LIQUID CINEMAを最新から表示 (195アルバム)
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0201 Great Plains Erik Vargas,Nick Radcliffe,Pascal Pierre AlainGlanville,Simon JohnPinto,Richard Barrett,Timothy WilliamPetherick,Eliot Antony StewartVernon Modern, warm, panoramic and peaceful underscores with peaceful guitars & a nostalgic western feel. Introspective and hopeful - from beautiful open desert landscapes to vibrant Americana & beyond.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0200 Nu Disco Julian Lindenmann, Daniel Voicians,G Gussy, B Kully,Alec LeeJustice,Daniel Voicians,Nyles T.Lannon A modern take on classic disco beats. Dance floor fillers for trendy nightclubs, DJs, fashion and fun vibes. Grooving bass lines, tight beats, and sparkly funk guitars - bursting with bright colors, retro swagger & flair!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0199 Orchestra Gametime Peter Jeremias,Zak McNeil,Joseph AMG Sporck,Rogerio LotufoMaudonnet Powerful, cinematic orchestral tracks evoke hard-hitting heroism and awe-inspiring athleticism. Motivational themes, punchy percussion and relentless energy - the perfect soundtrack for competitions and superheroes alike. Take your best shot!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0198 Stomp Pop Nyles T. Lannon,Alec Lee Justice,G Gussy, B Kully Energetic, stomping, percussion-forward pop, fresh and raring to go. Upbeat indie, funk, soul and rock influences add cheeky color and light, exuberant fun. Get out, drop the top, and let loose!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0197 A Little Light Tension Andrew James Simmons,Zak Alan McNeil,Mateo Kelly Messina,William M Van De Crommert Quirky, playful organic beds full of subtle nervous energy. From competitions to reality, sports, docs and game shows - the clock is ticking. Make every second count!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0196 Dark Patterns Max Cameron Concors,Queens Road,David Travis Edwards Modern mysterious, dark and solemn underscores, with pulsing, procedural synth patterns & moody, flowing atmospheres for unsettling, tense atmospheres. They'll be on the edge of their seats!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0195 Humanocity Hamish FletcherHuntley,Andrew JamesSimmons,Zak AlanMcNeil,Zak AlanMcNeil, Hamish FletcherHuntley Music for the cutting edge of innovation and discovery - where the organic meets the synthetic, and the future is bright, exciting and full of promise. Cool electronic beats and living elements combine to modern, dynamic and luxurious effect.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0194 Teardrops Hamish FletcherHuntley,Andrew JamesSimmons,Zak AlanMcNeil,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Sensitive, emotional underscore for tearful goodbyes, lost opportunities and moments of heartbreak. Intimate pianos, delicate guitars & mournful strings weave tales of sadness and drama. Tissues not included.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0193 ILLUMINATE: Upbeat Dance Benjamin Hien, Daniel Voicians,Steven Solveig, Queens Road,Ralf KarstenGottlieb, Queens Road Exciting, motivating EDM just bursting with bright colors and feel-good high energy. Vibrant, upbeat and ultra chic. Whether it's sunny days at the beach, or a party night out - life is good.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0192 Essential Hip Hop 2 Alexander DalenGreen, Wesley AllenWilliams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Michaela Raven JoyPenn, Chris BHarris,Kito March II, Wesley AllenWilliams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Michael PhilipMurray, Chris BHarris, Darius EdwardSmith,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Chris BHar Our #1 most requested ultra-modern hip hop is back! More catchy top lines, fiery beats and woofer-shaking bass. Keeping it 100%.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0191 THE SAUCE: Funky Soul Grooves Chris BHarris, Daniel KennethSolovitz,Oriol DalipSirinathsingh,Raymond JonLoverock, Jonathan DavidMorbin,David CharlesTroke, Justin Swadling Funky, soulful and totally groovy modern beats. Feel-good instrumentals with happy energy & warm vibes - complete with punchy kits & laid back, velvet vibes.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0190 ON THE AIR David H Gamson,Oliver Leiber, David H Gamson Fun, upbeat, and modern, with a little funky, retro flair. Exuberant, positive pop for promos, ads, or a zesty montage that's just too cool for school. Sometimes more is more!