CHRONIC TRAXを最新から表示 (157アルバム)
UNIVERSAL US/KILLER TRACKSのレーベル。 Cutting Edge and Progressive. Hip Hop, Phat Funk, Deep Groove, Electronic Infused and Kitsch.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM155 Lo-Fi Sunset Wes Pendleton,Will Saulsky,Frederick Kron,Jason William Strong,Malcolm Kirby Jr Lo-Fi sunset chill beats that have a relaxed and positive vibe.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM154 Contemporary Beats 2 Alexander Hitchens Great urban hip-hop beats with a variety of styles and energy.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM153 Brass Trap Drops Andrey Tatarinov,PAVLO NIKOLAIENKO, YEVHEN TERESHCHUK,Will Saulsky High energy epic Trap/EDM tracks with heavy emphasis on drops featuring brass horns. Perfect for promos and sports.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM152 Rise and Grind 2 Alexander Hitchens Dramatic and thrilling orchestral hip-hop cues. Perfect for sports, gaming and reality television. Composed by GRAMMY and EMMY award winning composer Alexander Hitchens.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM151 Trap 6 Charles Stephens III,Alexander Hitchens,Connor Musarra,Rami Eid,Corbin Roe, Mayne Hip-Hop/Trap instrumentals. Perfect for sports and show promos.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM149 Beast Mode 2 Alexander Hitchens, DubXX, Tezo Upbeat, contemporary Trap/Hip-Hop tracks with full vocals geared toward sports.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM148 Get Fit! Sooraj Krishnan,Joseph Pincus,Edgar Vargas,Alexander Hitchens, Brandon Terrill Lowe,Alexander Hitchens Extreme, hyphy, over the top EDM/Trap. Perfect for fitness, sports and action promos.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM147 Mambo Trap Steve Sechi, Brett Engel,Steve Sechi, Alexander Hitchens,Steve Sechi, Charles Stephens III Melodic mambo horns and crafty Cuban sounds infused with upbeat trap and EDM drums. Vámonos de fiesta.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM145 Boom Bap Beats Alexander Hitchens,Blue Means, Chief Duck Foot, Dimitri L. Syde,Rami Eadeh,Jamtown 90s era-inspired hip-hop beats. Let these tracks be the underscore to your next lifestyle piece or show promo.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM144 Stomp Clap Rap DJ Standout, Evan Ford, Javigotsomemore, Matthew Marin,Bachi, Brett Engel,Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Nathan Bodiker,Alexander Hitchens,Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Nathan Bodiker, Rudy Catwell Contemporary stomp clap/hip-hop hybrid tracks. Includes rap vocals geared toward sports and motivational segments.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM143 Hip-Hop Soul Joel McNeill, John McNeill, Wes Pendleton Contemporary hip-hop soul grooves. Perfect for underscores, documentaries, and lifestyle pieces. All tracks written and produced by hip-hop/soul sample masters Soul Surplus.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM142 Anthemic Hip Hop Alexander Hitchens, Brandon Terrill Lowe,Chris Constantinou, James Young, Jenna Dickens, Josephine Banham,Chris Constantinou, James Young, Jenna Dickens,Chris Constantinou, Jenna Dickens, Nicholas De Carlo,Chris Constantinou, James Young, Jenna Dickens, N Confident, inspiring, motivating hip hop, trap, rap rock and other hybrid urban styles. Tracks that make you want to get up and do something. A celebration of living your best life.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM141 R&B Songs Elvin Shahbazian, Joel McNeill, John McNeill, John Smythe, Mayila Jones,Elvin Shahbazian, Joel McNeill, John McNeill, Mayila Jones,Alexander Hitchens, Mayila Jones,Corbin Roe, Hltr Skltr, Mayila Jones, Mayne,Elvin Shahbazian, Eric Potapenko, Joel McNeill, A collection of female-sung contemporary R&B songs. Written and performed by Mayila Jones and NicXIX. Production by Soul Surplus, Roc and Mayne and Alexander Hitchens.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM140 Female Rap Corbin Roe, Mayne, NicXIX,Arson, Mayila Jones, MPEMBELE KUNDISA ELTON,Mayila Jones, Onassis Morris,NicXIX, Onassis Morris,Charles Stephens III, Mayila Jones,Charles Stephens III, NicXIX,Corbin Roe, Mayila Jones, Mayne, Shy Beats,Corbin Roe, Mayila Jones, Female Rap tracks with swagger and braggadocious lyrical themes. *EXPLICIT VERSIONS AVAILABLE*
