ICON TRAILER MUSICを最新から表示 (45アルバム)
UNIVERSAL USのレーベル。映画、トレイラーに適したレーベル。 The essence of epic. ICON creates electrifying hybrid compositions and enormous orchestral themes built around sweeping and powerful production. Sonically exhilarating, our music connects with the full intensity of human emotion and invigorates the senses https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-hk/discover/labels/244/Icon-Trailer-Music
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON046 Renegades Aaron Albert Srdoc,Amadeo Lopez,Benjamin Krause,Adam Kevin Brown, Lukasz Ledzki,Ariel Mann,David Scott Butler, Jacopo Cicatiello,Dimitris Mann,Frederik Wiedmann,Zachary Scott Lemmon A collection of super-heroic orchestral hybrid tracks, blending modern cinematic orchestra with contemporary rock, urban, and electronic influences, resulting in a truly epic sound.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON045 Abyss Frederik Wiedmann,Aaron Albert Srdoc,David Scott Butler, Jacopo Cicatiello,Andrii Yefymov,Ariel Mann,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa, Sebastian Felipe Olivares de Simone,Dimitris Mann Hair-raising sound design and bleeding-edge synths fuse together to create one-of-a-kind Horror tracks. Contains a multitude of terrifying stand-alone sound FX, perfect for promos and trailers.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON044 Awake Aaron Albert Srdoc,Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemmon,David Bertok,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa, Sebastian Felipe Olivares de Simone,Frederik Wiedmann,Ariel Mann,Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Gemma Hyesu Wiedmann Positive, pattern-based tracks that build momentum in a variety of uplifting and inspirational styles, from orchestral to electronic, pop, and indie.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON043 Darkstar Frederik Wiedmann,David Scott Butler,Ariel Mann,Aaron Albert Srdoc,Dimitris Mann,Andrii Yefymov,Zachary Scott Lemmon,Gareth David Coker,Dorian Charnis Futuristic synths and epic orchestra combine to create the ultimate Science Fiction trailer album, from serious and dark to awe-inspiring and heroic.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON041 Torrent Aaron Albert Srdoc,Benjamin Krause,Amadeo Lopez,David Scott Butler,Ariel Mann,Aaron Albert Srdoc, Scott Goodman,Frederik Wiedmann,Dorian Charnis,Dimitris Mann,Adam Kevin Brown, Lukasz Ledzki Massive orchestral sounds, high-octane synths, and heart-pounding percussion combine with cutting-edge sound design to create the ultimate trailer album. Bursting with dramatic, intense energy.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON040 United Amadeo Lopez,Aaron Albert Srdoc, Scott Goodman,Frederik Wiedmann,Ariel Mann,Justin Sil-Teng Bell,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa, Sebastian Felipe Olivares de Simone,Jerome Leroy,Andrii Yefymov,Gemma Hyesu Wiedmann,Edouard Brenneisen,Dorian Charnis Positive, uplifting tracks that inspire through powerful and epic messages of harmony, support, and encouragement. Humanity comes together to work towards the greater good.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON039 Powercore Aaron Albert Srdoc, Scott Goodman,Ariel Mann,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Axel Tenner,Dimitris Mann,Frederik Wiedmann High-octane, hard-hitting electro action! Raw aggressive synths collide with powerful driving beats, epic impacts and earth-shattering FX. Perfect for modern action, extreme sports, and science fiction.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON038 Supreme Dorian Charnis,Amadeo Lopez,Ariel Mann,Aaron Albert Srdoc, Scott Goodman,Dimitris Mann,Frederik Wiedmann,Edouard Brenneisen,David Scott Butler Powerful hybrid orchestral music for sports and competition trailers, promos, and advertising. Underscores everything from the brutal hits of an epic heavyweight title fight to the extreme speed of auto racing to an athlete's dramatic backstory.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON037 Ascend Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Aaron Albert Srdoc, Scott Goodman,Benjamin Krause,Ariel Mann,Frederik Wiedmann,Dimitris Mann,Dimitris Mann, Scott Goodman Highly positive and uplifting tracks in a variety of contemporary Pop and Rock styles, featuring bright, feel-good sounds, anthemic themes, and soaring melodies.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON036 Zenith Frederik Wiedmann Introducing ICON s Artist Series. This first installment in the series features epic trailer music from Emmy Award-winning composer Frederik Wiedmann. The album combines grand orchestra with powerful drums and edgy, modern synths to create sweeping, maje
