WARNER CHAPPELL USのインディー・ロック系のレーベル。
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND068 Atmospheric Indie Samuel Ogilvie Rex Brown, Kirby Jove Somerby, Huw Teilo Jones UK's Lost Highways return with a collection of evocative indie score basking in modern film noir malaise that leans hopeful with moody piano, acoustic guitars and light percussion.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND067 Atmospheric Harp by Ellie Ford Eleanor May Ford These reflective and mysterious experimental acoustic pop tracks feature ethereal female vocals and beautiful minimal harp patterns to create a shimmering, atmospheric vibe. Composed and performed by UK alt folk harpist and singer Ellie Ford.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND066 Love Songs Kevin Denly Jefferies, Robert Hugh Wilson, Murray John Robert Gould, James Michael Shead These tasty, folk-inspired love songs from Cornish singer-songwriter James Shead and his band capture the timeless high of falling head over heels. Produced by the highly-acclaimed John Cornfield (Muse, Robert Plant, Supergrass), these heartfelt songs hig
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND065 Indie Pop 2 James Christopher Bragg, Jon Buster Cottam, Anthony Donje, Samuel William John Walker, Daniel Marcus Clark Award-winning indie UK band, The Adventurists, return in fine form with this alternative pop collection of upbeat cuts featuring smoldering male vocals against bright, innovative arrangements with just the right amount of artsy, youthful panache.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND064 Dream Pop 2 Stephan Rudolph Kreussel This 2nd volume of hypnotic, 80s-influenced dream pop from composer Stephan Kreussel features glimmering synths, velvety vocals, moody guitars and mesmerizing grooves to create lushly-layered, alternative, indie-pop song clouds.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND063 Roots Folk 2 by Ian Roland & The Subtown Set Ian Roland Cheeseman, Simon William Yapp, Brione Farrah Jackson,Ian Roland Cheeseman, Simon William Yapp This 2nd volume of rootsy, indie alt folk tunes from UK's Ian Roland & The Subtown Set showcases their uniquely artful brand of Brit folk pop and features bright acoustic guitar, lush strings and piano.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND062 Contemplative Acoustic Indie by Kev Minney Kevin Paul Minney, Stephanie Brown, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Kevin Paul Minney, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle Mellow, laid back organic acoustic pop with tender acoustic guitar, piano and strings and expressive vocals from UK singer-songwriter Kev Minney - perfect for ads, dramas and romance
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND061 Morchilla Vol 1 by Morcheeba Productions Paul David Godfrey Chilled out, atmospheric downtempo trip hop from Morcheeba Productions, composed and produced by world-renowned trip hop pioneer and influential master of the genre Paul Godfrey for Sacrosync Ltd. Cool vibes for TV dramas, crime shows, thrillers and ads.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND060 Into The Wild Paul David Godfrey, Rachel Cuming,Paul David Godfrey Hypnotic, uplifting and atmospheric triphop and electronica from Morcheeba Productions composed by world-renowned trip hop pioneers Paul Godfrey and Rachel Cuming, Morcheeba's original vocalist. Synths, beats and mesmerising, sensual vocals - chilled out
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND059 Uplifting Singer-Songwriter James Michael Shead, Murray John Robert Gould, Kevin Denly Jefferies, Robert Hugh Wilson Joyful and hopeful acoustic pop with banjo and an anthemic vibe from Cornish singer songwriter James Shead and his band.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND058 Acoustic Chill Pop Manuel Dedonder, Dimitri Dedonder Delicate and reflective acoustic pop male vocals creating an intimate vibe from Paris-based composers and brothers Manuel and Dimitri Dedonder.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND057 Eclectic Folk Michael Thomas Peter Baker, James David Hill, Christopher John Stewart Horsfall, Nicholas John Roberts,Nicholas James Williams,Gabriel Balbinot,Kevin Paul Minney, Awang Perkasa,Kevin Paul Minney, Stephanie Brown, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle A collection of warm organic acoustic folk pop with male and female duets with a range of reflective and positive moods
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND056 Alt Ska Party by Imperial Leisure Denis Laurence Smith Fast paced and fun - irresistibly high-spirited alt ska to get any party started, from North London's unstoppable premier skankers Imperial Leisure