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0189 LoFi Chill Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Sebastian Geyer, Queens Road,Keyhan Kamelian,Fabian Graetz, Queens Road Chill lofi hip hop for a relaxed evening in or a late night work/study session. Serene, calming & mellow - the perfect background for vlogging, lifestyle ads and reality TV.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0188 THE JAM: Rock Meets Funk Simon Lea, Scott McKeon,Simon Lea, Sam Burgess, Scott McKeon Laid back rock for easy living along with some tight funk grooves, latin vibe and even some blues. Dance like no one's watching!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0187 Acoustic Juice Andrew JamesSimmons,Nyles T.Lannon,Shaun Chasin, Nathan HarrisonRightnour,Zak AlanMcNeil Positive vibes and super-happy-bouncy-fun times going on here! Bright, exciting guitars, sweet, joyful tunes and colorful new-folk instrumentals just dripping in sunshine. Pass the juice!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0186 INCREDIBLE TOGETHER: Inspiring Soul Dalen Green, Wesley Williams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wesley BrentIan, Chris BHarris,Antoine Smith, Jack Redsecker, Wesley Williams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Ganae MOsorio, Chris BHarris,Antoine Smith, Dalen Green, Wesley Williams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wes Inspiring and soulful songs, with lyrics about unity, hope, perseverance & overcoming obstacles. Modern tracks from warm, joyful, upbeat grooves to delicate, intimate piano. We are stronger together!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0185 Trust Fund Travel: Endless Summer Alec LeeJustice,Giancarlo GCCastillo, Nathan HarrisonRightnour,Zak AlanMcNeil Trust Fund Travel is back, with more cool inspirational beats, influential riffs, and luxurious tropical colors. Grab your headphones, add an extra star to your rating and some more fuel for the jet. The fun is endless, and so are the funds.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0184 SHORT & SWEET VOL.2: Upbeat Interstitials and Transitions Zak AlanMcNeil Positive, upbeat orchestral stingers and interstitials to seamlessly move from scene to scene with a smile. Light, bright and energetic... What's life without a smile?
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0183 SHORT & SWEET VOL.1: Sitcom Stingers and Transitions Andrew JamesSimmons,Carlin JaredGuthrie, Andrew JeffreyMiller,Zak AlanMcNeil Make comedic transitions easy with these ready-to-go sets of sitcom stingers and interstitials in classic styles. Mix and match to keep it fresh, and keep the laughs coming!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0182 Nitro Rock Gerrell BernardHoover, Alec LeeJustice,Gussy G, Marco Thomas, B Kully,Christopher RichardJones, Steven DavidFay,Gussy G, Nicholas JamesShemes, B Kully Hard edged, high energy rap rock hybrid, infused with badass vocals. Bold swagger and heavy guitar riffs combine with powerful male rappers to create a mood that is punchy, strong, and immediate.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0181 Feel Good Retro Rock Benjamin SebastianGeyer, Queens Road,Gussy G, B Kully,Fabian Graetz, Queens Road Groovy vintage riffs & retro kits combine to create rock for sunny days, good times and great company. Bursting with warm, fuzzy guitars, light, feel-good fun and positivity, through the hazy lens of yesteryear. Time for those rose-colored glasses!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0180 Essential Pop R&B Dalen AlexanderGreen, Wesley AllenWilliams,Ben Milchev, Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Ganae MOsorio, Chris BHarris,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wesley BrentIan, Chris BHarris,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Aiyonna, Chris BHarris,Daniel KennethSolov Upbeat, modern pop R&B with catchy melodic male & female top lines. From laid back, chill, and soulful to lighthearted, bouncy, fun and cheerful. Cool, positive, radio friendly tunes for every occasion.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0179 Cinematic Electronic David TravisEdwards,Max CameronConcors,Nikolas Korolog,Martha Bahr,Jeff Rona Expansive, panoramic underscores and beds with deep electronic colors that blend organic elements with lush, flowing, cinematic synths. From meditative and peaceful to emotional and hopeful - atmospheric scores that are beautiful & soothing.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0178 Cinematic Tension Alec LeeJustice,Zak AlanMcNeil Raise the stakes to epic new levels! Hybrid orchestral tension, pulsing cinematic synths and high-octane percussion blended with high-energy orchestra to nail-biting effect. Now, is that your final answer?
