance SynthWave cues that'll put you on the edge of your theater seats with 80s roots and modern sound design
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY009 Corpses Symphony Christoph Allerstorfer,Christopher Phillip Haigh,James Floyd Brown III,Gabriel Brosteanu,Andrew Swarbrick,Grant Borland,Kyle Booth,Bryan Nguyen,Richard Allen Kendall II,Richard Allen Kendall II,Kyle J Kniceley Terrifying orchestral horror cues to curl your toes and scare the living daylights out of you
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY008 High Score - Epic Retro Arcade Bryan Thanh Nguyen,Richard Allen Kendall,Bryan Thanh Nguyen Massive cues that blend retro gaming with an epic cinematic orchestra
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY007 Dark Machines Paul Richard O'Brien Post-industrial dystopia, a new age of aggressive synthwave
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY006 Charged Nick Tzios,Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Mityukhin,Bryan Thanh Nguyen,Dylan Christopher Jones,Kyle Booth,Kelvin Boon Hern Tan,Kyle J Kniceley,Bryan Thanh Nguyen,Grant Borland,Kyle J Kniceley,Bryan Thanh Nguyen,Kelvin Boon Hern Tan,Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz,Giorgos Lor High octane tracks from the depths of hell
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY005 Intense Action Percussion Stuart Sweeney,Peter Nostrand,Christoph Allerstorfer,Jonathan Hodgson Sharp,Lincoln Jaeger,Richard Charles Davis,Jonathan Paul Vincent,Martin John Swain Fast paced, action packed percussion tracks with intense and dark atmospheric sound design
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY004 Choatic Destruction Alessandro Camnasio,Lincoln Jaeger,Marie-Anne Fischer,Panos Kolias,Sam Wale,James Charles Murray,Stuart Sweeney,Peter Nostrand,Ed Watkins,Kyle J Kniceley,Max Ablitzer,Vincent P Varco,Vinko Borcic,Bryan Nguyen,Jonathan Hodgson Sharp Menacing and destructive sound design-heavy trailer tracks
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY003 Uneasy Tension Lincoln Jaeger,Vinko Borcic,Martyn Swain,Max Ablitzer,Stephen Daniel Lemaire Edge of the seat sound design-heavy trailer tracks to unnerve even the most courageous
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY002 Industrial Fearscapes Jonathan Hodgson Sharp,Aaron Justin Harris,Lincoln Jaeger,Kyle Kniceley,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Vincent P Varco,Vinko Borcic,Martin John Swain,Marie-Anne Fischer Heart-stopping sound design-heavy trailer tracks with massive pounding slams
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY001 Slamming Darktopia Red Ochsenbein,Robert Mark Weinstein,Benjamin Joe Hayden,Quentin Lachapele,Jonathan Hodgson Sharp,Martin John Swain,Lincoln Jaeger Huge sparse slams and dark atmospheric sound design builds to massive cutting edge trailer finales