LIFTMUSICを最新から表示 (207アルバム)
LIFTMUSIC LIFT207 Whodunnit? David Raiklen,Christopher James Harvey,James Hannay,Giles Peter Drayton,Joss Peach, Josephine Peach,Rob Manning,Pascal Wyse,Karim Younis,Jon Boorman, Duncan Lloyd,Tom Cook,Lyndn Gauntlett,Mark Sinclair There's a mystery at the manor... Keywords: detective, classical, mysterious, sneaky, orchestral, drama, spooky, clandestine, investigate
LIFTMUSIC LIFT206 Guitar Scene 7 John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore, Tom Cook,John Etkin-Bell, Neil Cranston,Jimi Ashmore, Neil Mackenzie,Tim Fleet,Alex Lupo,Asif Ali,Thomas Donovan,Tim Fleet, Wayne Murray Too much fun with guitars, bass & drums! Hard rock anthems, hi octane punk, psychedelic desert rock & a slice of Britpop
LIFTMUSIC LIFT205 Wonderful World 3 Jonathan Pilcher From acorn to oak. 14 sublime & inspiring soundtracks that build & rise from serene contemplation to blissfully euphoric crescendos. A blend of soaring indie guitars, enchanting piano arpeggios, pizzicatos & more
LIFTMUSIC LIFT204 Piano Works 6 Joss Peach, Josephine Peach,Jon Boorman 15 uplifting piano soundscapes. Lush, serene atmospheres, blissfully flowing arpeggios & heart-warming themes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT203 Atmospheric Beats 2 Damon Baxter, Sergei Petrovski,Greg Malocca, David Morgan,Ian Taylor, Will Brown,Jake Smith, Victoria Tremain,Neil Durrant,Danial Sarraf From blissfully chilled trip hop & lush dreamy atmospheres to tropical indie trap pop & wondrously chilled electronica
LIFTMUSIC LIFT202 Piano Stories Jon Goddard,Joss Peach, Josephine Peach,Joss Peach, Ellie Wyatt, Josephine Peach,Kjetil Rostad,Timothy Cole,Karim Younis,Elizabeth Levine,Jonathan Gillies 14 gentle piano themes & contemplations. Romantic, nostalgic, beautiful & fragile
LIFTMUSIC LIFT201 Hip Hoppin' Lewis Lloyd,Alexander William Haynes,William Hatton,Robert Thomas,Jimi Ashmore, Max Iken,Rowland O'Connor,Alan Killian 18 eclectic Hip Hop cuts. From lo-fi jazz-hop & Indian infused turntablism to feel good funky old school, atmospheric trap-scapes & dreamy chill hop
LIFTMUSIC LIFT200 Polyphonic Rainbows John Etkin-Bell, Jade Woodhouse,John Etkin-Bell,Dominique Levack Uplifting layers of looping, counter rhythmic piano arpeggios, playfully mixed up with drum grooves, cellos & lush synth pads
LIFTMUSIC LIFT199 Banjo Beats Paul Sandrone 12 banjo centric folk-tronic daydreams. From quirky folk-hop & Americana electro-dub-scapes, to feel-good fingerpicking & hoedown mash ups
LIFTMUSIC LIFT198 Cinematic Stories Karim Younis,Kjetil Rostad,Christopher James Harvey,Haden Dewis,Charles Harvey Spears,Jerome Lamasset,James Michael Smith 16 orchestral themes & soundscapes full of passion, loss, romance & drama
LIFTMUSIC LIFT197 Scandi Noir Jonathan Smith,Kjetil Rostad,Jon Goddard,Frank Hall,Pushed Button,Stuart Peck,Michael Botzaropoulos,Luke S Marley 18 Scandi drama inspired soundtracks. Introspective piano themes, fragile & sorrowful string atmospheres, late night investigations & beautifully dark drone-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT196 Ancient Roads Martyn Barker, Justin Adams,Jon Goddard An inspirational collaboration of atmospheric, spiritual and cinematic world music. A travelogue of foreign landscapes and cultures
LIFTMUSIC LIFT195 Rebel Girlz Danny Williams Girl punkz go wild! 12 anarchic, female-fronted punk rock anthems
LIFTMUSIC LIFT194 El Camino Daniele Giuili,Anthony Barnard, Andrew Davis,Anthony Barnard,Quist 19 Iberian infused soundtracks. Dreamy folktronica, heart-warming acoustic themes, dramatic solo acoustic & evocative guitar-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT193 Cloud Jumping Charlie Moore 15 euphoric indie electro pop-scapes. Keywords; positive, uplifting, jubilant, wondrous & inspiring
LIFTMUSIC LIFT192 Cyber Nation Lee Baker,Christopher James Harvey,Karim Younis,Kjetil Rostad,Pushed Button,Chris Bangs,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Stacey Barton,Alex Lupo 14 dark & mysterious cyber tech-scapes, futuristic underworlds, dystopian tensions, chilling electronica atmospheres & moody dark web hacks
