REFUEL MUSICを最新から表示 (36アルバム)
WEST ONEのラウンジ系のレーベル。
REFUEL MUSIC RFM038 A Crooner Christmas Alan Moorhouse,Tony Osborne,Alec Wilder, Arthur Jackson,Freddy Staff,Frank Chacksfield A festive re-imagining of vintage swing from the Refuel Music archives. Featuring smooth, male crooner vocals accompanied by authentic period recordings.
REFUEL MUSIC RFM037 Vintage Romantic Jazz Don Lusher,Sam Sklair, Ray Denny,Ed Margolis,Michael John,Pete Moore From the Refuel Music archives comes a collection of Romantic Jazz songs, reimagined with male crooner and elegant female vocals
REFUEL MUSIC RFM036 Feelgood Funk & Soul Ray Davies,Alan Moorhouse,Tony Evans,Cyril J. Payne Authentic Refuel Music recordings from the 70s, reworked for the 21st Century with the addition of modern, soulful, vocal performances.
REFUEL MUSIC RFM035 Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection Robert Farnon,Ike Isaacs,Alan Moorhouse,Tony Osborne,Pete Moore,Ray Davies,Bill Crompton,Ken Arnold,E Arnold,Ed Margolis,Arthur Parr,Bobby Lamb,Frank Chacksfield,Ronnie Price,David Law,Dave Shepherd The best Lounge from the Refuelツ archives Authentic period recordings Plus new ambient remix
REFUEL MUSIC RFM034 Ultimate Archive Kitsch Collection Pete Moore,Dave Carey,Des Lumsdon,Alan Moorhouse,Keith Roberts,Ray Davies,John E Francis,Sam Watmough,Burnell Whibley,Vic Mustard,Sam Watmough The best of kistch from the Refuel archives Authentic period recordings Plus new breakbeat remix
REFUEL MUSIC RFM033 Ultimate Archive Jazz Collection Denny Wright,Stanley D Foster,Tony Osborne,Vic Mustard,Sam Watmough,Brian Lemon,Bill McGuffie,Frederick R Caffell,George Chisholm,Kenny Baker,Des Lumsdon,Fred Ballerini,Anthony King,Joy Roberts,Eric Prince,Roy Marsh,Alan Ganley The best of jazz from the Refuel archives Authentic period recordings Plus new electro-swing remix
REFUEL MUSIC RFM032 Ultimate Archive Soul Collection Peter Moore,Pete Moore,Alan Moorhouse,Harry Stoneham,Martin Sack,Art Morgan,Cyril J Payne,Tony Evans,Keith Roberts,Tony Osborn,Sam Sklair,Martin J Kershaw The best of soul from the Refuel archives Authentic period recordings Plus new breakbeat remix
REFUEL MUSIC RFM031 Ultimate Archive Killah Funk Collection Alexander S Gray,Alan Moorhouse,Colin Sheen,Tony Evans,Keith Roberts,Johnny Hawksworth,Pete Moore,Joe Quinlan,Geoff Eales,Ken Morgon
REFUEL MUSIC RFM030 Refuelled Funkadelia Keith Andrew Roberts,Ed Margolis,Cyril John Payne,Martin Sack,Ray Martin,Johnny Hawksworth Super-Cool,funky grooves
REFUEL MUSIC RFM029 Jazz After Dark Bill McGuffie,Ed Margolis,Sam Sklair,Ray Denny,Sam Sklair,Bob Midgley,Frederick R Caffell,Eric Price,Michael John Intimate jazz club Grooves
REFUEL MUSIC RFM028 Fiesta Fever Wilf Todd,Tony Osborne,Peter Sander,Peter Moore,Robin Cree,Ed Margolis,Charles Berman,Herbert R Friedman,Dennis Wilson Latino, Lounge
REFUEL MUSIC RFM027 Retro Vip Lounge Tony Osborne,Charles Berman,Ed Margolis,Alan Moorhouse,Bill Crompton,Ken Arnold,E Arnold,Ronnie Price,Colin G Sheen,Ray Davies,Robert S Musel,Norman J Warren,Francis C Chacksfield Glamour, sophistication and style
REFUEL MUSIC RFM026 Candy Pop Charles Berman,Cy Payne,Cy Payne,G Boyar,Lew Warburton,Ken Moule,Ray Denny,Don Lusher,John Francis,Keith Roberts
REFUEL MUSIC RFM025 Psychedelic Soul Party Pete Moore,Keith Roberts,Tony Evans,Colin Sheen,Tony Osborne,Harry Stoneham,Martin J Kershaw,Sam Sklair,Art Morgan
