NAKED MUSICを最新から表示 (24アルバム)
NAKED MUSIC NAKD024 Night Sky - Tender Solo Piano Sarah Power These intimate scoring cues feature wistful, expressive piano joined by subtle strings and textures casting a contemplative spell of yearning and nuanced melancholy.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD023 Silverlight - Cinematic Guitar David Kos Rolfe Mesmerizing guitar textures, melodies and effects create an emotional, ethereal atmosphere in these intimate scoring cues. From subtle melancholy and anxiousness to optimism and hope, subdued arrangements of guitars, synths and percussion offer a wide ran
NAKED MUSIC NAKD022 Modern Primeval - Pulsing Soundscapes Timothy Paul Handels Modern effects, pulsing synths and edgy electronics fuse with steady drum grooves, disturbing percussive effects and worldly rhythm patterns to elicit mystery and intrigue in these evocative investigative scoring beds.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD021 Naked Tech Stuart Maxfield,Robert Connolly This offbeat, deceptively simple electronic charm-box of sparse, metronome-like tech beds includes many a whimsical surprise -- unexpected woodwinds and trombones, chimes, hand claps, off-kilter accents and all the primary colors of retro synths that some
NAKED MUSIC NAKD020 Polar Sun - Ambient Piano Score Denny White Reflective and atmospheric, these dreamy, ambient post rock tracks employ reverberating piano, processed guitar and ethereal floating synths to create a suspended feeling of tenuous serenity, drifting introspection and a surreal detachment from all things
NAKED MUSIC NAKD019 Dahlia Coast - Ambient Organic Chase Baker,Aaron David Anderson,Chase Baker, Aaron David Anderson Hope and encouragement radiate from these tender compositions with fresh orchestral arrangements blending with modern production to create a suspended sense of calm and rebirth. Shimmering atmospheres and delicate piano give way to swelling strings and up
NAKED MUSIC NAKD018 Season of Silence Vol. 2 - Evocative Rootsy Score Lindsey B Williams Jr. A companion album to Season of Silence Volume 1, these moody, rootsy cues evoke intrigue and mystery with a southern slant via swampy guitars, rich bass, subtle percussion and eerie strings and synths. Evocative and cinematically earthy.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD017 Season of Silence Vol. 1 - Evocative Rootsy Score Lindsey B Williams Jr. The sweltering heat of the south radiates off swampy guitars, dark bass and mysterious string and synth arrangements in these evocative investigative cues. The humidity of the environment adds a macabre touch as dark mysteries unfold.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD016 Ambient Percussion Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman This playful, elegant collection of delicately percolating beds conveys a light and breezy, cerebral charm. Ranging from the inquisitive to the gently uplifting, these tracks continually evolve with light xylophones, cello, intriguing hand percussion and
NAKED MUSIC NAKD015 Ambient Guitars Ronald Alan Cohen Guitar covered in ethereal effects and resonance author a multitude of emotions with airy depth and elegance.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD014 Fiddlosity - Viruosity On A String Timothy Olin Todd Experience the emotions of Fiddlosity, where breathtaking strings inspire as minimally-produced compositions, ranging from contemplative and nostalgic, to dramatic and theatrical, elegantly flourish with unique beauty
NAKED MUSIC NAKD013 Discovery Josh Aker Unveil the Beauty! This collection of stunning compositions from emotional themes, to inspirational underscores,expose the raw and genuine virtues of any production Minimalistic and whimsical, it only awaits for you to make the DISCOVERY!
NAKED MUSIC NAKD012 Imaginarium - Electronic Discovery Chase Ryan Taylor,Matthew S Orr Enter the IMAGINARIUM! Crafted with the spirit of discovery, learning, creativity and youthful exuberance, this unique and refreshing collection inspires with simple, playful synths, lively electronic percussion and delightfully quirky instruments creatin
NAKED MUSIC NAKD011 Enchanted Bass Charles Berthoud An Exploration And Abundance Of Emotions All With One Instrument
NAKED MUSIC NAKD010 Quiet Moments - The Spaces In Between Lisle Moore,Martin Haene Breathe in the quiet beauty and refined, spacious sounds of this wonderful collection of delicately produced, minimally orchestrated tunes From heartfelt emotion, to awe-inspiring stillness, it's all captured here, in Quiet Moments - The Spaces In Between
NAKED MUSIC NAKD009 Acoustic Spaces - Open Tunings Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,David Cleveland,Bill Kendall Whittington For your organic enjoyment, the acoustic guitar family including a few first and second cousins are featured in a variety of beautiful open-tunings, accompanied by light percussion Positive, fresh and inspiring
NAKED MUSIC NAKD008 Observers - Intimate Atmospheres Michael Jay McClellan,Stephen Michael Newman Take in the stunning, simple beauty of this sonically-breathtaking, minimally-produced collection of brilliant compositions Emotions ranging from inspiring, contemplative and uplifting to nostalgic, solemn and melancholy you'll find a that perfect sound i
NAKED MUSIC NAKD006 Naked 6 - Resonance Aaron Ashton,Jenessa Smith,Brady Ellis,Chase Ryan Ellis,David Kos Rolfe Refined, beautiful, haunting and introspective describe this unique and wonderful collection of minimal tunes Tense cinematic ballads, solemn ambient electronic soundscapes and lively, organic indie-folk sounds come together in this emotional, resonant in
NAKED MUSIC NAKD005 Naked 5 - Human Touch Ryan Tilby,Steven D Lemmon The Naked collection is all about subtlety, and Human Touch brings it to you straight up with this uniquely blended collection of minimal tracks, from intimate and fun acoustic, to introspective Indie and everything in-between As always with the Naked ser
NAKED MUSIC NAKD004 Nude - Immensely Simple Aaron Ashton,Michael R Hicks,Frank Joseph Sorci,Chase Baker,Tomas Jacobi,Nicolas Barry,Guillermo De La Barreda,Eric Michael Robertson,David Kos Rolfe,Sam Sorensen Only the essential ingredients were used in creating this simply stated, beautifully performed collection of refined compositions From inspiring contemporary pieces to uplifting indie-pop tunes and breath-taking minimal instrumentals, this unique package
NAKED MUSIC NAKD003 Holiday Lites - Minimal Yuletide Moods Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Blair Masters,Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Blair Masters,David Cleveland,Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Matt Stanfield Simple and minimalistic with snowy, frost-covered treatments of new holiday songs along with some classic favorites
NAKED MUSIC NAKD002 More Of Less Michael J Dowdle,Chase Baker,Michael R Hicks,Matthew S Orr,Tomas Jacobi,Guillermo De La Barreda,Nicholas Berry,Chase Taylor,David Kos Rolfe,David Tolk,Eric Robertson Enjoy another wonderful offering from our Naked series This beautiful collection inspires and moves with simply stated instrumentation and crystal clear production From stirring piano ballads to ambient underscore and uplifting indie sounds you're sure to
NAKED MUSIC NAKD001 Less Is More Michael R Hicks,Michael J Dowdle,Tomas Jacobi,Guillermo De La Barreda,Nicholas Berry,Eric Robertson,Matt Orr,David Tolk,Chase Taylor,Chase Baker Less is more! Enjoy this simply stunning, elegantly refined collection of minimalistic compositions crafted with only the essential ingredients From inspirational ballads and heartwarming underscores, to straightforward, honest and magnificently Naked tra