GUM TAPESを最新から表示 (194アルバム)
UNIVERSAL FRANCEのレーベル。 Gum Tapes. The new production music department of Green United Music (GUM). Creative, fresh and multi awarded (2 grammy awards nomination, 1 gold lion) label and music house since 2008.
GUM TAPES GTP237 Sixties Soul Jazz Big Band Jérôme Etcheberry, Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Groovy baby! A classy and playful album of dynamic brass, amplified guitar and swinging acoustic drums. Rare groove, hard bop, jazz blues, jazz-funk.
GUM TAPES GTP236 TIme Goes By Jean-Baptiste Ayoub,Oscar Pouts Lajus,Achille Richard,Clément Bordenave,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Laurent Cuenca,Matthews Samar,Thomas Gaudibert,Charles Caste-Ballereau The precision of electronics combined to the warmth of acoustic music in this album of positive and confident chill tracks with pitched vocals and analog synthesizers.
GUM TAPES GTP235 Mind Games Vol. 2 Julien Rimailho,Manuel Bleton,Sandy Lavallart,Paul Tyan,Josué Abelard,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Adrien Dennefeld,Thomas Didier,Charlotte Boisselier,Steven Viennot,Bastien Ehouzan, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pate Solve puzzles but don't waste too much time because the stakes are high! A selection of inquiring, interrogative and tense tracks to train your mind!
GUM TAPES GTP234 Feel the Emotion Sebastien Billy,Rémy Rougier,Thomas Blanc,Roberto Rodriguez,Julien Baril,Simone Bresciani,Jeremie Frémont,Grégoire Moreau,Gilles Simon, Juan De Guillebon,Neptune Orizon What does it mean to be human? A delicate and thoughtful selection of organic electronica tracks with piano, synth, electronics.
GUM TAPES GTP233 The Rise of the Middle East Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau Welcome to a mysterious and spiritual land. Feel the spirit of pharaohs and jinns thanks to these tracks with traditional oud, powerful vocals and wide vaporous synthesizers.
GUM TAPES GTP232 Do It Yourself Vol. 7 Frédéric Parcabe,Jeremie Frémont,Manuel Armstrong,Achille Richard,Benjamin Kaniewski,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Thomas Didier,Paul Tyan,Ervin Trofimov,Laurent Cuenca Playful keyboards and cheesy guitar riffs: a fun and entertaining album that will put a smile back on your face!
GUM TAPES GTP231 Believe Ervin Trofimov,Romain Laupy,Frédéric Parcabe,Laurent Cuenca,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Guillaume Barraud Believe in your dreams, believe in you and find the strength to build your future with this dynamic selection of hopeful and motivational tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP230 Digital Age Vol. 6 Charles Caste-Ballereau,Roberto Rodriguez De La Fuente,David Di Pietro,Camille Ballon,Benjamin Kaniewski, Frederik Tao Nordso Schjoldan,Antoine Heid,Laurent Cuenca,Benjamin Kaniewski,Steven Viennot A timeless selection of elegant and dynamic electronic tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP229 Dawn Lucas Dorier Suspend time for a while. A silky and delicate album of puzzling and ethereal acoustic works with piano, strings, percs.
GUM TAPES GTP228 Close to the Edge Julien Rimailho,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Antoine Heid,Antoine Heid, Bertrand Feuvrier,Roberto Rodriguez De La Fuente,Alexandre Larcanche, Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian You're on a mission! Dynamic and powerful selection of threatening and hostile electronic tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP227 Comedy Vol. 4 Frédéric Parcabe,Laurent Cuenca,Duke Bojadziev,Paul Tyan,Laurent Guillet,Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar Live crazy funny adventures with this selection of playful and merry cinematic tracks!
GUM TAPES GTP226 Go with the Flow Eric Milliard, Jason Levine, Michael Ghegan,Eric Milliard, Jason Levine,Eric Milliard, Frédéric Radix, Jason Levine,Brandon Evans, Eric Milliard, Jason Levine,Eric Milliard, Jason Levine, Malo Mazurie Desgarennes It's just peace, love, unity and having fun! Forget about your worries with this cheerful and upbeat old school hip hop album led by positive male and female vocals on acoustic arrangements.
