SOUND POCKET MUSICを最新から表示 (123アルバム)
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT224 Pop Weekender Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz A mixed bag of current, pop flavours. Upbeat and feelgood vibes, perfect for that weekend feeling!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT223 Laid-Back Lifestyle James George,Michael Lesirge, Tarek Modi,Nicolas Phillimore Dagnall, Vance Westlake,Frederick George Alan Prest, Vance Westlake,James Peter Wilson, Vance Westlake Chilled Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk & Lounge - a collection of luxurious live instrumental beats perfectly curated for lifestyle & property shows as well as vlogs.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT222 Sweeping Orchestral Samuel Joseph Thompson,Michael James Burns,Samuel Karl Bohn Beautiful orchestral pieces bursting with marvel and wonder. Perfect for sweeping shots of nature.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT221 Vintage Jazz Cillian Barry, Finbar Barry Swing, Dixieland, Big Band & Hot Club - this is vintage Jazz. Recorded with world class players, covering the original sounds of Jazz.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT219 Retro Pop 3 Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz The third volume in this popular series. Press play for more uptempo, retro-influenced soul-funk-dance-poptastic beds, packed full of uplifting brass and good vibes to keep the party going.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT218 Subtle Drama Underscore Magnum Opus A collection of subtle, sparse, serious and for the most part, fairly neutral orchestral background cues to underscore a range of emotions in documentaries and human dramas
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT217 Intimate Moments Thomas Spencer Hewitt Jones,James William Timothy Warburton Beautifully recorded, small arrangements performed in intimate spaces. Perfect for drama, adverts and documentary.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT216 Emotive Indie Rock Perry Wexler,Pendle Poucher,Rob Bagshaw, Taylor,Laura-Mary Carter,Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler A selection of slow-burning instrumental indie rock and post rock cues full of youthful passion, heartfelt emotions and frustrated feelings, to underscore emotional scenes in scripted shows, films or documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT215 Rhythm & Brass Tarek Modi,Michael Lesirge Ultra melodic live brass, funk guitar and drum & bass bursting with groove.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT214 Light Tension 4 Claire Leona Batchelor,Michael James Burns,Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende,Samuel Sim The 4th volume in our series of lightly tense cues, full of percussion and pizzicato to add a sense of light drama to scenes of decision-making, waiting for results or pre-reveals in factual entertainment, documentaries, reality, lifestyle and property sh
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT213 Uplifting Momentum Thomas Spencer Hewitt Jones,Peter Ian Jones, STEPHEN MATTHEW PORTER,Stephen Matthew Porter A mixture of orchestral and indie folk tracks bursting with momentum and emotional release. Perfectly structured for human stories and scenes of overcoming struggle.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT212 Positively Charming Michael James Burns,Thomas Spencer Hewitt Jones,Richard Adam Keyworth,Carl David Harms Optimistic and uplifting light orchestral score full of positivity and charm, expectation and possibilities. Great for opening titles, scene-setting in nature and stately homes alike, baking/cookery shows and many more.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT211 Percussive Energy Amy Caddies McKnight,Stuart Winters, The Paw, Vance Westlake,Amy Caddies McKnight, William Charles Baker,Jack Louis Baker, Michael Lesirge,Max Howlett, Vance Westlake,Paddy Hunt, Vance Westlake Massive percussion, huge energy & powerful vocals - this album's perfect for those exciting promos and adverts!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT209 Indie Goes Pop! Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,George Hirsch Energetic, brightly positive, self-assured indie pop gems for impulsive, idealistic youth - packed with insistent guitars, propulsive drums and percussion and coolly shimmering synths
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT208 Abandoned Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Christian Leslie Henson,Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende,JOHN CHRISTOPHER LUCAS LEMKE Beautiful, melancholy and sometimes dramatic orchestral film score full of sorrowful strings, mournful solo piano and occasional atmospheric, cinematic sound design. Evocative of isolation, desolation, utter abandonment.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT207 Atmosphere Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Richard Andrew Canavan,Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende,James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Samuel Sim Neutral scene-setters to create atmosphere for a range of scenarios, whether a subtle Western theme, the desert, space exploration, underwater or the jungle with tribal textures and chanting. Slight variations in mood from calm and reflective, discovery a
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT206 Feelgood Folk Pop Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Lee Ahmad Baker,Craig Alexander Warnock, Lee Ahmad Baker, Sean Liam Hennessey A collection of positively happy, uptempo, foot-stomping folk pop tunes to brighten up your day. Perfect to soundtrack folks having fun in the sun, festivals, road trips, scenes in nature and the great outdoors
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT205 More Retro Rhythms Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Simon Leslie Brown,Lee Ahmad Baker,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Steve Isles,James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins Get the party started in any era! More quirky, funky, retro party jams to follow up from the wildly popular first Retro Rhythms album. A real journey back in time, featuring a variety of vintage music for dance floors through the decades...