LIFTMUSIC LIFT191 Sea Shanties Trad, Arr. Mathew Keith Walklate,Trad, Arr. John Etkin-Bell, Paul Austin Kelly,Trad, Arr. Thomas Anthony Kelly, Bob Tipler,Trad, Arr. Paul Austin Kelly,Trad, Arr. Kate Daisy Grant, Nick Pynn,Trad, Arr. John Etkin-Bell,Trad, Arr. John Etkin-Bell, Martyn Ba 25 traditional sea shanties. Sailors tales, longing for loved ones, stirring a cappellas & rousing pirate songs
LIFTMUSIC LIFT190 One Minute Movies Karim Younis,Mitch Gardner,Carmen Bradford,Peter Davison,Jerome Lamasset,Lee Baker,Charles Harvey Spears,Daniel James, Carolina Vanessa James,James Hannay 22 one minute movie scores. From exciting high drama to beautifully wistful moods & magically enchanting fantasy
LIFTMUSIC LIFT189 Future Skies Adam Fielding,Oliver Kilpatrick,Christopher James Harvey,David Sinclair-Black,Charles Harvey Spears,Anna-Louisa Reed Etherington,Greg Malocca,William Hatton,Tom Cook,Rob Savage,Mark Revell,Rob Savage, Allan Penford,Andrew Sands, Ignazio Salvemini,Jake Rid 16 electronica cuts. From euphoric future-scapes & moody tech-hop atmospheres to spaced out electro dub, dark gothic tech-scapes & inspiring piano breakbeat
LIFTMUSIC LIFT188 Snakeskin Boots Mathew Keith Walklate, Ari Rannus,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William Haynes, Sam Proctor,Mathew Keith Walklate,Mathew Keith Walklate, Ari Rannus, Thomas Attah,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William Haynes,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William H Mat Walklate & friends take us on a journey through harmonica driven blues. From swinging Chicago blues songs, swampy delta blues, fireside americana blues to dirty blues rock stomps, jolly bluegrass & a whole lotta howlin' harps!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT187 Cello Vision Paul Sandrone, Jade Woodhouse A beautifully uplifting collaboration of classically inspired cello & electronica, combining to create 12 enchanting folktronica soundscapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT186 Mind Soul Rhythm Dance Dave Bloor,Dave Bloor, Robert Capocci,Oliver Kilpatrick,Thomas Gandey,Raphy James,Sean Lascelles,Rob Savage,Julius Waldeck,Eamon Downes, Mark Coupe From electrifying big beat stompers & massive pool party anthems, to acid punk breakbeats & pumping speed garage, via high tempo drum and bass, filtered Latin house & more!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT185 Jagoba Santos - Flamenco Jagoba Santos 15 passionate flamenco pieces from the heart of Andalusia by virtuoso Spanish guitarist Jagoba Santos
LIFTMUSIC LIFT184 Trailer Park Classics Peter Davison,Kjetil Rostad,Shane McKenna,Charles Hedger Orchestral classics reimagined as modern hybrid trailer music
LIFTMUSIC LIFT183 Eclectica Jake Rousham,Ian Taylor,Nick Pynn,Thomas Donovan,Max Clilverd, Toby Couling, Jay Malhotra,James Hannay,Jonathan Smith,Jonathan Smith, Katharine Payne,Alex Lupo,Bruce Knapp,Sam Johnson,Jon Goddard,Paul Sandrone What is says on the tin. From cinematic trip hop, psychedelic folk-scapes & jazzy hip hop, to afro funk electronica, atmospheric ska - punk & groovy beatnik beds, via feel good Latin American themes & 60's space age pop
LIFTMUSIC LIFT182 Sun Dried & Deep Fried 3 Robert Thomas,Jonathan Gillies,John Etkin-Bell,Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe,John Etkin-Bell, Martyn Barker,Mark Sinclair,Samuel Beer-Pearce Cool sun-drenched vibes. From evocative flamenco hip hop & retro soul grooves to feel good turntablism & sunny jazz-funk scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT181 Shaken, Stirred & Funky 3 Rob Savage,Alfie Hayward,Thomas Gandey,Freddie Mars, LA Rox,Jonathan Gillies,John Etkin-Bell,Chris Bangs,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Geoff Halden,Pete Diggens,Eamon Downes, Mark Coupe Retro soul grooves, funky sun drenched hip hop, quirky turntablism, groovy Latin breakbeats & remixed gypsy jazz
LIFTMUSIC LIFT180 Nordic Summer Fadi Gaziri A wondrous mix of orchestral soundscapes and beautifully understated renditions of traditional Nordic folk & classical pieces with piano, cello, nyckelharpa & soprano vocals