GUM TAPES GTP225 Quiet Lands Guillaume Barraud,Laurent Guillet,Frédéric Parcabe,Dimitri Leroy A journey through the American landscape with this album of panoramic and soothing acoustic pieces carried by warm and organic guitars.
GUM TAPES GTP224 Modern Fantasy Vol. 2 Max H,Sebastien Baret, Sebastien Billy,Achille Richard,Joël Abelard,Maxime Lebidois,Ismael De Saint Leger,Alice De France, Ambroise Dehais,Romain Paillot,Robin Strauss,Cyril Orcel,Jonathan Raynal,Guillaume Coantic Look at the other side of the mirror and experience wonder or fear with this unreal album mixing orchestra and electronics.
GUM TAPES GTP223 Back Streets Jonathan Navez, Olivier Moranta,Thibault Pierens,Julien Solliet,Benjamin Kaniewski, Frederik Tao Nordso Schjoldan,Nicolas Nocchi,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Wilfried Kanor,Joël Abelard,Titouan Kervella Welcome to the street! A selection of deep and dynamic urban beats perfect for investigation or sport films.
GUM TAPES GTP222 Far Away Lucca Serra,Hugo De Luca,Alexandre Larcanche, Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Laurent Cicala,Neptune Orizon,Laurent Cuenca,Laurent Sauvagnac,Jean Fournier,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Simone Bresciani A luxurious first class trip served by smooth and organic soft electronic tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP221 Forever Young Laurent Cicala,Benjamin Farley, Manuel Armstrong,Cedryck Santens,Benjamin Kaniewski,Julien Agazar, Manuel Armstrong,Manuel Armstrong,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Paul Tyan,Jean-Michel Zanetti, Nicolas Place, Yannick Berger,Benjamin Kaniewski, Fred A super catchy and dynamic collection of positive rock tracks!
GUM TAPES GTP220 EPIC Vol. 1: War and Peace Damien Deshayes Fight for your destiny! A powerful and profound cinematic album led by urgent strings, impressive brass and epic drums.
GUM TAPES GTP219 College Romance Dimitri Leroy,Robin Strauss,Manuel Armstrong,Lucas Benmahammed, Paul Rosalie,Achille Richard,Mathieu Tiger,Rachid Sefrioui,Grégoire Moreau,Nicolas Desgages So many emotions at once ! Relive your first love stories with this collection of sentimental pop rock tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP218 Source Code Flavien Benadassi,Joël Abelard,Elodie Hilsum, Stéphane Lavallée,Antoine Heid,Arnaud Rignon, Julien Luere,Jonathan Raynal,Roberto Rodriguez Prepare yourself for the hacking of your life with this selection of dynamic and suspenseful electronic tracks!
GUM TAPES GTP217 Piano Nocturnes Cédric Hanriot Delicate, tender and melancholic. This pure and sober piano solo album brings the deepest emotions to the surface.
GUM TAPES GTP216 Back Home Robin Strauss Take a deep breath of fresh air with this solar album of joyful and buccolic acoustic tracks!
GUM TAPES GTP215 Young and Free Jean-Philippe Serres, Romain Paillot,Alain Ekpob, Frédéric Parcabe Energetic, fearless and positive! Fresh and uplifting selection of electro pop tracks led by emotional guitars and determined drums.
GUM TAPES GTP214 The Acid Queen Pascal Macaigne See everything brighter with this psychedelic rock album! Sunny amplified guitars, reverberated voices and hypnotic drum patterns will take you on a colorful journey!
GUM TAPES GTP213 TRAILER Vol. 10: The Dark Castle Guardians Duke Bojadziev,Daniela Tosic, Duke Bojadziev Find yourself in the heart of an epic quest full of dangers and mysteries with this suspenseful thrilling album mixing orchestra and electronics
GUM TAPES GTP212 Devil's Highway Laurent Guillet, Victor Paillet Step on the gas with this burning heavy rock album! Wild electric guitar solos and riffs on angry drums. Only for the bold ones!