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0177 Roadhouse Rock Fabian Graetz, Queens Road,Adam Wakeman,Rich McCulley, Josef Peters,Benjamin SebastianGeyer, Queens Road,Simon McBride,Stuart MichaelSawney,Peter JohnRinaldi A blend of authentic classic rock swagger & hearty country evoking the Essential Americana Road Trip. The sound of rural legends, and adventure on the open highways, where the drinks are cheap and the food, and the company, is just right!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0176 Modern Holiday Playlist Daniel KennethSolovitz, Michaela Raven JoyPenn, Chris BHarris,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Natasha Mira, Chris BHarris,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Joseph Hartley, Chris BHarris, Joseph MichaelDiehl,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wesley BrentIan, Chris BHarris,Daniel Kenn Holiday-inspired songs and instrumentals for a new generation in cool, modern styles. Fiery hip hop, happy pop, wholesome country and heartwarming soul invoke all the feelings of special times. Spread cheer, joy and some festive fun!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0175 TURBOCHARGED: High-performance swagger rock Fabian Graetz, Queens Road,Alec LeeJustice,Benjamin SebastianGeyer, Queens Road A high-octane fusion of classic rock and electronic production influence. Badass swagger-rock with dirty, energetic guitars and stomping, punchy beats inject unstoppable confidence and power into any situation, and rev you up to the red line.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0174 Essential Hip Hop Daniel KennethSolovitz, Chris BHarris,Kito IIMarch, Hype Alexander, Wesley AllenWilliams,Richard TJordan II, Maya SimoneMurphy-Turner,Kito IIMarch, Wesley AllenWilliams,Charles RhodesII, Steven DavidFay,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wesley BrentIan, Chris BHarr Ultra-modern hip hop from some of the top artists of today. Catchy female & male rap and melodic top lines with progressive beats - all coming together in a journey from hot club sounds to moody, trippy tracks - and everything in-between.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0173 Quiet Jeff Rona,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Peaceful, lush, meditative and calm ambient music, going gently beyond the horizon, and into the deep world within. Chill, relaxed music for spas, mediation, zen gardens and the inner mind.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0172 SUNRISE: Chill Ambient Electronic Vibes Hamish FletcherHuntley,Zak AlanMcNeil,Alec LeeJustice,Ulas CanberkKoca,Alex Benson Chillwave ambient beats, organic elements & cool electronic vibes. Energetic, dynamic and always evolving, for a modern sound with sharp creative color.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0171 Southern City Limits Wesley Garren,Sean LeeWiggins,Bart KHendrickson,Sean LeeWiggins,Joshua AlexanderBerman,Sean LeeWiggins Modern yet timeless country blues rock with strong, gutsy female vocals. Authentic, raw, and a bit sexy. Kickass music for hitting the road or grabbing a beer.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0170 GOOD DAY: The Fabulous Sound of London Steve Ronald Ouimette,Bart K Hendrickson,Nyles T. Lannon A new British Invasion inspired by the Mersey beats sound of 60's Britain... with a bit of sunny California fun too. Upbeat, charming, infectious retro rock tracks that feel timeless, positive and genuinely optimistic about life. Fab!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0169 Newsroom Tension Brian White,Brian Trifon,Zak AlanMcNeil Modern news-cycle beds for tense investigations & stories with local color or global consequences. Deep, edgy pulses & nervous, ticking percussion drives the narrative forward with unstoppable cinematic energy. News never stops, and neither do these.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0168 Feel Good Guitar Randall FMcGravey,Andrew James Simmons Beautiful, warm & soft, guitar underscores. Masterfully performed tracks that are emotional, relaxing, reflective, and quietly hopeful. From organic acoustic flair to electric warmth - bringing beautiful, colorful energy to all kinds of stories.