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM139 Trap 5 Ty Noam Frankel,Anthony Thompson,Alexander Hitchens,Audi, LNK, Mario Petersen,Yonatan Watts,Audi, Kaelin,Rami Eadeh,Charles Stephens III EDM/Trap and Hip-Hop/Trap instrumentals with energy and power. Perfect for sports and show promos.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM138 Gospel Beats Charles Stephens III,Alexander Hitchens Sunday has never been more lit! Traditional gospel organ and piano mixed with contemporary drums create a perfect blend of feel-good motivational cues.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM137 Fast Trap Will Saulsky,Alexander Hitchens,Brett Engel,Onassis Morris Faster paced trap tracks in a variety of styles. Minimum BPM of 215.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM136 Whole Team Winning Derek Minor, Greg James, Tony Tillman,Byron Juane, Chino Dollaz, Derek Minor, Tony Tillman,Byron Juane, Canon, Cardec, Derek Minor,Byron Juane, Derek Minor,Canon, Derek Minor,Byron Juane, Chino Dollaz, Derek Minor, Greg James,Canon, Derek Minor, Poetics,B Anthemic vocal Hip-Hop/Trap songs geared toward team work, domination, and being the best. Perfect for sports and promos. *BILLBOARD CHARTING*
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM135 Beast Mode DJ Standout, Evan Ford, Matthew Marin,Alexander Hitchens, DubXX, Tezo Upbeat, contemporary Trap/Hip-Hop tracks with full vocals geared toward sports.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM134 Underscore Vibes Alexander Hitchens A variety of hip-hop inspired underscores featuring vibraphone.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM133 Party Trap Andrey Tatarinov, Ty Noam Frankel,Ty Noam Frankel Extreme, hyphy, over the top EDM/Trap.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM132 R&B/Trap Alexander Hitchens, Elvin Shahbazian, Mayila Jones,Charles Stephens III, Mayila Jones A collection of female contemporary urban R&B/Trap songs. Subject manner consist of love, swagger, and attitude. Written and performed by songstress Mayila Jones.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM131 Trap 4 Alex Krashinsky, Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi,Alexander John Valente, Johnny Homen, Onassis Morris,AnonXmous,Brett Engel,Charles Stephens III,Hltr Skltr, Mayne, Roc,Mayne, Roc,Ty Noam Frankel EDM/Trap and Hip-Hop/Trap instrumentals with strong energy and power. Perfect for sports, gaming, and show promos.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM130 Going Up Byron Juane, Canon, Derek Minor,Byron Juane, Derek Minor,Canon, Derek Minor,Derek Minor Anthemic vocal Hip-Hop/Trap. Subject manner consist of getting to the top and dominating. Perfect for sports and promos. Written, produced and performed by Derek Minor, Canon and Byron Juane.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM129 Percussive Trap Brett Engel,Will Saulsky,Onassis Morris A mixture of percussive-heavy EDM Trap cues Edgy, bouncy, and full of fun, perfect for promos of all sorts
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM128 World Trap Benjamin Roberts,Brett Engel World music with a high energy trap-step twist Full of rises and drops, starts and stops, and impacts that would make great edit points Perfect for travel and world sports promos Let's take a trip!
