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LIQUID CINEMA LQC0054 LOADOUT: Hybrid Hip Hop Trailers Jaidan TylerMillar, Matthew FrankLara Hip hop & hard-hitting, dramatic rap meets AAA hybrid trailer production - dripping in adrenaline, swagger & cinematic depth. Hooky, ear-candy openings, explosive endings and flexible structure. Level up!
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0053 LQC 53 VOYAGER: Cinematic Post Rock Benjamin Andrew JamesMacDougall,Benjamin Andrew JamesMacDougall, Matthew Lange,Matthew Lange Soar on a river of stars, to new cinematic heights. The ultimate in inspiring, uplifting post rock. Emotional, majestic and euphoric trailer focused tracks with epic post-rock & post-punk influence. Look's beautiful.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0052 CHROMIUM: Retro-Futurist Hybrid Trailers Brian White, Brian Trifon,James RiordonNorman,Jaidan TylerMillar, Matthew FrankLara,Adam ArthurDearborn A modern, trailer take on the neon soundscapes of 80's synthwave & electronica. Pulsing retro arps, swirling pads & searing vintage leads balance earth-shattering percussion & deep, dramatic sound to blaze an intense sonic path. Past becomes future!
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0051 Cinematic Apocalypse 5 Adam Arthur Dearborn, James Riordon Norman,Thomas Edward Walter,Joseph A M G Joep Sporck,Jaidan Tyler Millar, Matthew Frank Lara,James Riordon Norman,Mark Nolan The best is back for more. Epic orchestra, pounding percussion & devastating trailer sound design for when it's all on the line. Top-shelf production & modern cinematic depth meets end-of-the-world dark emotion & dramatic energy. Give up hope… now.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0050 TRAILER TOOLKIT: SYMPHONIC FOUNDRY Zak AlanMcNeil, Hamish FletcherHuntley Forged with live orchestra - then mangled, warped & reborn into a hyper-useful toolkit of trailer essentials - plus some other ear candy. Adapted for modern-day edits, where tracks share a tonal center for maximum flexibility to mix, match & mash-up.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0049 HARDBALL: Hybrid Hip Hop & Rock Swagger Trailers James RiordonNorman,Adam ArthurDearborn,Jaidan TylerMillar,Matthew FrankLara,Alec LeeJustice,Patrick TimothyShanahan Hardcore beats, searing guitars and hard-hitting hybrid electronic trailer production for earsplitting musical drama & tension. A masterpiece of sonic mayhem, swagger, and drive when you need to hit em right between the ears. Shock and Awe!
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0048 ANTIHERO: Modern Hybrid Trailers Thomas Walter,Max Concors,James Norman,Adam Dearborn Dark, brooding & apocalyptic tracks that push the envelope of modern trailer music. Combines vicious industrial rock, devastating hybrid orchestra, and enormous percussion tracks. Sometimes the villain is the hero.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0047 Altered States: Horror and Thriller Trailers Max Concors,Joseph Sporck Modern horror and thriller trailers featuring twisted and processed instruments, mangled strings, psychological textures, and shocking percussive trailer ramps. Be very afraid.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0046 Toccata: Neoclassical Trailers Benjamin MacDougall,Max Concors,Joseph Sporck,Max Concors, Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Frederic Chopin, Max Cameron Modern trailers with timeless classical and baroque influence. Dramatic and powerful recorded with a live string ensemble for those big cinematic moments that need a touch of fiery passion or graceful elegance.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0045 Indie Anthems 2 Jochem Weierink,Max Concors, Ekaterina Tolkishevskaya,Max Concors, Nyles Lannon,Thomas Walter,Max Concors, Cody Johnson Anthemic fusions blending indie rock, pop, and folk with AAA cinematic trailers. Youthful energy and emotions from happy and uplifting to serious, melodic and soaring. Perfect for indie movies, modern dramas, feel-good family pictures and more.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0044 Into The Light: Trailer Openers Vol. 1 Benjamin MacDougall,Max Concors Cinematic trailer openers that set the right tone and mood, perfectly shaped from start to finish. Volume 1 explores lighter moods - from luminescent and dreamy, to atmospheric and dramatic, to wondrous and magical, and more.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0043 OVERDRIVE: Hard Hitting Hybrid Trailers Cody M Johnson,Max Cameron Concors,Max Cameron Concors, Bernard James Perry II, John August Pregler Modern rock, industrial and orchestral hybrid trailers that feature heavy, distorted guitars, hard-hitting percussion, and overdriven synths. Mean and aggressive, to exciting and thrilling tracks that pack a serious punch.