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0167 Dark Pop Ben Milchev,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Jody Miller,Taylor FranklynBurg,Kendel Lester,Gina Kouyoumdjian,Alec LeeJustice,Jody Miller,Kendel Lester,Nyles T.Lannon,Rachel MarieWilliams,Alec LeeJustice Ultra modern, dark, dreamy horror pop with bold female vocals. Radio-ready tracks w. dark lyrics & infectious beats by noteworthy L.A. singer-songwriters. From mysterious, melancholic & chilling, to intense & rebellious. Listen with your eyes closed!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0166 VOCALESE: Emotional Solo Female Vocals Helena O Dwyer,Julia Hoelscheidt,Rachel Williams,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Beautiful solo female vocal performances - from serene & dreamy to dark, mysterious & intense. Cinematic & emotional from start to finish, and flexible enough to add wherever you need it. All work perfectly as openers, or can be used as overlays.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0165 GROOVES: Legendary Drummers Solo Henry Wright An exciting, punchy collection of energetic live drum tracks performed by legendary drummers. Driving rock & pop to funk & swing - drum set only tracks you can use alone as a bed, or add extra drive and energy to existing projects. The beat goes on!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0164 Inner Space: Modular Underscore Martha Bahr,David TravisEdwards,Jameson NathanJones,Jeff Rona,Reek Havok Panoramic, cinematic analog modular electronic tracks, with swirling rhythm patterns & chill soundscapes. Circuit-bent music beds full of shimmering, colorful & moody synthesizer textures - perfect for anything that needs retro-future vibe.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0163 Mad Bangerz 2 Alec Justice,Nathan Rightnour, Dan Apke Back by popular demand! Fire party bangers that blend classic club electronica with trendy "brostep", future house and fat trap. Exciting, confident and oozing swagger. Shake it, don't break it!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0162 EDM Luxe Queens Road, Fabian Graetz,Alec Justice Chic and glossy, modern and sparkling EDM tracks - from beach house to future bass, electronica & beyond. Whether it's a glamorous beach vacation, a luxury fashion ad campaign - or any project in need of a trendy makeover, let this EDM lead the way.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0161 Piano Stories Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Hamish Huntley Minimalist, introspective and emotional piano underscore with beautifully elegant, delicate & gentle melodic overlays. Music that is both honest & intimate - ideal for bringing depth to storytelling, reality, documentaries, and more.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0160 Make Some Noise Drew Allsbrook, Randy Cooke, Gregory Karagianis,Alec Justice,Drew Allsbrook, Randy Cooke, Brad Lindsay,Alec Justice, Peter Distefano Positive, macho, feel good rock for fast plays, sunny days, and raceways. Covering styles from classic rock, to indie and modern alternative. It is honest, exciting, loud and fun. Good times, good buddy!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0159 Nu Jazz Chill Justin Swadling, Joseph Rodwell,Alec Justice, Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Cool, hip, smooth jazz instrumentals with laid-back retro grooves, but with modern flair. Features an eclectic variety of live soloists & super chill vibe. Listen with your Ray-Bans on.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0158 Vocal Hook Jingles Guy Wallace,Nyles Lannon,Alec Justice, Rachel Williams,Matthew Basile, David Baldwin, Emile Mosseri,Alec Justice, Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Tune in to fun, modern commercial pop vocal jingles, bursting with buoyant joy & sassy flair. Confident, strong & carefree - like we all wish we were. Spread over advertisements, promosÉ or anywhere you need upbeat vocal vibes.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0157 Grime Kully B, Gussy G,Daniel Mumford High energy grime beats from the heart of the UK. A modern style that mixes of garage, hip hop with just enough heavy cinematic depth reflecting todayâ and nonstop urban culture.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0156 Cool Fire: Organic Electronica Brian Trifon, Brian White,Patrick Shanahan,Max Concors,Adam Fligsten Chic, modern, organic tracks with arty electronic beats & an irreverent, sophisticated energy. Music that asks "Are you cool enough?"