LIFTMUSIC LIFT179 Euphoric States Ewan Lawson 18 electronica soundscapes. From goth synthpop & feel good breakbeat, to ethereal tech-scapes & euphoric drum & bass, via hypnotic big beat trance & dubbed up ambient techno
LIFTMUSIC LIFT178 Trailer Park 7 Charles Hedger,Kjetil Rostad,Victor Vidot Torres,Tommaso Caronna,David Raiklen 22 hybrid trailer tracks. Dramatic synthwave thrillers, mysterious sci-fi tension, spooky alien atmospheres, thunderous percussion & epic orchestral crescendos
LIFTMUSIC LIFT177 Sonic Boom Lee Baker,Martin Hilton,Jussi-Pekka Nikula,Ewan Lawson,David Staniforth,Oliver Kilpatrick,Freddie Mars,Eamon Downes, Mark Coupe,Alfie Hayward,Matt Phelan,Thomas Donovan Mashed up compilation featuring Asian hip hop, dramatic leftfield electronica, 80's electro, ethereal trap-hop, euphoric indie pop, tropical neo soul, old skool techno rave, joyful folktronica and much more
LIFTMUSIC LIFT176 Atmospheric Beats Martin Hilton,Lee Baker,Rob Savage,Thomas Donovan,Tim Fleet,Paul Davis, Christopher Ibbetson,Pete Diggens,Samuel Robinson,Adam Fielding,Lewis Lloyd,Ewan Lawson,Freddie Mars,Max Clilverd, Jay Malhotra,Matthew K Grundy,Julius Waldeck,Eamon Downes, Mark Coup 28 emotive atmospheric soundscapes. From joyful folktronica, wondrous electronica & euphoric indie pop to cinematic trip hop & ethereal trap hop
LIFTMUSIC LIFT175 Swamptronica Paul Sandrone, David John Journey on this dubbed-up Deep South road trip. Rolling folktronica, quirky southern blues-scapes, atmospheric electronica & evocative slide guitars
LIFTMUSIC LIFT174 Let The Machines Do The Work Ewan Lawson A collection of robotic electronica & synth pop for hi-tech assembly lines, industrious machinery, data processing & futuristic technology
LIFTMUSIC LIFT173 Water & Stone Martyn Barker,Martyn Barker, Astrid Williamson,Martyn Barker, Nick Pynn,Martyn Barker, Emily Burridge Celebrating the miracle of water; its rhythm, its music, its journey, its myths, poetry & its beauty. Wondrously spiritual atmospheric folk-scapes from Martyn Barker with Emily Burridge, Nick Pynn and Astrid Williamson
LIFTMUSIC LIFT172 Body Language Declan Moorcroft It's all about the house. Cool & sexy handbag, breakbeat, piano, progressive, afro, funky, tech & deep house anthems
LIFTMUSIC LIFT171 Nordic Christmas Fadi Gaziri 12 beautifully understated Nordic folk & jazz renditions of traditional Christmas carols with piano, cello, nyckelharpa & soprano vocals
LIFTMUSIC LIFT170 Pick N Mix Marty Shtrubel,Jonathan Smith, Paul Austin Kelly,Richard Thair,Len Van De Laak, Tim Barning,Jake Rousham,Paul Sandrone, David John, Tim Fleet,Steven McGregor, Joss Peach,Pete Diggens,Phillip Clemo,Nick Pynn, Kate Daisy Grant,Dmitri Joe,Thomas Donovan,Lee A classic Lift compilation of sweet treats. Takes you from wacky Nu Cumbia & psychedelic space rock, via fat New Orleans brass & retro cinematic ska to looping art rock, glitched folktronica dub-scapes & quirky Latin funk
LIFTMUSIC LIFT169 Beats & Pieces Jon Boorman, Alan Boorman,Dave Bloor,Eamon Downes,Oliver Kilpatrick,Lee Baker,Len Van De Laak, Tim Barning,Rob Savage,Robert Thomas A cool compilation of modern electronica & dance tracks. Driving big beat anthems, punky rave euphoria, mashed up jungle breaks, analogue synth pop, futuristic tech house & cinematic electro funk
LIFTMUSIC LIFT168 Trailer Park 6 Kjetil Rostad,Mitch Gardner,Stefan Kristinkov 22 modern trailer tracks. Epic struggles & triumphant endings, covert operations & techno warfare, truth seekers, chip tune thrillers, ominous battle marches & emotive orchestral themes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT167 One Minute Wonders 3 Lee Baker, Ben Townsend, Jessie Banks,Pete Diggens,Paul Davis, Chris Ibbetson,Ellie Wyatt, Phillipa Alexander, Sanjiv Sen,Ross Hughes, Davide De Rose,Lee Baker, Sean Hennessey, Jessie Banks,Greg Malocca, Alan Killian,Ross Hughes,Ben Haynes,James Hannay,Ni 47 one minute gems mined from the magic Lift mountain. A smorgasbord of quirky, vintage and modern themes. Dip your ears in and see what comes out! See also LIFT047 One Minute Wonders & LIFT073 One Minute Wonders 2
