NOVAを最新から表示 (40アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。映画、ドラマ、ドキュメンタリーに適したレーベル。 Music for Documentary and Drama. Created by composer Neil Pollard, Nova brings together the best of established and new composers to make a go-to library for modern documentary and drama music.
NOVA NOVA140 Epic Promos 3 Gresby Race Nash Cinematic, powerful and dramatic tracks for trailers, promos, and documentary. Building from atmospheric, underscore style intros into full-blown epic themes. The third in the Epic Promos series.
NOVA NOVA139 Medical World Paul Richard O'Brien Organic synth patterns, ambient guitars, piano and sub bass combine to make minimal beds for science, technology, news and factual documentary programs. Stripped-back underscores available in drop-down menu.
NOVA NOVA138 Chilled Indie Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd Feel-good Indie Pop with jangly guitars and hooky toplines.
NOVA NOVA137 Acoustech 2 Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt Sequel to NOVA113 - Emotional piano meets deep minimal beats.
NOVA NOVA136 Unnatural Reality Chris McCormack Tripped-out breaks, melodic synths and retro production touches for a leftfield take on promos and documentaries. Drawing on influences from IDM, Electronica, Lo Fi and Trip Hop. No-drum versions and underscores available in drop-down menu.
NOVA NOVA135 Organic Underscores Alistair William Smith, Simon George Begg,Simon George Begg Minimal underscores using a hybrid of acoustic instruments and atmospheric sound design. Styled for factual documentary, science and technology.
NOVA NOVA134 Ascent Sergey Azbel Positive orchestral promos with atmospheric starts building to epic outros. For high-end campaigns, promos and documentaries depicting wonder and human achievement.
NOVA NOVA133 Elevate Chad Neale Cinematic Dream Pop for contemporary promos and tv entertainment featuring panoramic pulsing synths, ambient vocals, hybrid drums and shoegaze guitars.
NOVA NOVA132 Silhouettes Janet Overfield Contemporary piano for documentary and drama. Atmospheric, emotional and intimate.
NOVA NOVA131 Lumina Jay Woods Positive, uplifting electronica.. a soundtrack for chilled and happy times. Drawing on influences from lo-fi pop, folktronica and deep house.
NOVA NOVA130 Fragile Planet Sergey Azbel Cinematic, epic themes and emotional underscores for nature, earth, science, news and factual programming.
NOVA NOVA129 Skincrawl Dmitriy Alexandrovich Mityukhin, Sergey Azbel Heart-pounding tension and unnerving sound design for contemporary horror trailers, promos and movie projects. Underscore versions for crime and tension beds.
NOVA NOVA128 Epic Promos 2 Gresby Race Nash Sequel to NOVA111 - Cinematic, epic themes for documentary and promos.
NOVA NOVA127 Piano Evolutions 2 Paul Richard O'Brien Sequel to NOVA116 - Minimal, cinematic piano for documentary and promos.
NOVA NOVA126 Indie Guitar Wave Robert James Aitken West Coast Indie meets positive Chillwave. Tripped-out hooky guitars, lo-fi drum grooves and ambient pulsing synths.
NOVA NOVA125 Progressions David Stephen Goldsmith Intimate electronica with piano and sound design for documentary, contemporary culture and human stories.
NOVA NOVA124 Trailer Tension Steve Everitt,Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt High impact drums, epic synths and dark suspense beds for trailers, promos and extreme sport.
NOVA NOVA123 Cinematic Drama Dean McGinnes Contemporary, hybrid orchestra and minimal piano drawing influences from cinematic Scandi drama. Styled for documentaries, promos, human stories, science and current affairs.
NOVA NOVA122 Future Ambient Jay Woods Deep ambient beats, sub bass, vocal fx and lo-fi keyboards inspired by the Future Bass and UK Garage scenes. No-drum versions available in drop-down menu. For contemporary documentary and dramatic underscores.
NOVA NOVA121 Pure Summer Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt Chilled, positive dance underscores from the beach to the club. Perfect for daytime, travel and reality tv.
NOVA NOVA120 Documentary Patterns Ben Niblett, Jon Cotton Minimal piano and organic synth patterns for factual documentary.
NOVA NOVA119 Electrify Lee Groves, Peter George Marett Kinetic synths and brooding basslines for promos and documentary.
NOVA NOVA118 Ambient Post Rock Robert James Aitken Cinematic guitars and epic, ambient soundscapes.
NOVA NOVA117 Melodic Electronica Douglas Johan Holmquist Fresh programmed beats with multi-layered melodic synths.
NOVA NOVA116 Piano Evolutions Paul Richard O'Brien Minimal, cinematic piano for documentary and promos.
NOVA NOVA115 Journeys Peter David Lambrou Icelandic-influenced, hybrid soundscapes for documentary and promos.
NOVA NOVA114 Discovery James Joshua Otto Minimal piano with orchestra for documentary. Exploration, Science and Nature.
NOVA NOVA113 Acoustech Steve Everitt,Robin Everitt Emotional piano meets deep minimal beats
NOVA NOVA112 Adrenalin Lee Groves,Peter George Marett Dynamic synth beds for sports and documentary
NOVA NOVA111 Epic Promos Gresby Race Nash Cinematic, epic themes for documentary and promos
NOVA NOVA110 Connections David Stephen Goldsmith,David Stephen Goldsmith,Jeffrey Thomas Kightly Ambient electronica meets acoustic for contemporary documentary
NOVA NOVA109 Shadows Jay Price Dark dramatic beds and metronomic underscores All tracks have additional minimal underscores
NOVA NOVA108 Deep Cinematic Adam Salkeld Dramatic promos and underscores From intimate to epic
NOVA NOVA107 Kinetik Lee Groves,Peter George Marett Driving analog synths creating movement and tension
NOVA NOVA106 Nordica Peter David Lambrou Ambient post-rock Scandi Noir From intimate to panoramic
NOVA NOVA105 Signals Adam Salkeld Crystal clear synths, piano motifs and echoed guitar combine to make stripped-back, minimal underscores
NOVA NOVA104 Dark Matter Steve Everitt,Steve Everitt,Robin Everitt Dark, brooding synths and hybrid drums Crime & Investigation
NOVA NOVA103 Positive Piano Dean McGinnes Modern, atmospheric, hybrid piano
NOVA NOVA102 Electronik Lee Groves,Peter George Marett Fat analog synth sequences, electronic percussion and ambient drones
NOVA NOVA101 Fractals David Stephen Goldsmith Hybrid Digital-Acoustic underscores