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT204 Dancefloor Pop Lee Ahmad Baker,Craig Alexander Warnock, Lee Ahmad Baker, Sean Liam Hennessey,Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz Upbeat dancefloor-friendly pop beds in various styles from chart pop, house (EDM, tropical, chilled) to funk and retro-influenced. Great for ads, reality TV shows, fashion, lifestyle, and general entertainment productions
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT203 Classical II Edvard Grieg, Giles Robert Lamb,Giles Robert Lamb, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Giles Robert Lamb, Ludwig Van Beethoven,Gabriel Faure, Giles Robert Lamb,Giles Robert Lamb, Johann Sebastian Bach,Giles Robert Lamb, Johann Pachelbel,Giles Robert Lamb, Richard Wag A new collection of beautiful orchestral arrangements of selected well-known classical pieces, with multiple additional versions and instrumentation available
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT202 Trad Songs & National Anthems Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Samuel John McAvoy, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Traditional,Giles Robert Lamb, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Peter Darling, Traditional,Stephen Charles McKeon, Traditional,Evan Mathew Dawson, Nicodemo Giuseppe Maria Saba Instrumental renditions of a selection of well-known famous tunes for moments of celebration, ceremonies, sports and patriotic events, with multiple variations available
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT201 Songs From The Nursery Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Peter Darling, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Samuel John McAvoy, Traditional A collection of instrumental Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies for children, babies and toddlers alike, these are mostly traditional interpretations of the most well-known kids' songs with multiple options to choose from as to lead instrument, speed etc.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT200 Indie Pop Energy Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Lee Ahmad Baker,Daniel Marantz, Stephen John Collins An album of lively, uptempo, positive indie pop tunes packed full of guitars, synths and fast percussion to brighten up your day and keep energy levels up
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT199 Positively Whimsical Benjamin James Parsons,Timothy Michael Hammond, Wayne Roberts,Pendle Poucher,Christian Leslie Henson Light optimistic orchestral score designed to add positivity to your storytelling and move scenes forward. Ranges from cues with a building, uplifting and hopeful feel to those with a more playful or quirky texture
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT198 Gentle Folk Sam Hooper,Brian McAlpine,Jody Karl Jenkins,Benjamin James Parsons,Lawrence Oakley,Lee Ahmad Baker An album of warm, folk-inflected pastoral cues, mostly built around the acoustic guitar and creating a subtle background for nature, home and lifestyle settings and many more. Whether subtly charming or earnest and heartfelt, these optimistic tracks will
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT197 Wistful Thinking Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Benjamin James Parsons,Sam Hooper,James Alexander Dorman,Jonathan Rhys Hill,Lennert Busch An album of sparse emotional guitar, strings and piano score to soundtrack those poignant, emotive moments - from nostalgic journeys to heartfelt, moving stories of struggle and loss, as well as romantic longing and unrequited love. The emotional scale ra
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT196 Trap & Grime Beats Jack Gibbons,Amy Caddies McKnight,Tim Laws Bursting with energy, atmosphere and 808s - this is Trap & Grime beats.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT195 Electro Synth Pop Ashley Warren, Bjorn Nilsson, Jason Tarver,Vance Westlake, Stuart WintersIMRO, Jamie NelsonIMRO,Jonathan Philip Dix, Beck Goldsmith, Vance Westlake,Christopher James Dececio, Vance Westlake, Jonathan Siejka,Vance Westlake, Conor Blake Manning, Sophie Paul Catchy Electro Synth Pop tunes perfect for dreamy nostalgic scenes. Huge synths, reverb-laced vocals and punchy drums.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT194 World Pop Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish,Amy Caddies McKnight World elements meet pop, trap and grime beats for an exciting experience. Perfect for sports promos, dramas or youth-focused advertising.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT193 Chart Adrenaline Christopher James Dececio,Andrea Christina Obeid, Christopher James Dececio,Stephen William Cornish,Dave Ryman, Paul Whitehead Massive builds, epic drops - this is Chart Adrenaline. Perfect for those epic action scenes.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT192 Emotive Pop Joseph Robert Taylor, Rob Cass,David Gerard Lawrence, Nosa Obasohan, Sarah Elizabeth Berresford,David Gerard Lawrence, Juliet Hudson, Nosa Obasohan,Alyusha Mamiko Chagrin, David Gerard Lawrence, Oliver Holmes Powerful, emotive vocal pop ballads.