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POKE MUSIC POKE108 Latin Pop Explosion 2 REDCAT,Trey Perez,Michael Botzaropoulos,Alan Killian,Sol Ula,Antonio Miguel Morales Sureda,James Knight, Robert Taggart, Sara Dowling,Quist A bubbling mixture of Latin heat including pop, reggaeton, hip hop and merengue
POKE MUSIC POKE107 Merry Twist-Mas 2 Benjamin McElroy,Mark Franklin,Andrew Stamp,Charles Harvey Spears,Martin Hilton,Hayley Wood,Esben Tjalve, Ross Hughes,Jonathan Boyle,Stefan Fletcher,Jimi Ashmore, Jim Oxborrow,Elizabeth Levine,Sam Rankin,Geoff Clark,Hayley Wood, David Ballantine,Ewan Laws Hand-picked by Santa and given a festive twist, Merry Twist-Mas 2 is a mixed bag collection of some of our favourite POKE tracks remixed with some extra Christmas cheer.
POKE MUSIC POKE106 Hello India Michael Botzaropoulos, Prashant Vadhyar,JD Speed, Lyndn Gauntlett,Alan Killian,Robin Savage,Tim Fleet,Matthew Bosworth,Sanjiv Sen,Michael Botzaropoulos, Rivita Goyle,REDCAT,Ben Haynes,Andreas Backelund,Joley Cragg,George Dolan,James Knight, James Pusey,Sa An illuminating journey through modern India, from sprawling megacities and luxurious Bollywood culture to magnificent mountains and beautiful backwaters
POKE MUSIC POKE105 Go Nuts! Joss Peach, Josephine Peach,Charlotte Savigar,Lewis Lloyd,Tim Fleet, Paul Sandrone,James Knight, Robert Taggart,Bob Clifford,Lincoln Jaeger,John Chambers,Lyndn Gauntlett,Lee Pasch,Stefano Vita,Michael Tauben,Michael Botzaropoulos, Ryan Trebilcock,Mark Rev A bonkers bonanza of madcap nuttiness from the quirky workshop that is Poke studios. Because some of us like it silly. Very silly
POKE MUSIC POKE104 The Summer Collection 3 Patrick McManus,Dan Dodd,Dan Dodd, Dave Edward,Robin Savage,Mark Franklin,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Samuel Robinson,Robin Savage, Allan Penford,Charles Hedger,Eamon Downes, Mark Coupe,Alan Killian,Sergei Petrovski, Damon Baxter,Tom Livingstone,Pedro Medeiros,Dan Packed like a suitcase with cool pop beats, house anthems and sunny indie, this collection of summer bangers covers everything from Balearic beach parties and romance at the villa to road trips with your mates back home
POKE MUSIC POKE103 Dreams Become Reality Martin Hilton,Lee Baker,Daniel James,Daniel James, Carolina Vanessa James,Dan Sarraf,Rowland O'Connor,Charles Harvey Spears,Adam Fielding,Ben Haynes,Lyndn Gauntlett,Hayley Wood,Gareth Foy,Lee Pasch,Sam Rankin This is the place where lifelong aspirations become real-life sensations. Music for inspiring journeys that fill you with optimism, positivity and an energising sense of achievement
POKE MUSIC POKE102 Minimal Beauty Lee Pasch,Hayley Wood,Fadi Gaziri,Jade Woodhouse,Jonny Poole,Giles Peter Drayton,Donal Scott,Christopher Ibbetson,Jade Woodhouse, John Etkin-Bell,Stuart Peck,Jon Boorman,Pushed Button,John Etkin-Bell,Sarah Chapman,Stefan Macdonald,Stefan Fletcher,Tom Livi Moving minimal soundtracks to accompany the beautiful things in life. From tender human connection to wondrous nature and profound peace, these tracks accentuate the small moments that matter
POKE MUSIC POKE101 Wonderful Creations Daniel James, Carolina Vanessa James,Benjamin McElroy,Dan Sarraf,Lee Pasch,Hayley Wood,Frank Hall,Charles Harvey Spears,Joss Peach,Stefan Fletcher,Lee Baker,Gareth Foy,Lewis Lloyd,Alan Killian,Adam Fielding,Elizabeth Levine An inspiring selection of sounds celebrating wonderful creations in all forms. From architecture, design, homes and interiors to amazing aspects of the natural world, Wonderful Creations contains builds, reveals and moments of magic for all kinds of space
POKE MUSIC POKE100 100% Poke! Michael Botzaropoulos,Adam Fielding,Andreas Backelund,Andrew Sands, Ignazio Salvemini,Chris Bangs,Dan Sarraf,Freddie Mars,Sean Lascelles,Ewan Lawson,Lee Baker, Matt Nicholson,Joss Peach,Robin Savage,Daniel James,Benedict Gordon,Elizabeth Levine,Hayley Woo 25 all-new classics taking in everything from cool modern electronica and pop to retro jazz, quirky comedy and more. 100% bold, 100% fun, 100% Poke!
POKE MUSIC POKE099 Hello Tokyo Mark Revell, Cassias Owl,Alan Killian A mind-blowing metropolis. Electronic escapism inspired by the past, present and future of the Land of the Rising Sun
POKE MUSIC POKE098 Rock Monster Martin Jackson,Ben Haynes,Quist,John Etkin-Bell,Nick Pynn, Kate Daisy Grant,Wayne Banks, Jason Banks, Jimi Ashmore,Tom Ashton,David John, Paul Sandrone,Mark Chapman, David John,Oliver Kilpatrick,Samuel Robinson,Samuel Beer-Pearce A beastly behemoth of aggressive guitars and pounding drums, Rock Monster is an eclectic array of heavy rock tracks for sport, promos and more. Unleash the beast and give your productions some added attitude!