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND055 Swagger Rock James Christopher Bragg, Daniel Marcus Clark, Jon Buster Cottam, Anthony Donje, Samuel William John Walker Upbeat guitar-lead indie rock with tons of fun and swagger from England's finest musical collective The Adventurists. Great for ads, dramas and youth progamming.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND054 Reflective Singer Songwriter Michael Thomas Peter Baker, James David Hill, Christopher John Stewart Horsfall, Nicholas John Roberts,Mark Treffel,Kevin Minney, Stephanie Brown, Awang Perkasa Atmospheric, reflective songs from upcoming singer songwriters Kev Minney and Mark Treffel and from UK folk band Felxix Fables, featuring male vocals, acoustic guitars and piano: warm, dreamy and tender - great for ads, documentaries and dramas.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND053 Epic Female Pop Stephanie Brown, Peter Michael Maccourt,Stephanie Brown, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Stephanie Brown, Kevin Paul Minney, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Stephanie Brown, Andrew John Stuart-Buttle, Peter Michael Maccourt Dramatic, passionate and intense mid tempo pop featuring piano, keyboards, guitars and drums with stunning vocals from independent Brighton artist Steph Brown. Great for ads and dramas.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND052 Feelgood Folk Nicholas Williams,Michael Baker, James Hill, Christopher Horsfall, Nicholas Roberts,Gabriel Balbinot Uplifting and upbeat contemporary folk from UK songwriters Michael Baker, Nick Williams and Gabriel Balbinot, with dreamy inspiring acoustic guitars, fun and quirky banjo, mandolin and male vocals.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND051 Ethereal Dream Pop Stephan Rudolf Kreussel Rhythmic, mid-paced dream pop, atmospheric and airy with breathy male vocals and a retro 80s feel from alternative indie pop artist Stephan Kreussel
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND050 Punk Pop Lee Matthews, Joseph William Taylor Driving and punchy and explosive grunge pop punk featuring huge electric guitar riffs to create an intense and confident day-glo mood with bags of swagger and fun from Cornish indie rock festival band Waxx
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND049 Contemporary Acoustic Davide Mocini Atmospheric contemporary acoustic tracks from Italian composer and lutist Davide Mocini, with bright glockenspiel accents and warm synth textures: gentle, romantic and uplifting. Perfect for wildlife and travel documentaries, ads and promos.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND048 Contemplative Indie Kevin Minney, Stephanie Brown, Awang Perkasa,Kevin Minney, Awang Perkasa,Mark Benton Atmospheric, reflective indie pop from two of Brighton's finest singer-songwriters, Kev Minney and Mark Benton aka Seadog, featuring acoustic guitar, piano, organ, warm, soulful male lead vocals and sweet, soothing backing vocals and harmonies.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND047 Minimal Electronica Simon Arnold, Ashley Arnold, Curtis Dennie,Ashley Arnold Atmospheric, hypnotic electronica with synths and synth drums from London brothers Simon and Ashley Arnold, and male vocals from soulful singer Curtis Dennie _ modern, contemporary and fresh, covering a range of minimal electronica from trip hop to stripp
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND045 Modern Indie Pop Andrew Proudfoot, Robin Richards Bright uplifting and optimistic indie guitar pop from Andy Proudfoot and Robin Richards, aka Manchester indie rockers Dutch uncles. Clean driving melodic guitar lines intercut with contemporary shimmering synths
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND044 Cinematic Guitar Nathan Wason Ten tracks of cinematic electric and acoustic guitar productions from UK artist Nat Wason. Nat is the guitarist with Ben Howard?s band and previously worked with with Johnny Marr and Peter Hook. From delicate and ethereal to dark and powerful, these are
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND043 BritRock Nicholas Charles Hodges 90s-inspired rock with an extremely British flavour, from UK musician and producer Flak, aka Nik Hodges, son of the late, great Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave fame. Electric guitars, bass and synths are driving, positive and inspirational, great for ads, dram