LIFTMUSIC LIFT166 Mountain Glitch Folk Paul Sandrone, David John, Tim Fleet,Paul Sandrone,Jake Smith Glitchy folktronica, lo-fi looping acoustic warmth & alt country remixes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT165 In A Hip Hop Style The Diamondback Kid,David Staniforth,Tim Fleet,Dervish Capkiner,The Diamondback Kid, Frosty Cash,Matt Phelan,Mark Crawford,Jake Rousham,John Etkin-Bell,Daniel Bierton, John Hicks, Sam Richards,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,Billy Elson Farmer,Billy Elson Farme 28 tracks all in a hip hop style. From hardcore rap rock & moody trap hop via big band mash ups & funky old skool to dreamy cloud rap & feel good turntablism
LIFTMUSIC LIFT164 Go With Da Flo Mike Farmer,Mike Farmer, Billy Elson Farmer,Mike Farmer, Nic Tribe Let the beats flow! A collection of fresh hip hop grooves from the funky side of old skool. Glitchy beats fuse with jazz leaning turntablism & quirky electronica
LIFTMUSIC LIFT163 Philip Clemo - Spaces Philip Clemo 19 wondrously evolving ambient soundscapes from renowned filmmaker & sonic sculptor Philip Clemo
LIFTMUSIC LIFT162 Wonderful World 2 Jonathan Pilcher Music has the power to transcend borders and language. Explore our Wonderful World with this collection of awe-inspiring tracks where sublime beauty meets glorious epic panoramas
LIFTMUSIC LIFT161 Naughty Nurse - The Remixes Lee Baker 36 downtempo trip hop, chill out electronica, funky big beat & electro remixes of the classic kitsch lift album LIFT0135 Naughty Nurse
LIFTMUSIC LIFT160 Piano Works 5 Hayley Wood,Joss Peach A beautifully crafted collection of evocative piano pieces fusing film score, electronica & minimalism
LIFTMUSIC LIFT159 Audio Hot Pot Billy Elson Farmer,Chris McCormack,Freddie Mars,Greg Malocca,Jonathan Smith,Julius Waldeck,Lee Baker,Oliver Kilpatrick,Paul Davis, Christopher Ibbetson,Pete Diggens,Pushed Button,Rob Savage,Rowland O'Connor,Thomas Donovan,Tom Cajelo, Oliver Kilpatrick A smorgasbord of tasty audio delights. From big beat ska & cinematic dreamscapes through electro-dub stomps & lush euphoric drum & bass to old skool sunrise anthems & dynamic synth-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT158 Cinematico Eric Woods,Nick Pynn,Eliza Skelton, Eric Woods A classic collection of beautiful cinematic themes evoking great movie soundtracks from the 50’s to the 70’s. Lush European lounge meets soaring western themes with a dash of 70’s chic & glamour
LIFTMUSIC LIFT157 Folkington Lane Edward Hogston,David Bramwell,Nick Pynn,Dervish Capkiner,Pete Diggens, Celia Gruss,Thomas Johansen, Jacob Quistgaard,Alex Roberts, Eleanor Wyatt,Owen Mockford,Greg Malocca, Graham Miley,Joss Peach The sun always shines on Folkington Lane. 28 light & dreamy explorations of modern folk music. From uplifting Celtic soundscapes through to delicate Americana via a quick sojourn over to France for some luscious lounge
LIFTMUSIC LIFT156 Disturbia Jon Boorman, Duncan Lloyd,Alex Lupo,Frank Hall,Nick Pynn, Kate Grant,Alexis Matthews,Jon Boorman, Simon Pyke,Alan Boorman, Jon Boorman,Mark Sinclair,Philip Clemo,Thomas Donovan,Joseph Bell,Sean Drouet,Lawrence Gill,Roger Eno, Jonathan Goddard,John Rushton Psychotic horror-scapes, unsettling folk tales, menacing trap-hop & spine chilling nightmares
LIFTMUSIC LIFT155 Dave Hum - Bluegrass & Banjos David Guy Yates A light-hearted collection of bluegrass & Celtic folk classics from the legendary banjo & mandolin musician Dave Hum. Finger picking good!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT154 Trailer Park 5 Charles Hedger,Stefano Ruggeri,Lincoln Jaeger,Samuel Fuller,Stefan Fletcher,Frank Pfeiffer,Killian Magee,Joseph Bell,Fadi Gaziri 31 classic trailer tracks Thrilling orchestral trap, intense electro-metal, otherworldly atmospheres, euphoric future-scapes and much more
LIFTMUSIC LIFT153 Future Tech Mark Sinclair,Pete Diggens,Jon Boorman,Alan Boorman,Rob Savage,Chris McCormack,Dominque James,Aedan Sherry,Marc Adamo,Oliver Kilpatrick,Ron Verboom Visions of the future Dramatic tech-scapes, moody leftfield electronica, lush cinematic trance & robotic dub step