POKE MUSIC POKE097 Reality Check Vol. 2 Matt Phelan,Rhett Moir,Abbas Premjee,Michael Botzaropoulos,Ewan Lawson,Freddie Mars,Julius Waldeck,Adam Fielding,Phillipa Alexander,Sam Sharp,Tom Cook,Erik Per Johan Liden,Tom Cook, Sam Baldwin,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,Christoffer Oeberg Runfors,Kente Du Take another dive into the real lives of the stars. Reality Check Vol. 2 is the next instalment of beats driven contemporary tunes for the biggest moments in reality TV
POKE MUSIC POKE096 Country Life Sam Rankin,Owen Mockford,Joss Peach, Geoffrey Beaumont,Nick Pynn,Max Clilverd, Jay Malhotra,Richard Norris,Ryan Hamilton,Jake Rousham,Roland Chadwick,Hayley Wood, Andrew Slatter,Justin Gourlay, Samuel Beer-Pearce Lace up your walking boots, we're heading to the countryside. Full of gentle folkiness and warm acoustic sounds, Country Life is a multi-stop ramble through the wonders of rural living
POKE MUSIC POKE095 Through The Keyhole George Dolan It's what's on the inside that counts. Through The Keyhole is a collection of ultra expressive and amusingly observational tracks that bring the inner workings of the mind to the front of the scene. Expect awkward encounters, quirky scene setters, testing
POKE MUSIC POKE094 Get Happy Martin Hilton,Greg Malocca, Alan Killian,Lee Baker,Joss Peach,Dervish Capkiner,Freddie Mars, LA Rox,Bob Clifford,Tom Cook, Sam Baldwin,Randall McGravey,Pete Diggens Kick up your heels, it's time to Get Happy! An eclectic collection of cheerful tunes that are sure to slap a smile on your face
POKE MUSIC POKE093 A Little Bit Bonkers Tom Cook,Bob Clifford,Geoff Clark,Tom Rowland, Sarah Gwilliam,Hayley Wood,Jude Montague,Lincoln Jaeger,Michael Botzaropoulos,Lee Pasch,Ewan Lawson,Benedict Gordon,Justin Gourlay, Samuel Beer-Pearce,Joss Peach,Tom Cook, Sam Baldwin You don't have to be mad to live here, but it helps! A Little Bit Bonkers is a quirky collection of audio oddities. Expect eccentric organ, barmy banjo, silly synths and more.
POKE MUSIC POKE092 On Broadway Molly Wagner, Florian Rosetti, Joel Nystroem,Megan Tuck, Leo Aram-Downs,Hayley Wood,Ellie Wyatt, Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah,Ellie Wyatt, Joss Peach,Molly Wagner, Joel Nystroem,Rodney Benton Payne, Rob Ashmore,Ellie Wyatt, Joss Peach, Phillipa Alexander,Ellie From London’s famous West End to the iconic Broadway in New York, On Broadway is a sensational tribute to contemporary musical theatre featuring songs and instrumentals
POKE MUSIC POKE091 The Summer Collection 2 Lee Baker,Julius Waldeck,Martin Hilton,Matt Phelan,Oliver Kilpatrick,Lewis Lloyd,Laurence Holcombe,Miguel Arguelles,Robin Savage,Freddie Mars, LA Rox,Ewan Lawson,Chris Bangs,Samuel Robinson,Alex Thomas,David Staniforth,Michael Botzaropoulos From boat parties and VIP nights at a beach club to chilling poolside at the villa, The Summer Collection 2 is a compilation of the best in deep house, indie pop, tropical electronica and Balearic beats
POKE MUSIC POKE090 Rock Radio Jim Oxborrow, Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Tim Fleet,Lee Baker,Marc Adamo, Thomas Hill,Ben Haynes,David John, Paul Sandrone, Thomas Gandey,Mark Revell, Jimi Ashmore,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Mark Revell,Tom Cook From brooding blues vocals to anthemic guitar-led indie, Rock Radio is a high octane, sport friendly compilation of contemporary and classic, all-action rock songs and instrumentals
POKE MUSIC POKE089 Ready Steady Bake Matthew Beattie Truly scrumptious! A sweet, cookie-cutter selection of tracks perfect for everything from signature bakes to soggy bottoms
POKE MUSIC POKE088 Arty Crafty Sam Rankin,Joss Peach,Jon Boorman, Alastair Chamberlain,Sam Johnson,Dervish Capkiner,Michael Tauben,Jon Boorman, Duncan Lloyd,Geoff Clark,Ewan Lawson,Andrew Stamp,Hayley Wood,Lee Baker Toolbox at the ready! Inspired by amazing artisans, Arty Crafty is a musical celebration of makers, menders and clever creators
POKE MUSIC POKE087 Reality Check Vol. 1 Ewan Lawson,Chris Bangs,Sanjiv Sen, Phillipa Alexander, Ellie Wyatt,Hayley Wood,Daniel Bierton, John Hicks, Sam Richards, Teddy Trumpet,Tom Cook,Eamon Downes,Joss Peach,Alfie Hayward,Rhett Moir,Dave Bloor,Abbas Premjee,Matt Phelan Delving deep inside the lives of the rich and famous, Reality Check Vol. 1 is a beats driven collection of contemporary cues for reality TV programming
POKE MUSIC POKE086 A Day In The Life Michael Tauben A quirky collection of light-hearted music with a vintage edge for observational factual entertainment, competitive reality and documentary programming
POKE MUSIC POKE085 The Heat Is On Jon Boorman,Dervish Capkiner,Michael Tauben When time is ticking by and the stakes are high, The Heat Is On is dramatic collection of music for modern TV competitions where thriving on pressure is the only way to survive
POKE MUSIC POKE084 Crazy Kids Viral Hits Alan Killian,Relentless Disco,Joss Peach,Mark Franklin,Ewan Lawson,Ellie Wyatt, Philippa Alexander, Greig Watts, Paul Drew, Peter Barringer,Jimi Ashmore, Jim Oxborrow,Mark Vareli, Jimmy Dighead,Mark Revell,Hayley Wood Drawing inspiration from some of the most hated pop chart-toppers ever, Crazy Kids Viral Hits is Poke’s tribute to the novelty hits that get inside your brain and never leave!