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0155 Dark Scores: Brooding, Mysterious Beds Jeff Rona,Sasha Mandel, Russell Manning Dark, brooding underscores with a modern, electronic & deliberate edge. Push investigative and procedural stories forward with tense cinematic drama or mysterious ambient beds.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0154 Hot Rod Rock Lawrence Dewey Contemporary, exciting rock that's action-packed and fun. Blazing good tracks for promos, sports & advertising that energize & create tons of hype.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0153 Life In Motion Benjamin MacDougall,Andrew Simmons,Hamish Huntley Tell your story with these light & bright organic underscores - bursting with warm, joyful color & hopeful, positive charm. Life is fun & always moving!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0152 Groove Royale Kully B, Gussy G,Alec Justice,Oriol Sirinathsingh Cool, hazy grooves for luxury living with a good bit of retro flair. Vintage guitars & bass, and tight grooves create authentic, cool melodic energy that is equally at home on ads, promos, or lifestyle.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0151 Heart Racer Max Concors,Alec Justice,Cody Johnson, Gina Kouyoumdjian,Cody Johnson Frantic, urgent, and uptempo underscores that provide heart-racing tension, intense concentration, and the feel of having it all on the line. From electronic to organic, this music perfect for reality, investigation, competition, and more. Buckle up!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0150 Cinematic Hip Hop Nathan Rightnour, Justin Thompson,Kully B, Gussy G More epic, big-screen hip hop with depth & tense urban energy. Hard modern grooves with cinematic orchestra & powerful beats for sports, promos & more. Turn your swagger up!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0149 Neon Vogue Queens Road, Fabian Graetz,Nathan Rightnour, Dan Apke,Queens Road,Alec Justice,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer Fashion-forward pop with a chic, and modern, edgy vibe and catchy, bright sound. Our Spring / Summer collection of fun & energetic tracks for the supermodel in you.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0148 Urban Suburban Benjamin MacDougall,Max Concors,Kully B, Gussy G Quirky, catchy & fun themes meet hip urban beats. Flashy and cool, to sexy, sneaky, & uncomfortable. The perfect score for reality, competitions, odd characters, or awkward situations. Keeping up!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0147 Jordan Rudess: Heartfelt Jordan Rudess,Gerald Peter, Jordan Rudess,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Rich cinematic piano & strings from keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess. Emotional, deep & flowing, with heartfelt organic color & motion.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0146 Undercurrents Max Concors,Jeff Rona Contemporary score beds with organic and electronic elements. Subtle, clean, neutral motion with shades of thoughtful emotion. Perfect for storytelling, documentary, character study, reality programming and more.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0145 Rotations Benjamin MacDougall,Max Concors,Jeff Rona Thoughtful, introspective cyclical underscores with evolving colors and a sensitive, spacious style that is dynamic, emotional & flowing. Our secret weapon for storytellers!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0144 Sinister Rock Peter Distefano, Alec Justice,Mathew Kratz, Adam Wakeman,Alec Justice,Simon Pinto,Raymond Loverock, Jonathan Morbin Dark, brooding, slow-burn hard rock from some of music's hardest hitting artists. It's loud and it's angry! Light the fuse and walk away!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0143 Modern Groove Pop Scott Greene,Giancarlo Castillo, Nathan Rightnour,Jean Castells, Matthew Lara, Jaidan Millar,Carlin Guthrie, Andrew Miller,Conrad Bauer, Matthew Lara, Jaidan Millar Get your strut on with Funky guitar grooves and punchy beats. Fun contemporary pop tunes w. feel-good, energetic vibes simply perfect for advertising, promos, parties and more.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0142 The Dark Side: Atmospheric Drama Alec Justice,Jeff Rona,Cody Johnson, Gina Kouyoumdjian,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Cody Johnson, Jeff Rona Swirling, mysterious, dark & dramatic underscores - when you need less to be more. Organic elements blended with contemporary electronic textures & subtle pulses to drive things forwards. The signature sound of premium cable.