PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL241 New Indie Folk Yanis Drake For contemporary rural lifestyle TV
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL240 Cool Cops And Crazy Criminals Luke Kelly Vintage Cop Show reboots for modern comedy crime drama. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL239 Inspire Jeff Woodall Chilled to euphoric soundtracks - by Jeff Woodall. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL238 Rock Dude Grant Ransom, Adam Routh,Adam Routh,Mark Greenwood,Ollie Blake Life, love, fun and cars, male vocal Grunge style. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL237 Ska Time John Kpiaye Jamaican Ska - by John Kpiaye. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL236 Symphonic Christmas Robert Allen Elliott Grand, filmic orchestral celebration of Christmas - from sleigh rides through the snow to fireside nostalgia and all the magic between - by Robert Allen Elliott (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL235 Future Christmas Ross Andrew McLean Ultra light, bright and Christmassy orchestral-electronic hybrids with light Trap bass and beats plus Future Bass touches.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL234 Minimal Tension Matthew Beattie minimal tension beds for documentaries, hospital/crime drama, game shows, news - by Matthew Beattie. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL233 Big TV Action Ivan Bertolla,Ivan Bertolla, Gabriella Bertolla Pile-driving hybrid promos for hyper-dramatic sports and games. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL232 Ancient Empires Derek Austin,Patrick Wilson,Derek Austin, Patrick Wilson From enigmatic atmospheres with haunting vocals and duduk, through light backdrops to everyday life in the ancient world, to epic armies marching to war. Cinematic orchestrations feat. ancient instruments by Derek Austin & Patrick Wilson. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL231 Hot Machines Adam Routh,Ian Walsh, Adam Routh,Ian Walsh,Jan Pomerans, Adam Routh Massive, dirty beats and bass
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL230 Garden Life Matthew Beattie, Paul Robbins Light, quirky TV styles - by Matthew Beattie & Paul Robbins. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL229 Light Minimalism Dirk Campbell, Paul Robbins Light orchestral minimalism with an enigmatic, factual feel - by Dirk Campbell & Paul Robbins. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL228 Orchestral Emotion Robert Allen Elliott Nostalgia, Hope & Sadness - by Robert Allen Elliott. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL227 Gothic Romance Robert Allen Elliott Deep symphonic drama - by Robert Allen Elliott. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL226 UK Hyperpop PJ Girl vocal Electropop - London style. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL225 I Love Hawaii Jeremy Sherman,Kevin Armstrong classic Hawaiian guitar lounge
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL224 Ambient Enigma Jeff Woodall deep ambient atmospheres - by Jeff Woodall (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL223 Crisis World Kevin Kerrigan, Beverley Louise Harling,Patrick Wilson,Kevin Kerrigan neutral, serious and upbeat world flavours - for features with narration
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL222 Pop Beats Ross Andrew McLean,Joanna Wilson TV-friendly K-Pop, Future Pop & Reggaeton
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL221 Alt Features Paul Sandrone, Timothy Fleet thought-provoking soundscapes featuring altered piano
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL220 Future Noir Benoit Jego, Florent Duclos Darkly atmospheric Electronica
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL219 TV Workshop Matthew Beattie Light & quirky reality tv styles - by Matthew Beattie (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL218 Beat Beat Bang Ian Walsh Ultra fresh Indietronic beats with cool, minimal vocal hooks. (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL217 Minimalist Folk Orchestra Patrick Wilson, Paul Robbins,Paul Robbins, Adam Routh A quirky mix of exuberant folk instruments and chamber orchestra with a minimalist aesthetic - by Paul Robbins and Patrick Wilson
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL216 Victorian Fight Club Nick Pynn, Ross Hughes Irish and Balkan folk flavours stage a stylish brawl (stems included)
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL215 American Mashup Robert Allen Elliott, Adam Routh, John Philip Sousa,Robert Allen Elliott, John Philip Sousa,Adam Routh, John Philip Sousa Straight and mashed up versions of 4 classic Sousa marches, with Trap, Chiptune, Drumline and other elements mixed in.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL214 Metal Action Mark Greenwood Powerhouse Alt Rock & Metal by Mark Greenwood
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL213 Climate Emergency Paul Robbins Serious and dramatic orchestral soundtracks scored for Climate Change documentaries by Paul Robbins
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL212 Living In Hope Robert Allen Elliott Stories of recovery from hardship and loss to hope & joy. Emotive orchestrations with piano and strings by Robert Allen Elliott
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL211 Organ Kitsch Derek Austin,Adam Routh,Derek Austin, John Glover-Kind Kitsch retro-70s organ moods from Blackpool to Bavaria...and beyond!