POKE MUSIC POKE083 Take Me To The 90s Eamon Downes,Richard Thair,Eamon Downes, Maria Lindgren,Ben Haynes,Richard Salter,Martin Jackson,Casimir Punk,Ellie Wyatt, Phillipa Alexander, Stefan Ekstedt,Jimi Ashmore, Jim Oxborrow,Pete Diggens,Ellie Wyatt, Phillipa Alexander, Alex Ball,Jimi Ashmore, Whether you were going from infinity to beyond, slacking, getting jiggy with it or partying like its 1999, the nineties was a musical decade like no other! From Britpop to trip hop and girl power to girl grunge Generation X pushed musical boundaries in al
POKE MUSIC POKE082 Pretty Things Pushed Button,Andrew Stamp,Lee Pasch,Duncan Lloyd,Hayley Wood,Joss Peach,Pete Diggens,Lyndn Gauntlett,Jonathan Sharp,Matt Phelan,Elizabeth Levine,Carmen Bradford,Lincoln Jaeger,Lyndn Gauntlett, Jake Gauntlett,Tom Cook Light and bright soundtracks for butterflies and blue skies
POKE MUSIC POKE081 Man's Best Friend Dan Almond,Toby Huelin,Ell Harper,Carmen Bradford,Hayley Wood,Ben Haynes,Gareth Foy,Ellie Wyatt, Alex Roberts,Pascal Glanville,Peter Davison Following a dog’s life through birth, puppyhood and maturity, with a few ups and downs along the way, Man’s Best Friend is aimed at factual entertainment and commercials where the canine is the star!
POKE MUSIC POKE080 Crazy Stunts Pete Diggens,Jimi Ashmore, Neil Mackenzie,James Davies, Martin Jackson,James Davies,Tim Fleet,Tom Cook,Paul Davis, Christopher Ibbetson,Tim Fleet, Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet, Steve Wattis,Steve Matthew Carter Putting everything on the line and hoping not to break it! Music for daredevil sports, epic fails and acts of complete stupidity!
POKE MUSIC POKE079 Success Stories Martin Bartscher,Martin Jackson,Michael Tauben,Rowland O'Connor,Matthew Beattie,Dean Wagg,James Davies, Martin Jackson,Greg Malocca,Ben Haynes,Jimi Ashmore, Dervish Capkiner,DMAC,Joseph Bell,Pilar Onares,Benedict Gordon,Joss Peach From the winners of Olympic medals to the people lifting the trophy after weeks of hard work on a reality TV show, Success Stories is a diverse collection of music for montages of moments of triumph and inspiring back stories of dedication and struggle ag
POKE MUSIC POKE078 The Summer Collection Robin Savage, Tim Walker,Ben Peagam,Robin Savage,Greg Malocca,Pete Diggens,Christian Latham,Alfie Hayward,Christopher Ibbetson,Chris Bangs,Chris McCormack,Chris Bangs, LA Rox,Martin Jackson,Richard Salmon, Mikey Bruce From cool VIP parties in exotic locations to the hottest fashion catwalks, The Summer Collection is a compilation of party house, tropical tinged pop, lush balearica and feel-good indie disco pop
POKE MUSIC POKE077 Latin Pop Explosion Chris Bangs, Mike Benn,Chris Bangs,Freddie Mars,Killian Magee,Ewan Lawson,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,John Capkiner,Richard Salter,Christopher Ibbetson,Eamon Downes,Mark Revell,Mark Franklin,Jacob Quistgaard,Chris Bangs, LA Rox,Michael Berrich A hot and spicy collection of cool Latin pop flavours including reggaeton, urban and dance
POKE MUSIC POKE076 Pretty Strange Alan Bleay, Benedict McGowan,Chris Doney, Beth Perry,Chris McCormack,Dean Wagg,Dervish Capkiner,DMAC,Dominique James,Ell Harper,Gavin Skinner,Hayley Wood,Joe Dmitri,Joss Peach,Martin Jackson,Pushed Button,Rob Manning,Thomas Johansen, Jacob Quistgaard,Tom Enchantingly beautiful with a touch of mystery and a dash of weird, Pretty Strange is juxtaposed collection of twisted perfection
POKE MUSIC POKE075 Flappers Delight Clive Lukover,Michael Tauben,Ewan Lawson,Lyndn Gauntlett, Jake Ridley,Geoff Clark, Tim Curd,Ross Hughes,Mike Gunn, Stephen Porter,Lincoln Jaeger Celebrating the iconic roaring twenties and the hedonistic young women who shocked a decade, Flappers Delight is a classic compilation where 1920s scene-setters and Gatsby era jazz sit alongside beat heavy electro swing remixes
POKE MUSIC POKE074 Energy Ball Jimi Ashmore, James Davies,Marc Adamo, Torcuato Zamora,Steve Matthew Carter,Tim Fleet, Wayne Murray,Thomas Donovan,Pete Diggens,Ross O'Reilly,James Davies,James Davies, Martin Jackson,Phil Saatchi Out of control, all guns blazing rock action
POKE MUSIC POKE073 Happiness Jonathan Boyle,Mark Franklin,Paul Fletcher,Pete Diggens,Hayley Wood,Elizabeth Levine,Joss Peach,Matthew Phelan,Duncan Lloyd,Devin Arne,Lee Baker,Tim Fleet,Richard Kirstein,Joe Kirstein,Alexander White,Christopher James Harvey,Quist,Jonathan Palmer,Lincoln Welcome to Happiness, a fantastically eclectic album of music to make you jump for joy and grin from ear to ear
POKE MUSIC POKE072 Let There Be Jazz James Knight,Nigel Price,Oliver Hayhurst,Marco Fenstein,James Knight,Oliver Hayhurst,Marco Fenstein,James Pearson,James Knight,Nigel Price,Oliver Hayhurst,Marco Fenstein,Gary Baldwin,James Knight,Oliver Hayhurst,Marco Fenstein,Gary Baldwin Let There Be Jazz is an outstanding collection of classic jazz from the 1930窶冱 through to the 1980窶冱 featuring several standout songs as well as instrumentals in a variety of styles
POKE MUSIC POKE071 Merry Twist-Mas Jimi Ashmore,Belinda Cullen,James Davies,Jack Hobbs,Sebastian Wesson,James Knight,Robert Taggart,Olly Green,Carmen Bradford,Elizabeth Levine,James Davies,Jason Frederick,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Jonathan Pilcher,Maurice Conchis,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach, Plucked from the Poke archives and given a Christmas twist, Merry Twist-Mas is a mixed bag collection of some of our favourite tracks given a festive remix Ho-ho-ho!