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT191 Chart Dance Tim Laws,Charles Drew,Amanda Leigh Wilson, Stephen William Cornish Massive chart dance bangers, perfect for the radio, perfect for the club!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT137 Triumph & Glory Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende Epic orchestral cues with a triumphant, heroic and victorious feel. Choirs, driving drums and huge brass swells make this album the perfect choice for big screen conquerors.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT136 Rival Tribes Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende Tension tracks with a tribal feel that create a dangerous and unnerving atmosphere.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT135 Ominous Beds 2 Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells The sequel to Ominous Beds provides more dreadful and mysterious underscores for haunting and harrowing scenes; some terrifying, some with just a suspicion of fear and approaching danger
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT134 Crime & Danger Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende Dangerous and edgy tracks with lots of tension and suspense. Electronics combine with orchestra for crime and drama productions.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT132 Cinematic Drama Scores Daniel Marantz, Sam Clunie,Daniel Marantz, Dave Carr,Daniel Marantz, Giovanni Tria,Benjamin James Parsons,Samuel Sim A collection of cinematic drama orchestral pieces influenced by vintage cinema. An album that explores the full spectrum of emotions with plenty of tension and suspense.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT130 Dark Electronica Ambit,James Peter Wilson,Paul Farrer,Giles Robert Lamb,Christian Leslie Henson A collection of tense, ominous and moody electronica tracks. The perfect addition to any gritty drama, detective show, or gruesome horror.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT129 Animated Antics Benjamin James Parsons Zany, quirky tracks for mischievous characters. Animated toons run a mock in this collection of fun and wacky cues.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT128 Wonders & Marvels Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Giles Robert Lamb,Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller,James Alexander Dorman Inspirational panoramic music which encourages feelings of awe and wonder. Beautiful cues with wondrous builds.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT127 Historic Settings Jeremy Nicholas Birchall,Jody Karl Jenkins Contemporary orchestral cues that set the scene for historical documentaries and drama. From menacing heavy percussion to light pastoral beds.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT126 Curious Discoveries Benjamin James Parsons Inquisitive and hopeful cues for curious little people discovering and learning about their world. Percussive cues with a delicate and gentle character.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT123 A Hint of Magic Benjamin James Parsons,Samuel Sim,Lennert Busch,Lawrence Oakley Enter a land full of fantasy, wonder and curiosities. Playful, innocent tracks with magical eccentricities.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT121 Indie Cinema Scores Samuel Karl Bohn A collection of indie film score tracks with a European feel. From romantic, whimsical ensemble recordings to uplifting adventurous scores.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT120 Disco Pop Dean McGinnes Pop tunes with a disco vibe. Synths, syncopated guitars, hard hitting kick and bass... the perfect mix for pop tracks with some serious groove.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT119 Tropical Pop Matthew Fleming,Lawrence Max Gale Hayes, Louis Greenwood Sun-drenched tropical pop tunes for long summer days on the beach. Vocal samples, steal drums and pop beats all soaked in reverb with strong feel-good melodies.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT118 Light Tension 3 Samuel John McAvoy,Benjamin Peter McAvoy,Peter Keith Yelland-Brown,William David Featherby,Kamal David Kamruddin Sequel to Light Tension 2. Tension beds for moments in need of suspense, intrigue and anticipation.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT117 Tip Toe Tension Timothy Michael Hammond, Wayne Roberts,James Alexander Dorman,Jody Karl Jenkins,Lawrence Oakley,Wayne Roberts The musical equivalent of sneaking up stairs in stripey socks.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT116 Smooth Criminals Lawrence Oakley,Benjamin James Parsons,Geoffrey Alexander,Jessica Charlotte Dannheisser,James Alexander Dorman,Ben Lord, Peter Beckmann, Robin Datta, Tom Poole,Jody Karl Jenkins Stylish cues for maverick movie star con-artists.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT115 Mumbai Beats Amritpal Singh Burmy, Kulraj Singh Burmy,Lee Ahmad Baker,Lennert Busch,Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller Upbeat India inspired beats with a Western influence.