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM127 Trap 3 Andrey Tatarinov,Ty Noam Frankel,Ty Noam Frankel,Carson Maki,Ty Noam Frankel,Ty Noam Frankel,Ryan Baker,Alexander Hitchens EDM Trap and Hip-Hop Trap instrumentals with energy and power Perfect for sports and show promos
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM126 Trap The Halls Ty Noam Frankel,Anthony Thompson,Brett Engel,Charles Stephens III,Stephen Baird,Ty Noam Frankel,Ty Noam Frankel,Rayvaughn Vernon,Levester Odell White Well known Christmas tunes remixed in the style of edm trap and hip-hop trap Your Christmas is about to be lit!
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM125 Rise And Grind Alexander Hitchens Dramatic and thrilling orchestral hip-hop cues Perfect for sports and reality television
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM124 Trap 2 Luciano Michelini,Onassis Morris,Taylor Cason,Charles Stephens III,Ty Noam Frankel,Andrey Tatarinov,Ty Noam Frankel,Brett Engel,Smitty,Kelly Mac,Jason Petrin,Alexander Hitchens,Edgard Jaude,Rafael Torres,Noah G Goins Harder Better Faster Stronger Hip-Hop Trap InstrumentalsSTEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM123 City Beats Stephan Sechi,Charles Stephens III,Brett Engel,Stephan Sechi,Alexander Hitchens,Stephan Sechi,Connor Musarra,Nathalie Loriot,Franck Hedin,Vincent Turbe,Alexander Hitchens,Xandy Barry,Wally Gagel,John Fulford,Stephen Baird,Alexander Hitchens,Xandy Barry,Wa A collection of fun, energetic, sample-driven hip-hop beats Be sure to check out the underscores as well! STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM122 Trap Brett Engel,Ty Frankel,Ty Frankel,Rayvaughn Vernon The hardest hitting EDM-Trap and Hip-Hop-Trap beats in the game
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM121 Vodka En Vogue Lukas Untersteiner,Reuben Antolin,Marc Ferrari,Ty Frankel,Andrey Tatarinov,Danny McCarthy,Brett Engel,Ty Frankel,Andrey Tatarinov,Boris Popov,Alap Momin A collection of house inspired EDM as well as electro tropical tracks
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM120 Epic Beats William Patrick Van Alstine,John Fulford,Alejandro Gonzales,Robert Stribling,Alexander Hitchens,Kelly Mac,Aaron Shapiro,Alexander Hitchens,Daniel AMP,Alexander Hitchens,Bradley Walden Epic orchestra fused with Hip-Hop beats and vocals
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM119 In The Cut Malcolm Kirby Jr,Danny McCarthy,Thomas Dill,Frederick Kron Retro and contemporary grooves combine with jazz and R&B elements Also includes jazz inspired emotional pieces
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM118 Contemporary Beats Alexander Hitchens,Thomas Coster Jr,Kelly McCollough,Aaron Shapiro,Charles Stephens III,Malcolm Kirby Jr,Kelly McCollough,Omer Agca,Alvin West,Bryan James Sammis,Justin Hilton Portis Powerful horns and manipulated vocal samples combine with a driving urban groove to create an inspiring track
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM117 The Mysteries Chris Constantinou,Paul Frazer Ambient, minimalist, super chilled and spacey These lulling, soothing yet strangely uplifting soundscapes calm the noise and confusion of the modern world, inspiring greater contemplation
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM116 Pop Beds Joey Peters,John Zych,Joey Peters,Jordan Kim,Joey Peters,Mike Elias,Joey Peters,John Martin Camp,Joey Peters,Joshua Lopez A collection of postive, driving and urban pop instrumentals
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM115 Eclectic Hip Sounds 3 Dan Zagor Dan Zagor's unique take on indie rock, pop, folk and electro with fun fusion mashups, a mix of decades, and impeccable recording
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM114 Party Pop John Fulford,Stephen Baird,Zubin Thakkar,Kevin Carbo,Scott Greene,John Fulford,Stephen Baird,Even Mendyk,Eric Goldman,Thomas Coster Jr,Diana Salvatore,Stefano Langone,Todik Tarverdian Fun and uplifting pop tracks
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM113 Biker Flick 2 Dan Zagor Late sixties, early seventies, biker movie music, with a touch of Spaghetti Western -- surf guitar, twang, etc
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM112 Ultra Chic Hotel 3 Xandy Barry,Wally Gagel,Xandy Barry,Wally Gagel,Seth Olansky Chilled out and cool electronic beds