POKE MUSIC POKE070 Cinema Europa Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve Taking inspiration from European folk and modern minimalism, Cinema Europa is a contemporary classical cinematic soundtrack set in pre-war Europe. Let us introduce you to Mr Kosminsky, Frau Schmidt, Monsieur L窶册spion, the very beautiful Veronique and the
POKE MUSIC POKE069 Intelligentsia DMAC,Elizabeth Levine,Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Mark Revell,Timothy Cole,Katharine Payne,JonathanSmith,Joss Peach,Roland Chadwick,Jade Woodhouse,Benedict Gordon,Hayley Wood,Jonathan Pilcher An inspiring collection of music for art and culture documentaries with a strong emphasis on biographies and life stories of people who have excelled in their chosen field
POKE MUSIC POKE068 The Future Is Bright Chris McCormack,Rowland O'Connor,Nikolaj Bjerre,Peter Larsen,Kostantinos Panagiotidis,Alex Lupo,Benjamin Hatwell,Sam Fuller,Jonny Poole A look into the future with this collection of cool electronica
POKE MUSIC POKE067 Acoustic Dreamer Roland Chadwick,Owen Mockford,Jack Hobbs,Sebastian Wesson,Chris Doney,Bruce Knapp,Alex Lupo Evocative and easy going acoustic guitar scene-setters
POKE MUSIC POKE066 Fun Factory Phil Saatchi,Hayley Wood,Mike Farmer,Jonathan Boyle,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Jonathan Gillies,Maurice Conchis,Michael Georgiades,Pete Diggens,Joss Peach,Mike Gunn,Lee Pasch,Jimi Ashmore,James Davies,Tim Cotterell,Thomas Cook,Lyndn Gauntlett Welcome to the first batch of premium audio goods from the Fun Factory assembly line Features a little bit of retro, a smattering of modern and a whole lot of fun!
POKE MUSIC POKE065 Irish Roots Nick Pynn,Kate Daisy Grant,Tim Cotterell,Eva Rustige,Lawrence Edward Magee,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Jimi Ashmore,Tim Cotterell,Tim Cotterell,Jake Rousham,Tab Hunter,Donal Scott,John McIvor,Lawrence Edward Magee,David Kropf,Donal Scott,Daniel Mayfield,Elli From modern and traditional folk music to Celtic vocals and pastoral scene-setters, Irish Roots is an eclectic collection of music from Ireland
POKE MUSIC POKE064 Little People Benedict Gordon,Tim Fleet,Hayley Wood,Carmen Bradford,John Chambers,Andrew Stamp,Tom Livingstone,Joss Peach,TomCook,Lyndn Gauntlett,Bob Clifford,Benjamin Smith,John Rushton,Victoria Beits,Lawrence Edward Magee,Pilar Onares,Kate Daisy Grant Celebrating the magic of childhood, Little People is a enchanting collection of innocent fun where make believe adventure, mischievous scampery and energetic antics make way for bedtime and the end of another exciting day
POKE MUSIC POKE063 Epic Cinematic Pop Brad Parsons,David Disher,Michael Georgiades,Adam Fielding,John Dervis Capkiner,Nick Pynn,Kate Daisy Grant,Adam Fielding,Abbie Aisleen Saunders,Tom Cook,Phillipa Alexander,Edwyn Finkeltree,John Larsson,Phillipa Alexander,Alex Hay,Phillipa Alexander,Tim Fl Awesome cinematic songs with epic themes
POKE MUSIC POKE062 Let's Bake At Christmas 2 Lyndn Gauntlett,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Hayley Wood,Andrew Stamp,Carmen Bradford,John Chambers On your marks, get set, bake for Christmas! Let's Bake At Christmas 2 is a scrumptious second helping of music (and puns) for festive pictures of pies, puds and patisserie! See also POKE 043 Let’s Bake , POKE 047 Let's Bake At Christmas and POKE 060 Let's
POKE MUSIC POKE061 Take Me To The 80s Vol 2 Paul Sandrone,Ron Verboom,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Oliver Kilpatrick,Jeevan Anandasivam,Mark Revell,Richard Salter,Lee Baker,Richard Salmon,Jake Rousham,James Davies,Dino Psaras,Jonathan Coote,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Daniel Smith,Chris Doney,Jonat From funky fresh electro and androgynous synth pop to spandex clad American rock and the baggy sound of Madchester, Take Me To The 80s Vol 2 is an eclectic collection of music from the decade when boys wanted to be girls, MTV, big hair, shoulder pads and