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT106 Dark Minds Richard Andrew Canavan,Paul Leonard Morgan,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Lennert Busch,Wayne Roberts,Christian Leslie Henson Dark drones and desolate cues with a feeling of sadness. Perfect for psychological thrillers and ominous documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT103 Cinematic Action Paul Farrer,Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller,Benjamin James Parsons,Reuben James Cornell Epic, impactful cinematic action/adventure cues for the big screen and trailers.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT102 Dramatic Score Stephen Charles McKeonIMRO,Richard Andrew Canavan,Jonathan Rhys Hill,Niall Anthony ByrneIMRO,Paul Farrer,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells Dramatic and suspenseful contemporary classical cues for crime/investigation dramas and mysterious documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT101 Perfect Moments James Alexander Dorman,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Richard Andrew Canavan,Jonathan Rhys Hill,Lawrence Oakley,Samuel Sim,Brian McAlpine,Jody Karl Jenkins Soft, subtle textures provide a delicate setting, portraying innocence, vulnerability, and tenderness.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT087 Ultimatum Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Paul Leonard Morgan,Samuel Sim,Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller,Steve Isles,Paul Farrer,Christian Leslie Henson,Paul Ross A soundtrack that creates tension for dodgy dealings and the movements of shady characters.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT082 Waiting for the Call Richard Andrew Canavan,James Alexander Dorman,Paul Farrer,Lawrence Oakley,Lennert Busch,Samuel William Hooper,Jody Karl Jenkins The outcome's uncertain - will you close the deal?
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT079 Synth Pop Party Gordon Davis, Paul Newman,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Daniel Marantz, Sacha James Collisson,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Lee Ahmad Baker,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler, Rob Bagshaw,Lawrence Oakley,Max Haines Radio-friendly, synth-driven pop tracks for energetic teens.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT077 Sneaking and Peeking Lawrence Oakley,Wayne Roberts,Samuel William Hooper,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Andrew Michael Hewitt,Jody Karl Jenkins,Carl HarmsIMRO,James Alexander Dorman,Christian Leslie Henson Light, suspenseful cues for not-quite-so-stressful situations.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT072 Lazy Sundays Benjamin James Parsons,Mark Sayer-Wade,Wayne Roberts,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Samuel William Hooper,Jody Karl Jenkins Gentle, relaxed cues for lie-ins & those slow afternoons
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT071 Indie Days Daniel Marantz, Stephen John Collins,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Rob Bagshaw,Ben Lord, Peter Beckmann, Robin Datta, Tom Poole,Lawrence Oakley,Max Haines,Lee Ahmad Baker,Daniel Marantz, Sacha James Collisson The soundtrack for fun times and adventures with friends.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT070 Indie Chart Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Ben Wheeler,Lee Ahmad Baker,Samuel William Hooper,Vince Coleridge Pope,James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Charlie Kaye, Daniel Marantz, Jacob Blair Lively upbeat indie chart-toppers
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT069 In the Fairy Glen Samuel Sim,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Lennert Busch,Michael John McEvoy,Paul Farrer Sugar-sweet music for little folk living in a mushroom.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT061 Wild Earth James Alexander Dorman,Christian Leslie Henson,Lennert Busch,Wayne Roberts,Giles Robert Lamb,Stephen Charles McKeonIMRO An enthralling collection of exotic cues for a thrilling journey into the wilderness.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT060 Elegant Heists Lennert Busch,Benjamin James Parsons,Nicholas John Harvey,Paul Farrer,James Alexander Dorman,Wayne Roberts,Jody Karl Jenkins Slinky jazz and bold big band themes for vintage spies, secret agents and classy criminals.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT059 Moody Piano Ballads Claire Leona Batchelor, Walter Magnum Peterson Emotionally driven, piano led tracks to evoke a whole array of emotions. From heart-warming lifts to tear-jerking underscores.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT058 Empowering Indie Pop Hugo Meredith-Hardy, Walter Magnum Peterson,Ben De Vries, Hugo Meredith-Hardy, Walter Magnum Peterson Powerful driving choruses, dreamy guitar and synth lines... Overcome challenges and conquer the world with these powerful indie pop instrumentals.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT057 Ominous Beds Paul Leonard Morgan,Moritz Schmittat,Jonathan Rhys Hill,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Paul Farrer,Wayne Roberts,Steve Isles,Reuben James Cornell Dark and unnerving tension tracks. Is something sinister waiting around the corner?
