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IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD4005 J.S.Bach 1685-1750 J S Bach
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD4004 Big Screen Classics Wagner,Handel,Ravel,Mozart,Rossini,Verdi,Mussorgsky,Chopin,Puccini,J S Bach,Mahler
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD4003 Vocal Works J S Bach,Handel,Palestrina,Allegri,Puccini,Mozart,Verdi
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD4002 Pastoral Grieg,Pachelbel,Dvorak,J S Bach,Mozart,Debussy,Vivaldi,Beethoven,Chopin,Handel
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD4001 Baroque Vivaldi,Handel,Corelli,Porpora,Geminiani,Torelli,Pugnani,J S Bach
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3190 Soul Jazzin' Frank Sablotny A fusion of Soul, R&B and Funk themes with Jazz-flavoured styles and vocalisations.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3189 Soothing Relaxation (Evocative Calmness) Chee-Wei Tay Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then exhale. These tracks are designed to relax your mind, body and soul. Perfect background music, ambient, meditative and evocative.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3188 Latin Guitar Mike Caen Emotive Latin Guitar themes suitable for documentaries, film and TV.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3187 Electro Swing Glenn Reither,Frank Tayla Zany & Quirky Electro flavoured Swing tracks for Film, Media & Reality TV. Photo of Manouche Guitar courtesy of Zenith Music Australia
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3186 Melodic Soundwaves & Vocal Textures Tracy Bartelle Easy flowing electronica and melodic atmospheres with soft vocal effects.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3185 Americana Blues & Roots Tony Naylor Incorporating elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3184 Late Night Jazz Milton James A collection of jazz tracks that cover a range of styles and eras. Performed by real musicians.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3183 Just Jingles Mike Caen,Mike Caen, Philip Hall,Steven Romig,Tony Naylor,John Barrett,Peter Martin,Tracy Bartelle,John Field,Johann Sebastian Bach, Peter Martin,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Peter Martin,Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Peter Martin,Franz Von SuppŽ, Peter Martin,Pyotr A unique collection of 136 music jingles all thirty second lengths. Featuring a wide selection of genres, instruments, and moods. An essential tool for music editors and producers of advertising commercials and TV promos.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3182 Italian Memories Vol. 2 Alberto Pestalozza,Carlo Pellegrini,Giuseppe Verdi,Trad.,Salvatore Gambardella,Giacomo Puccini A nostalgic journey through Italy with its unique traditional and regional music
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3181 Movin' & Groovin' (Retro Cool) Darren Heinrich Cool, modern grooves with a hint of soulful retro from the 60's & 70's. Featuring award-winning keyboard musician Darren Heinrich and ensemble.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3180 Classical Gems Beethoven,J.S. Bach,Handel,Mozart,Grieg,Boccherini,Chopin,Von Suppe,Wagner,Schubert,Strauss,Tchaikovsky,Vivaldi,Rossini Useful excerpts and edits from well known classical works. Featuring Beethoven's Symphony No 5, Bach's Air from Suite No 3 in D Major, Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King and many more.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3179 Indie Rock Mike Caen Bringing the full force of Indie Rock, with anthemic guitars, beats and uplifting riffs.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3178 Teen Edge Rhythm John Field,John Field; Anthony Silvestrini This new genre of music is suitable for the approaching teenage era of youth and will provide suitable backgrounds for all kinds of activities including computer games, audio visual productions, sport and recreation.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3177 Bar Room Piano Stephen Foster,Traditional,Scott Joplin,Peter Sullivan,Hughie Cannon,James Monaco A memorable album of foot tapping standards and catchy honky tonk piano rhythms. Ideal for celebrations, reunions and special events. Join us the bar is always open!
