ダンス・エレクトロニカ、インディー・ポップを中心としたクールでファッショナブルなソフィスティケートされたサウンド、広告・ブランディング等に適したインディペンデントな新しいアーチストをフィーチャーしたレーベル Little Assembly is our exciting new production music label and is the place for emerging and independent artists to flourish. We support artists in telling their story and amplify their music to a global audience.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX038 MOA - Just Getting Started - EP Moa L. M. Munoz, Yiannis Anastos-Prastacos MOA brings her distinctive sound and powerhouse vocals to Little Assembly in her latest EP, Just Getting Started. Featuring punchy drums, driving guitars and powerful synths, this EP explodes with energy and attitude.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX037 Dana & The Wolf - Attitude - EP Dana Hobson, Daniel Wolf Power Pop duo Dana and the Wolf bring you their distinctive sound laced with fiery vocals against hefty beats and distorted electronics.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX036 Fayss & Chrizah - U Like 2 Dance - EP Christophe Hatier, Johnathan K. P. Fayosse, Christ-Alaric Mouboda Houssou Afro-pop duo Fayss and Chrizah bring their infectious energy to Little Assembly with their EP 'U Like 2 Dance'. The pair fuse Afro-Caribbean beats with Hip Hop elements, drawing on musical inspiration from their Togolese and Gabonese roots.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX035 Adam Prince King - Music Man - EP Adam Prince King,Adam Prince King, Grainne C. O'Neill From artist Adam Prince King comes 'Music Man', an EP of vibrant, 80s inspired pop songs with captivating male vocals.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX034 Eric Sharp - Eric Sharp & Friends Remixed - EP Eric Sharp, Zhao,Eric Sharp, Robert Perlick-Molinari, Drew Kramer Eric Sharp teams up with three other contrasting producers to bring put a fresh, club ready twist on his breakout EP, Eric Sharp & Friends.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX032 I, Us, & We - Prism - EP Jordan Keith Doverspike, Evan Austin Doverspike, Aaron Clark Doverspike I, Us, & We return with their signature seductive, rich tones on their third EP, Prism. The Californian trio's latest work is an accomplished and polished project, with standout deep synths and enticing melodies.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX031 Adam Prince King - Saskia - Single Adam Prince King, Grainne C. O'Neil A catchy, 80s infused pop anthem with powerful vocal melodies and an energetic chorus.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX030 Kingsbury - Blurry Now - Single Caroline Kingsbury Ethereal synths accompany a strong female melody line in this serene, mid tempo pop track.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX028 Kingsbury - All Gone - Single Caroline Kingsbury A punchy pop anthem led by a driving rhythm section. Cool, lo-fi vocals build in to a catchy chorus built for festival stages.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX027 Beach Kicks - Walls Up - EP Cezar Gabriel Nedelcu Beach Kicks makes his entry in to the experimental indie-pop arena with authentic, sultry vocals and indie guitar licks that he moulds into four intricate and catchy tracks. The evocative nature of the tracks on this EP have all the hallmarks of a skilled
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX026 New Shack - Ways and Means - EP Catherine Renee Leavy, Eric Michael Robertson Ways and Means pulls off the difficult feat of combining candid, personal narrative and original, interesting retro-future sounds. The result is a gorgeous collection of tracks that feel deeply human in the face of every clever attempt to make it seem oth
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX024 Dana & The Wolf - Modern Midas - Single Dana Lynn Hobson, Daniel Eric Wolf An unabashed, witty commentary on wealth, steeped in irony, sits in front of a weighty instrumental with a bassline to get subs rumbling.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX023 TESHA - Dreams Vol.1 - EP Neta Elias Tesha's wild and unique creativity is at the heart of her stunning debut EP. An adept writer and producer, she fuses experimentalism with confident melodies piloted by her haunting yet beautiful voice. Tesha's music possesses rare maturity and foresight -
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX022 Dana & The Wolf - Lie To Me - Single Dana Lynn Hobson, Daniel Eric Wolf Raw, powerful female vocals stand at the fore of this pulsating pop track which blends classical instrumentation with rich, distorted electronics.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX017 Dana & The Wolf - Got Me Poly - Single Dana Lynn Hobson, Daniel Eric Wolf Rap verses passed between vocalists comprise a fresh take on hip-hop that challenges social norms.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX016 No No Yeah Okay - Cabal - EP Mark William Gage, Colin James Gazinski, Joshua James Paynter, Christopher Lee Quasius No No Yeah Okay return with a confident sophomore release, brewing their signature blend of futuristic electronics and classic guitar tones that pull together with west-coast flair.
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX015 Eric Sharp - Eric Sharp and Friends - EP Eric Sharp, Robert Perlick-Molinari, Drew Kramer,Eric Sharp, Zhao Lush, moody and minimal indietronic earworms from this impresario artist and special guests, managing to get up close and personal while resonating on a universal level. This sits perfectly in the discerning music lover's collection right between Flight F
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX013 Dana & The Wolf - Him - Single Dana Lynn Hobson, Daniel Eric Wolf Lush string arrangements underpin a reflective and emotive pop track with a poignant narrative
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX009 Adam Prince King - EP Adam Prince King Lyrically poignant, catchy left field pop packed with captivating vocals and sonics that easily connect with todays modern music fans on this debut EP. Pop, Indie, Electronic, Retro, Millennial, Soul
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX008 I, Us, & We - Ceremonies - EP Jordan Keith Doverspike, Evan Austin Doverspike, Aaron Clark Doverspike Ceremonies perfectly captures a haunting and sensual mixture of indie pop, alien soundscapes and modern electronic, with alt-R&B vocal overtones that meld together gleaming synths, spacious drum programming and soul piercing three-part vocal harmonies. I,
LITTLE ASSEMBLY LIMITED LAX002 Anna Lann - Moist - EP Anna Lann Moist sees Latvian artist Anna Lann explore the relationship between man and the untameable force of nature that could consume us to ashes in the blink of an eye, through the medium of experimental, interplanetary pop.