GUM TAPES GTP211 A Changing World Arnaud Rignon,Mehdi Hanoun,Khamsin,Julien Baril,Christopher Thierry,Gilles Simon, Juan De Guillebon,Guilherm Frenod,Joël Abelard,David Derose Soundtrack of a brighter future! Massive synthesizers and heavy drum machines are on the program in this positive and powerful album.
GUM TAPES GTP210 Ex Machina Clelia Felix,Antoine Duchène,Clément Pillot,Mathieu Dantec,Thibaut Barbillon,Antoine Heid,Vincent Sapri,Gilles Simon, Juan De Guillebon,Dimitri Leroy,Stephane Prin,Mohand Ka,Thomas Didier,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbus Retro-modern synthesizers and nocturnal atmospheres for a suspenseful futuristic album perfect for investigations and mysteries.
GUM TAPES GTP203 Crosstown Barber Blues Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Boost your testosterone levels with this bold and yet elegant blues rock album carried by rough electric guitars and organic acoustic drums.
GUM TAPES GTP202 Indie Pop Vol. 2 Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin,Christophe Canvot, Sabine Perraud, Sebastien Galiana,Alain Governatori, Alexandra Palvair,Julien Rimailho, Violette Libault,Maëlle Dumazet, Pierre-Yves Collard,Geoffray Gimenez, Iris Jacquard,Arnaud Boyer, La Brisa Day Ro The sound of your favorite pop songs is in this elegant and edgy album of indie pop music. Female and male vocals, amplified guitars and pianos for a guaranteed emotion during your key scenes.
GUM TAPES GTP201 Hawaii Felix Bastello,Felix Bastello, Jacques Bastello Relax and feel the island sun on your skin. Today it's flowers, blue sky and sea with this warm and peaceful hawaiian steel guitar album.
GUM TAPES GTP200 125th Street Bertrand Hellio, Jérôme SALLENAVE, Karim HAMIDA Just feel the groove! This retro funky and upbeat album will take you back to the dance floors of the 70's & 80's.
GUM TAPES GTP199 Metal Dimitri Leroy Let the engines roar with this massive and powerful heavy rock album full of agressive distorted guitars and nervous acoustic drums.
GUM TAPES GTP198 Breathless Maxime Hulot,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Antoine Heid,Dimitri Leroy,Flavien Benadassi,Leo Dumont,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar,Juan De Guillebon Get ready for an epic race with this powerful selection of energetic and merciless positive electronic tracks led by distorted synths and heavy drums!
GUM TAPES GTP197 Do it Yourself Vol. 6 Paul Tyan,Charles Caste-Ballereau, François Caste-Ballereau,Thibaut Barbillon,Nicolas Nocchi,François Ky Phung Nguyen, Thomas Pierron,Etienne Colin,Damien Briquet, Flavien Benadassi Look on the bright side of life with this selection of positive and cheerful vintage tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP196 TRAILER Vol. 9: Hostage Remi Desroques,Simone Bresciani,Eric Heber Suffrin,Thomas Didier,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Benjamin Kaniewski,Arnaud Rignon, Julien Luere,Etienne Colin,Anthony d'Amario, Edouard Rigaudière Emotional strings, heavy brass and thrilling synthesizers, this collection of epic and breathtaking trailers will definitely not leave you indifferent!
GUM TAPES GTP195 Great Plains Julien Baril, Mathieu Coupat Have a beautiful journey through the great plains and the desert with this album of warm, organic and positive Americana and bluesy guitar tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP194 African Files Joël Abelard,Julien Vonarb,Flavien Benadassi,Nikita Safonov,Olivier Visconti, Tressy Geffroy,Guillaume Coantic,Jonathan Saguez,Rachid Sefrioui,Clelia Felix,Romain Benitez Travel Africa with this selection of enigmatic and enchanting tracks. Between traditional and electronic music, the perfect soundtrack for an international investigation!