POKE MUSIC POKE060 Let's Bake 2 Lyndn Gauntlett,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Hayley Wood,Andrew Stamp,Carmen Bradford,John Chambers On your marks, get set, bake! Let's Bake 2 is a scrumptious second helping of music (and puns) for pictures of pies, puds and patisserie! See also POKE 043 Let’s Bake and POKE 047 Let's Bake At Christmas
POKE MUSIC POKE059 Spooky Wooky Marc Adamo,Torcuato Zamora,Abbas Premjee,Lee Pasch,Joss Peach,Bob Clifford,Lyndn Gauntlett,Andrew Bailey,Christopher James Harvey,Lincoln Jaeger,Mark Allaway,Jeff Lardner,Benedict Gordon,Rob Manning,Paul Sandrone,Hayley Wood,Jonathan Smith Where the freaks come out at night and hook-nosed witches and headless ghosts meet the Count himself in a cobweb infested haunted house, Spooky Wooky is a spoofy collection of creepy capers and spine-chilling fun
POKE MUSIC POKE058 Take Me To The 80s Vol 1 Lincoln Jaeger,RonVerboom,Christopher Pardy,Jimi Ashmore,Mark Franklin,Richard Salter,Richard Salmon,Lisa Marie Hart,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Christopher James Harvey,James Knight,Robert Taggart,Rupert Garvey,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Richard Salmon From funky fresh electro and androgynous synth pop to spandex clad American rock and the baggy sound of Madchester, Take Me To The 80s is an eclectic collection of music from the decade when boys wanted to be girls, MTV, big hair, shoulder pads and smiley
POKE MUSIC POKE057 Summer (Is A State Of Mind) Mark Franklin,Austin Howard,Maurice Conchis,Jeevan Anandasivam,Mark Franklin,Rita Campbell,Freddie Mars,Benedict Gordon,Eamon Downes,Freddie Mars,Boris Popov,Mark Barzin,Paul Fisher,Lee Pasch,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,Elizabeth Levine,Charlotte Glasson,Ph Radiating from your speakers, Summer Is A State Of Mind is a sun-kissed collection of dance, pop and reggae to soundtrack your summer
POKE MUSIC POKE056 Vintage Newsreel Michael Tauben A golden tribute to the music of pre-television cinema newsreels of the forties and fifties, Vintage Newsreel is a classic collection of light orchestral music and marches as popular at the time
POKE MUSIC POKE055 Country Living Tom Cook,Mark Revell,Abbas Premjee,Lawrence Edward Magee,Rob Manning,Chris Doney,Beth Perry,Kelly Weeks,Calum MacColl,Jesse Walton,Owen Mockford,Sam Lewis,Ben Henry Edwards,Chris Doney Exploring the dreams and realities of rural life, Country Living is a folky soundtrack to ‘escaping to the country’ and the big highs and occasional lows once you get there
POKE MUSIC POKE054 Positivity Boris Popov,Mark Franklin,Elizabeth Levine,Mike Benn,Freddie Mars,Antonio Miguel Morales Sureda,Robin Savage,Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet,Robert Lewis,Mark Barzin,Lea Baker,Mike Farmer,Laurence Holcombe Experience the power of positivity with this inspiring collection of uplifting audio candy
POKE MUSIC POKE053 Simplicity Mike Gunn,Joss Peach,Ellie Wyatt,Alexander Roberts,Mark Revell,Stephen Hodd,The Octopus,Richard Carr,Michael Georgiades,Lawrence Edward Magee,Chris Doney,Joss Peach,Ellie Wyatt,Ellie Wyatt,Rob Manning,Owen Mockford,Jesse Walton,Jake Rousham,Jonathan Barra Stripped back uncomplicated music to accompany the simple things in life
POKE MUSIC POKE052 H.A.P.P.Y. Robert Edward Jones,Lincoln Jaeger,Tom Livingstone,Jimi Ashmore,Joss Oxborrow,Jason Price,Mark Revell,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Simon Edwards,Calum MacColl,Joss Peach,Ellie Wyatt,Joss Peach,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Jonathan Barrack Smith,Elizabeth Levin Turn that frown upside down! Light up your life with HAPPY, an eclectic album of music to make you feel good
POKE MUSIC POKE051 Rev It Up! Daniel Williams,Daniel Price,Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet,Jeevan Anandasivam,Samuel Shrimpton,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Stephen Hodd,The Octopus,Lorenzo De Feo,Benjamin Ferrari,Tim Fleet,Etienne Rodes,Daryl Pruess,James Davies,Pendle Poucher,Kevin Duncan,Ros From boisterous crowd surfing indie to high octane classic rock, Rev It Up! is a lightning fast compilation of pumped up all-action rock