LIFTMUSIC LIFT152 Space Time Secrets Chris McCormack Lurking somewhere between the shadows & the stars Fantasy worlds, menacing nightmares, wondrous electronica & mysterious alien atmospheres
LIFTMUSIC LIFT151 Fuzz Face Pete Diggens,Marc Adamo,Torcuato Zamora,Jimi Ashmore,James Davies,John Etkin-Bell,Wayne Murray,Tim Fleet,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Alessandro Ciani,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Pete Diggens,Jonathan Halifax,Caspar Capelin We've got a fuzzbox & we're gonna use it! 70's rock, moody desert-scapes, psychedelic metal, grungy road trips & more riffs than a guitar shop on a Saturday morning!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT150 A Pedal Steel & A Heart Of Gold Gregory Elkins Beautiful pedal steel cinematic loveliness from Gregory Elkins
LIFTMUSIC LIFT149 Guitar Scene 6 Pete Diggens,Marc Adamo,Torcuato Zamora,Caspar Capelin,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Oliver Green,Steve Matthew Carter,John Etkin-Bell,Mark Revell,Jimi Ashmore,Jimi Ashmore,James Davies,Paul Harvey,David Fitzsimon From indie shoegaze & neo psychedelic rock to feel good grunge & driving Krautrock via fuzzy punk, angular art pop & high energy garage blues rock!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT148 Musique De Film Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis Beautiful modern chamber music fused with lush jazz-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT147 Grimes Up Leanne Gustave,Matthew Phelan,David Staniforth,Matthew Phelan,Nathan Tchie,Byron Bellamy,Benedict Gordon,Peter Larsen,Robin Savage,Matthew Phelan,Thomas Donovan,Stacey Barton,Devin Arne A heady mix of grime, trap, hip hop & downtempo electro soundscapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT146 Shaken, Stirred & Funky 2 Pete Diggens,Nicholas van Gelder,Jonathan Gillies,Mark Barzin,Gavin Skinner,Patrick Fitzgibbon,Robin Savage,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Ben Mack,Joss Peach,Byron Bellamy Totally groovalicious! Remixed acid jazz, groovy breakbeats, classic lounge, soulful dubscapes & quirky spaced out funk jams
LIFTMUSIC LIFT145 Rave On Nigel Champion,Mark Franklin,Eamon Downes Calling all cheesy quavers Turn up ya bass bins and make some noise! Take a trip back to the halcyon days of acid house, rave & the second Summer of Love Top one Nice one Get sorted!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT144 Ambientish Thomas Hoey,Carbinax,Lindsay Wright,Jake Smith,Lucy Joanna Day,Josu Lopez de Bergara Tejerina 28 wondrously chilled atmospheres This blissful collection takes us from Cafe Del Mar to ambient techno via fragile looped guitars & strange Celtic drone songs
LIFTMUSIC LIFT143 Inner City Dreamin' Christopher Pardy Late night urban tales Ethereal hip-hop atmospheres fusing 808 trap, 90's boom bap, G-Funk, trip -hop & 90's R&B with wonky vaporwave pads & dreamy vocal samples
LIFTMUSIC LIFT142 Roger Eno & Jon Goddard Roger Eno,Jonathan Goddard Roger Eno & Jon Goddard take us on a heartfelt spiritual journey with this beautiful collection of laid back Americana, evocative Eastern themes, mysterious drones, ambient jazz-scapes, gentle folk & heart-warming waltzing piano-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT141 Trailer Park 4 Jeevan Anandasivam,James Michael Smith,Jerome Lamasset,Christopher James Harvey,Michael Tauben,Ron Verboom,Jack Pashley,Victoria Beits,Andrew Bailey,Isaac Nossel,Christopher Lukins,Tramel Willis,Robin Southby 21 classic trailer tracks Deeply emotive classical, menacing epic orchestral dub-step, passionate orchestral journeys & magical fantasy
LIFTMUSIC LIFT140 Midwinter Isaac Nossel,Isaac Nossel,Christopher Lukins,Isaac Nossel,Kevin Hoad The Snow Queen rules this icy world. Midwinter tales told in a bleak yet beautiful snow filled landscape, full of orchestral wonder & poignancy….water like a stone