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0141 Orchestra AMPED Thomas Hedden, Thomas McWilliams,Max Concors, Mitchell Marlow, Guy Wallace,Cody Johnson,Max Concors,Peter Jeremias,Mitchell Marlow, Guy Wallace Heavy rock combined with bold and exciting orchestra. Tracks range in feel from courageous and relentless determination to aggression, hardcore energy and more. Perfect for sports and any kind of competition.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0140 Drumline Trap Brian Trifon, Brian White Hip hop meets drum corp with a fiery blend of searing urban EDM, relentless trap beats & sports-centric drumline. Cinematic, dramatic and authentic, with more swagger than a quarterback on game day. Get ready to throw down!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0139 Alt Rock Anthems Will Van De Crommert,Alec Justice,Daniel Mumford,Andrew Simmons Anthemic, alternative rock in all its irreverent, energetic, feel-good glory! Inspirational, motivational anthems with a hint of early 00's skater punk & sunny west-coast color. Rise up and be counted!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0138 Bhangra Beats Daniel James Mumford,Kully B, Gussy G,Max Cameron Concors Modern Bollywood & Bhangra styles meet hyphy trap & urban beats. An exciting, edgy fusion of Indian flavor & energetic EDM. Jai ho!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0137 Orchestral Shadows Joseph A M G Joep Sporck,Jeff Rona,Cody M Johnson Dark, moody orchestral underscore with mysterious, swirling instrumental colors. Poignant, thoughtful & cinematic. Step out of the light.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0136 Start Up: Indie Feel-Good Nyles T. Lannon,Shaun Jacob Deluzio Chasin, Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Andrew James Simmons,Max Cameron Concors Hip, smart, and a little quirky. Clean indie rock and pop-inspired instrumentals that give off positive feel-good energy and fun-loving vibes.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0135 Freshly Baked Acoustic Andrew James Simmons,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Daniel James Mumford A dozen soft, fresh musical treats full of happy, acoustic goodness Warm, light & bursting with lots of zesty bright flavors The perfect way to add some sunshine to adverts, promos & more Dig in!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0134 Electro Pop Party Alec Lee Justice,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Daniel James Mumford,Carlin Jared Guthrie,Andrew Jeffrey Miller,Cody M Johnson Find the perfect start to any dance party with these modern, upbeat synth pop instrumentals Complete with influences of contemporary, upbeat EDM, funk & 80's cool they are exciting, happy & always energetic It's time to raise the roof!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0133 Ibiza Underscore Benjamin Sebastian Geyer,Max Cameron Concors,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Fabian Graetz,Daniel James Mumford The cool, contemporary sound of travel inspired by the warm beaches and relaxed spirit of Ibiza Cinematic EDM combined with hints of chill, Tropical House and Big Beat create a perfect sun-soaked soundtrack
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0132 Uproar: Electronic Rock Hybrid Adam Arthur Dearborn,James Riordon Norman,Alec Lee Justice,Cody M Johnson,Brandon Michael Seliga,Tobias James,Cody M Johnson,Simon Pinto,Ray Loverock,Jonathan Morbin Action-packed, turbo-charged electronica rock hybrid tracks with elements of industrial, metal, EDM, and breakbeat Edgy driving aggressive energy perfect for sports, promos, and more Kick it up a notch!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0131 Beautiful World Cody M Johnson,Gina Kouyoumdjian,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Patrick Timothy Shanahan,Jeff Rona,Max Cameron Concors,Cody M Johnson,David Travis Edwards,Max Cameron Concors Ambient cinematic underscore blending organic and electronic elements that capture the serene beauty of life, warm positive moments, and the natural world Take a deep breath, watch and listen
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0130 Mind Cycles Adam Fligsten,Brian White,Brian Trifon,Max Cameron Concors,Cody M Johnson,Gina Kouyoumdjian Get lost in the mind with these modern psychological score beds with evolving musical patterns Moods ranging from deep thought and reflection to deliberation and anxious contemplation
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0129 Air Of Tension Peter Jeremias,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Zak Alan McNeil,Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall Simple, subtle dramatic tension score beds for moments of uncertainty, mystery, anticipation and suspense What will happen next?