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL210 Fixing The World Paul Robbins Soundtracks for a world rebuilding itself - by Paul Robbins
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL209 Western Swing Jeremy Sherman Upbeat retro 40s/50s Western Swing
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL208 Hope In Hard Times Robert Allen Elliott Uplifting, emotive tracks for news features, promos and stories of hope
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL207 Neutral Stories Derek Austin Neutral, organic soundbeds with minimal instrumentation designed for voice-over. Stems included.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL206 Punk Electro Ralph Reaper,Ralph Reaper, Rory Cottam Anarchic, trashy, crazy and twisted Dance-driven Electronica with streety, too-cool-for-school girl vocal fragments.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL205 Deluxe Euphoria Jeff Woodall,Ian Walsh, Adam Routh,Ian Walsh,Ralph Reaper, Rory Cottam, Adam Routh,Ralph Reaper, Rory Cottam Chilled but characterful Future-Bass influenced electronica with a euphoric touch for A-list luxury walkthroughs.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL204 Nu Noir Matthew Beattie, Patrick Wilson,Matthew Beattie,Grant Ransom, Patrick Wilson Contemporary cues bursting with dark intrigue and melodrama, feat. electronic/orchestral/rock elements and moody, minimalist solo piano versions.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL203 Serious Business Paul Robbins Ultra-serious orchestral / electronic backdrops to politics and finance
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL202 Jazz City Chris Phillips, Julian Nicholas, Mark Edwards,Chris Phillips Cool retro Jazz
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL201 Cook, Drink And Do Stuff Derek Austin Light, quirky soundtracks for Lifestyle TV
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL200 100 Greatest Promos 2 Danny Lovatt, Matthew Davies, Jade Gallagher, Pritham Bhatia,Danny Lovatt,Leo Duncan,Ian Walsh,Ian Walsh, Brima Fullah,Jonathan Palmer,Robert Allen Elliott,Kevin Kerrigan,Jimmy Kaleth, Ross Andrew McLean,Tom New, Max Mckellar,Matthew Beattie,Stephen Green Blockbusting compendium of promo length cuts selected from PMOL101-199
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL199 Reggae Sun John Kpiaye Sunny Reggae and Ska - retro & modern
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL198 Stems Vol 2 - Neutral 2 Derek Austin,Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Jeff Woodall,Dai Watts,Kevin Kerrigan,Stephen Green,Jeff Woodall, Ian Duncan,Didier Viseux, Florent Duclos Stems of select PMOL tracks with a neutral, minimal electronic feel
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL197 Stems Vol 1 - Neutral 1 Paul Robbins,Jeff Woodall,Stephen Green,Dai Watts minimal orchestral/acoustic
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL196 PMOL Christmas Bonus Paul Robbins Light orchestral Christmas with plucked strings and sleigh bells - by Paul Robbins
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL195 Perfect Christmas Robert Allen Elliott Beautifully crafted orchestral celebrations of the very best of Christmas - by Robert Allen Elliott
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL194 Pizzicato TV Paul Robbins Light orchestra with plucked strings
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL193 Japan Dirk Campbell, Joji Hirota,Dirk Campbell,Jeff Woodall,Kevin Kerrigan From Zen tranquility to pounding Taiko drums
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL192 Upbeat World 3 Patrick Wilson,Joanna Wilson,Jeff Woodall,Tim Ellis,Kevin Kerrigan,Patrick Wilson, Jeff Woodall,Jeremy Sherman,Kevin Armstrong Australia & Polynesia
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL191 Upbeat World 2 Dirk Campbell, Joanna Wilson,Jeff Woodall,Dirk Campbell, Patrick Wilson,Kevin Kerrigan,Tim Williams, Patrick Wilson,Tim Ellis,Kevin Kerrigan, Frank Moon,Robert Elliott,James Doman, Pete Gooding,Dai Watts Asia - The Middle East - Africa
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL190 Upbeat World 1 Kevin Kerrigan,Dirk Campbell, Joanna Wilson,David Loewenthal, Martin York,Patrick Wilson,Patrick Wilson, Jeff Woodall,Tim Ellis,Dai Watts South America - The Caribbean - Europe
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL189 Flashpoint Ivan Bertolla,Ivan Bertolla, Jonathan Pepe Dramatic, dark and edgy tension building cues
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL188 Future Living William Turner,Ian Walsh,Adam Routh,Mark Barrott,Adam Routh, Ian Walsh Cool and clever chilled IDM.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL187 Pop Goes Massive Ian Walsh, Brima Fullah,Ian Walsh,Leo Duncan,Heather Gayle, Ian Walsh Cutting edge vocal pop