GUM TAPES GTP193 City Lights Luigi Marletta A nocturnal, sensual and mellow album full of dreamy melodies and vaporous synthesizers.
GUM TAPES GTP192 Frozen Time Thomas Didier,David Ohana,Matias Suescun,Jonathan Raynal,Duke Bojadziev,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Maximilien Mathevon,Tiffany Chenet,Clelia Felix A nocturnal selection of tense and shadowy electronic tracks with idiophones, analog synths and drum machine.
GUM TAPES GTP191 Do It Yourself Vol. 5 Fabien Langard, Philippe Villar We're updating the kitsch with these happy and cheerful vintage tracks perfect for funny and sunny scenes.
GUM TAPES GTP190 TRAILER Vol. 8: Surviving Evil Damien Salançon Be ready for action with this album of epic and powerful electronic orchestral tracks!
GUM TAPES GTP189 Beyond The Cloud Tainsus A positive and emotional collection of synth wave electronic pop songs and instrumentals.
GUM TAPES GTP188 Last Port to Wherever pt. 3 Raphaël Verdoliva Leaving for a new life. These cloudy, nocturnal and emotional electronic tracks will accompany your journey into the unknown.
GUM TAPES GTP187 US Rock Dimitri Leroy Car chases, action and pure rock energy in this album with powerful and wild rhythms and burning electric guitars.
GUM TAPES GTP186 Digital Age Vol. 5 Clément Bordenave,Boris Magnin,Flavien Benadassi,Jean-Christophe Doursou,David Di Pietro,Thibaut Recule,Christopher Thierry,Dave Mukoko Always faster, stronger and further: this selection of heavy and progressive electronic beats bring technology to a whole new level.
GUM TAPES GTP185 Road to Tijuana Jérôme Etcheberry, Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin From Mexican folk to garage rock, mariachis play alongside bandits and renegades between gun stories and torrid romances.
GUM TAPES GTP184 Reggaeton Carlos Jonatan Milan Rosa, Nicolas Nocchi, Yessica Milan Rosa,Nicolas Nocchi, Sandra Maria Riveiro Garcia,Carlos Jonatan Milan Rosa, Nicolas Nocchi, Sandra Maria Riveiro Garcia,Carlos Jonatan Milan Rosa, Nicolas Nocchi,Carlos Jonatan Milan Rosa, Henry Sac It feels like Puerto Rico with these 13 sunny and sensual electronic latin songs.
GUM TAPES GTP183 Run to Victory Fabien Langard, Philippe Villar Be ready for the competition with this collection of bold and muscular drums.
GUM TAPES GTP182 Dubstep pt. 2 Camille Ballon Energy at its purest form. A selection of powerful and massive electronic pieces with wobble synthesizers and heavy drum machines.
GUM TAPES GTP181 Mother Nature Robin Strauss,Matthieu Cantoni, Robin Strauss Rediscover sweetness with this album of delicate and sensitive guitar works.
GUM TAPES GTP180 Do It Yourself pt. 4 Achille Richard,Fabien Langard,Jean-Pierre Sluys,Joël Abelard,Duke Bojadziev,Etienne Colin, Maxime Lebidois, Maxime Pinto,Etienne Colin, Maxime Lebidois,Josué Abelard Kooky, quirky and fun retro electronic tracks with scratches and breakbeats!
GUM TAPES GTP179 Breathtaking Eric Muller, Maurin Zhand Keep a mind of steel with this album of energetic, determined and playful electronic drums. The perfect soundtrack for sport competitions and dance battles.
GUM TAPES GTP178 Vintage Cinematic Jean-Patrick Cosset, Kevin Grosmolard,Dimitri Leroy,Manuel Armstrong,Philippe Roche,Timothee Zephir,Paul Tyan,Anatole Zephir, Timothee Zephir,Arnaud Boyer, Nicolas Poncet,Arnaud Boyer An elegant collection of enigmatic and emotional cinematic pop tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP177 Yakuza Night Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau A mysterious and ancient path to wisdom led by these delicate and spiritual Asian-inspired works.