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0042 Stratus: Orchestral Uplifting Trailers Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Max Cameron Concors,Joseph A M G Joep Sporck Soaring uplifting, inspiring, and wondrous orchestral trailers capture positive emotions with timeless epic cinematic power
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0041 Continuum: Futuristic Hybrid Trailers Adam Arthur Dearborn,Max Cameron Concors,Patrick Timothy Shanahan,James Riordon Norman,NEO,Ray Armando Morabito,Casey Aaron Edwards,Max Cameron Concors Futuristic hybrid trailers with intense cutting-edge synths, deep sound design, and big orchestra From action packed sci-fi intensity, to powerful modern epic drama
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0040 Aperture: Evocative Dramatic Trailers Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Jochem M Weierink,Ray Armando Morabito There can be only one winner Orchestral hybrid tracks with drama and determination from tense setups to driving action Are you up to the challenge?
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0039 Cinematic Apocalypse 4 Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Cody M Johnson,Peter Jeremias,Jochem M Weierink The apocalypse series returns bigger than ever with dire dramatic action trailer cues that embody the emotional magnitude required for the end of time
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0038 Trailer Toolkit Vol. 4: Orchestral Joseph A M G Joep Sporck,Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Shaun Jacob Deluzio Chasin,Benoit Pierre Grey,Cody M Johnson Cinematic trailer toolkit showing the full sonic range of the orchestra, with powerful hits, rises, abstract and ambient beds, phrases, and much more
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0037 Drums Of War Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Josef Peters,Jordan Tadashi Kim,Cody M Johnson Percussion ensembles with driving energy, heart pumping rhythms, intense builds, and thunderous hits for trailers, promos, and more
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0036 Fable: Epic Family Adventure Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Max Cameron Concors,Zak Alan McNeil,Cody M Johnson,Jochem M Weierink,Joseph A M G Joep Sporck,Benjamin MacDougall Soaring and epic family adventure trailer score Endearing and warm intro then builds over time with big percussion hits and exciting brass theme
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0035 Pulsar: Trailer Pulses And Toolkit Max Cameron Concors,Josef Peters,Jordan Tadashi Kim,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Jeff Rona,Johannes Paul Hammers The definitive collection of pulses and rhythms for cutting edge action, tension, and drama With longer evolving tracks and isolated toolkit elements
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0034 Spectra: Sound Design Trailers James Riordon Norman,Joseph Michael McGregor,Max Cameron Concors,Or Chausha,Itay Steinberg,Or Chausha,Itay Steinberg,Dor Rozen Dark and modern sound design trailers that build From sparse ambience to aggressive mayhem, guaranteed to grab the ear and get the heart pounding
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0033 Ember: Epic Trailers For Guitar And Orchestra Max Cameron Concors,Max Cameron Concors,Cody M Johnson,Cody M Aaron Edwards,Casey Aaron Edwards,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Peter Jeremias,James Riordon Norman Contemporary trailer tracks include brooding deep slow burns, emotional epics, and intense action-packed drama. Ember blends epic orchestra with layers of brilliant guitars to create powerful, and impactful music for motion picture advertising, or anywher
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0032 Trailer Toolkit Vol3:Rises, Reverses, And Builds Benoit Pierre Grey,Max Cameron Concors,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Johannes Paul Hammers,Max Cameron Concors,Andrew Scott Thomas The essential collection of builds, rises, reverses, swells, and sweeps brought to you in one trailer-ready sound design package Compiled by Hollywood's top trailer sound designers and composers these ultra-usable sounds can be used to build and transiti
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0031 Trailer Toolkit Vol. 2: Hits, Booms, And Stings Max Concors,Samuel Estes,Michael Hobe,Emanuele Frusi,Benjamin MacDougall,Johannes Hammers,Max Concors,Andrew Thomas The definitive collection of trailer-ready sound design including hits, impacts, booms, drops, cymbals and more Ranging from percussive to tonal, from loud to soft, this album provides the full arsenal needed for editors to bring the true Hollywood sound
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0030 Lumina - Epic Emotional Trailers Max Concors,David Edwards,Benjamin MacDougall,Jochem Weierink,Gingger Shankar,RamprasadSundar,William Stanbro,Peter Jeremias Epic trailer music that is deeply moving, emotional, dramatic, heroic and uplifting Broad, sweeping and lush scores that breath and build, featuring soaring orchestra and modern yet timeless themes
