ロック、ポップ、EDM、レトロ、映画音楽、トレーラー音楽など様々なスタイルを融合させ音メディアに関連性の高い音楽を提供。(ボーカル曲中心/Instr.ver.有)広告やトレーラー、エンターテイメント系のテレビ番組の編集者にとって、素晴らしい音楽の宝庫となるだろう。広告やトレーラー、エンターテイメント系のテレビ番組の編集者にとって、素晴らしい音楽の宝庫となるだろう。 MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER is a new offset of the German label MUSIC SCULPTOR. It delivers highly media related music which is, in comparison to the subtle storytelling approach of MUSIC SCULPTOR, attracting more attention towards the music itself. You’ll find captivating songs, to a large extent with vocals but always also available in non-vocal versions. Stylistically, SONG POWER can be characterized as an attractive mixture of various styles and style fusions, including Rock, Pop, EDM, retro styles, film music and trailer music. A treasure trove for the editors of commercials, trailers and TV entertainment.
MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER MSP2 70s Moods Morten Johanson, Matthias Meusel Stylish and charming songs and instrumentals from funk to film music that conjure up the glamor of the 70s.
MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER MSP1 VFX Rock VFX ROCK,VFX ROCK, Simon Rohde, Marta Mielcarek All the pathos of rock'n'roll history in one iconic soundtrack. Heroic guitars, moving vocals, unique sounds and a transcendent style fusion. A time capsule on its way to the 2070s, touching the here and now, with its captain showing a pure lust for life,