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT056 A Plinky Plonky Christmas 2 Stephen Matthew Porter, Thomas Helmore,Adolphe Adam, Stephen Matthew Porter,Isaac Watts, Stephen Matthew Porter,Cecil Alexander, Henry John Gauntlett, Stephen Matthew Porter,Ernest Anschuetz, Stephen Matthew Porter,Stephen Matthew Porter, Traditional,Step A heart-warming collection or reworked Christmas classics along with some joyful original compositions. Part 2 of 'Plinky Plonky Christmas', even plinkier and plonkier!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT055 Minimalism Reuben James Cornell,Richard Andrew Canavan,James Alexander Dorman,Christian Leslie Henson,Samuel Sim,Benjamin James Parsons Textures and patterns that build and shift into subtle sonic underscores.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT054 Drums & Drama Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller,Paul Farrer,Samuel Sim,Lennert Busch,Christian Leslie Henson Pounding tribal drums for urgent and dramatic settings.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT053 Viva Latino James Alexander Dorman,Ethan Galloway, Stephen William Cornish,Jody Karl Jenkins,Lee Ahmad Baker Spain, South America, Cuba... Viva Latino visits a number of Latin destinations.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT052 Indie Festival Richard Andrew Canavan,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Lee Ahmad Baker,Anthony Sallis, Ben Bodie, Daniel Marantz,Daniel Marantz, Stephen John Collins,Daniel Marantz, Iain Prasad Mahanty,James Alexander Dorm Super catchy indie hooks that you'll be humming all day long.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT051 Delicate Textures Richard Andrew Canavan,Lee Ahmad Baker,Andrew Michael Hewitt,James Alexander Dorman,Jody Karl Jenkins,Lawrence Oakley,Wayne Roberts,Samuel Sim Soft, fragile tones portray innocence, awe, and wonder
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT050 An Indian Odyssey Lee Ahmad Baker,Lennert Busch,Amritpal Singh Burmy, Kulraj Singh Burmy,Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller Tablas, sitars and other various Indian instrumentation create a variety of atmospheres.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT049 More Postcards From Africa Giles Robert Lamb,Lee Ahmad Baker,Jody Karl Jenkins A soundtrack full of African spirit! Joyous, upbeat, optimistic tracks along with some subtle underscores for a journey through Africa.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT048 Life and Loss Paul Leonard Morgan,Richard Andrew Canavan,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells The soundtrack to life's moments of sorrow and grief.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT047 Tick Pulse Paul Leonard Morgan,Richard Andrew Canavan,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells Tense drama drones and atmospheres with underlying ticking and pulsing. Perfect for urban drama and political intrigue.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT046 Encounters Paul Leonard Morgan,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Richard Andrew Canavan Eerie drones and atmospheres with an otherworldly feel.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT045 Cinematic Journeys Walter Magnum Peterson Widescreen, orchestral cues evoking optimistic, wonderous, and hopeful moods.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT044 Vocal Pop Peter Darling, Walter Magnum Peterson Modern, anthemic, feelgood vocal Pop.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT043 Intimate Acoustic Richard Birkin A collection of clean and reflective acoustic guitar beds with touches of piano and strings. Heartwarming and Hopeful.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT042 Building Patterns Peter Ian Jones,Mike Gunn,Peter Keith Yelland-Brown,James Marangone, Nikk Hope,Matt Bradford,Benjamin Peter McAvoy,Samuel John McAvoy,Matt Howe Simple gentle textures that build and develop over the course of a minute and arrive with a smile. Encouraging and heartwarming for restrained reveals and human stories.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT041 Lifestyle Grooves Peter Ian Jones,James Peter Wilson,Hugo First Buying a house, cooking for friends, selling an heirloom, or getting a makeover? Whatever you're up to, here's the soundtrack to all your light-hearted daytime adventures.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT040 Shiny Floor Showdown Part 2 Marc Sylvan A toolkit of stings and risers perfect for competition shows. See Shiny Floor Showdown Part 1 for complimentary tension beds and stings.