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM111 Def, Phat, And Ill Thomas Coster Jr,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond,John Eugenio,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond,Mikhail O Johnson,Robert Grant,Alvin West,Panauh Kalayeh,James Desmond Chill and positive Hip-Hop underscores with a 90's production sensibility
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM110 Trapped On The Dance Floor Ali Theodore,Jordan Yeager,James K Petrie Danceable Trap
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM109 Dance On The Trap Door Ali Theodore,Jordan Yeager,James K Petrie A collection of Trap influenced EDM
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM108 Action Beats Max Concors,David Travis Edwards,Max Concors High energy electronic beat hybrids
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM107 R&Beats Ali Theodore,Jordan Yeager,James K Petrie R&B flavored urban beats.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM106 Hip Hop House Party Alex Jacke,Laney Stewart,Laney Stewart,Todd Perry,Laney Stewart Upbeat and fun Hip Hop tracks
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM105 Deep House And Edm Hits Eddy Gronfier,Pierre Romagnoli,Claude Njoya,Eric Goldman,Eric Goldman,Daniel Weber,Eddy Gronfier,Orion Navaille,Danny McCarthy,Danny McCarthy,Anthony Sorbello,Danny McCarthy,Dj Dollz,Danny McCarthy,Daniel Voicians Contemporary Deep House and aggressive EDM sounds
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM104 South Beats Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,David Ortiz,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Joseph Smart,Cory Moore,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Nicholas Loizides,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Bryan Spitzer,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein, Southern Style Hip Hop and Trap
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM103 Boom Bap Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Joseph Smart,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Nicholas Loizides,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Omar Glover,Tony Aviles,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein East Coast Style Hip Hop
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM102 Cruise Music Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Bryan Spitzer,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Omar Glover,Tony Aviles,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry Electro Urban Pop, Dub and Twerk tracks that capture a west coast party feel and the freedom of driving the Pacific Coast Highway without a care in the world
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM101 Global Beats: Vocal Songs Ali Theodore,Sergio Cabral,Sarai Howard,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodore,Sergio Cabral,Sarai Howard,Lee Cromartie,Ali Theodore,Sergio Cabral,Nick Loizides,Sarai Howard,Ali Theodore,Sergio Cabral,Nick Loizides,Sarai Howard,Lee Cromartie,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodor Genre bending, global urban songs
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM100 Ultra Chic Hotel 2 Xandy Barry,Wally Gagel Cool electronic hybrid beds
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM099 Lectra Beats Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Randolph Young,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Nick Loizides,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Bryan Spitzer,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Yusef Jackson,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurr Hip Hop soul meets an EDM heart
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM098 Jazzy Poppin Beats Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Randolph Young,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Joseph Smart,Bryan Spitzer,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Joseph Smart,Jordan Yeager,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Bryan Spitze Jazz and funk inflected hip hop beats
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM097 The New Soul Thomas Coster Jr,Thomas Coster Jr,Chris Golden,Roberto Angelucci An eclectic collection of the new sounds in R&B
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM096 Electro Hip-Hop Highlights Ali Theodore,Jordan Yaeger,Nicholas Loizides,Ali Theodore,Nicholas Loizides,Lee Cromartie,Ali Theodore,Nicholas Loizides Fast paced hip hop with EDM incursions for quick cutting action