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3176 Funk & Soul James Cooper Driving beats, funky arrangements and intense grooves with strong guitar riffs and bass lines.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3175 Light Orchestral Themes Martyn Swain Light, orchestrally inspired melodic moods and soundscapes. Specially designed for backgrounds.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3174 Cool Jazz Vol. 2 Milton James A small ensemble playing stylish light and easy jazz with acoustic and electric instruments. 17 full tracks with 13 thirty second edits.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3173 Piano Impressions Peter Sullivan Romantic and expressive works with piano and cello. A mix of popular (tracks 1-10) and light classical tracks (tracks 11-18), perfect for background audio visual productions. 18 full tracks together with 14 thirty second cut downs.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3172 Retro Rewind Stephen William Blackburn Travel back to the lazy, hazy days of the past when television was king. Cinema was not to be left behind with the introduction of CinemaScope and Technicolor. It was a glamorous and romantic time. Fourteen full tracks and thirteen thirty-second edits.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3171 Relaxed Guitar Moods Steven John Romig A selection of acoustic pieces ideal for relaxed backgrounds
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3170 Let's Go Latino Victor Lobos Complement your production with the catchy rhythms and spicy grooves of Latino music
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3169 Peaceful Easy Feeling Michael Edward Caen A collection of warm emotive songs with beautiful instruments perfect for the big day
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3168 The Fabulous Fifties Tony Naylor Don't knock the rock, there was more to the 1950s than just rock, it was a golden decade for music
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3167 Suburban Bliss Michael Edward Caen Relaxed melodic themes that background a neighbourhood of family life, work, play & leisure
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3166 Gentle Jazz John Barrett Smooth relaxed Jazz over a late night backdrop Real musicians and real instruments
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3165 Paris Lounge Nouveau Andrea Cardillo,Andrea Cardillo,Gabrielle Camille Seailles A selection of cool music and sensual moods in a Parisian lounge setting Contains twenty full tracks Including five with French vocals and twelve 30 second edits Composed and produced by Andrea Cardillo His previous compositions have been included on the
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3164 Euro Lounge Chillout Andrea Cardillo A cool collection of smooth lounge & chillout grooves
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3163 Swinging Sixties Anthony James Naylor The 1960's was a revolution in social attitudes, fashion and Music With new recording techniques the sound of pop music changed forever
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3162 The Ukulele Way Michael Caen Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3161 Back To The Beach Anthony Naylor,Michael Caen Life's a beach! Let's go surfin? with these great sound waves
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3160 Cops Garry Hardman Powerful urban dramatic cues with good cutting points
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3159 Ambient Moods Tracy Bartelle Easy flowing melodic atmospheres with soft vocal effects
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3158 Kartoon Krazy Tony Naylor Happy & quirky comedy tracks suitable for animation, cartoons & children
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3157 Americana Highway Tony Naylor Blues & Roots for the Road
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3156 Celtic Journey Hugh McDonald,arrHugh McDonald A mix of Celtic tunes in traditional and cinematic styles
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3155 Modern Retro Caen Mike Retro Grooves for a Modern World
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3154 Reflections Tony Naylor
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3153 String Quartet Themes Vol. 2 Peter Martin,arrPeter Martin A selection of classical string quartet works ideal for backgrounds
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3152 A Touch Of Latin Barrett John Easy listening Latin with a hint of jazz
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3151 Relaxed Piano Moods Robyn Payne Relaxed piano tracks, ideal backgrounds for audio visual productions
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3150 Italian Memories Luigi Denza arrCarlo Pellegrini,Ruggero Leoncavallo arrCarlo Pellegrini,Teodoro Cottrau arrCarlo Pellegrini,Ernesto De Curtis arrCarlo Pellegrini,Gioacchino Rossini arrCarlo Pellegrini,Giuseppe Verdi arrCarlo Pellegrini,Carlo Pellegrini,Giacomo Puccini ar
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3149 The Reggae Way Tony Naylor Typical Reggae music of Jamaica with its infectious offbeat rhythms
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3148 Cool Jazz John Barrett Real instruments, real musicians playing cool, laid back jazz
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3147 Flute Fantasy Jane Rutter,Antonin Dvorak arrJane Rutter,Leo Delibes arrJane Rutter,Franz Schubert arrJane Rutter,Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov arrJane Rutter,arrJane Rutter,Jean-Marie Leclair arrJane Rutter,Francois Joseph Gossec arrJane Rutter,Antonio Vivaldi arrJane Rutter World acclaimed flutist Jane Rutter plays a varied selection of haunting and evocative music styles Ideal backgrounds for audio visual productions
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3146 A Fistful Of Spaghetti Westerns Carlo Pellegrini Classic Spaghetti Western theme music that will take you way out West
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3145 Comedy Capers John Field Comedy, Songs & Music
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3144 Child's Play 2 John Barrett Light hearted musical themes for children's activities & comedy situations
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3143 Smooth Jazz With A Touch Of Chill Frank Sablotny Easy listening layback jazz
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3142 Gentle Guitar Backgrounds Steve Romig,Steve Romig,Frank Sablotny A selection of unobtrusive acoustic pieces ideal for relaxed backgrounds
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3141 Acoustic Perspectives Mike Caen Acoustic, eclectic themes suitable for a variety of musical backgrounds
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3140 Nursery Time Tony Naylor A selection of musical items suitable for young childrens' activities
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3139 The Planets Gustav Holst arrDavid Ivanov A new recording of the seven movement Holst orchestral suite with selected edits, magnificent production.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3138 Club Latino Victor Lobos It's fiesta time south of the border
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3137 New Zealand Mike Caen,Mike Caen,Stuart Pearce,Kin Turoa,Karl Teariki,Alistair Fraser,Karl Teariki A Contemporary musical journey
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3136 Law & Order John Barrett,Valeriy Antonyuk Ingriguing music beds ideal for crime, suspense and police drama
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3135 Ambient Beats 2 B Maginnis,M Caen,B Maginnis,S Figliuzzi,B Maginnis,B Maginnis,J Colley,B Maginnis,A Alexander A selection of ambient tracks crafted with a blend of organic & progressive elements
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3134 The Whistle Blower Luke Perrini,Tracy Bartelle,Mike Caen Whistling themes suitable for advertising & multi media
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3133 Feeling Good Frank Strangio
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3132 Sports Action Tony Naylor,Russell McKenna High impact, hard hitting, electric guitar and drum instrumentals suitable for all action sport programs
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3131 Ocean Odyssey John Barrett A Musical Voyage Across An Ocean Of Diverse Moods
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3130 Classical Moods C Saint Saens David Ivanov,J Strauss David Ivanov,A Corelli David Ivanov,A Lyadov David Ivanov,G Verdi David Ivanov,W A MozartDavid Ivanov,C Parry,H Hastings,W Blake David Ivanov,J S Bach David Ivanov,E ElgarDavid Ivanov,P I TchaikovskyDavid Ivanov,G Bize A selection of well known classical works invaluable for use in post production.