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON035 Heroes Frederik Wiedmann, Myles Moraites, Randolph Newman,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Dimitris Mann,Zachary Scott Lemmon,Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann,David Scott Butler Energetic hybrid tracks fusing Hip-Hop and Urban grooves with epic symphony orchestra and electronics. Brash, confident and full of powerful swagger.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON034 Evolution Axel Tenner,Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemmon,Frederik Wiedmann Powerful, edgy and unexpected, these ear-catching tracks blend contemporary synths and sound design with live orchestra and solo instruments to create an epic collection of action-packed surprises.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON033 Epic Impacts 2 Ariel Mann,Gareth David Coker,Dimitris Mann,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Frederik Wiedmann,David Scott Butler A comprehensive collection of cutting-edge musical sound design, featuring explosive hits, surging risers, monstrous downers, exciting swells and driving pulses alongside fully composed, attention-grabbing transitions. Ideal for epic action, futuristic sc
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON032 Neverworld Justin Sil-Teng Bell,Ariel Mann,Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann,Axel Tenner,David Bertok,Zachary Scott Lemmon Exciting and energetic orchestral tracks featuring sweeping, whimsical and imaginative adventure themes. Specifically crafted for family-friendly trailers, promos, ads and programming.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON031 Elevate John Pregler,Gareth David Coker,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Zachary Scott Lemmon,Dimitris Mann,Frederik Wiedmann,Axel Tenner Uplifting and inspirational themes in a variety of contemporary styles push forward with heroic power, driving emotions with motivational determination.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON030 Delirium Amadeo Lopez,Ariel Mann,David Scott Butler,Dimitris Mann,Dimitris Mann, Scott Goodman,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Zachary Scott Lemmon From dark and creepy to downright terrifying, these otherworldly horror and thriller tracks feature unique sound design, promising never-before-heard sounds.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON029 Rebellion Ariel Mann,David Scott Butler,Dimitris Mann,Scott Goodman, Dimitris Mann,Amadeo Lopez,Frederik Helmut Wiedmann,Zachary Scott Lemmon Legendary superhero battles and futuristic space skirmishes, these dramatic sci-fi action trailer cues combine epic orchestra with cutting-edge synths and heart-pounding percussion.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON028 Rise John Pregler,Axel Tenner,ZachLemmon,Gareth David Coker,Dimitris Mann,Frederik Wiedmann,Scott Goodman,Dimitris Mann Powerful and energetic Epic Rock featuring massive guitars, edgy beats, and anthemic hooks Styles range from classic to contemporary in driving, aggressive, uplifting and inspirational moods
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON027 Xplosives Axel Tenner,Dimitris Mann,Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann,Scott Goodman,David Scott Butler An extensive collection of high-impact elements organized as an editor’s toolkit Features shattering hits, edge-of-your-seat risers, monstrous downers, blasting alarms, ripping stabs and pounding pulses, all meticulously crafted for raw, highly explosive
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON026 Monolith , Ariel Mann,, Gareth David Coker,, Frederik Helmut Wiedmann,, Zach Lemmon Dramatic and emotional trailer music that blossoms from intimate neo-classical minimalism into monumentally epic orchestral greatness.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON025 Starfall Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemon,Frederik Wiedmann,David Scott Butler,Scott Goodman,Dimitris Mann,David Mann,Axel Tenner Massively epic action cues that combine edgy synths and cutting-edge sound design with grand sweeping orchestra, creating an experience worthy of a superhero