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0029 Cinematic Apocalypse 3 Max Cameron Concors,Gregg Lehrman,Boris Nonte,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Peter Jeremias,Martin Alexander Stys Liquid Cinema proudly presents the epic 3rd volume of our highly-acclaimed Cinematic Apocalypse trailer music series These dark hybrid epics and dire heroic dramas provide the ear-bleeding thrills that top end trailers, promos, and productions demand Mass
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0028 Colossus: Big Trailer Backends Max Concors,Gregg Lehrman,Boris Nonte,Nathan Rightnour Nothing but the world's biggest backends and monumental builds from the industry's leading trailer composers Full orchestral score, modern hybrid, percussive ramps, with a useful toolkit of isolated orchestral hits, percussion, and rises This is the full
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0027 Amp !: Kick-Ass Rock Trailers Francesco Menegat,Alessandro Ciani,Simon Michael Jones Edgy, hard-driving and gritty rock-driven tracks - from heavy hardcore industrial, to fun hip rock - for trailers, promos, and advertising Turn it up to 11
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0026 Indie Anthems Jochem M Weierink,Tim Torrance,Max Cameron Concors,Andrew Marshall,Anthony Ayden,James Riordon Norman,Anthony Craig Kinmonth,Max Cameron Concors Put your fist in the air! Indie, pop and rock-inspired instrumentals blended with orchestra to give all the impact and emotions you need for inspiring modern trailers
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0025 Aeterna : Epic Dramatic Trailers Max Cameron Concors,David Travis Edwards,Michel Corsa,Peter Jeremias Powerful, epic modern trailer music From sweeping and deeply uplifting emotion to dramatic and dire action Get maximum urgency and tension, or a deep emotional release from tracks that feature everything from lush orchestral arrangements, to modern orche
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0024 Cinematic Drumming 2 Gregg Lehrman,Boris Nonte,Max Cameron Concors,James Riordon Norman,Christoph Allerstorfer,Robert Bennett,Simon Porter,Paul Parker,Pejman Hadadi,Armin Karbaf The second installment to our hugely popular Cinematic Drumming Series This volume is another massive dose of musical high-impact percussion in styles from ultra-aggressive modern trailers and live drumming ensembles, to ethnic inspired percussion beds an
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0023 Artist Seires 5 : Ge Stinson And Nels Cline Gregory Stinson,Gregory Stinson,Nels Courtney Cline Two brilliant guitarists, GE Stinson one of Los Angeles' most renown musicians and collaborator Nels Cline of Wilco take a unique and compelling approach to composition and guitar processing to bring an album ranging from simple, ethereal textures to dark
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0022 Artist Series 4 : Tina Guo Tina Guo,Rajeev Armando Morabito,Daniel Cullen,Deryn Cullen,Tina Guo,Tina Guo,Rajeev Armando Morabito A passionate, inspiring and virtuosic musical journey by one of today's most exciting musician-composers From the most thematic and lyrical of live orchestra to the raw attitude of dark guitars, electronics, heavy drums, and her brilliant cello, this is m
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0021 Trailer Toolkit Vol.1 Max Cameron Concors,Erik Axel Vilhelm Ekholm,Michele Brustia,Paul Bjorling,Maurizio Capaldi,Silvio Moretti,David Hoskins A far-reaching and inspiring arsenal of incredible hits, impacts, stings, pulses, drones, rises, and textures to take your projects to the next creative level
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0020 Omega : Modern Hybrid Trailers David Travis Edwards,Max Cameron Concors,Max Cameron Concors,David Travis Edwards,Alexander Wolfgang Pfeffer,Rux,Felix Benjamin Erskine Hybrid redefined Massive dark percussion, aggressive dubstep synths, electronic sound design, epic orchestra, and soul crushing builds
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0019 Cinematic Modern Suspense Felix Erskine,Max Cameron,Nathan Rightnour,Ramin Kousha Cutting edge sounds and pulsating energy with drama, tension, and drive
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0018 Cinematic Apocalypse 2 Max Cameron Concors,Boris Nonte,Gregg Stephen Lehrman,David Travis Edwards,Alexander Wolfgang Pfeffer,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Daniel Jay Nielsen,Adam Fligsten Dark epic action with orchestra, choirs, and thunderous percussion Scores that are exciting, frightening, bold, and energetic
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0017 The Playlist Volume 1 Max Cameron Concors,Andrew Scott Thomas,Jaco Caraco,Jono Brown,Matthew W Hager,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Michael Jason Greenberg,Max Cameron Concors,Eric Anderson,Bart Hendrickson Eclectic instrumentals in a wide range of modern song styles
