NORDIC IDを最新から表示 (12アルバム)
The Nordics are known for their fantastic landscapes, Nordic mythology, our melancholy, Noride Noir, Scandinavian Crime, saunas and their great music exports. The music from Nordic ID reflects what lies within our DNA, our Norid ID.
NORDIC ID NORD112 Nordic Drama Arttu Silvast,Olli Juhani Varis,Nicholas Sillitoe,Janne Huttunen, Riku Karvonen This album is perfect to give your scene some extra drama. These melancholic and beautiful songs are accompanied by piano and strings with elements of dark synthesizers and powerful drums.
NORDIC ID NORD111 Helsinki Lights Mikko Heininen,Nicholas Sillitoe,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl This compilation of 13 tracks are perfectly suited for all that a Helsinki night can offer. From early bar lounge to late night driving.
NORDIC ID NORD110 Nordic Soundtracks 2 Olli Juhani Varis, Tero Hyväluoma,Olli Juhani Varis,Tero Hyväluoma,Janne Huttunen,Andreas Sandlund,Janne Huttunen, Miikka Huttunen Once again we’ve teamed up with some of Scandinavia’s top film and tv composers with a second album of the series Nordic Soundtracks. The music is inspired by Nordic Traditional songs but with a modern twist.
NORDIC ID NORD109 Electro Cinema 2 Eva Lind, Matilda Gratte,Cornelia Wiebols, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Cornelia Wiebols The second album of the Electro Cinema series features epic, emotional and cinematic tracks from talented up and coming Swedish composers.
NORDIC ID NORD108 Electro Cinema 1 Eirik Jacobsen, Sindre Hotvedt,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl The first album of the Electro Cinema series features 10 suspense and driving tracks with a touch of the 80’s retro sounds.
NORDIC ID NORD107 Cinematic Landscapes Torsti Juhani Spoof With the Nordic nature as inspiration the 10 full orchestral tracks from Cinematic Landscape are perfect to capture heroic and epic moments.
NORDIC ID NORD106 Sunny Quirky Grooves Per-Anders Nilsson Sunny Quirky Grooves features 10 uplifting and carefree songs that perfectly reflects the Nordic bright and endless summers. Features harmonica, funky piano and trumpet.
NORDIC ID NORD105 Nordic Piano Nicholas Sillitoe, Sebastian Gruchot Delicate and beautiful piano pieces with feelings of hope, reflection and Nordic melancholy.
NORDIC ID NORD104 Nordic Soundtracks 01 Pessi Levanto,Olli Juhani Varis, Tero Hyväluoma,Anders Paul Niska,Mikko Heininen,Jarmo Mikael Julkunen, Olli Juhani Varis,Zoran Sabijan Nordic Soundtrack 01 is the first album of the series Nordic Soundtrack. The album is influenced by the Nordic traditional songs and the tracks are created by some of Scandinavia’s top film and tv composers.
NORDIC ID NORD103 Nordic Atmosphere Henrik Meierkord Emotional and atmospheric soundscapes with elements of cello and violin. Beautiful pieces to reflect the Nordic melancholy.
NORDIC ID NORD102 Nordic Traditions Emil Ernebro Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro. Sweden based Emil Ernebro is a well known-guitarist. With +100k followers on Social Media channels his guitar covers and original songs have amazed people all over the world. “Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro”
NORDIC ID NORD101 Mountain Folk Olli Juhani Varis Follow along on a journey through the Nordic ancient woods and the mystic mountains with this album of beautiful and organic folk songs.