POKE MUSIC POKE050 Christmas Crackers 3 Elizabeth Levine,Mark Revell,Joss Peach,Paul Sandrone,Gavin Skinner,Rob Manning,Mike Gunn,Maurice Conchis,Phillipa Alexander,Alex Hay Merry Christmas! A mixed bag collection of original and traditional Christmas tunes in a variety of styles
POKE MUSIC POKE049 Fun Stuff 3 Jason Price,Joss Peach,Jeevan Anandasivam,Mike Farmer,Bob Clifford,Freddie Mars,Elizabeth Levine,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Joss Peach,Ellie Wyatt,John Chambers,Phillipa Alexander,Alex Hay,Lincoln Jaeger,Lee Baker,Jimi Ashmore,Joss Peach,Hayley Wood,Ross Back again to planet fun for an eclectic gathering of barmy eccentricity and good times happy vibes
POKE MUSIC POKE048 Childsplay 3 Bob Clifford,Jeevan Anandasivam,Hayley Wood,Alex Chernov,John Chambers,Elizabeth Levine,Andrew Stamp,Joss Peach,Paul Sandrone,Chris Doney,Beth Perry,Matthew Bosworth,Mike Gunn,Lee Baker,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Sam Sharp,Jon Spagnol Childsplay 3 is a third helping of children’s music where cute and innocent meets lively energetic fun
POKE MUSIC POKE047 Let's Bake At Christmas Christopher James Harvey,Mark Revell,James Knight,Robert Taggart,Michael Tauben,Joss Peach,Lincoln Jaeger,Hayley Wood,Mike Gunn,Lyndn Gauntlett,Tim Cotterell,Rob Manning,James Knight,Marco Fenstein On your marks, get set, bake for Christmas! Inspired by the baking boom, Let's Bake At Christmas is a charming collection of music and puns for festive pictures of pies, puds and patisserie! Christmas version of POKE 043 Let's Bake
POKE MUSIC POKE046 Teen Rock Mark Franklin,Jamie Skinner,David John,Jamie Skinner,Ben Cavanagh,Ben Cavanagh,Phillipa Alexander,Jussi-Pekka Nikula,Marty Shtrubel,Mark Revell,Jimi Ashmore,Jamie Skinner,Jamie Skinner,William Sullivan,Mark Revell,Jimi Ashmore,Hannah Melbourn,Phillipa Ale Relentlessly catchy air jumping teen rock anthems Includes songs and instrumentals
POKE MUSIC POKE045 The Golden Age Of Hollywood Michael Tauben Hooray for Hollywood! Charting the evolution of Hollywood movies from the black and white silent era through to the classic films of forties and fifties, The Golden Age Of Hollywood is a brilliant collection of vintage movie music Styles include westerns,
POKE MUSIC POKE044 44 Mark Franklin,Richard Salter,John Rushton,Diana Yukawa,Geshom Gazi,Jeevan Anandasivam,Billy Elson Farmer,Samuel Martyn Barker,Juldeh Camara,Jimi Ashmore,Jim Oxborrow,Stephen Boakes,Tom Livingstone,Ewan Lawson,Laurence Holcombe,Keefe West,Jimi Ashmore,Jim From Rio to Beijing and Mumbai to Sydney, World Beats is a cool collection of globetrotting dance music and electronica
POKE MUSIC POKE043 Let's Bake Christopher James Walsh,Mark Revell,James Knight,Robert Taggart,Michael Tauben,Christopher James Harvey,Joss Peach,Lincoln Jaeger,Hayley Wood,Mike Gunn,Lyndn Gauntlett,Tim Cotterell,Rob Manning,James Knight,Marco Fenstein On your marks, get set, bake! Inspired by the baking boom, Let's Bake is a charming collection of music and puns for pictures of pies, puds and patisserie!
POKE MUSIC POKE042 Bluegrass Jake Rousham,Tab Hunter,Ben Paley Traditional arrangements of well known bluegrass tunes featuring banjo, fiddle, double bass and acoustic guitar
POKE MUSIC POKE041 On The Decks Dino Psaras,Jonathan Coote,Laurence Holcombe,Michele Russi,Michele Russi,Geek Boy,Julius Waldeck,Richard Salter,Ewan Lawson,Freddie Mars,Freddie Mars,L A Rox,Jeevan Anandasivam,Laurence Holcombe,Gavin Skinner A musical tuckshop of sweet party sounds, On The Decks is a roof-lifting collection of dance anthems with a summer vibe Includes vocals, instrumentals and stings
POKE MUSIC POKE040 Take Me To The 70s Mark Franklin,Jeevan Anandasivam,John Etkin-Bell,Tim Fleet,John Etkin-Bell,James Oxborrow,Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet,Jason Price,John Etkin-Bell,Nick Robertson,Mike Gunn,Matthew Bosworth,Maurice Conchis,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Jake Rousham,Tobias May,To Featuring glam, disco, punk, funk, psychedelia, ska, pop, headbanging rock and much more, Take Me To The 70s is a straight from cool city collection of seventies music Be there or be square!