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND042 Feelgood Retro Daniel Marcus Clark, Jon Buster Cottam, Daniel John Smith, Sam William Walker A collection of authentically upbeat fun organic quirky retro tracks ranging from 50's rocakabilly 60's garage pop early 70's funk from Brighton indie pop collective The Adventurists recorded the old school way at Middle Farm Studios. Featuring Dan Smith
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND041 Roots Folk Martin Lewis Messent,Wojtek Godzisz,Martin Lewis Messent, Lee Westwood,Kathryn Gerrard, Paul Andrew Pascoe,Lisa Maxine Osborne Simple, melodic mid-paced rootsy folk, taking it gently with acoustic guitars and bass, brushed drums, strings and the occasional clarinet, from some of Brighton's finest singer songwriters include Martin Messent, Kathryn Gerrard and Lisa Osborne. Great f
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND040 Ambient Indie Meredith Jones,Nathan Jones An album of indie undercores and organic evolving textures with understated echoing spatial electric guitars from indie artists Meredith and Nathan Jones
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND038 Post Rock Alistair Bain,Timothy Jason Bidwell,Belle Humble,James Hayto,James Hayto,Beorn Holmes,Alistair Bain,James Hayto,James Jackman,Toby Spysznyk,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Oliver Richard Hinkins,Thomas Edward Anderson,Beau Jackson Barnard,James Mark Drohan From reflective, cinematic acoustic guitars to anthemic post-rock ballads flooded with optimism and positivity
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND037 Swamp Rock Tobias Tester,Paul Pascoe,Tobias Tester,Paul Pascoe Swaggering, dirty guitar led blues with big fat bass lines and dripping with brass
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND036 Indie Chill Shao Jean Sim,John McGimsey Snyder,Paul Pascoe,David Pinnington,Jonathan Russo Chilled out, free-flowing indie pop from LA duo Shao Jean & Leyeux and from the UK's Palm Springs Evocative and dreamy, positive and optimistic, Shao Jean & Leyeux add a quirky, jazzy dimension whilst Palm Springs offer an 80's flavoured take with rhythmi
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND035 Male Singer Songwriter Joseph Dolman,Michael Baker,Christopher Horsfall,James Hill,Nicholas Roberts A collection of heart-felt sensitive and uplifting acoustic pop ballads with stellar vocals from singer-songwriters Joe Dolman and Felix Fables Joe has landed top 10 in the UK and US iTunes charts and has had plays on BBC Radio 1 from the likes of Huw Ste
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND034 Downtempo Indie Stephan Kreussel Sensual and dreamy downtempo indie pop with a slow mellow groove and hypnotic male vocals with mellow trip hop guitars and mysterious, warm analogue synth riffs from alternative pop writer Stephan Kreussel
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND033 Female Singer Songwriter Belle Humble,James Hayto,Richard Hill,Belle Humble,James Hayto,Timothy Bidwell,Cordelia Gartside A collection of female fronted indie pop songs from two very talented UK artists: Belle Humble and Cordelia Gartside.| BelleÕs tracks are upbeat, feisty young, fresh and poppy.|CordeliaÕs tracks are organic, beautiful, delicate and light.| Belle co-wrote
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND032 Quirky Indie Milan Adamik,Simon Exton English retro quirky pop at its finest from Bristol band The Precious Mings 8 tracks of arch and witty analogue sixties synth pop swirls along with fab harpsichords, strings and harmonica lines evoking uber cool Riviera psychedelia as well as a fun eccen
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND031 Post Punk Pop Benjamin Smith,Timothy Bidwell,James Bragg,Andrew Hawings,Lee Borg,Alexander Camp,Daniel Dew,Robert Michael Flynn,Paul Pascoe,James Shepherd Four bright, fun, punky Britpop bands from the UK indie scene bringing a collection of exhilarating, punchy, arch tracks packed full of energetic hooks| Beat Hotel feature lead singer from seminal indie pop band Jasmine Minks, Jim Stewart, Mudlow's Paul P
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND030 Epic Math Rock Timothy Laulik-Walters,Christopher James Woollison,Joseph Branton Eight monster epic,slamming, off-kilter studio tracks from festival favourites - Brighton based math rock band Poly-mathHuge in-your-face contemporary, angular riffs with relentless driving rhythmCombining the vision and scope of prog rock with the urgen
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND029 Alt Rock John Hogg,Sean Genockey A collection of uber cool Alt rock and classic rock tracks full of punch and swagger from acclaimed rock musicians John Hogg and Sean Genockey - The Stone Guardians John is lead singer with Moke, Hookah Brown and currently Magpie Salute formed by three