GUM TAPES GTP176 World Landscapes: Radio Planet Roberto Briot,Stéphane Lavallée,Jonathan Raynal,Nicolas Nocchi,Pierre Yves Langlois,Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, Jean-Pierre Sluys,Daniel Jeanbrau,Frederic Schumann,Damien Henri Fleau,Laurent Cicala From Africa to the Middle-East passing through Ireland, a rich journey through cultures around the world.
GUM TAPES GTP175 Investigation: Heating Up pt. 2 Antoine Heid,Duke Bojadziev,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Vincent Sapri,François Pavan, Mi-Yung Pavan The investigation gets tougher with this selection of suspenseful and dramatic electronic tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP174 Green Bird Guillaume Muschalle, Thomas Renwick Between romance and nostalgy: a collection of delicate and emotional jazz ballads with trumpet.
GUM TAPES GTP173 TRAILER Vol. 7: Knights of the Throne Duke Bojadziev Modern and epic orchestral themes perfect for trailers and action scenes.
GUM TAPES GTP172 Green Onion Camille Bazbaz, Franck Hedin Colors, flowers and groove! This powerful and positive vintage soul album is the perfect family comedy soundtrack.
GUM TAPES GTP171 South Beach Camille Ballon Sea, sun and parties! Live your best life with this shiny and dynamic tropical electronic music album perfect for Spring Break and sunny trips.
GUM TAPES GTP170 Starlight Maximilien Rzonca,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Vincent Brion,Yannis Chaumard,Ron Costa,Duke Bojadziev,Antoine Heid,Zalo Feel the electronic groove! A powerful selection of metronomic and headstrong old school house tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP169 Hang Drum Emmanuel Ducloux Discover the quiet strength of a peaceful mind with this album of organic and introspective hang drum pieces.
GUM TAPES GTP168 Digital Dreams Achille Richard,Camille Ballon,Thibaut Barbillon,Thomas Didier,Joël Abelard,Sebastien Girard,Duke Bojadziev,Roberto Briot,Antoine Heid,Thibaut Recule These gentle, elegant, sometimes mysterious, electronic and organic musical pieces are your best companions for the night.
GUM TAPES GTP167 Classic Hollywood Scores Alexandre Lecluyse,Didier Goret,Damien Salancon,Michel-Ange Merino,Eric Valette,Gerald Olivieri Back to Hollywood's golden age: its unforgettable moving melodies and grandiose epic arrangements with this selection of unique orchestral pieces.
GUM TAPES GTP166 Electro Swing Nicolas Mollard Festive and entertaining vintage swing music mixed with electronic beats. Let's party the old-fashioned way!
GUM TAPES GTP165 TRAILER Vol. 6: Titan's War Michel-Ange Merino Dive into the heart of a legendary and grandiose battle between the forces of good and evil with this selection of overly epic orchestral pieces.
GUM TAPES GTP164 Pop Songs Giuseppe Ricciardo Calderaro,Julien Rimailho, Violette Libault,Mathilde Coquenlorge, Thomas Lozano,Bastien Bruneau Larche, Thomas Dahyot,Arnaud Rignon, Kim Barres,Ismael De Saint Leger, Sophie Oz,Damien Lefèvre By the fireplace or near the water's edge, this selection of nice and dreamy songs perfectly illustrates the sweet moments of life.
GUM TAPES GTP163 Urban Connection Axel Bolo-Basquiat, Vincent Tremel, Wing Yan Lam,Roberto Rodriguez,Yannis Chaumard,Adian Paul-Coker,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar,Nicolas Nocchi,Thomas Didier,Kevin Blanc,Antoine Mojon, Dark and strong-willed electronic urban beats to face a merciless reality.