REFUEL MUSIC RFM024 Moonlight Lounge Tony Osborne,Keth Roberts,Ed Margolis,Arthur Parr,Cy Miller,Bill McGuffie,Derek Warne,Morris Wu,Ernie Ponticelli,Frank Chacksfield
REFUEL MUSIC RFM023 Ragtime Revival Des Lumsdon,Vic Mustard,Sam Watmough,Tony Osborne,Malcolm Saul,Kenny Hollick,Joe Quinlan,Scott Joplin Rober J Weatherburn,Ed Margolis,Arthur Parr,Ron Weatherburn
REFUEL MUSIC RFM020 Starlight Ballroom Charles Berman,Herbert Friedman,Robin Cree,Sam Cordell,Tony Osborne,Ed Margolis,Keith Roberts,Richard W Wagner Robin Cree,Felix Mendelssohn Robert Docker,Franz Schubert Charles Berman,Ray Martin
REFUEL MUSIC RFM019 Soho Society Alan Moorhouse,Bremner Agostini,Alan Moorhouse,Freddy Staff,Peter Sander,Roy Budd,Jack Fishman,Robin Cree,Sam Sklair,Ken Morgon
REFUEL MUSIC RFM018 Mood For Love Bremner Agostini,Alan Moorhouse,Frank Chacksfield,Ernie Ponticelli,Keith Roberts,Tony Osborne,Ray Martin,Arthur Jackson,Alec Wilder,Bill McGuffie,Raymond Jones
REFUEL MUSIC RFM017 The Country Collection Denny Wright,Charles Berman,Sam Sklair,Robin Cree,Ray Martin,Harry Pitch
REFUEL MUSIC RFM016 Piano Cocktail Tony Osborne,Terry Trower,Norman Newell,Tony Osborne
REFUEL MUSIC RFM015 Trad Jazz In Technicolour Tony Osborne,Roy Marsh,Brian Lemon,Brian Lemon,Dave Shepherd,Dave Shepherd,Ray Davies,Sam Sklair,Fred Ballerini
REFUEL MUSIC RFM014 Piano Lounge Tony Osborne,Ronnie Price,Ray Davies,Sam Sklair,Peter Sander,John Clark
REFUEL MUSIC RFM013 Jazz Fuel Volume 2 Bill McGuffie,Colin Smith,Freddie Staff,Robin Cree,Annie De Vere,Brian Dee,Alan Ganley
REFUEL MUSIC RFM012 Popalicious Pete Moore,Keith Roberts,Ed Margolis,Arthur Parr,Geoff Eales,Ray Martin,Joe Quinlan,Alan Moorhouse,Sam Watmough,Vic Mustard,Ray Davies,Des Lumsdon
REFUEL MUSIC RFM011 Aloha! Frank Chacksfield,Tony Osborne,Denny Wright,Len Fillis,Robin Cree,William Bell,Ray Davies
REFUEL MUSIC RFM010 Hotel Splendide Charles Berman,Tony Osborne,Ray Martin,Bob Musel,Norman Warren,Pete Moore,Denny Wright,Bill McGuffie
REFUEL MUSIC RFM009 Life In The Sun Ray Davies,Tony Osborne,Ed Margolis,Robin Cree,Keith Roberts,Ray Denny,William Bell,Denny Wright
REFUEL MUSIC RFM008 Trad Jazz In Sepia Tony Osborne,John Barnes,Ike Isaacs,Brian Lemon,Dave Shepherd,Denny Wright,David Law,Dave Shepherd
REFUEL MUSIC RFM007 Pop Corn Pete Moore,Frank Chacksfield,Charles Berman,Alan Moorhouse,Burnell Whibley,Ray Martin,Charles Berman,Sam Sklair,Sam Sklair,Ray Davies,Robin Cree,Ed Margolis,Arthur Parr
REFUEL MUSIC RFM006 Easy Lounge Alan Moorhouse,Ray Martin,Pete Moore,Tony Osborne,Charles Berman,Bill McGuffie
REFUEL MUSIC RFM005 Romantic Rendezvous David Law,Dave Shepherd,Ike Isaacs,Cy Miller,Alan Moorhouse,Brian J C Willey,Frank Chacksfield,Tony Osborne,Alan Moorhouse,Bill McGuffie,Don Harper,Keith A Roberts
REFUEL MUSIC RFM004 Funktastic Super 70s Pete Moore,John E Francis,Sam Watmough,Dave Carey,Johnny Hawksworth,Sam Sklair,Ray Martin,Keith A Roberts,Alan Moorhouse
REFUEL MUSIC RFM003 Jazz Fuel Vol 1. Stanley D Foster,George Chisholm,Ray Davies,Kenny Baker,Freddy Staff,Roy Marsh,Ray Martin,Anthony King,Joy Roberts,Bill McGuffie,Norman C Flood,John C Thorpe,Alan Moorhouse
REFUEL MUSIC RFM002 Hi-Fidelity High Street Tony Osborne,Peter Moore,Frank Chacksfield,Ike Isaacs,Bobby Lamb,Ray Denny,Sam Sklair,Alan Moorhouse,Roy F Budd,Jack Fishman,Burnell L Whibley,Norman J Warren,Martino Patacano
REFUEL MUSIC RFM001 Refuelled Funk & Soul Alan Moorhouse,Peter Moore,Robin Cree,Cyril J Payne