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON024 Arena Axel Tenner,Frederik Wiedmann,Jimi Englund,Zach Lemmon,Scott Goodman,Dimitris Mann,Gareth David Coker,Tony Humecke Hard-hitting, percussion-driven action cues, with powerful drums, energetic synths, and aggressively huge rhythms, perfect for epic movie trailers or extreme sports
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON023 Spark John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Frederik Wiedmann,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Ariel Mann,Gareth David Coker,Zach Lemmon Emotionally uplifting and inspirational cues, combining contemporary pop influences with soaring, driving orchestral sounds
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON022 Chain Reaction Gareth David Coker,Axel Tenner,Ariel Mann,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Zach Lemmon,Frederik Wiedmann Relentlessly driving action cues, each one built upon a strong and memorable pattern that repeats and evolves Features edgy synths, hard-hitting percussion and other bold sounds
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON021 Defyance John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Axel Tenner,Gareth David Coker,Zach Lemmon,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Frederik Wiedmann Powerful and heroic, these tracks forge contemporary pop sounds into trailer epicness, featuring both dark and uplifting cues
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON020 Enigma Axel Tenner,Gareth David Coker,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Nathan Matthew David,Frederik Wiedmann,Zach Lemmon,Zachary Scott Lemon Epic and suspenseful, these contemporary film score tracks create intriguing mystery with emotional orchestra and edgy synths
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON019 Dark Devices Frederik Wiedmann,Ariel Mann,Greg Tripi,Dorian Charnis,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Zachary Scott Lemon Haunting, mysterious, shocking and terrifying, this toolkit album features dark soundscapes and thunderous hits All tracks are in the same key, and separately provided elements encourage mixing-and-matching between tracks for extraordinary flexibility
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON018 Wired For War Frederik Wiedmann,Zachary Scott Lemon,Gareth David Coker,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Ariel Mann,Jimi Englund,Axel Tenner,Zach Lemmon,Jerome Leroy Heart-pounding and huge, these futuristic, fiery electronic action cues boil the blood with driving percussion, edgy synths, and epic orchestra
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON017 Edge Of The Aura Axel Tenner,Zachary Scott Lemon,Benjamin Krause,Scott Goodman,Frederik Wiedmann,Clinton Rusich Dreamy pads are joined by bouncy, spacey synths, taking you into oblivion Breaks at 0:43 and 2:02
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON016 Scene Setters (Dark) Zachary Scott Lemon,Nicholas Patrick Soole,Axel Tenner,David Bertok Steadily pulsing synths, ambient FX and driving percussion lead a mysterious adventure across the galaxy
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON015 Scene Setters (Light) Zachary Scott Lemon,Frederik Wiedmann,Axel Tenner,Nicholas Patrick Soole,David Bertok Solemn alt rock with orchestral undertones that builds to a cautiously optimistic resolution
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON014 Rhythmic Collisions Axel Tenner,Jimi Englund,Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemon Eerie female vocals and ambient effects precede powerful percussion and glitched synths An army of doom marches forth
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON013 Cosmic Threat Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann Big bangs, spacey synths, and futuristic flare-ups. Raw, rocket-fueled power thrusts science fiction into the stratosphere and beyond. The future of cinema is now with Cosmic Threat by ICON.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON012 Epic Impacts Gareth David Coker,Nicholas Patrick Soole,Zachary Scott Lemon,Frederik Wiedmann,Dorian Charnis,Kevin Bluhm,David Bramfitt,Adam Fligsten,Giuseppe Vasapolli,Haim Mazam SINGLE HIT Buzzing electro extended hit