GUM TAPES GTP162 Urban Roots Ashley Llorens, Franck Bush, Jason Nichols, Miles Bonny, Philippe Parizot,David W Robertson, Givens Dante, Philippe Parizot,Jessica Greenfield, Leslie Seaforth, Philippe Parizot, Timothy Murray Wallace,Darren Piper, Philippe Parizot, Timothy Murray Wallac Strong will and fresh attitude! This selection of old school hip hop song bring you back to the East Coast of the 90's and 2000's
GUM TAPES GTP161 Garage Surf Pascal Macaigne From surfing to riding to spying... This collection of dry wilful and fun psychedelic garage rock perfectly represents an era of wild and insolent freedom.
GUM TAPES GTP160 Adrenaline Camille Ballon Fast and strong-willed abrasive electronic music. The perfect soundtrack of burning races and chases.
GUM TAPES GTP159 Eco Cities Pt.2 Sebastien Girard A selection of smooth and organic nocturnal chill electronic soundtracks characterizing city life at night.
GUM TAPES GTP158 Chasing The Truth Maximilien Mathevon,Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Axel Bolo-Basquiat, Vincent Tremel, Wing Yan Lam,Romain Benitez,Théophile Langer Suspenseful and threatening abrasive dark synthesizers and electronics that will take your breath away !
GUM TAPES GTP157 Political Drama Damien Deshayes Between investigation and action, these suspenseful epic orchestral pieces take us to the heart of the darkest plots.
GUM TAPES GTP156 Emotional Picture Morgan Prudhomme,David Derose,Boris Magnin,Achille Richard,Joël Abelard,Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar,Julien Boulfray Love, friendship, loneliness, doubts... Feelings are entangled in this selection of eclectic instrumental pieces.
GUM TAPES GTP155 Secret Services Joël Abelard, Josué Abelard,Guillaume Chartin,Simone Bresciani,Josué Abelard,Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau,Ismael De Saint Leger,Joël Abelard,Stéphane Lavallée Ethnic and tribal enigmatic tracks for investigations and mysteries.
GUM TAPES GTP154 Synthwave Loic Pichard,Matthieu Joly,Simon Bridonneau,Antoine Petri, Frederic Schumann,Laurent Cuenca Picture yourself driving on a road by the sea at sunset. This collection of analog pieces full of arpeggios and synth pads brings back to life the colors of the 80s mixed with today's production quality.
GUM TAPES GTP153 Good Vibes Benjamin Terrier, Philippe Hervouët,Alain Governatori,Julien Baril,Achille Richard,Juan De Guillebon,Thibault Pierens,Benjamin Le Jean,Julien Solliet,Antoine Heid,Clélia Félix,Cedric Gleyal,Romain Benitez Positive and friendly electronic pop tracks for feel-good and sunny content.
GUM TAPES GTP152 Rebels Dimitri Leroy Burning and dynamic rock tracks for those who don't follow the rules. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP151 Eco Cities Sebastien Girard Quiet and peaceful electronic underscores mixing modernity and organic for a better world. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP150 Bio Mechanic Achille Richard,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar,Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar A fantastic odyssey through synthesizers, sound textures and arpeggios. The soundtrack of scientific experiments that create the future. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP149 Romantic Suites Duke Bojadziev,Stéphane Panunzi,Cyril Orcel,Nicolas Martin,Roberto Rodriguez,Romain Olivieri,Raphael Olivier Emotional and passionate string orchestra and piano solo underscores illustrating the lives of great women and men. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP148 Downtown Inquiry Dystosound Dark and suspenseful trap beats. A harsh reality full of dramas and crimes. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP147 TRAILER Vol. 5: Dangerous Game Pierre Yves Langlois,Romain Benitez,Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Antoine Heid,Thomas Didier,Laurent Meunier,Tara King Th Dramatic and powerful sounds. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP146 TRAILER Vol. 4: Breathtaker Antoine Heid,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Axel Bolo-Basquiat, Vincent Tremel, Wing Yan Lam,Vincent Girault,Anthony d'Amario, Edouard Rigaudière Dark tracks for stressful scenes. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP145 TRAILER Vol. 3: Diamond Traffic Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar Energetic and mystical african sounds. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP144 TRAILER Vol. 2: Mission Damascus Etienne Colin,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar Suspenseful sounds for oriental stories. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP143 Slam Dunk Gautier Moine, Matthieu Nobre,Thomas Didier,Stéphane Lavallée,Clément Pillot,Flavien Benadassi,Paul Quantin, Vincent Girault,Cedric Gleyal,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar,Damien Briquet, F Inexorable, urgent and abrasive urban tracks. Trap, electro beats, breakbeat... STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP142 TRAILER Vol. 1: The Law of Talion Etienne Colin,Romain Benitez,Antoine Mojon, Edwin Ziegler,Camille Nicolai, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar Trailer collection, Dark, aggressive and emotional tension!