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0016 Cinematic Preludes Nathan Harrison Rightnour,David Travis Edwards,Jeff Rona,Max Cameron Concors,David M Lebolt,Bryan C Ricker,Adam Fligsten Evocative textures and beds ranging from introspective to dark and suspenseful
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0015 Cinematic Noise Scott Alexander Marcussen,Alex Kharlamov,Kharlamov,Alex,Peter Freeman,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Jeff Rona,Christopher Gray Short,David Hoskins,Max Cameron Concors From mystery and suspense, to darkness and horror, strange musical soundscapes from some of cinema's most in demand music sound designers
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0014 Cinematic Contemporary Action 2 Max Cameron Concors,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Alexander Wolfgang Pfeffer,Johan Landqvist Our newest compilation of ultra high-energy rock and aggressive electronica, with intense guitars and cutting-edge beats Produced and mixed with attitude for the big screen
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0013 Cinematic Themes And Inspirations David Travis Edwards,Kyle Morgan Robertson Stirring melodies and emotions with full orchestra, voices, and powerful drums
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0012 Cinematic Action Thriller David Travis Edwards Modern action scores with pounding drum ensembles, exciting rhythmic orchestra, choir, and suspenseful moods
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0011 Cinematic Drumming Gregg Lehrman,Boris Nonte,Jeff Rona,Bart K Hendrickson,Nathan Harrison Rightnour,Max Cameron Concors Epic drum and percussion scores from fast and thunderous to dark and moody
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0010 Liquid Cinema Artist Series 3:J.Rona With A.Ali Jeff Rona,Azam Ali,Ramin Torkian Modern, exotic scores by film composer Jeff Rona and world music legend Azam Ali
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0009 Liquie Cinema Artst Series 2 : Asc James Clements Progressive ambient scores from one of the UK's top producers
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0008 Liquie Cinema Artists Series 1 :Michael Brook Michael Brook Guitar-driven music with mood and ambience from the acclaimed and award-winning guitarist composer producer Michael Brook
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0007 Cinematic Family Adventure Daniel Jay Nielsen,David Travis Edward,Derek Zhao,Edward White,Sherief Abraham,Ruy Folguera,Christof Unterberger,Matthew St Laurent,Takeshi Furukawa A fast and fun collection of orchestral pieces perfect for frolic, holidays, comedy and magical moments
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0006 Cinmatic Hip-Hop Dwayne Fredrick Cornelius,Jeff Rona,Lee Q,Ryan Perez Daple Dramatic urban beats, inspiring words and emotional instrumentals Top hip-hop producers and film composers have teamed to create authentic grooves for scenes both dark and heroic
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0005 Cinematic Contemporary Action Steven Michael Tushar,Robert Anthony Navarro,William Jay Conn,David Travis Edward,Laurent Armand Apffel,John Beesemyer,Jeff Rona,Ryan Perez Daple,Jeff Rona,Azam Ali,William Jay Conn,Azam Ali,Robert Anthony Navarro,Phil Theifilos Xenidis,Scott Marcussen,Ph Hard-edged modern blend of swaggering synths, blazing guitars and burning, distorted beats Attitude and drive pump up the energy and pace
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0004 Cinematic Horror & Suspense Scott Marcussen,Darrell Raby,Ryan Matthew Amon,David Travis Edward,Jane Antonia Cornish,Kyle Morgan Robertson,Ryan Perez Daple,Jeff Rona From live orchestral scores to ambient and frightening soundscapes Music to thrill, scare, get your heart racing or put you on the edge of your seat Features a unique set of evolving electronic drones
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0003 Cinematic Emotions & Drama David Travis Edward,Kyle Morgan Robertson,Jane Antonia Cornish,Jeff Rona,Darrell Raby,Rhian Talisein Sheehan APRA,David H Gamson,David Isaac Levitt,Rhian Talisein Sheehan,Ryan Perez-Daple,Ryan Perez Daple,Bill Jay Conn,William Jay Conn Music for emotions from sad to happy, romantic to melancholy With pieces ranging from orchestral to contemporary rhythms and more
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0002 Cinematic Acton & Adventure David Travis Edward,Edward Patrick White,Jane Antonia Cornish,Darrell Raby,Kyle Morgan Robertson,Laurent Armand Apffel Exciting, percussive orchestral and choral scores for super heroes, dark heroes, and villains along with music for chases, global intrigue and more
LIQUID CINEMA LQC0001 Cinematic Apocalypse Kyle Morgan Robertson,David Travis Edward,Takeshi Furukawa,Bill Meyers Dark action and tension with live orchestra, choirs, thunderous percussion and more Scores that are exciting, frightening, bold, and energetic