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL186 Next Gen Trailer Robert Elliott,Adam Routh Extreme cutting edge Hollywood blockbuster trailers.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL185 Country TV David Lowe,Vo Fletcher, David Lowe, Jessica Crabtree,Jessica Crabtree, David Lowe, Vo Fletcher,Kevin Kerrigan Light, upbeat Folk Pop - by David Lowe
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL184 Neutral Sunshine Jeff Woodall Light positive electronica - by Jeff Woodall
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL183 Drive Stephen Green Feelgood funky pop/rock for the open road by Stephen Green
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL182 Reality TV Matthew Beattie Quirky fly-on-the-wall tracks for daytime television
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL181 Haunted Tv Robert Allen Elliott Horror and Thriller atmospheres with orchestrations & sound design by Robert Allen Elliott
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL180 Blockbuster Animation Robert Allen Elliott Big studio production numbers bursting with filmic excitement and emotion by Robert Allen Elliott
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL179 Just Real Jazz Nigel Thomas Ultra cool and sophisticated contemporary jazz
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL178 Simply Happy Jonathan Palmer Cute, simple soundtracks celebrating happiness with family and friends
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL177 Living Free Stephen Green Fun, cute, pop-folk, light indie and dance from Stephen Green
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL176 Pianoscapes Dai Watts Piano and strings soundscapes with a rural, neutral positive feel by Dai Watts
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL175 Sacred Places Robert Allen Elliott Christianity - from early to modern - with cinematic orchestra and choir
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL174 Wild Places 2 - Bleak And Remote Derek Austin,Robert Allen Elliott From frozen wilderness through deserts to ocean depths - emotive soundtracks to Earth's bleak and remote regions
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL173 Wild Places 1 - Beauty And Wonder Robert Allen Elliott,Derek Austin Cinematic portrayals of Earth's wild and wonderful regions
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL172 Uk Drill Eden Prinsloo,Mathew Johnston,Eden Prinsloo Intensely dark and threatening UK Drill/Trap
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL171 Mystery, Wonder And Suspense Paul Robbins Enigmatic orchestral moods - for drama, documentaries, films and TV
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL170 Dark Report Matthew Beattie,Jeff Woodall,Tim Ellis Darkly dramatic Hybrid - for News & Documentary
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL169 Epic Battle Ivan Bertolla Powerful orchestral trailers with earth-shattering hits, storming drums, Gothic choirs and triumphant finales
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL168 Euphoric Adventure Danny Lovatt,Matthew Davies,Jade Gallagher,Pritham Bhatia,Danny Lovatt,Adam Routh,Danny Lovatt,Matthew Davies Ultra-contemporary Future Pop for action and adventure
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL167 News! Pierre-Yves,Lee Sparey,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Paul Robbins,Jeff Woodall,Ivan Bertolla,Derek Austin,Carles Piles Themes, soundbeds, links and stings with percussion and impact hits - for news reports, highlights, promos, sports and features
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL166 Degrees Of Sadness Robert Allen Elliott,Kevin Kerrigan,Paul Robbins,Dominique Ehrenbaum,Matthew Beattie Expressing emotions from anguish and grief through solemnity and loneliness, to sad pensiveness
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL165 Downbeat Drama Paul Robbins,Matthew Beattie,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,Stephen Green,Dai Watts,Robert Allen Elliott Pensive, sad to subtly dark and tense soundtracks - for tv dramas, films and documentaries
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL164 Son Et Lumiere William Salmela A vintage synth extravaganza by William Salmela - using original analog synthesisers from the 70s and 80s
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL163 Rock City Hipsters Tom New,Zak Handley,Zak Handley,Mark Daniels,Teddy Johnston,Toby MacFarlaine,Zak Handley Garage Rock, Grunge and Blues
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL162 Lifestyle Fun 3 Max Mckellar,Tom New,Ivan Bertolla,Grant Ransom,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean Energetic and fun, twisted Rock & Bigbeat - for lifestyle, extreme sports
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL161 Magic And Wonder Patrick Wilson,David Ramsay Smith,Michael Vickerage,Dominique Ehrenbaum,Stephen Green,Paul Robbins,Kate Daisy Grant Filmic orchestral enchantment - from tiptoeing through magical woods to disappearing down the rabbit hole to a surreal Wonderland!