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON011 The Essential Dubstep Toolkit Frederik Wiedmann,Axel Tenner,Gareth David Coker,Nicholas Patrick Soole,Zachary Scott Lemon,Dorian Charnis Starts with hollow pad and synth and a smattering of ominous hits Break at :45 leads to a crunchy groove with driving percussion Final riser starts at 1:52 and builds to the final, menacing hit
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON010 Demolition Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann Intense electronica meets hard rock and chaos reigns supreme Begins with pulsing drums and screaming electric guitar Final break at 1:38 goes into riotous FX and a screeching climax
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON009 Dark Guardian Frederik Wiedmann,Axel Tenner,Nathan Matthew David,Kevin Bluhm,Jongnic Bontemps,Giuseppe Vasapolli Powerful strings and guitars form a sweeping, victorious sound Starts with horns and guitars Strings and vocals full starting at :30 Full steam ahead at 1:35 with heavy drums, fast strings & brass
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON008 The Essential Trailer Toolkit Frederik Wiedmann,Dorian Charnis,Gareth David Coker,Jongnic Bontemps,Tony Humecke,Axel Tenner,Kevin Bluhm Confused, half-conscious and in danger Hits, drones, pulses, swells and risers throughout Begins with a long tense drone and sporadic percussion Light rhythm at 1:17 kicks of long tense rise climaxing at 1:51
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON007 Infinite Impact Nathan Matthew David,Frederik Wiedmann,Gareth David Coker,Adam Fligsten,Jongnic Bontemps Rally the troops with this powerful call to war Begins with fast strings, heavy percussion and building brass Break at :35 sets up choir, guitar and militaristic snare drum followed by proud brass and strings Break at 1:12 sets up final climax section
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON006 Dramatic Rock / Electro Gareth David Coker,Andrew Prahlow,Frederik Wiedmann,Michael John Mollo,Frederik Wiedmann,Hyesu Yang,Dorian Charnis Deep, heavy electronica Tense, ominous, and sharply simmering on edge The hurricane continues, taking a positive melodic turn at 1:37 then settling into a series of heavy, rough and buzzing unison hits at 2:01
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON005 Epic / World Dorian Charnis,Gareth David Coker,Frederik Wiedmann,David Bramfitt,Stephen Anderson Urgent, driving and percussive world influenced orchestral music Orchestra enters at :33 with a low, menacing and growling rhythmic melodyBreaks down for the outro at 1:35 to wailing female vocal over a hypnotic drone
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON004 Action / Thriller Frederik Wiedmann,Gareth David Coker,Stephen Anderson,Dorian Charnis,Haim Mazam,Andrew Prahlow,David Bramfitt Mighty orchestral suspense, culminating in an epic display of aggressive passion Begins small and simmering and builds throughout Choir enters :08 Edit points breaks at :37, 1:10 and 2:05 with each new section bigger than the last Explodes at 1:45 with cl
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON003 Epic / Comedy / Drama Frederik Wiedmann,Dorian Charnis,David Bramfitt,Gareth David Coker,Willis Clow,Scott Goodman Inspiring, motivational epic orchestra and choir Begins noble and hopeful Builds to a rousing theme at 1:05 Boldy continues to triumphant end at 1:38 Billboard at 1:44 Breaks edit points at 0:31, 1:04, 1:43
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON002 Gothic / Fantasy / Thriller Frederik Wiedmann,Gareth David Coker,David Bramfitt Forceful rocktronica with orchestral elements and a hint of mystery intrigue Begins with mysterious bed and eerie duduk Heavy, dark beats are introduced At 0:30 steady, tense groove enters and builds with strings and brass At 1:00 there's a tense break
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON001 Action Adventure Frederik Wiedmann,Dorian Charnis,Gareth David Coker,David Bramfitt Tense, driving rock orchestra Begins dark and builds throughout Heavy beat starts at 0:42 with choir Break at 1:08 with choir percussion stings Driving beat resumes at 1:20 with epic urgency and builds to end Billboard at 1:53 Breaks edit points at