POKE MUSIC POKE039 Countryfolk 3 Tom Cook,Mark Revell,Paul Sandrone,Maurice Conchis,Tim Cotterell,Eleanor Wyatt,Alexander Roberts,Tom Cook,Eleanor Wyatt,Samuel Martyn Barker,Joanna Elizabeth Young,Joss Peach,Eleanor Wyatt,Bob Clifford Following on from volumes 1 and 2, Countryfolk 3 is another collection of refreshingly feel good music Fusing country and folk it is another essential soundtrack to outdoor living
POKE MUSIC POKE038 Fun Stuff 2 Joss Peach,Jason Price,Mike Farmer,Nicholas Tribe,Bob Clifford,Tom Cook,Mike Farmer,Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,Paul Sandrone,Thomas Gandey,Mark Crawford,Martin Andrews,Jeevan Anandasivam,Lee Baker,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Daryl Pruess,Tom Livingstone A return mission to planet fun for an eclectic gathering of barmy eccentricity and good times happy vibes
POKE MUSIC POKE037 Childsplay 2 Joss Peach,Hayley Wood,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Paul Sandrone,James Knight,Robert Taggart,Tom Livingstone,Jimi Ashmore,Jon Alexander,Mark Revell,Jeevan Anandasivam,Tim Cotterell,Jamie Harper,Paul Sandrone,Tim Fleet Childsplay 2 is a second helping of children’s music where cute and innocent meets lively energetic fun
POKE MUSIC POKE036 Take Me To The 50s Vol 2 Daniel Farrant,Jack Reynolds,Steven Michael Gerrard,Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,Joss Peach,Lee Gretton,Daniel Bowater,Kevin Richardson,James Oxborrow,Paul Rawson,James Knight,Daniel Farrant,Michael Tauben,Paul Rawson,Daniel Farrant,Steven Michael Gerrard,Bo Featuring doo wop pop, rock & roll, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, boogie woogie and instrumental pop, Take Me To The 50s Vol 2 is a quiffed up collection of iconic fifties classics and era defining scene-setters
POKE MUSIC POKE035 Kapow Lincoln Jaeger,Joss Peach,Jimi Ashmore,James Oxborrow,Paul Sandrone,Timothy Fleet,Jason Price,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Lee Baker,Mark Revell,Freddie Mars,Jeevan Anandasivam Biff, bang, pow! Where classic comic book avengers meet cartoon superheroes, Kapow is a spoofy collection of wacky and retro drama
POKE MUSIC POKE034 Urban Architecture Mark Franklin,Daniel Farrant,Magicgeoff,Elizabeth Levine,Lee Baker,Massimo Zeppetelli,Gavin Skinner,Michael Tauben,James Davies,Jason Frederick,Adam Fielding,Joss Peach,Richard Salter,Sam Sharp,Robert Manning,Laurent Dury,Pendle Poucher,Daniel Farrant,Tom From contemporary city skylines and futuristic urban landscapes to classic grand buildings and chic interiors, Urban Architecture is an impressive collection of inspiring music for factual programming about architecture and interior design
POKE MUSIC POKE033 Take Me To The 50s Vol 1 Joss Peach,Daniel Farrant,Jack Reynolds,Steven Michael Gerrard,Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Bob Clifford,Jake Rousham,Christopher W Anderson,Tobias May,Joss Peach,Jake Rousham,Gavin Skinner,Jake Rousham,Paul Rawson,Tim Fleet,John Featuring doo wop pop, rock & roll, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, skiffle and instrumental pop, Take Me To The 50s Vol 1 is a quiffed up collection of iconic fifties classics and era defining scene-setters
POKE MUSIC POKE032 Childsplay Joss Peach,John Chambers,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,Rob Salmon,Richard Salmon,Anders Sodergren,Eleanor Wyatt,Paul Sandrone,Matthew Gest,Keith Adams,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Paul Sandrone,Raissa Panni,Paul Sandrone From first baby steps to boisterous games, Childsplay is a fun collection of children’s music where cute and innocent meets lively and energetic for play days, family trips and children’s stories
POKE MUSIC POKE030 Supercharged Paul Rawson,Daniel Farrant,Tim Fleet,Jay Price,Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,James Davies,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,James Davies,Martin Jackson,John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Paul Sandrone,James Knight,Daniel Farrant,Warren Wilson,Paul Sandrone,Wayne Murray,Davi From amped up punky pop to raucous riff rock, Supercharged is a gung ho collection of unashamedly catchy and energetic indie rock
POKE MUSIC POKE029 Fashion House Steven McGuiness Get prepared to be blown away this season with a fresh new collection of house beats From Fashion Week madness to 90's nostalgia, Fashion House is a cool compilation where urban street style meets effortless glamour
POKE MUSIC POKE028 Crooners & Swooners James Knight,Daniel Farrant,Ray Gelato,James Knight,Daniel Farrant,Paul Sandrone,James Knight,Daniel Farrant,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion,Christopher Mann,Mark Franklin,Nigel Champion,Timothy Hosman,Jay Graydon Crooners & Swooners is a spectacular collection of vintage crooning classics featuring superb songs and instrumentals arranged in big band jazz and romantic orchestral styles
POKE MUSIC POKE027 Pure Pop Max Mckellar,Tom New,Lucy Caffrey,Max Mckellar,Tom New,Geek Boy,Ellie Wyatt,Phillipa Alexander,Mark Franklin,Ellie Wyatt,Phillipa Alexander,Peter Barringer,Paul Drew,Greig Watts,Jeevan Anandasivam,Ellie Wyatt,Phillipa Alexander,Jussi-Pekka Nikula,Tom Cook Hopping from irresistibly bouncy boy band pop to urban infused bangers and effervescent dance pop, Pure Pop is an uber catchy collection of candy coloured pop smashes featuring songs and instrumentals
