NUVOTONE STRATOSを最新から表示 (33アルバム)
UNIVERSAL USのレーベル。 Light, Open, Organic. Your story needs space to be effective. ‘Stratos’ offers a spacious, organic approach to music that leaves room for the story without compromising quality and craftmanship
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1035 Cheerful Strings Simon Carl Soefelde,Bartosch Mccarthy,Harold Wilfred Schenk Upbeat contemporary strings ranging from stately to bouncy. For ads, promos, film and general underscore.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1034 A Hint Of Japan Michel Dominique Barengo Japanese and Western instruments combine in a variety of moods for documentary and TV underscore.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1033 Intimate Folk Elien Walter Yukio Lanz, Marco Ricciardi,Marco Ricciardi Gently positive folk-pop. Close, intimate production and easy-going momentum.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1032 Cinematic Piano Builds Matteo Pagamici, Max Molling Cinematic piano orchestrals. Understated motifs that build emotionally without bombast.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1031 Brewing Storm Matteo Pagamici, Max Molling,D.L.K Boot,Matteo Pagamici,Bartosch Mccarthy,Christian Schlumpf Pure orchestral tension that never goes overboard. Tense and dramatic without becoming too heavy.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1030 Light Orchestral Inspiration Richard Dennis Stanley Collins,Tony Lewis,Brian Michael Fuller,Aarne Andersson, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Beautiful, building orchestral inspiration without the bombast. The perfect amount of lift for promos and documentaries.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1029 Empathy Bartosch Mccarthy,Chris Spring,Kristofer Isak Bergman,Christian Schlumpf,Tony Lewis,Lukas Knoebl Neutral shifting to positive organic hybrids that build with understated hope. General sync that depicts growing anticipation of positive outcomes.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1026 Tragic Underscores Gregor Huber, Leo Lang Somber, slow, minimal and organic, these murky soundscapes drag your scene into our nightmare. Fall into a dark world of sadness, loss and despair.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1025 Mythic Shores Daniel Herb, Hans Gruber, Leo Lang,Gregor Huber, Hans Gruber, Leo Lang,Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Let these siren songs lure you into a world of mythical creatures, treasure chests and mermaids. Orchestral with synth accents and female vocal features.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1024 Ambient Intensity Matteo Pagamici,Stefano Ruggeri,Jay Price,Lars Bolten, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Beautifully, subtly tense but never overbearing, these quietly stunning tracks combine organic and processed instruments in dark, understated beds.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1023 Velvet Hammers Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel,Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Nora Sommer Delicate but powerful, these intimate piano features evoke melancholy, longing and desolation. Strings, synths and light percussion accompany some tracks.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1022 Choices Stefano Ruggeri,Matteo Pagamici,Christian Schlumpf Broadly usable collection of understated but building tension in contemporary light orchestral settings. Deliberation, danger and decisions.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1021 Delicate Retrospection Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel Open this tastefully designed music box of subdued yet sparkling memories. A range of moods from sorrowful and bittersweet to light tension and investigative.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1020 Ethnic Drumolution Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Come away with us. Let the beating drums beckon you to the Outback, ancient Persia, the Alps and more in this mesmerizing and grooving collection of powerful percussion.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1019 Emotional Drones Lars Bolten, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Sink into the feels. Brooding, shimmering and pulsing, this drone collection meets the most esoteric and emotive needs with a range of references spanning the globe.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1018 Box Of Clocks Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Nora Sommer,Stefano Ruggeri,Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel It's about time. With moods from somber to whimsical, this set of timepiece tracks will wind up on your go-to list for montages, time passage, nervous waiting and quirky countdowns.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1017 Keys To The Mystery Christian Schlumpf,Matteo Pagamici,Ronnie W Verboom,Daniel Robert Ryan,Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel,Bartosch Mccarthy,Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Nora Sommer Absorbing collection of dramatic and mysterious piano-led tracks with a range of sorrowful, investigative and even paranormal overtones. Compelling and beautiful.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1016 Tundra Daniel Herb, Hans Gruber, Leo Lang,Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel,Stefano Ruggeri,Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel,Lars Bolten, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Feel the chill of this beautifully eerie collection of glacial textures and stark melodies as they drift across frozen expanses and shimmer in the cold morning sun.