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL160 Positively Minimal Paul Robbins Thoughtful, factual and positive - for documentaries and tv
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL159 Church Organ arrDerek Austin,Derek Austin From smiley vicars to state funerals - the church organ in all its colours
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL158 Lifestyle Feelgood 3 Jeff Woodall,Dai Watts,Kevin Kerrigan,Stephen Green,Ivan Bertolla Warm, uplifting Indie Rock with soaring female voices builds to euphoric, explosive finale @ 1:36 Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL157 Happy, Light, Cute And Quirky Stephen Green,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Dai Watts,Jonathan Palmer,Robert Allen Elliott Quirky, fun loving wackiness with acoustic guitar and ukulele Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL156 Digital Life Jeff Woodall,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Ian Duncan,Jeff Woodall,Dai Watts Feelgood backdrop to technical activity with light, upbeat electronica and beats Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL155 Game Show Toolkit Jimmy Kaleth,Patrick Wilson,Paul Robbins,Michael Vickerage,Ivan Bertolla,Kevin Kerrigan,Derek Austin,Jeff Woodall Urgent, upbeat countdown with clock ticking effects builds to game show end sting Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL154 Science And Technology Toolkit Jeff Woodall,Kevin Kerrigan,Derek Austin,Dai Watts,Jimmy Kaleth,Max Bronco Upbeat, bright technological atmosphere with electronic bleeps and light beats and bass Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL153 Chilled House Arthur Galestian Sensual chilled house with dreamy electronic vocal atmospherics over rolling, growling bassline Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL152 The Piano Album Robert Allen Elliott,Adam Routh,Robert Allen Elliott Beautiful, elegantly sunny piano solo - light but thoughtful Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL151 The Seasons Robert Allen Elliott Orchestral theme transitions from frozen ambience to warm harbinger of approaching Spring One of the elk calves survived winter! Too bad about the other one Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL150 Thoughtful To Positive William Turner,David Lowe,Adam Routh,Robert Allen Elliott,Stephen Green,Sam Worskett Massively portentous synth chord intro builds to towering pop-electronic anthem Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL149 Mock Baroque Adam Routh,Paul Robbins,Paul Robbins,Adam Routh,David Ramsay Smith,Patrick Wilson,Mark Beesley Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL148 Middle East And Central Asia Dirk Campbell,Robert Allen Elliott,Derek Austin,Kevin Kerrigan Enigmatic Oud middle-eastern lute over dark drone develops with Arabic percussion Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL147 Middle East Today Pierre-Yves Bessuand Urgent, classic Arabic string orchestra motifs with saz and dulcimer over driving modern backbeat Thriving, glamorous and exciting Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL146 Vintage Newsreel Derek Austin,Alex Ball,Patrick Wilson,David Ramsay Smith,William Kersten 1940s 50s style, exuberant, brassy orchestral march bursting with proud celebration Main Version
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL145 Inspiring Business David Lowe,Adam Routh,Stephen Green,Kevin Armstrong,Robert Allen Elliott,Matthew Corbett,Mike Wilkie,David Lowe,Simon Darlow Inspirational orchestral indie with a head for business - for business, finance, factual
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL144 Giants Of Rock Mark Greenwood Classic 70s Rock resurrected for the 21st century - for action, sports, 1970s
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL143 Aspects Of Nature Paul Robbins An orchestral journey - from gentle beauty to the epic drama of nature's big events - for documentaries, tv, films
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL142 Retro Sci-Fi Toolkit William Kersten Retro-50s cinematic orchestral Science Fiction film cues and sound effects - for trailers, films, drama, tv
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