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0128 Divergent Drums Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Zak Alan McNeil,Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall Energetic, percussion-driven underscore, from epic orchestral tracks to exciting, metropolitan drum kits Giant cinematic drum ensembles drive narrative & dynamic hand drums create colorful rhythms Highly usable, & written with editors in mind
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0127 Orchestral Levity Jeff Rona,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Bart K Hendrickson,Andrew James Simmons,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Cody M Johnson,Bart Townsend Light, bright & positive orchestral underscore that always leaves room to tell a story Colorful pizzicatos, sparkling woodwinds & dynamic, energetic mallets fill every moment with sunshine & a positive outlook
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0126 Urban Trap Tristan Boston,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Alexander Jay Aslani,Justin D Thompson,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Justin D Thompson,Max Cameron Concors,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya Modern urban trap instrumentals capturing today's sound of chart-topping hip hop produced with authenticity and swagger by some of the hottest producers in the game today
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0125 Hype Rock Thomas Patrick McWilliams,Kully B,Gussy G,Scott Davies,Dan Brown Jr Energetic full throttle modern rock with gritty distorted guitars, blasting drums, and nonstop action-packed excitement Great for sports, promos, advertisements, and more Turn it up!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0124 Deep Drones Hamish Fletcher Huntley Powerful, cinematic beds - from gritty, deep analog synth drones to brooding guitars & dynamic, orchestral undercurrents w thunderous swells Build suspense & tense moments to epic levels - in reality shows, competitions, movies & more!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0123 Urban Tension Max Cameron Concors,Peter Jeremias,Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Justin D Thompson Urban beats and modern hip hop production infused with cinematic tension, suspense, drama and danger
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0122 Stadium Beats Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Zak Alan McNeil Searing, cinematic EDM meets epic orchestra - mixing huge, energetic beats & driving synth lines with exciting, modern hybrid score, hip-hop & rock On the sports field, racetrack or arena, this is the soundtrack to all things action!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0121 Retro Remix Cody M Johnson,Alec Lee Justice,Oriol Dalip Sirinathsingh,Max Cameron Concors,Adam Fligsten,Kully B,Gussy G,John Danty Energetic and fun beat driven grooves and remixes of retro rock, soul, funk, and more Dusty guitars, record scratches, big horn stabs, and more A crate digger's delight!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0120 Nu Funk Elektro Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Giancarlo GC Castillo,Alec Lee Justice,Max Cameron Concors Kick off the party in style Capturing the current wave in EDM infusing retro funk elements with modern punchy electro From Paris with Love
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0119 Brat Trap Queens Road,Fabian Graetz Dirty trap beats, deep bass-lines and anthemic synth leads from some of the hottest producers around Fun, energetic and irreverent - combining hip-hop and EDM influences Confident, modern and dripping with swagger!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0115 Soul Party Revival Max Concors,Oriol Sirinathsingh,Kully B, Gussy G,Cody Johnson, Tyler James,Jesper Mattsson, Dyre Gormsen,Andy Hamilton, Lily Gonzalez Retro soul with a modern twist recorded with live band. Timeless grooves, big brass riffs, produced with fun and energetic contemporary feel.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0112 Modern Minimalism Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Jeff Rona,Jeff Rona,Cody Johnson Powerful dramatic trailers that are evocative and emotional From heavy and serious, to heartfelt and passionate, to wondrous and uplifting and more
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0111 Indigo: Digital Noir Brian White,Brian Trifon Bring stories to life with cinematic minimalism - with beautiful hypnotic keyboards, energetic orchestra, dramatic rhythms and deep emotional colors
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0110 Motion Beats Josef Peters,Jordan Tadashi Kim,Cody M Johnson,Alec Lee Justice,Max Cameron Concors,Kully B,Gussy G,Jeff Rona,Alec Lee Justice,Dan Edward Apke,Josef Peters Pulsing synths, processed guitars and hybrid percussion paint dark, dramatic cityscapes and moody sunsets Edgy, powerful and relentless