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND028 Alt Folk Harvey Summers,Eleanor Ford,Andrew Stuart Buttle,Frederick Hills,Freya Bowes,Harry Haynes,Harvey Summers,Eleanor Ford,Frederick Hills Organic Alt folk by acclaimed artist Ellie Ford and her Brighton based band of talented multi-instrumentalists A mixture of quirky baroque pop and tender ballads featuring harp and acoustic guitars Ideal for promos, commercials and documentaries
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND027 Dream Pop Thomas Wilkinson,James Bragg,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Oliver Richard Hinkins,Thomas Edward Anderson,Beau Jackson Barnard,James Mark Drohan,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Oliver Richard Hinkins,Thomas Edward Anderson,James Mark Drohan,Beau Jackson Soaring Dream pop synth rock textures from acclaimed indie bands Tourists and Common Tongues Favourites on BBC introducing, Radio 1 and Glastonbury these bands tracks are perfect for Commercials, Documentaries, Youth programmes, Promos, Reality tv, Sports
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND026 Roots Rock Christopher Barratt,David Wynd A collection of real organic tracks by alt rock artists and bands encompassing homeland rock and folk rock Emotional singer -songwriter tracks featuring acoustic guitar and fiddle Perfect for commercials, tv promos documentaries and lifestyle programs
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND025 Art Pop Matthew Barr,Timothy Bidwell,Alima Boog,Matthew Barr,Timothy Bidwell,Simon Bate,Matthew Barr,Timothy Bidwell,Alasdair Wallace,Alima Boog,Russell Knight,Andrew Wilkins,Matthew Barr,Timothy Bidwell,Alasdair Wallace,Timothy Bidwell,Clark Gregg Uber cool retro pop vibes from real bands at the heart of indie art pop Arch, fun, reflective and thoughtful with immaculate taste and character Uses include advertising and mellow chic daytime and lifestyle
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND024 Alt Americana Timothy Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Alasdair Wallace,Michael Hayes,Adele Ingram,Timothy Bidwell,Jake Calladine,Louis Edge,Jack Hosgood,Elis Davis,Adele Ingram,Una McCann A collection of real organic tracks by Alt country artists and bands encompassing Bluegrass and and retro Americana Driving banjos and homely warmth and authentic emotion shine through Perfect for commercials, tv promos documentaries and lifestyle progr
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND023 Reflective Indie Mark Benton,Timothy Bidwell,Christopher Boot,Benjamin Daniel,Timothy Bidwell,Christopher Boot,Cordelia Gartside,Benjamin Daniel,Timothy Bidwell,Andrew Stuart-Buttle,Alexander Schoenfelder A collection of thoughtful and heart-warming indie pop songs from artists at the top of their game working in the heart of Brighton's alt-folk and pop scene Introspective and contemplative guitar textures combine with intelligent and organic lyrics Idea
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND022 Cinematic Piano Selma Mutal A captivating and beautiful collection of contemplative piano tracks by acclaimed Paris based indie cinema composer, Selma Mutal These tracks resonate with a sophisticated yet tender, organic and minimal touch reflecting the very best in European Art Hou
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND021 Math Rock Samuel Marsh Wild wacky indie guitar riffs and offbeat animated rock from Brightons finest Math Rock Outfit Bearded Youth QuestMusic described as the excited sound of kids going nuts at the park for an hour Great for Sports trailers youth tv idents, links, games and a
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND020 Cinematic Indie James Herring,Matthew Cotterill,Nathan Morris,Thomas Anderson,Timothy Bidwell,Kevin Murphy,Eleanor Ford,Andrew Stuart-Buttle,Richard Jones,Wojtek Godzisz,Timothy Bidwell,Jake Calladine,Louis Edge,Jack Hosgood,Elis Davies A collection of sweeping, windswept epic indie tracks Gloriously uplifting but tender and organic Reflections from the top of a mountain
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND019 Avant Garde Folk Jon Buster Cottam,Samuel William John Walker,Michael Simmonds,Bjorn McAteer Dahlberg,Daniel John Montagu Smith,Daniel Marcus Clark Sonic landscapes,from the whimsical and light-hearted to the introspective and reflective Perfect for travel documentaries - soundtracks for watching the world go by
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND018 Alt Ska Denis Laurence Smith An indie ska explosion for 24 hour party peopleTurbo-charged Two Tone for the new millenium A raucous festival of class a brass riffingMusic for wild drinking weekends Non stop fun and riots guaranteed