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT039 Shiny Floor Showdown Part 1 Marc Sylvan Can you take the heat under the melting studio lights? A collection of tension beds for competition shows that'll have you on the edge of your seats. See Shiny Floor Showdown Part 2 for complimentary stings and risers.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT038 Clean Design Lee Ahmad Baker,Craig Alexander Warnock, Lee Ahmad Baker, Sean Liam Hennessey A collection of clean and simple lifestyle tracks designed for home, property, travel and documentary programming. Reflective thoughtful journeys, with a neutral-positive feel.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT037 Plinky Plonky Christmas Lennert Busch,Matt Bradford Cheerful and charming interpretations of all your favourite Christmas tunes featuring glockenspiel, sleigh bells, and pizzicato strings. More christmassy than an elf wrapped in tinsel!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT036 Precise Indie Daniel Marantz,Ben Graham McClusky,Jeremy John Stack,Daniel Marantz,Christopher Lewis,George Robert Neville Apsion,Daniel Marantz,James George,Daniel Marantz,Stephen John Collins,Daniel Marantz,Iain Prasad Mahanty Upbeat, simple and contemporary indie pop with catchy melodies, precise guitars and bright ideas
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT035 Building Dreams Lee Ahmad Baker,Craig Warnock,Sean Hennessey,Lee Ahmad Baker Triumphant and soul defining Building indie with breakdowns and edit points to a final triumphant moment
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT034 Majestic Orchestral Giles Robert Lamb Inspirational and tender, a piano and orchestra theme building with aspiration and achievement
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT033 Pop Instrumentals Charles Morton,Dean McGinnes,Richard Mead,Dean McGinnes,Matthew Salvage,Sam Tattersall Bright, carefree and infectiously catchy instrumental indie pop Uplifting chorus' at 114 & 209
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT032 Indie Garage Jeremy Abbott,Louise Bernadette Dowd Straight up hooky indie rock gems
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT031 Dark Futures Robert Ashbridge,Blake Bennett,Christian Tschuggnall,Michael Edwards,Clive Richard Mills When all looks lost, look for the light A subtle, sparse, building, emotional piano and electronic percussion track for drama and trailers
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT030 Indie University Jeremy Abbott,Louise Bernadette Dowd Indie+Pop = Catchy guitars with a hint of synth, set to a tight grooving rhythm section that drives the track and your pictures
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT029 Contemporary Cinematic Richard Birkin Astounding, Beautiful & Inspiring. Captivating neo-classical themes for epic discoveries from yesterday; hope for tomorrow and inspiration for today; mixing piano, strings, guitars and electronica.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT028 Retro Pop 2 Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Phoebe Isadora Coco Wright-Spinks A second helping of retro-pop rhythms guaranteed to add pop to your pictures More brass, more guitars and a whole lotta soul
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT027 Light Tension 2 James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Giles Robert Lamb,Wayne Roberts,Lennert Busch,Wayne Roberts,Timothy Michael Hammond Essential tension beds for moments that need a touch of suspense, anticipation, mystery or intrigue
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT026 A Choral Christmas arrElizabeth Twelvetree,arrMike Abram,Elizabeth Twelvetree Festive carol favourites re-arranged for an English chamber choir Traditional renditions mingle with new arrangements to create an album that ranges from beautiful, poignant and charming to uplifting and upbeat All very festive
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT025 Popular Docular 2 arrAndrew Charles Huckvale,arrBenjamin James Parsons,arrPhilip Hochstrate,arrSam Hooper,arrWayne Roberts,arrKamal Kamruddin,Benjamin McAvoy,arrJames Alexander Dorman,arrMatthew Charles Gilbert Davidson More music for prime-time popular documentary stories; embracingly warm, naturally generous, with subtle notes of light tension and playful competition
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT024 Postcard From Africa arrGiles Robert Lamb,arrLee Ahmad Baker,Giles Robert Lamb An audio travel companion to take you on a music journey across Africa Orchestral themes for panoramic vistas Gentle and mysterious beds for intriguing sights Upbeat beds featuring traditional instruments, for people and places
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