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3129 Child's Play Tracy Bartelle,Grahame Maclean,John Hartley,Tony Naylor,Russell McKenna,Grahame Maclean,Alan Broadbent,Grahame Maclean,Stephen Rees,Peter Sullivan,John Barrett A versatile selection of tracks suitable for children's activities, animation and comic situations
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3128 Cafe Europe B Maginnis,D Weltlinger,P Riley,B Maginnis,B Maginnis,D Weltlinger,M Caen,B Maginnis,D Weltlinger
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3127 Things With Strings Mike Caen
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3126 Cello & Piano Interludes G Shilling,J Foster,F Olasehinde,G Shilling,J Foster,F Olasehinde,P Hardy,D Adams,J Foster,F Olasehinde,B Jazdzewski
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3125 Cool Blues Mike Caen,Darren Heinrich
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3124 Planet Vocal #3 Tracy Bartelle,Tracy Bartelle,Tiffany Carmel
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3123 Dramatic Atmospheres 2 Frank Tayla
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3122 Funked Up Beats Mike Caen
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3121 Diva_Tron Rick Kelly
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3120 News Journal Frank Strangio,Fred Woods,B Gowers,C Elves,P Hippert,F Weyer,Adrian Watkins,Michael Allen,Brian Baker,G Foster,B Maginnis,John Barret,T Naylor,R McKenna
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3119 Cafe Du Monde Frank Tayla
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3118 Science & Technology Matt Coldrick
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3117 News & Current Affairs Frank Strangio
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3116 Organ In Synch Darren Heinrich
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3115 Weddings & Celebration Wagner,Bach,Mendelssohn,Purcell,Clarke,Vivaldi,P Martin,Ivanovici,Trad
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3114 Suspense & Fear John Barrett
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3113 Crime & Investigation John Barrett
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3112 Ambient Poptronic Frank Tayla,Simon Figliuzzi
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3111 Creative Media Styles Sebastian Peters
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3110 Earthly Latitude P Martin,P Martin,J Fitzgerald,T Gaze
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3109 Planet Vocal #2 Tracy Bartelle
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3108 Contemporary Media Themes Frank Strangio
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3107 Bossa Chill G Bondi,R Picerni,G Bondi,L Brunetti,G Bondi,G Bondi,R Picerni,M A D'Angelo,B Gondi,ARuocco,G Bondi,G C Seailles,G Bondi,M A D'Angelo,G Bondi,RPicerni,M A D'Angelo,G Bondi,LBrunetti,G Bondi,A Ruocco
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3106 RHYTHM & EASE Steve Romig,Frank Tayla
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3104 Funky Business B Maginnis,S Figliuzzi,B Maginnis,L Lucas,B Maginnis,M Caen
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3103 Swing Into Jazz Johnny Hawksworth,John Barrett
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3102 Maximum Impact Ivan Bertolla
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3101 Big Phat Beats #2 Mike Caen
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3100 Wellness Meditation Relaxation Sambodhi Prem
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3099 The Blues Project James Cooper,Gordon Black
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3098 Ambient Beats B Maginnis,S Figliuzzi,L Lucas,B Maginnis,B Maginnis,M Longfoot,B Maginnis,M Caen,S Figliuzzi,B Magginis,B Maginnis,M Longffot,L Lucas,M Maginnis,B Maginnis,S Filiuzzi
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3097 Latino Pop Tracy Bartelle,Lorenzo Don,Tracy Bartelle
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3096 Nu Electronica Adrian Watkins
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