GUM TAPES GTP141 Everyday Matters Pt. 3 Jonathan Figoli,Julien Baril,Thomas Didier,Jeremie Frémont,Vincent Girault,Joël Abelard,Dystosound,Juan De Guillebon,Romain Benitez,Guillaume Chartin,Julien Barthe Music for stages of life. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP140 Loneliness Julien Rimailho,Pierre-Yves Collard,Raph Parpex,Matthieu Cantoni, Nicolas Mantoux,Nicolas Kopec,Matthias Pothier,Adrien Dennefeld,Raphaël Verdoliva,Roberto Rodriguez De La Fuente,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Victor Maitre,Jonathan Saguez,Clément Pill A collection of ambient and electronica underscores for reality TV drama.
GUM TAPES GTP139 Spleen Pt. 4 Jeremie Frémont,Cedric Gleyal,Benoit Malis,Pascal Lengagne,Gabriel Saban, Philippe Briand,Nicolas Mantoux, Robin Strauss,David Ohana,Eric Heber Suffrin,Olivier Visconti, Stéphane Lozac'h,Stephane Prin,Guillaume Poyet,Nicolas Mollard Nostalgic and melancholic acoustic tracks. Emotional countryside. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP138 Concrete Suburbs Dystosound Trendy and atmospheric urban beats. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP137 City Life Pt. 2 Vermair Catchy and feelgood electronic music. The rhythm of life in the city. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP136 Urban Daylife Josselin Bordat, Le Fat Club,Matthieu Chan Lam,Rothnij Quemon,Jonathan Guillemot,Guillaume Bernard, Rothnij Quemon,Peter Nilstam,Raphaël Verdoliva,Guillaume Jousselin,Hugo Blondel,Antoine Boulé, Ulysse Klotz,Joël Abelard,Adian Paul-Coker A collection of contemporary urban themes for street life environments. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP135 Travel Pt. 2 Laurent Parisi,Gorkem Han, Olivier Visconti, Stéphane Lozac'h,Nicolas Mantoux,Matthieu Cantoni, Romain Benitez,Anthony d'Amario,Clélia Félix,Antoine Mojon, Edwin Ziegler,Hugo Blondel,Jonathan Saguez,Loan Marc,Nicolas Mollard,Gabriel Trender,Romain Preto, Atmospheric and minimal tracks. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMANDS
GUM TAPES GTP134 Spleen Pt. 3 Eric Heber Suffrin,Julien Baril,Guillaume Poyet,Stéphane Panunzi,Achille Richard,Pascal Lengagne,Or Solomon,Laurent Meunier,Mathieu Tiger,Nicolas Mollard Nostalgic and melancholic acoustic tracks. Emotional countryside. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP133 Urban Night Thomas Gaudibert,Clement Marques,Raph Parpex,Antoine Mojon, Edwin Ziegler,Matthieu Chan Lam,Dystosound Trendy and atmospheric urban beats. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP132 Digital Emotions Le Fat Club,Antoine Heid,Movement Needs Music,Laurent Meunier,Raphael Beuf,Marc Reghay Music for stages of life. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
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