LIFTMUSIC LIFT139 Trailer Park 3 Lincoln Jaeger,Michael Tauben,Tom Murrill,Jerome Lamasset,John Dervis Capkiner,Victoria Beits,Jeevan Anandasivam,Ron Verboom,David Disher,Mark Sinclair,Christopher James Harvey,James Smith,Peter Davison 21 classic trailer tracks Deeply emotive classical, menacing epic orchestral dub-step, passionate orchestral journeys & magical fantasy
LIFTMUSIC LIFT138 Audio Pizza Mark Franklin,Andreas Sandlund,Beni Bienz,Lawrence Gill,Flavio Lemelle,Daniel Leggett,Andrew Shobeiri,Opium Flirt,Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet,Emlyn Roberts,Phil Saatchi,Alex Wingham,Eamon Downes,Jeremy Parsons,Josu Lopez de Bergara Tejerina,Samuel Shrimpton,R Goodbye Audio Pie. Hello Audio Pizza. Sizzling electronica mash ups topped with bubbling synthpop, sci-fi breakbeat, crispy chip tunes, dark drum & bass, twisted Latin-jazz, evocative chill out & tropical electro. It’s hot!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT137 Big Beat Manifesto Nigel Champion,Eamon Downes,Rob Savage,Opium Flirt,Thomas Cook,Jimi Ashmore,Thomas Donovan,John Etkin-Bell,DJ Hooligan,Freddie Mars,Lawrence Gill,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion A blast of exciting hi-energy beats with stacks of swagger & attitude Fuzzed up electro-punk, gritty hip hop, hard hitting tech-rock, tribal drum & bass & big beat bangers!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT136 Future Folk Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Jeremy Parsons This is what happens when the Penguin Cafe Orchestra meet Aphex Twin on a ukulele retreat Enchanting futuristic folktronica tech-scapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT135 Naughty Nurse Lee Baker 20 fun & cheeky kitsch classics pay homage to the glory days of light entertainment television From hipster Soho parties to American big band glitz via jolly suburban comedy & dreamy gypsy jazz
LIFTMUSIC LIFT134 Into Arcadia Jimi Ashmore,Joss Peach,John Etkin-Bell,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Hayley Wood,Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Benedict McGowan,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Lee Baker,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach Step into Arcadia; a joyful place where wondrous indie-pop meets uplifting electronica & euphoric shoe-gaze rock, all with a twist of quirky glitched up folk-tronica. Inspirational & dreamy
LIFTMUSIC LIFT133 Sunshine & Smiles Calum MacColl,Calum MacColl,James Hallawell,Eleanor Wyatt,Alex Roberts,Joss Peach,Eleanor Wyatt,Lee Baker,Mark Revell,Robert Clifford,Hayley Wood,John Chambers,Jonathan Smith,Joss Peach,Mark Barzin,Rob Manning,Sam Sharp,Tom Livingstone,Chris Doney,Beth Pe A laid-back compilation of sunny tunes Where joyful folkscapes meet dreamy orchestral happiness
LIFTMUSIC LIFT132 Modernity Adam Fielding,Amour Haider,Carbinax,Gaudi,Gavin Skinner,Christopher Evans-Roberts,Andrew Rae,Christopher Evans-Roberts,Joss Peach,Chris Boot,Ewan Lawson,Joe Oprych,John Rushton,Jonathan Smith,Kevin Laska,Richard Salter,Tom Cook,Billy Elson Farmer,Grant Ra Evocative electronica soundscapes for the modern age
LIFTMUSIC LIFT131 Hackers Delight John Rushton,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion,Matthew Jarrett,Thomas Donovan,Carl Matthews,Richard Salter,Kevin Laska,Massimo Zeppetelli,Rob Manning,Robert White,Angus McLeod,Tim Fleet,James Davies,Ron Verboom,Howard Whiddett,Gavin Skinner,Janette Mason,Fredd 37 beautiful dystopian soundtracks inspired by computer hacking, sci-fi & cyber crime dramas
LIFTMUSIC LIFT130 Synthtopia 2 Tom Cook,Chris Doney,Marc Adamo,Torcuato Zamora,Jon Boorman,Christopher Pardy,Howard Whiddett,Dan Roe,Mark Revell,Stacey Barton,Mark Sinclair,Lincoln Jaeger,Tom Haines,Tom Livingstone,Jon Boorman,Dan Roe,Aedan Sherry,Alan Bleay,Peter Davison,Paul Sandrone The second in a 2 part series of classic 70's & 80's inspired synthesizer scores with an otherworldly futuristic film noir twist