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM095 Luxury Rap Beats 2 Dawaun Parker A collection of sophisticated, musical hip hop beats from Grammy award winner Dawaun Parker
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM094 Playbook Eric Peter Goldman,Zachary Hudson Hexum,Brad Fairman,Eric Peter Goldman,Stephen Metz,Eric Peter Goldman,Skyler Christian Felix,Thomas Coster Jr Hot grooves for a scorching highlight reel Get in the game with a blend of funk and dance with plenty of attitude
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM093 Without Limits Zachary Gibson,Danny McCarthy,Gregg Lehrman,Eric Goldman Aggressive Dubstep as well as other electronic infused tracks perfect for sports
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM092 Dance Floor Trap Door Sidney Miller,Danny McCarthy,James Desmond,Justin Mercurio,Panauh Kalayeh EDM Trap Instrumentals with vocal drops
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM091 Got That Fire-Fire Sergio Cabral,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Nick Loizides,Ali Theodore,Joseph Smart,Sarai Howard,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Jordan Yaeger,Ali Theodore,Joseph Smart,Sarai Howard,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Sergio Cabral,Nick Loizides,Ali Theodore, Urban tales of being the best, forget the rest, they just jealous
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM090 Electro Swing Gary Tibbs,Pete Glenister Retro and modern sensibilities collide in swinging, fun mashup
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM089 Stoned Soul Stephan Sechi Soul from the 60s and 70s with jazz and pop inflections
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM088 Luxury Rap Beats Dawaun Parker Hip Hop with a Tasteful Musicality
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM087 In The Vip Ali Theodore,Nick Loizides,Sergio Cabral,Julien Davis,Michael Klein,Yusef Jackson,John McCurry,Sergio Cabral,Ali Theodore,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Joseph Smart,Nick Loizides,Sergio Cabral,Ali Theodore,Yusef Jackson,Michael Klein,John McCurry,Sergio Cabr Hip Hop Songs about livin' it up
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM086 Dubstep Hip-Hop Big beats and big synths mix for a hard hitting mashup of Dubstep and Hip-hop
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM085 Eclectic Hip Sounds 2 Roberto Benozzo,Emanuele Arnone Sixties and seventies experimentalism meets 21st century cool via a grab back of unexpected sounds
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM084 Dubstep Danny McCarthy,Devin Spears,Nick Suddarth,Leonard Di Desiderio,Ben Dotson,Mark Williams,Palmer Hogen Electronic, Dance
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM083 Cop Beatz Cory Moore Hard hitting collection of edgy hip hop tracks
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM082 Put Your Funk Around It by Dave Isaac Dave Isaac Funk, Classic Soul and R&B
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM082WEB Put Your Funk Around It By Dave Isaac Dave Isaac,Bob Bradley Funk, Classic Soul and R&B
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM081 80's & 90's Hip Hop Eric Goldman,Thomas Coster Jr Vintage Hip Hop
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM081WEB 80's & 90's Hip Hop Eric Goldman,Thomas Coster Jr Vintage Hip Hop
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM080 Big Beats and Loops Rashad Coes Hip Hop beats broken out into loopable sections
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM080WEB Beats Rashad Coes Hip Hop beats broken out into loopable sections
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM079 Songs For Shady Livin' George Paterno,Steve Easterling,Freddy Gildersleeve,Clifford Usher,Lindsay Pitts,Steve Easterling,Freddy Gildersleeve,Olen Hicks,John Palmer,Steve Easterling,Daniel Krieger,Steven Grams,Ralph Gilmore,Richard Cavanaugh Alt Country, Roots Rock and Novelty Songs
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM079WEB Songs For Shady Living George Paterno,Steve Easterling,Freddy Gildersleeve,Clifford Usher,Lindsay Pitts,John Palmer,Steve Easterling,Daniel Krieger,Steven Grams,Ralph Gilmore,Richard Cavanaugh Alt Country, Roots Rock and Novelty Songs