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0109 Challenger Max Cameron Concors,Peter Jeremias Energetic, driving beats to keep your projects moving at lightning pace From action-packed, to fun and exciting it's all motion, no emotion!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0108 Smile Andrew James Simmons,Tyler Addison James,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Andrew James Simmons,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Rogerio Lotufo Maudonnet,Simon John Pinto Positive, effervescent tracks with light contemporary sparkle and upbeat charm Energetic small acoustic ensembles make happy, bright organic fun!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0107 Positive Electronic Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Dan Edward Apke,Cody M Johnson,Alec Lee Justice,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Eli Jordan Heisler,Berkay Birecikli,Jeff Rona Positive electronic tunes with energetic and inspirational vibes From punchy dance beats to chill electronica - all synths and smiles!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0106 Perky Perc Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Cody M Johnson,Brandon Michael Seliga,Andrew James Simmons,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Zak Alan McNeil,Cody M Johnson,Tyler Addison James Energetic, upbeat, and commercial percussion tracks, from tight, organic found-sound indie grooves to classic, punchy kits Lively and contemporary!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0105 Cinematic Ambient Jeff Rona,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Max Cameron Concors Deep, beautiful cinematic ambient tracks with emotional, analog warmth Electronic and organic elements blend into dynamic, contemporary underscores
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0104 Science And Technology Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Max Cameron Concors,Cody M Johnson,Jeff Rona,Deanna Nicole Abrash,Cody M Johnson,Alec Lee Justice,Andrew James Simmons,Jeff Rona Electronic score beds with an organic touch to explore the world of science and technology Ideal for documentary and informative programming
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0103 Travelogue: Far East Cody M Johnson,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Zak Alan McNeil,Zak Alan McNeil,Cody M Johnson,Anthony Donald Darlak,Cody M Johnson,Marshall Harold McDaniel,Tyler Addison James,Adam Fligsten,Kully B,Gussy G,Dan Brown Jr,Alec Lee Justice An extensive collection of asian-inspired tracks full of eastern color and oriental flair From exciting and happy to mysterious and dark All aboard!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0102 Sunshine Whimsy Steven Solveig,Hanjo Gabler,Cody M Johnson,Tyler Addison James,Peter John Rinaldi,Nyles T Lannon,Andrew James Simmons,Steven Solveig,Pascal Pierre Alain Glanville,Cody M Johnson,Nathan Bart Rich,Simon John Pinto A sunny collection of quirky, indie acoustic tracks for every happy, positive moment Always energetic and written with a smile - because life is fun!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0101 Light It Up ! Nyles T Lannon,Kully B,Gussy G,Andrew James Simmons,Queens Road,Fabian Graetz,Cody M Johnson,Tyler Addison James Hip and modern energetic tunes that are catchy, upbeat, and fun From indie dance to folk pop and more Perfect for advertisements and commercials
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0100 Mad Bangerz Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Dan Edward Apke,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Alessandro Ciani,Alec Lee Justice,Queens Road,Fabian Graetz,Max Cameron Concors,Queens Road Bass-booming, booty-shaking, hyphy party bangers capturing today's hottest sound in EDM combining elements of trap, electro, urban, dubstep and more
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0099 Hyper Holidays Simon John Pinto,arrKully B,Gussy G,Philipp Van Het Veld,arrDan Brown Jr,arrTobias James,arr.William Myers,Felix Mendelssohn arrDan Brown Jr,Felix Mendelssohn,Simon John Pinto,Felix Mendelssohn arrJoseph Sporck,Felix Mendelssohn arr.William Myers,James Pi When the Holidays need an jolt of energy A selection of beloved tunes in high energy rock, EDM and jazz styles Who gave Santa extra coffee?!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0098 Hollywood Big Band Joseph A M G Joep Sporck Class it up with sparkling big band flair from the hills of Hollywood! Glamorous, classy, timeless tunes for the red carpet, a summer picnic and more
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0097 Power Of Innovation Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Cody M Aaron Edwards,Max Concors,Benjamin MacDougall,Cody Johnson Cinematic electronica with a human touch to highlight innovation, technology, creation, and design Forward-looking music for a modern world
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