LIFTMUSIC LIFT129 Synthtopia 1 Tim Fleet,Marc Adamo,Torcuato Zamora,Christopher James Harvey,Ron Verboom,Mark Revell,Jon Boorman,Dan Roe,Devin Arne,Mark Crawford,Neil Durrant,Lincoln Jaeger,Benjamin Smith,Paul Murphy,Tom Cook,Jon Boorman,Tom Haines,Chris Doney,Mark Sinclair,Jake Rousha The 1st in a 2 part series of classic 70's & 80's inspired synthesizer scores with an otherworldly futuristic film noir twist
LIFTMUSIC LIFT128 Urban Trapestry Christopher Pardy A heady mix of trap, hip hop, electronica & bass music with cinematic overtones Where moody dystopian atmospheres meet lush euphoric futurescapes
LIFTMUSIC LIFT127 Hell's Disco Sound Vandal,Konstantinos Psaras,Marc Fanciullacci,Konstantinos Psaras,Pilar Martinez Sanchez,Daniel Leggett,Marc Fanciullacci,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion,Matthew Jarrett,Richard Deux,Steven McGuiness,Ewan Lawson,Mebitek,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion,Jame The dark side of the dance floor - moody & intense tech house meets twisted cyber punk mania
LIFTMUSIC LIFT126 Trailer Park 2 Lincoln Jaeger,Ron Verboom,Lee Baker,Victoria Beits,Michael Tauben,Michael Farmer,Pilar Martinez Sanchez,Mark Sinclair,Elizabeth Levine,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach,Michael Simmonds,Samuel Toernqvist 38 killer trailer tracks Haunting operatic life stories, explosive futuristic tech, hard hitting heavy metal action, epic orchestral journeys, menacing dystopian thrillers & dramatic gothic fantasies
LIFTMUSIC LIFT125 Jake's Long Weekend Jake Rousham,Jake Rousham,Jonathan Smith,Jake Rousham,Tobias May Jake takes us on a trip From driving stoner rock & fun 60's psyche pop to wonky odd-tronica & psychedelic art rock via indie disco, breakbeat & lounge
LIFTMUSIC LIFT124 Audio Pie...Baby! Daniel Leggett,Andrew Shobeiri,Julius Waldeck,Mark Crawford,Neil Durrant,Freddie Mars,Daniel Williams,Daniel Price,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,Ian Taylor,Stephen Hodd,The Octopus,John Etkin-Bell,DJ Hooligan,Mike Farmer,Mike Farmer,Nic Tribe,Billy Elson Farm Freshly twisted dance music mash ups Funky breaks, big beat ska, euphoric synthwave, sexy house, electro rock, cinematic electronica & orchestral jazzstep
LIFTMUSIC LIFT123 Americana John Smith,Timothy Bidwell,John Smith,Timothy Bidwell,Christopher Boot,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Robert Manning,Andrew Wyman,Benjamin Edwards Take a journey across America From atmospheric desert soundscapes, evocative slide guitar & sunny country folk to swampy southern rock, wistful cowboy themes, nostalgic dobro & good times Appalachian banjos
LIFTMUSIC LIFT122 Hit The Breakz Mike Farmer,Matthew Denny,Matthew Denny,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Etkin-Bell,Matthew Denny,John Etkin-Bell,Stephen Stewart,Matthew Denny,Stephen Hodd,Matthew Denny,Robert Morgan,Matthew Denny,John Etkin-Bell,John Etkin-Bell,Tom Livingstone,Matthew Denny,John E Matthew Denny & friends jamming with breakbeats An eclectic journey through hip hop, delta blues & electro dub via cinematic turntablism & old skool rave
LIFTMUSIC LIFT121 Wonderful World Jonathan Pilcher An awe inspiring collection of epic layered guitar-scapes from Jonny Pilcher Soaring beautiful crescendos & delicate drifting fragility, blended with dreamy pastoral warmth Image: Ubirr lookout in Kakadu Tourism NT
LIFTMUSIC LIFT120 The Piano Works 4 Olivia Dixon,Joss Peach,Hayley Wood,Olivia Dixon,Nikolas Ammar,Peter Davison A beautifully crafted collection of evocative piano pieces fusing film score, electronica & minimalism
LIFTMUSIC LIFT119 Synthwaves Christopher James Harvey,Daniel Leggett,Leggett,Daniel Take a totally awesome journey through this nostalgic homage to classic 1980's synthwave TV & cinema soundtracks
LIFTMUSIC LIFT118 Cheese On Toast Lincoln Jaeger,James Knight,Robbie Taggart,Jacob Andreasen,Simon Ribchester,Stuart Rowe,Ian Taylor,Michael Tauben,Mark Crawford,Mark Franklin,Bob Clifford,Nigel Price,Ross Hughes,Tony Orrell,Paul Sandrone,Goran Elmquist,Chad Neale,Jon Alexander,Paul Sandr Cheese On Toast is a delectable smorgasbord packed full of kitsch classics, smooth jazzy love themes, quirky tropical fantasies, mobile disco pop, retro TV themes, cheeky brassed-up soul funk & cheesy seaside organ nuttiness Take a dip