POKE MUSIC POKE026 Fun Stuff Joss Peach,Danny Farrant,James Knight,James Davies,Jay Price,Paul Sandrone,Matt Gest,Bob Clifford,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,James Knight,Stephen Hodd,The Octopus,Tom Livingstone,Al Swettenham,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Mike Farmer, Welcome to planet fun and a world of good times, laugh out loud eccentricity, crazy comical capers and bouncy kids letting loose
POKE MUSIC POKE025 The Eccentric Sturrock,Fletcher,Keffert,Wincott,Danny Farrant,James Knight,Esben Tjalve,Ross Hughes,Tom Cook,Jake Rousham,Jonathan Smith,Paul Sandrone,Paul Sandrone,Matt Gest,Anthony May,Tom Livingstone,Tom Cook,Jim Oxborrow There’s a bit of eccentric in each and every one of us. From darkly different twisted circus to life’s loveable fruitcakes and screwballs, The Eccentric is a quirky collection of musical oddballs and bizarre beats
POKE MUSIC POKE024 Roar Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Wayne Banks,Jason Banks,Stephen Plummer,Tim Slade,Tom Edwards,Andy Woodard,Tim Slade,Tom Edwards,Paul Davis,James Davies,Wayne Murray,Tim Fleet,David John,Jonathan Harris,Mark Aubrey,Jon Gardner,Simon Cross,Douglas Gillam,James Da Testosterone pumped sports rock with a tiger in its tank
POKE MUSIC POKE020 Take Me To The 60s Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Jim Oxborrow,Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,Matt Taylor,Anthony May,Victor Fitch,Simon Airey,Paul Sanders,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Maurice Conchis,Jonathan Pilcher,Lee Baker,Neil Mackenzie,Maurice Conchis,Jake Rousham,Lee Baker
POKE MUSIC POKE019 Anthemic Indie Rock James Davies,James Davies,Martin Jackson,Ross O'Reilly,Lee Baker,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Olly Green,Simon Cross,Mark Aubrey,Douglas Gillam,Jon Gardner,Jimi Ashmore,Belinda Cullen
POKE MUSIC POKE018 Brass Monkeys Justin Langlands,Dave Henley,Mike Farmer,Holly Murray,Rob Manning,Sean Read,Wayne Murray,Alex White,Matthew Twaites,Tom Livingstone,Alex White,Matthew Twaites,Richard Kirstein,,Jimi Ashmore,Tom Livingstone,Terry Pack,Mike Farmer,Tom Livingstone,Nick van G
POKE MUSIC POKE017 Unique Boutique Sanjiv Sen,Phillipa Alexander,Ellie Wyatt,Mark Revell,Paul Sandrone,Oliver Aylmer,Ben Sarfas,Gavin Skinner,Holly Murray,Paul Rawson,Tom New,Tom Cook,Jonathan Pilcher,Natalie Barowitz,John Rushton,Tom Livingstone,Nic Tribe
POKE MUSIC POKE016 Artisan Tom Cook,Ellie Wyatt,Kevin Butcher,Holly Murray,Paul Sandrone,Tom Billington,Ellie Wyatt,Kevin Butcher,Sanjiv Sen,Maes Stordy
POKE MUSIC POKE015 Gypsy Jon Sevink,John Etkin-Bekk,Jimi Ashmore,Jez Poole,Ray Flowers,John Etkin-Bell,Tom Livingstone,Jez Poole,Ray Flowers,Tim Robinson,Rob Manning,Paul Rawson,Tim Cotterell,Paul Rawson,Kim Greaves,Jon Sevink,John Etkin-Bekk,Tim Robinson,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve
POKE MUSIC POKE014 Christmas Crackers Paul Sandrone,Christopher Mann,Craig Warnock,Sean Hennessey,Jessica Banks,Christopher James Harvey,Holly Murray,Christopher Mann,Alex White,Matt Twaites,Richard Kirstein,Nick Kidney,Tom Cook,Paul Sandrone,Tom Cook,Christopher Mann,Paul Rawson,Toby Macfarl
POKE MUSIC POKE013 Pokerama Mike Farmer,Sanjiv Sen,Phillipa Alexander,Ellie Wyatt,Tom Livingstone,Tom Cook,Mike Farmer,Tom Livingstone,Al Swettenham,Mike Farmer,Matthew Denny,David Tribe
POKE MUSIC POKE012 Sunlounger John Etkin-Bell,B Smith,Tom Livingstone,Nic Tribe,Paul Sandrone,Oliver Aylmer,Paul Sandrone,Robin Savage,Adam Fielding,Oliver Aylmer,Simon John,Alex Swift,Gavin Skinner,Wayne Murray,Sean Read,Justin Langlands,Jamie Simmonds,Holly Murray,Oliver Aylmer,Ben
POKE MUSIC POKE011 Vintage & Electro Swing Mike Potter,Justin Langlands,James Day,Jim Ashmore,Joss Peach,Mark Pointing,David Williams,Keith Ellis,Mike Potter,Justin Langlands,James Day,Toby Smith
POKE MUSIC POKE010 Flower Power Paul Rawson,Paul Sandrone,Tom Cook,Al Davies,Louis Dowd,Wayne Murray,Al Swetenham,Dominic Evans,Emre Ramazanoglu,Stephen Hodd,Toby Smith,James Stephenson,Joss Peach,John Stephen,Paul Rawson,Tim Cotterell,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,
POKE MUSIC POKE009 Groover John Etkin-Bell,Tom Livingstone,Tom Cook,Tom Livingstone,Nic Tribe,Mike Wilton,Paul Doherty,Paul Saunders,Gavin Skinner,John Etkin-Bell,Jonathan Smith,Tim Bidwell,Tom,Tim Bidwell,Sean Clarke
POKE MUSIC POKE008 Strictly Latin Janet Sherbourne,Jan Steele,Jan Steele,Janet Sherbourne
POKE MUSIC POKE007 Big Noise Sanjiv Sen,Phillipa Alexander,Ellie Wyatt,Alex Hay,Tom Cook,Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Holly Murray,Sanjiv Sen,Phillipa Alexander,Ellie Wyatt,Jimi Ashmore,Jim Oxborrow,Jimi Ashmore,Neil Mackenzie,Jimi Ashmore,Wayne Murray,Paul Sandrone,Holly Murray,Neil
POKE MUSIC POKE006 Countryfolk David John,Paul Rawson,Neil Mackenzie,Paul Sandrone,Jon Ryman,Maurice Conchis,John Pilcher,Sound Vandal,James Day,Simon Johns,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,Tom Cook,Maurice Conchis,Mike Farmer,Nic Tribe,Paul Sandrone,Paul Rawson,Paul Rawson,Tom New
POKE MUSIC POKE005 Nutty Holly Murray,Paul Sandrone,Tom Cook,Bob Clifford,Joss Peach,Paul Rawson,Danny Farrant,Tom Livingstone,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,Tony Smith,James Stephenson,Paul Rawson,Claudio Ahlers
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