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND017 Minimal Indie Piano Christopher Phillips,Sophie Pointer,Christopher Phillips,Rob Northcott,Christopher Phillips,Sam Walker Quietly reflective and evocotive pieces- inner dialogues and internal landscapes,organic, transparent and calm
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND016 Indietronica Marios Athansiou,Richard Flynn,Ben Ashton,Paul Tipler Classic analogue synth anthems,indie disco floor fillers, synths with attitude
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND015 Psych Andrew Aruldoss,Graham Sowerby,Michael Shirley,Jamie Thornton,Mark Benton,Tom Nancarrow,Ben Hampson,Christopher Barratt,Russ Keffert,Stephan Kreussel,Malcolm Clark A collection of psychedelic leaning indie loveliness
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND014 Progressive Indie Wojtek Godzisz,Tim Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Ewan Wallace,Tim Bidwell,Clark Gregg,Sam Walker,Stephan Kreussel Progressive Indie Concoctions
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND013 Indie Folk Rock Wojtek Godzisz,Dharshika Ariyadasa,Steven Marcus Foot,Tim Bidwell,Kevin Murphy,Tom Anderson,Eleanor Ford,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Ben Hampson Powerful and emotive indie folk with a rock edge
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND012 Arthouse Timothy Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Ewan Wallace,Thomas Ewings Indie Arthouse Flavours
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND011 Cabaret Burlesque Timothy Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Ewan Wallace,Michael Hayes,Timothy Bidwell,Clark Gregg,Dominic Arnall,Timothy Bidwell,Oliver Weder,William Yates,Alec Nash,Nicholas Yates,Martin Lillyman Sounds of the Left Bank - late night, leftfield, arch and avant-garde
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND010 Folk Punk Christopher Barratt,David Wynd,Dominic Arnall Rousing folk tales played with punk abandon
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND009 Garage Rock Festival Stephen Kreussel,Benjamin Hampson,Thomas Nancarrow,Sean Cox,Matthew Rimmer,David Cauvain,Benjamin Hampson,Thomas Mills,Edward Goatman Raw riffing grunge fest
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND008 Retro Indie Malcolm Clark,Timothy Bidwell,Oliver Weder,William Yates,Alec Nash,Nicholas Yates,Martyn Lillyman,Christopher Barratt,Russ Keffert Back to the Sixties - nostalgia never sounded so good
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND007 Minimal Folk Timothy Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Ewan Wallace,Timothy Bidwell,Cordelia Gartside,Timothy Bidwell,Kevin Murphy,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Tom Anderson,Eleanor Ford,Timothy Bidwell,Jake Calladine,Louis Edge,Jack Hosgood,Elis Davies intricate and lovely collection of folk tinged goodness
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND006 Epic Indie Wojtek Godzisz,Tom Hargreaves,James Laffoley,David Gritzman,Dharshika Ariyadasa Big Bold & Epically Widescreen
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND005 Indiecentric Timothy Bidwell,Clark Gregg,Timothy Bidwell,Jennifer Dalby,Ewan Wallace,Sam Walker,Dominic Arnall,Michael Hayes,Dominic Arnall,Michael Hayes A Celebration Of All That Is Off-Beat, Counter Culture, Quirky, Leftfield, Weird, Wonderful And Characterful
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND004 Indie Rock Wojtek Godzisz,Tom Hargreaves,James Laffoley,David Gritzman,Edward Quick,Sean Cox,Matthew Rimmer,David Cauvain,Benjamin Hampson,Tom Nancarrow,Stephan Testka Cool, Anthemic, Festival-Rocking Riffs_
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND003 Indie Folk Tim Bidwell,Louis Edge,Jack Hosgood,Jakob Calladine,Elis Davies,Tim Bidwell,Kevin Murphy,Andrew John Stuart-Buttle,Tom Anderson,Eleanor Ford,Tim Bidwell,Cordelia Gartside,Wojtek Godzisz Beautiful homegrown, acoustic, organic goodness
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND002 Indie Pop Martin Wilson,Toby Lawrence,Alex Camp,Rob Flynn,Thomas Beck,Martin Wilson,William Wood,Christopher Phillips,Tony Porter,Adam Kane,Henry Smallwood,Jonathan McCawley,Richard Snable,Sam Simon,Alex Camp,Rob Flynn,Lee Borg,Dan Dew Catchy teen dreams and guitar riff mayhem
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND001 Garage Rock Sean Cox,Matthew Rimmer,David Cauvain,Benjamin Hampson,Thomas Nancarrow,Christopher Barratt,David Wynd,Benjamin Hampson,Stephan Kreussel,James Taylor,Mauro Venegas Sledgehammer raw power riffage with hipster swagger