LIFTMUSIC LIFT117 Euphorica Ewan Lawson,Christopher Pardy,Joe Oprych,Massimo Zeppetelli,Steven McGuiness,Mark Revell,Daniel Leggett An uplifting mix of contemporary electronica ft dreamy city soundscapes, emotive urban trap hop, atmospheric synthwave & euphoric house
LIFTMUSIC LIFT116 The London Snorkelling Team Ross Hughes,Tom Haines,Christopher Branch,Pascal Wyse Where Raymond Scott meets the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band The London Snorkelling Team's characterful compositions, inspired by1950s 60s lounge exotica, vaudeville eccentricity & cartooneqsue soundtracks, are a glorious mix of playful retro jazz wackiness
LIFTMUSIC LIFT115 Sun Dried & Deep Fried 2 Lee Baker,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach,Jimi Ashmore,Neil Mackenzie,John Etkin-Bell,Tom Livingstone,John Etkin-Bell,Jeevan Anandasivam,John Etkin-Bell,Jonathan Smith,Tom Livingstone,Nic Tribe,Ashley Slater,Tristan Banks,Jonathan Smith,Jake Rousham,Jonathan S Cool sunny vibes with a scoop of sun-drenched horns From super-fly 70's funk & dreamy summer dub to groovy acid jazz & northern soul floor fillers
LIFTMUSIC LIFT114 The Future Is Green Robert White A warm & inspiring blend of modern electronica & folk Modern technology & design working in harmony with Mother Nature
LIFTMUSIC LIFT113 Making The Beds Gavin Skinner,Carl Matthews,Laurence Holcombe,Oliver Aylmer,Jake Rousham,Lee Baker,Kevin Laska,Steven McGuiness,Robin Savage,Richard Salter,Robert White,Craig Warnock,Tom Livingstone,Richard Salter,Nicholas Walker,Paul Sandrone,David John,Joss Peach,Olive Cool & eclectic compilation of beds with a Lift twist Hypnotic jazzy breakbeats, bright & positive electro funk meets uplifting drum & bass & dreamy downtempo folktronica with some tense electronica scene-setters on the side!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT112 Guitar Scene 5 Jimi Ashmore,Neil Mackenzie,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Timothy Fleet,Paul Rawson,Daniel Farrant,John Etkin-Bell,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,David John,Jonathan Harris,Lee Baker,David John,Mark Chapman,Paul Rawson Raucous uptempo indie anthems, high-octane punk & cheeky Britpop with a few fist pumping heavy rock anthems for good measure!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT111 Life Is Good Lee Baker,Richard Salter,Robert Lewis,Mark Franklin,Steven McGuiness,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Nick Southwood,Gavin Skinner,Laurence Holcombe,Jake Rousham,Jonathan Smith,John Etkin-Bell,Mark Aubrey,Jon Alexander,Robert Manning,James Davies,Martin Jackson,D Bright, optimistic & uplifting soundtracks for the perfect modern lifestyle Keywords include, health, well-being, fashion, makeover, celebrity, glamour, family, shopping, trends, topical, holidays, daytime TV & gossip
LIFTMUSIC LIFT110 Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Christopher James Harvey,Christopher James Harvey,Simon Yarde Chris Harvey takes us on this beautifully crafted journey through a dystopian future world 19 tracks with alternative versions
LIFTMUSIC LIFT109 Who Ate All The Audio Pie Jacob Quistgaard,Lee Baker,David Bramwell,James Oxborrow,Steven McGuiness,Geek Boy,Michael Rowe,Richard Deux,Joss Peach,Martin Haene,Krishan Mistry,Michael Farmer,Nicholas Tribe,Michael Farmer,Laurence Holcombe Audio Pie is back with another mashed up journey into the quirky world of Lift. This eclectic compilation takes you from sexy 80’s synthpop & leftfield hip hop to sublime 60’s inspired electronica & rousing new wave indie punk. 26 tracks with alternate ve
LIFTMUSIC LIFT108 DnB Geek Boy,Lee Richardson,Justin Langlands,Freddie Mars,Richard Salter,Danny Swift,Robin Savage,Martin France,Emre Ramazanoglu,Gaudi,Simon John,Alexander Swift,Geek Boy,Laurence Holcombe,Timothy Fleet,Janette Mason,Freddie Mars An eclectic compilation of full on drum & bass From soulful tranced out pop to atmospheric urban breaks via old skool jungle & techstep
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