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM078 Biker Flick Dan Zagor Luppi Soundrack to a Biker Flick never filmed
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM077 Eclectic Hip Sounds Dan Zagor Vintage Sounds, Modern Arrangements
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM076 Hip Hop:Lite Beds Thomas Joseph Coster Jr,Jesus Romero,Jesus Romero,Graham Bunch Benskin,Jesus Romero,Tichell T-Girl Romero,Graham Bunch Benskin,Jerimiah John Deskin upbeat relaxed
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM075 Rise Up Malcolm Kirby Jr,Joshua Taylor McDonnell,Sermone Frink,Thomas Joseph Coster Jr,Kenya Rashid Nelson,Thomas Joseph Coster Jr,Joshua Taylor McDonnell,Alvin Germaine West,Joshua Taylor McDonnell,Paul Johnson Contemporary Gospel
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM074 Electronica Exotica Danny McCarthy,Cesar Benitez,Cristobal Guervera,Enrique Castillo,Ryan Perez-Daple,Danny McCarthy,Brian Golub,Bob Remstein,Eric Bonerz,Dan Zagor,Peter Macnamara Kitschy Mashup
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM073 Fabulous Flava Joshua Taylor,Alvin Germaine West,Ryab Farish,Joshua Taylor,Alvin Germaine West,Billy Lincoln,Chuck Kentis,Joshua Taylor,Alvin Germaine West,Miguel Garcia,Joshua Taylor,Alvin Germaine West,Steve Rucker,Joshua Taylor,Alvin Germaine West,R Gallante,Joshua T Upbeat Urban
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM072 Reggae: The Freedom Sessions Ryan Peter Scott,Christina Courtin,Ryan Peter Scott,Christina Courtin Rasta Songs
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM071 Ultra Chic Hotel Xandy Barry,Wally Gagel Chilled Beats
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM070 Trip Hop Garron Chang,Ronni Shaw,Garron Chang,Sarah Balouka,Ronni Shaw,Robert Leslie Bennett,Danny McCarthy,Jason Greenberg,Ryan Curtwright,Mark Ulrich Sophisticated, dreamy
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM069 Redzone: R&B Pop Brandon Stewart,Morris Stewart,Leslie Stewart,Morris Stewart Urban Dance & Slow Jamz
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM068 Rave Party Ryan Farish,Danny McCarthy,Ryan Curtwright,Efren Ramirez Upbeat Dance, Club
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM067 Funkalicious Eric Krasno,Adam Deitch,Paul William Barret Jr,Ronni Shaw,Mallia Queen Of FunkFranklin,Bobby Stevens,Phillip Lawrence,Bobby Stevens,Chris Wagner,Dan Pinnella,Ric Markmann,Moses Truzman Old and New Skool Funk
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM066 DIRTY SOUTH BOOTY QUAKE Calvin Odom,Rashad Stone,Andre Bell,Calvin Odom,Rashad Stone,Calvin Odom,Rashad Stone,Richard Boyd Sexy, Urban
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM065 Paparazzi Will Collins,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Daine Luscombe,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,David Hopper,Jonathan King,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham Fashion, Hi-Energy
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM064 Loads Of Hip Hop Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Andre Bell,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham Phat Urban Underscores
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM063 Reggaeton & Latin Hip Hop Cesar Benitez,Enrique Castillo,Cristobal Guervera Latin Hits
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM062 Cafe Europa 2 Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Will Collins,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham Stylish, Ambient Club
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM061 Ghetto Blaster Gold Edition Rashad Stone,Calvin Odom,Andre Bell Quirky Grooves
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM060 White Trash Bbq Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Sean Hoffman,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Bob Reynolds Southern rock, vocal and instrumental
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM059 Lounge A Go-Go 3 Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Ceszar Benitez,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Bill Ungerman Retro Kitsch
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM058 Hard Core Sports Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Dain Luscombe,Chris Lang,Eric Cunningham,Robert Reynolds Extreme Action
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