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1015 Clouded Glass Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Mischa Hirt,Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Nora Sommer,Matteo Pagamici,Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Bells, chimes and metals feature in this sparkling collection of quietly mysterious tracks. A mix of somber, dreamy and offbeat moods, filled to the brim with exquisite textures.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1014 Mystical Nature Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel,Hans Gruber, Leo Lang, Nora Sommer,Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer, Sandro Friedrich,Alexius Tschallener, Bruno Hunger, Sandro Friedrich Organic grooves and soundscapes that convey the mystical side of nature — lost temples in the jungle, mossy hidden springs, and mysterious woodland legends.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1013 Elysium Daniel Herb, Hans Gruber, Leo Lang,Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel Heavenly, otherworldly and filled with wonder, these beautiful orchestral and choral tracks evoke peaceful transitions, clouded mountaintops, angels, nirvana and a happy afterlife.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1012 Vintage Cops Bruno Hunger, Mischa Hirt,Aaron Waldberg, Bruno Hunger,Bruno Hunger, Gregor Huber,Robin Appleton Dust off the old case files, draw down the blinds and fetch us some cigars. Slick and classy vintage jazz noir with subtle modern twists for shadowy old fashioned police work and crime drama.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1011 Textures Bruno Hunger, Liz Webber,Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb,Bruno Hunger, Mischa Hirt,Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer Close your eyes and you can feel the music beneath your skin. Beautiful, natural worlds created with flowing orchestral and acoustic overtones, gentle bell and piano melodies for captivating moods and soft, nuanced soundscapes.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1010 Drumolution Bruno Hunger, Mischa Hirt,Alexius Tschallener, Bruno Hunger,Bruno Hunger, Thomas Carax Feel the flow with this thrilling and diverse range of punchy percussive compositions ingeniously put together using eclectic found sounds in a range of themes and paces
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1009 Supernatural Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb,Alexius Tschallener, Bruno Hunger Settle in because things are about to get a little creep. Eerie and light paranormal pieces with unsettling textures and softly forbidding melodies to make your blood run cold without bursting your ear drums.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1008 Patterns Bruno Hunger, Mischa Hirt,Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb,Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer Patterns are everywhere and in everything. Explore them in all shapes and sizes with this mesmerising assortment organic minimalism and neoclassical movements featuring repeating and layered woodwind, stings, bells, pianos and more for intricate adventure
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1007 Microcosmos Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer, Sandro Friedrich,Bruno Hunger, Liz Webber,Bruno Hunger, Mischa Hirt, Sandro Friedrich,Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer,Bruno Hunger, Martin Haene, Nora Sommer,Alexius Tschallener, Bruno Hunger, Sandro Friedrich Explore the tiny and fascinating world we rarely see, right under our very noses. Fragile and delicate hand percussion, woodland flutes and woodwind, pizzicato strings and captivating bells and piano. But not all is as nice as it seems, the little life is
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1006 Abstract Bruno Hunger, Liz Webber,Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb Who am I? Where am I? What is this? Is my mind is melting? Avant Garde strangeness where down is up and up is down. Enjoy the trip and expect the unexpected; dissonant flutes and puzzling jazz piano, atonal melodies and eccentric randomness with a quiet,
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1005 Wintertime Robin Appleton,Bruno Hunger, Lars Bolten,Stefano Ruggeri Embrace the cold and explore the mysterious magic of the winter season with this collection of light orchestral narratives featuring glistening bells, celestial ambiences and twinkling textures with an air of intrigue on the wind
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1004 Forensics Bruno Hunger, Lars Bolten Blending suspense and technology, this album is ideal for underscoring investigations, heists, and scheming.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1003 Melancholia Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb,Marco Ricciardi Sometimes, the gentlest touch is needed to heal a heavy heart. Introspective and tender orchestral and neoclassical arrangements with soft contemporary flavours offer compassion and beauty in what may be slightly uncertain or despairing times.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1002 Grimm Bruno Hunger, Liz Webber,Bruno Hunger, Daniel Herb Magical and beautiful, these stylized tracks conjur up fairy tales of haunted houses and foreboding forests.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1001 Beauteous Alexius Tschallener, Bruno Hunger,Marco Ricciardi,Bruno Hunger, Liz Webber,Bruno Hunger, Nora Sommer Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but some beauty is clear to everybody as this collection proves. Soft and intimate orchestral and acoustic narratives with gentle flourishing builds to stir emotion and reveal inner beauty. Light acoustic gui